14 Best Genesis WordPress Plugins for Genesis users

WordPress Genesis framework is one of the good themes from Studiopress developers. Now a day most of the professional bloggers and business companies are using these framework themes.

Because the Genesis child themes are giving a unique look and awesome functionality.

How to Use the Genesis Framework?

If you install genesis theme for WordPress blog is very easy.

But this is not a complete method.

To get the best output as per SEO and visibility you need to install some best Genesis WordPress Plugins.

Installation of WordPress plugins is also very easy. Multi Plugin installer Plugin will help you to install required plugins with a single click.

So I am trying to make a smart list of Studiopress Genesis plugins. These plugins help you to improve your blog functionality 10x times. I am not suggesting “install all plugins”, Just pick a few plugins which are useful for your blog.

What are the Best Genesis WordPress Plugins?

The given genesis framework plugins list is most popular in the Genesis framework customization to get a unique theme.

1. Genesis Design Palette Pro 

Genesis Design Palette Pro Plugin

If anything has Genesis as all other frameworks, it is that some technical knowledge is necessary if we want to have a custom design.

If we want to have full control over how our site is seen without writing a single line of code, this is the plugin you need.

Once installed we will have full control over every visual aspect of our theme of Genesis. This is a premium plugin in genesis framework plugins list.

Let’s give some examples: Need to change the color of a title without touching any of the content? No problem.

You want to change the background color of the content without messing with the code or worry about breaking anything? All you have to do is point and click.

This is truly one of the coolest to work with Genesis to date and worth investing supplements.

They have a free demo of the plugin on the site so that we know exactly what we got before buying.

For Genesis premium users it’s free. Most plugins we have on the list are free.

2. Genesis eNews Extended

Genesis enews extender plugin

Some time ago Genesis eNews widget eliminated that came by default in the Framework. They did this to reduce the amount of code in the focus and personally think it’s a good decision.

However, this functionality provided by the eNews widget was very useful for many people, because it is a great way to attract more subscribers email to our lists.

Luckily we have a version in the form of eNews widget plugin and are even better than the original.

Genesis eNews Extended can be easily integrated with some of the best software email newsletter worlds as Mail Chimp, Aweber, and a new WordPress plugin called Mail Poet new.

If we manage a mailing list for our site definitely you have to install this plugin. This is one of the Best Genesis WordPress Plugins. 

3. Genesis Sandbox Featured Content Widget

There is a similar plugin called Widget Featured Amplified Genesis but is no longer a viable plugin. The code is out of date and does not work with the latest version of Genesis.

Luckily we have a new plugin from the hand of one of the largest developers of WordPress.

Genesis Sandbox FC Widget plugin replaces the default one to show featured items in the context of Genesis and adds the ability to display the types of customs entries and custom taxonomies widget.

It also allows us to exclude items by ID and supports paging, plus a number of other useful options. To truly appreciate the value of this tool we have to install and use for ourselves.

4. Genesis Trump Style

Genesis style trump

We often find that a plugin is integrated annulling styles of our subject even when we do not want to do it.

There are lots of ways to solve this, but with this simple plugin will see how the problem goes away in many situations.

No configuration options, you only need to install and it will force the stylesheet of our subject to charge after style sheets of our plugins.

Because of how CSS works, this will force redefine most conflicts style plugin.

5. Genesis Simple Sidebars 

Genesis simple sidebars - Genesis framework Plugins

The Simple Sidebars plugin is essential for anyone who wants to control the content of your website or blog.

It allows us to place conditionally different content areas in the sidebar of our site without writing code.

You only need to create a new sidebar simple and choose from a menu.

6. Genesis Title Toggle

Genesis Title Toggle WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows us to easily remove the title of a page for specific pages. For example, eliminate “Home” at the top of our homepage.

To do this Activate, then edit the page and select “Hide”.

You can also set the default values throughout the site.

If you do not want the title of a page in any of the pages, we turn to Genesis > Theme Settings > Title Toggle and mark the appropriate box.

Once an entry type has a default value set to remove, after editing a page you can be activated selectively in the title of that page.

7. Genesis Simple Hooks

One of the best things about Genesis is the ability to use the hooks (Hooks) and filters to quickly and easily modify the content through our website.

Simple Hooks Genesis makes this process even easier because it allows adding HTML and PHP code directly in the WordPress admin panel.

Usually, we do not use this plugin and opted to add things manually, but if we are less familiar with the code or simply prefer to work directly in the administration panel, this will certainly serve us.

8. Genesis Visual Hook Guide Genesis visual hook guide Plugin

Genesis Visual Hook Guide is a great companion for the aforementioned single plugin Hooks. A menu for displaying the different hooks available in Genesis is added.

We will be able to inspect visually hook areas to make the process of adding and deleting the content of our site much easier.

9. Genesis Simple Menus

The Genesis Simple Menus plugin allows you to select different sub-menus for particular pages and our website entries.

Sometimes you may have to add additional menu items in a particular area of our website that is not relevant to any other area.

With this plugin, you can easily do without programming anything.

10. Genesis Grid

The Grid plugin can easily view all our tickets using the built-in Grid function.

It also allows us to control the genesis featured images and a number of other options.

There are some advanced options for developers to display paragraphs with more granular control.

11. Genesis Plus Print style 

Genesis Printstyle Plus Plugin

Do we want to ensure that our content is legible when printed? Just install the plugin ready Print style Genesis Plus.

You can even add print styles personalized so adding a CSS file in the root directory of our subject child.

It is important to read the documentation plugins for more information.

12. Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

Genesis connect for WooCommerce

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress created by WooThemes.

If you are selling products on our website WordPress should consider using WooCommerce.

This plugin adds some functions essential to Genesis so there is no problem in showing our shop with WooCommerce, products, and pages of the site.

13. Genesis Simple Edits

Best Genesis WordPress Plugins - Genesis simple edits

Genesis Simple Edits plugin is the most popular plugin to edit Genesis framework themes at the three most commonly modified areas.

They are the post-info (byline), the post-meta, and the footer area.

These three commonly modified areas are easily editable, without having to learn PHP or write functions, filters, or mess with hooks.

It has more than 200,000 active installs still now. In Genesis customization, this genesis WordPress Plugin is helpful to remove/edit theme bottom credits.

14. Genesis Responsive Slider

Genesis Responsive Slider WordPress Plugin

This is a very cool genesis plugin to show your business profiles on the slider. This plugin allows you to create a simple responsive slider that displays the featured image, along with the title and excerpt from each post.

It includes options for the maximum dimensions of your slideshow, allows you to choose to display posts or pages, what category to pull from, and even the specific post IDs of the posts (custom posts) you want to display.

It includes next/previous arrows and a pager along with the option to turn both on or off.

Finally, you can place the slider into a widget area. But this Genesis slider plugin only supports with Genesis Child themes.

The slideshow is also responsive and will automatically adjust for the screen it is being displayed on.

Final Words

This is our list of the best Genesis WordPress plugins, although it is true that there are much more and for each particular case options increase.

Are you using any other useful Genesis Plugins, share the names and your experience by using below commenting system.

best genesis framework wordpress plugins

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