How to Become a Popular Blogger: 10 Proven Tips

Are you searching for how to become a popular blogger? Here are the 10 working tips for you.

Starting a blog is a no-brainer nowadays, given the plethora of choices and easy-to-use platforms out there. You just have to write a great post and upload it online for people to read and comment on it, right? Well, it’s not rocket science now, is it? At least, that’s what I assumed at first when I started blogging, but experience has taught me a different lesson.

Even though it’s a piece of cake to start up a blog, it is not easy to establish a reputation and sustain a long list of followers for your blog. Even if you may write great posts for your audience, it doesn’t mean that the blog will become popular in an instant. It takes more than just publishing interesting content for your audience to gain popularity.

Scale the ladder in the world of blogging and become a popular blogger with many followers is the real deal. But without the right strategies, it’s a difficult task. Most bloggers end up failing in their endeavors. There are many effective strategies to increase blog traffic, so let’s review ten proven tips to become a popular blogger.

How to Become a Popular Blogger

How to Become a Popular Blogger with Simple Proven Methods?

1. Buy your own domain

People trust sites and will follow blogs that look legit and trustworthy. Credible sites have their own domain. So if you want to become a popular blogger, it is available to purchase your own custom domain. People are more likely to follow a blog with its custom name than one without. A Blogspot or WordPress-hosted site doesn’t sound professional, and this affects negatively both your blog’s reputation and popularity.

2. Concentrate on One Topic

Let’s face it; having a broad range of topics on one blog is a turn off for most visitors. Instead, to publish content on a wide range of topics, it is better to concentrate only on one topic and appeal to a certain demographic audience that will keep coming back for more. This is called a niche. Choose one and build your authority slowly but steadily over time. This way, you will build a list of subscribers who are genuinely interested in your content, and this list will continue to grow as your blog grows more popular.

3. Focus on Quality, not Quantity

Even though we want to upload many articles for our audience, it is important to remember that quality should be prioritized. It is better to have less content but of top quality. A blog that has quality content will definitely attract a significant audience compared to blogs that have low-quality content. So it is important to maintain quality instead of quantity if you want to grow the popularity of your blog.

4. Start Guest Posting

Guest posting entails exchanging content for backlinks, where you write articles on another person’s website and include links to your site. Many bloggers tend to overlook this important ingredient for establishing a popular blog. It is important to write guest posts because it helps to build a relationship between you and other bloggers, which can boost your influence online and ultimately increase the number of your blog followers.

Additionally, guest posting significantly helps in improving web ranking, such that your blog’s content will be easier to find through search engines. Therefore, if you want to boost the popularity of your blog post, I suggest you start a guest posting ASAP.

5. Share Your Content

We all know the power of social media and how it makes content trends worldwide. It is possible to use this platform to disseminate your posts to a wider audience; hence, growing your blog’s popularity. When you publish an article on your blog, it is recommended that you promote it by sharing it with your audience using different platforms on social media.

Promoting oneself on social media demonstrates the confidence you have in your content and more people will start to see the value of your material; thus, more readership. Additionally, sharing your content on social media helps your blog gain a lot of traffic, which easily translates to more followers for your blog.

6. Social Sharing

Still, on social media, it pays to add social sharing widgets on your blog to promote your blog’s exposure. Even though it is not advisable to clutter your web page with obtrusive social sharing widgets, there are some small buttons you can use on your blog to promote exposure. It is also advisable to be conservative and uses only the basic buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, to avoid interfering with the blog’s aesthetics.

7. Maintain Your Blog’s Aesthetics

No one enjoys reading content from a blog that has an ugly design. How your blog looks plays a crucial role in promoting its popularity. Therefore, to keep your followers coming back to your blog, you have to design an attractive site that is appealing to the eye. This way, your followers will continue coming back to your blog for more content, and this tends to boost your blog’s popularity.

8. Understand your Audience

It is important to have an in-depth understanding of what your followers want so that you can provide content that will keep them coming back. To achieve this, you will have to engage them either through the comments section and debate them on a friend to friend level, or through surveys, where you ask them their content preferences. This way, you will maintain constant communication with your audience, and this will increase your blog’s traffic and help build its popularity.

9. Maintain Posting Frequency

Another ingredient for growing your blog’s popularity is by maintaining a reliable frequency of publishing posts. Having an established routine for posting content; for instance, a posting schedule of twice a week is advisable instead of publishing posts at random, and this helps your blog’s followers to know when to expect new content to be published on your blog, and are more like to visit your blog when you post new material. Maintaining a constant frequency of publishing posts helps keep your audience to anticipate the next content, which maintains the traffic of your blog, and this builds on your blog’s reputation and popularity.

10. Increase Subscribers

Another great feature for boosting your blog’s popularity is by asking your audience for subscriptions, usually at the end of every post. This is because if a blog visitor reads your post in its entirety, he or she has seen the value in your blog post and is more likely to subscribe to your blog. Therefore, to gain more followers and grow popularity for your site, you have to encourage your audience to subscribe to it. If you would become a popular blogger, Email list collection is very important.

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If you follow these strategies on your blog as highlighted above, you’ll be on your way to gaining more followers to your blog and becoming a popular blogger.

How to Become a Popular Blogger

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5 thoughts on “How to Become a Popular Blogger: 10 Proven Tips”

  1. Hi Christina,

    Indeed a great article.

    Everyone who starts a blog wants to be famous in their niche. Sadly, this doesn’t happen with everyone. Not every blog becomes successful.

    I strongly believe if anyone will follow the advice you’ve mentioned above will become successful in their blogging career.

    Tauseef Alam

  2. Hi Christina,
    Yes you are right, starting a blog is not tough today. Everyone own a blog these days. But becoming a popular blogger in any niche is much tougher than before. You have listed almost every possible ways to become a popular blogger. It will definitely help beginners to understand the whole fact. I think consistency is the key.
    Anyway great article and thanks for sharing.


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