If you aren’t already up on the Pinterest bandwagon, you probably are missing the chance to draw thousands of quality visitors to your blog. Note that Pinterest traffic brings a lot of relevant audiences that are youth and Pinterest never disappoints you like Google does with changes in algorithms.

Pinterest Marketing Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

Here are 9 actionable Pinterest marketing tips to improve website traffic. According to Wikipedia, buyers from Pinterest spend $180 as compared to a mere $85 from Facebook. These are basic Tips for Using Pinterest to get smart traffic.

1) Make Your Profile Look Clean and Clear

Don’t clutter your profile or homepage on Pinterest. Pinterest is a site based on visuals so it is a fact that if you want to increase audience your profile should be visually appealing. Once visitors start pouring in they will notice your pins and start repining and also visiting your site.

2) Be Social, Pin Others Content

Pinterest is also a social media platform and a true marketer should know how to, leverage this platform to his profit. In order to grab more eyeballs, you should start pinning other pins of different users. This will prevent your boards from being monotonic and people will like to spend more time.

Secondly, the users whose pins have been repined by you will eventually notice you and start repining your pins too. Hence this will widen your reach and you will get a chance to approach their audience too.

3) Make Your Profile Brandable

Your profile should speak the same words your brand does. You have to take a decision on how many boards you want your visitors to display.

You have to take a decision on the boards that will contain pins that you want your customers to buy and make a logical categorization to it too.

By doing this you are enabling your customers to get an idea of what your brand is and they can thus move to your website happily expecting even more.

4) Start Using Pinterest Analytics

Yes, Pinterest analytics is the same thing as Google analytics but shows the analysis of your pinboards only. It is very easy to use and shows who pins your pins and what are the traffic transfers and other basic things that will help you to understand the user trends on the platform. It is then you can get a clear idea of what pins are generating more response and what time of pinning’s are helping you to get more views.

5) Optimize Your Pins

Your images are your credentials on Pinterest so try to make them as user optimized as possible. Images with large vertical sizes are the best for repins.

You should add a logo or personal branding to your image so that it goes wherever the image goes. This will help you to make reach the audience even outside the Pinterest platform. Now visitors from anywhere the image is shared can get an idea of your website and visit it.

6) Make SEO Friendly Description

Your description says the other half of your feelings that the image cannot convey. In order to get a clear idea of what you want to convey you have to write a precise description. Add you’re relevant keywords in the first 100-150 characters and remember people directly share photos from Pinterest to Facebook and twitter so make your description optimized for them. Also, add a link to your post on the bottom of the description so that there are no chances of people missing your blog links.

7)  Embed Relevant Pins to Your blog

You can embed relevant pins from Pinterest to your pinboard. Here the business blog of Pinterest describes it in easy to do steps. Embedding your pins to the blog will enable your blog readers to know that you are active on Pinterest. They may then want to see it and check it out. Nice, they check your Pinterest profile fro your blog chances are they will follow you, and thus you got a loyal follower.

Now, this loyal follower will take interest in your future Pins provided they are interesting.

Another point is using rich pins that are most optimized for better visibility. Here is what the official business blog of Pinterest has to say on it: “Right now, there are five types of Rich Pins: movie, recipe, article, product, and place. To get started, you’ll need to prep your website with Meta tags, test out your Rich Pins, and apply to get them on Pinterest. If you’re not technical, you might want to ask your developer or site owner to help get you going!”

8) Create Group Boards and Participate in Others Group Boards

If you want traffic to your website and that too in huge volumes get going to use the Pinterest group boards. Pinterest group boards are the ones that boards were the collaborators of the same interest post images on a single board. This has the benefit to add great potential audiences as the board has diverse images or pins from many people. Hence every visitor gets a unique experience and ultimately the pinners are benefited.

9) Pinning Frequency is an Important Strategy

Like all other social networks or like your blog itself, the pinning frequency also matters for Pinterest. You have to maintain a particular pattern of posting to keep your visitors happy and satisfied.

You should stay away from bulk posting as this allows you to annoy your subscribers and they will soon unfollow you. Similarly pinning two images once a month will result in loss of interest of your visitors on your boards and they will never hesitate to forget it.

The solution to this is using a nice and planned pattern of posting. You can even make use of pin scheduler tools to satiate your hungry subscribers at times when you are too busy to post.  The best Pinterest Marketing Tools for pin scheduling are Viraltag (not free), and Viralwoot (Free Pinterest management tool to repin and schedule repins).

Final Words:

Over to you, so these were the 9 actionable marketing tips that will help you to improve your website traffic. More Website Traffic gives good results. What do you think; do you use any other tip? Share it with our readers in the comments section.

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  1. Hi Jyoti,

    Awesome Pinterest marketing tips. Pinterest is one of the biggest sources of traffic so it should be in your marketing plan and these tips can make a really big different in increasing your visibility on Pinterest.

  2. Malik Muhammad Aaqib Sohail says:

    Jyoti Chauhan thanks for sharing these pro tips.
    I was doing few things wrong but I hope this post helps me to increase Pinterest traffic.
    Landed on your blog first time.

  3. nice post 🙂 learned from your post. will apply all the tactics 🙂

  4. Pinterest is a great marketing tool and one of the best places from where you can get huge traffic to your site. I have received over 1400+ hits from a single pin on Pinterest.

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