20+ Best SEO Site Audit Tools for Bloggers and Webmasters

Are you looking for the best SEO audit tools to make your site technically flawless? That is not right if you feel this is a time-consuming process. Your website and content need to be optimized according to the search engine terms and user intent.

Bloggers and webmasters must observe in order to succeed. It takes more time to observe each web element carefully. Web auditing requires more patience on the part of the auditor to go through hundreds of pages. To make the auditing process more convenient, we need the best tools for SEO auditors.

Some years ago, webmasters checked every page of a website as part of their traditional website audits. Hundreds of online site auditing tools are available today, making the auditing process much easier and more comfortable. Using these tools instead of manually checking each page is more efficient.  

Best SEO Site Audit Tools
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These audit tools can be found in the online market, which helps you identify problems with your site. In addition to a detailed report, the tool has to make recommendations for improving search engine results following the audit. 

However, using a website auditing tool does not resolve your problems. You need to contact the web audit team. There are hundreds of free and paid website analysis tools on Google if you search for the best SEO site audit tools.

What is a Site Audit?

Basically, website auditing is analyzing all aspects of a website technically and determining how the keywords fit within search engine guidelines. 

The auditing of websites is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The process is called data evaluation. The auditing provides information on duplicate content, broken links, and page speed issues.

According to Wikipedia,

The website audit is a complete analysis of all the factors that affect a website’s visibility in search engines. This standard method gives an exclusive insight into any website, overall traffic, and individual pages. The website audit is completed solely for marketing purposes. The goal is to detect weak points in campaigns that affect web performance. This is one of the top 10 SEO tools. 

Evaluations of your website are comprehensive and helpful. These issues are basically addressed in your website.

  • Why is your site not generating enough traffic?
  • Why aren’t your sales and conversation rates improving?
  • What are your visitors confused about?
  • Are there any technical problems?

Finding those issues is not the end of your job. You need to resolve them by following the audit engineer’s or auditor’s instructions. While performing the auditing, you should make sure that the website is accessible.

Importance of Site auditing

Website audits play an important role in site SEO. The audit process involves many factors.

  1. Keyword Analysis: You can analyze the usage of keywords and phrases in the site content with this tool. The website audit analyzes your site for topic and content gaps and suggests terms that should be used in your content to increase qualified traffic.
  2. Usability: Using this strategy, the site is able to capture the user’s attention with both content and interesting features. In addition, the site is easier to navigate.
  3. Loading time: Google considers the loading time of a web page to be an important ranking factor. Due to the fact that most people spend less time on websites, website owners strive to keep visitors on their pages for as long as possible. Auditor here reveals slow loading issues on the website, along with how to solve the problem.
  4. Organic Search: A small number of sites don’t appear on the first page because of the less accurate traffic. Finally, it loses potential customers. The website auditor helps you pinpoint the wrong codes, permalinks, and SEO structure of your website so that you can communicate with search engines more effectively.
  5. Better content: It is the most important aspect of website auditing. Your auditing helps you inform your improvement guidelines in terms of quality content, bounce rate, time spent on site, and page views. In addition, you can discover which content their audience enjoys and eventually lead to conversions. With this information, you can improve the site and social strategies.
  6. Landing Pages: Examining the top conversion pages of your site and suggesting improvements to your call to action, content gap, and wording. Most of these tools analyze keywords and landing pages.
  7. Off-site Visibility: This is the most important step to getting massive traffic from referral sites like social media and third-party networks. By conducting a site audit, you can identify the technical issues that are preventing new customers and opportunities from being created. By implementing these recommendations, you can improve conversions.

Types of Auditing

There are six types of auditing. Let’s list them.

  • Website health audit: With this audit, the website is given a complete health status, along with suggestions on how to recover from blog ill health.
  • Security audits: With this audit, you will get a complete breakdown of any potential vulnerabilities on the website, along with immediate action guidelines.
  • Competitive Site Audits: This audit provides insight into all the gaps and opportunities for site promotion by providing information on the advantages and disadvantages of competitors. 
  • Red flag and recovery audit: An audit of penalized sites is beneficial. It provides detailed information on recent algorithmic penalties and recovery instructions.
  • Audits for Conversion Rate Optimization: The audit explains the technical and on-site conversion issues associated with your website and provides suitable advice. It provides the best conversion rate optimization.
  • Technical SEO audits: This audit provides a fundamental overview of the site’s content, structure, and adherence to best accessibility practices.

Best SEO Site Audit Tools 2021

I have compiled a small list of the Best SEO site audit tools for four different categories. By following this list, you will be able to save thousands of dollars every month on your site auditing process.

A. Technical SEO Audit Tools

The technical audit is the process of finding bugs and inconsistencies on the website, which is conducted by an Auditor. Below is a list of site auditing tools to analyze the site technically.

1. SEMRUSH Web Audit

SEO tools such as SEMRUSH site audits are some of the most powerful SEO tools available. For a better ranking in search engine results pages, this tool helps you identify and resolve all critical SEO problems.

The audit helps you determine the best solutions to all types of SEO health problems such as broken links, internal links, site performance, Robots.txt file issues, website speed issues, canonical tags issues, HTTPS implementation issues, Meta tags, AMP pages, etc.

How to set up the SEMRUSH site audit tool?

You need a SEMRUSH account to start the site audit with SEMRUSH. It comes in three price tiers: Pro (costs $99), Guru (costs $199), and Business (costs $399). For regular readers of BloggingDen, we are offering a 14-day free trial of SEMRUSH (worth $99). Simply click the free trial link and sign up. There are many tools on this site that can be useful to any digital marketer.

You are now ready to begin the site audits. These instructions will guide you through the process of conducting a site audit with SEMRUSH. Let’s find out how to audit a website using SEMRUSH.

From the SEMRUSH dashboard, select the “Projects” section. Under the “Add New Project” section.

add new project in semrush
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add new project in semrush

Enter the domain name in the Domain field, and the Domain title in the name field finally hit the “Create Project” button.

add project details
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Once the project is created, select the “Setup” button in the Site audit block. It opens your Site audit setup wizard.

SEMRUSH site audit
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SEMRUSH site audit

A new setup wizard popup will appear. Select the number of pages you want to crawl per audit and then select “Website” under the crawl section. The limit for each plan depends on the number of pages crawled. For instance, SEMRUSH pro users can crawl 100,000 pages per month and 20,000 pages per month. These values apply during the 14-day free trial period.

site audit settings to configure basic settings
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site audit settings to configure basic settings

For the next step, you will need to select “SEMRUSH bot-Desktop” as a user agent or “SEMRushBot-Mobile” if you want traffic from mobile devices. As the crawl-delay option, select “Minimum delay between pages”.

user agent - crawler settings
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user-agent – crawler settings

To complete this audit, add the parameters of URLs to ignore while crawling. During an audit, this feature prevents your website from crawling the same page more than once.

You can set the frequency of SEMRUSH’s site audit schedule based on how often you like it to review your site. 

When you are happy with your SEMRUSH audit settings, hit the “Start site audit” button.

What next after finishing the Site Audit?

Once you have completed the SEMRUSH site audit process, you will see the complete details of your website SEO on a single dashboard.

site audit complete report
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They are

  • Site Health and Crawled Pages: Here you can find the Health score of your site in the site health section. You need to improve the score by following their recommended actions by implementing them on your site. More Site health score gives better results. In the Crawled pages section, you will find the details of healthy links, broken links, and issues links.
  • Audit Graphs: These graphs will give information about your site issues like Errors, Warnings, and Notices
  • Thematic Reports: This feature indicates the basic scores of the following reports.
    • Internal linking: It gives a complete report about your internal linking issues and which helps you to organize your site structure for better PageRank. 
    • Crawlability: It gives the reports of indexed and non-indexed pages and compares them with sitemaps and crawled pages. 
    • HTTPS: It gives the score of HTTPS implemented pages by analyzing the Security certificate, server, and website architecture.
    • Site performance: It gives information about page loading speed and details of performance issues and recommendations of your HTML pages, JavaScript, and CSS files. Page loading speed is a major ranking factor and it signifies a better user experience for both desktop and mobile users.
    • International SEO: This is the most important feature for those who are running a multilingual website. This helps you check to implement the site HREFLANGS correctly.  By following the recommendations here, you will get the right audiences from all over the world to the right pages.

Get Started

This is the perfect time to grab SEMRUSH 14 days free trial to audit your website.

You need to analyze the above website audit report template report and implement the suggested point on your website to make it visible and more conversational organically. 

2. AHREFS Site Audit

ahrefs trial
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ahrefs trial

Ahrefs site audit is one of the free tools, which provides a detailed breakdown of technical on-site issues.

It examines the site’s health and recognizes over 110 technical issues from big critical errors to less pressing matters.

You can find and fix the issues of website rankings like broken links, redirects, images, or entire CSS and JavaScript files.

If you see any issue in the AHREFS site audit dashboard, no need to google it for solutions.

You can find the solution in the same place to make it right. It is a cloud-based tool, which scans your website very fast. Finally, in the reporting dashboard, you will get a full picture of your site’s health. This is the best alternative to the Google search console.

Features of AHrefs Site Audit

  • Monitor your SEO health: It scans the performance of the website over 100+ common SEO issues. You will get the best recommendations on how to fix those issues to make your site health score better.
  • Know your backlinks: You will get your website’s complete backlink data with actionable insights to make your inbound and outbound links safe.
  • See keywords that bring you traffic: Get the ranked keywords your site ranks and compare with your competitors in search engines with helpful and actionable SEO metrics like Search volume, Keyword difficulty, and Traffic value. 

3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

ScreamingFrog Spider tool
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ScreamingFrog Spider tool to rank better in search

Screaming Frog is another best site crawling tool to improve onsite SEO and the most common SEO issues. It can crawl small and extensive sites effectively in real-time. It is not a complete audit tool. This crawling tool presents all possible information about the site’s SEO problems. It reports more than 30 specific parameters like Meta descriptions, links, security, anchor text, and response time.

The tool is available in the free version and premium. In the free plan, you can start crawling up to 500 pages. If you are having more than 500 pages, you need to use the paid version.

Features of Screaming Frog:

  • You can find the broken links.
  • To find the temporary and permanent redirects.
  • Helps you to analyze the page titles and metadata
  • To discover duplicate content and low content pages.
  • To review the robots.txt file and Meta robots tags like ‘noindex,’ ‘nofollow,’ and canonical URLs.
  • You can integrate the Google analytics, Search Console, and Page speed insights APIs to fetch the website’s performance.
  • To visualize the site architecture. 

4. Site Audit from SERPSTAT

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Serpstat is one of the growth hacking tools with inbuilt site audit tools that helps you to assess and improve site technical optimizations.

This is the best alternative to SEMRUSH and AHREfs.

It is a user-friendly tool and designed for both basic and advanced users.

It helps you perform a complete site’s technical SEO, including an on-site audit using multiple ranking factors.

It allows you to see the quality of domain optimization (SDO), technical issues and our detailed recommendations on how to fix them. You can run this tool to see the details. It is a beneficial feature to boost your content every time. You can find and fix the technical issues by using the reports.

Features of SERPSTAT

Some of the important tools that are provided by the SERPSTAT include.

  • Rank tracking: the rank tracking tool of Serpstat will let you find the detailed ranking of your web pages with SERP historical data
  • Backlink analysis: It is another best tool of SerpStat to get complete backlink data within a single click. Once you enter a website name into the backlink dashboard, you will get the detailed backlinks of the last two years, and with this tool, you can keep track of your competitor’s backlink strategies
  • Keyword research: The in-depth URL analysis and insights on search questions and a preview of keywords distribution are the Serpstat keyword research tool’s special features.
  • Site Audit: You can perform technical SEO audits with this awesome feature. Once you submit your website address for the site audit tool, it will give you a detailed Serpstat domain Optimisation score and the purity percentage you need to consider for the changes you need on your website. It also helps you to perform the technical SEO and best solutions to rank higher in the search.

Get Started

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The pricing of Serpstat starts from $69 per month. You can use their free trial version with limited features. 

5. Google Search Console

search console and analytics integration
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search console and analytics integration

Google search console is another great service developed for webmasters to check your website’s health status in search engines.

The tool is free to use and helps you provide great insights and a summary of things like broken links, page load speed, indexation details, HTML markups, etc.

You can identify the website’s details and position on the search results page like CTR and impressions, along with the ranked keywords and their positions.

Simply, it is a beneficial tool for beginners to know the health status and complete insights of your website in the Google search engine. But it doesn’t provide the complete picture for your website.

If you need more details like heatmap, content audit, and rank tracking, you need to depend on third-party sites. This is the biggest drawback. But anyway, the Search Console is perfect for analyzing your site at your initial stages.

6. SEOMator

seomater homepage
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SEOMator is another trending and free site crawling and auditing tool that allows webmasters to check the website’s SEO health status. It is a simple online SEO audit. The tool monitors the details of technical and architectural of your website.

This SEP performance tool helps you to analyze in-depth technical and On-page analysis. You will get a complete comprehensive report about your site SEO, internal links, HTML tags, backlinks, page speed, mobile usability, text stats, social media, organic presence, and content quality.

It provides you with SEO performance analysis and “how to fix tips” for all of the found issues. You can directly download the detailed SEO analysis report and present it to your customer or use it as a work-schedule to improve your website.

Its Google Chrome extension permits you to analyze your pages one by one. After finish your audit, you can download the report in PDF format.

B. On-Page SEO Audit Tools

On-page SEO audit tools are simple tools with advanced features, which help you audit the on-page SEO at the content level.  Most of the tools come with website content audit tools.

7. On-Page SEO checker from SEMRUSH

semrush on page seo checker tool
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If you are already using SEMRUSH for site audits and technical audits, then SEMRUSH also gives you the privilege of accessing its on-page SEO checker. You can integrate the Google search console with the SEMRUSH on-page checker to give you additional data to use while doing on-page SEO. 

In the SEMRUSH on-page SEO checker, you will get the benchmarking and data of the top 10 of your rivals. You can edit your content using these details to rank high on google. 

auto import data from SEMRUSH
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auto import data from SEMRUSH

This is a simple and also easy tool that will also show you feature snippets and reviews. The optimization ideas panel will show you the list of websites that you can follow to optimize your content. 

total ideas from on page seo
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total ideas from on page seo

What you will get with this tool?

  • Content Ideas: Adopt the best writing and formatting practices that Google rewards.
  • Backlink Ideas: Discover websites you can make partnerships with to earn backlinks.
  • Strategy Ideas: It works more brilliant, not harder, and learn which of your pages should be prioritized over others.
  • Semantic Ideas: It discovers what important buzzwords and related concepts are included on the websites in Google’s Top 10.
  • User Experience Ideas: It connects to your Google Analytics account and gets instructions on boosting the user experience for better rankings.
  • Technical SEO Ideas: Get a structured list of technical issues found on your website.
  • SERP Features Ideas: Learn how to get your content appearing in the instant answers, featured snippets, acquire reviews, and more.

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This is the perfect time to grab SEMrush 14 days free trial to audit the on-page SEO of your site content.

8. Surfer SEO

surfer SEO homepage
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Surfer SEO homepage

Coming to the Surfer SEO, this tool provides the on-page SEO checker tool, which has different features like SERP analyzer, 500 ranking factors, content analysis help in on-page SEO checking. 

The cloud-based real-time data provider will compare over 500 ranking factors with the top 40+ ranked websites that give you immediate comparisons to do to your website.

With the SERP analyzer feature, you can see the high-ranking pages of your site. You can also search for SERPs region-wise by enabling target location ranking. And also its user-friendly interface helps you in easily accessing all the features available in the tool.

9. Content Editor in Website auditor

website auditor
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Website Auditor Tool

The content editor is another added feature in the Website auditor. It is one of the parts of SEO Powersuite, which comes with added content optimization dashboard. This editor allows you to write new content or update old content for your clients or own sites.

This dashboard has few very good features like optimization score, total words, mapped keywords, recommended keywords, competitors list, Recommended FAQs, and Word count.

Of course, this is one of the best website audit tools to scan websites for keywords and for complete technical issues.

This is a helpful feature for content writers and bloggers. Here this feature gives the recommended keywords to add to the content for perfect optimization. It comes with an XML sitemap generator feature.

You can read SEO PowerSuite review and Website Auditor review for more details about other tools.

How to use Content Editor for On-page optimization?

Are you interested to know how to use the content editor to make perfect on-page SEO for your content? You can follow these step-by-step instructions.

Basically, the process of updating a blog is called “Blogging”. In the first step of the content update, the page should complete the page audit and know the status of the existing content and technical factors details.

Step 1: Import the content

Now you have to import the content into Content Editor as in the choice of two editing modes – Browser mode and Document mode. Document mode is very good for this. I am using this mode for my new content optimization and for the old content updating process. Choose Document Mode then click on Go.

select document mode from content editor
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Choose the editing mode from the Content editor

Step 2: Update the Recommended Keywords

After a few seconds, your blog post content will be imported into this editor box. Along with this, your optimization report will be available. By following those instructions, you have to add or remove those recommended keywords within your content in the specified times. If the terms or keywords are sufficient, the term becomes a green color, and if it is red, which is over-optimized. You can use the snippet box to write the titles and meta descriptions by following the competitor’s list.

update the recomended keywords
  • Save

Step 3: Add Questions as FAQs

This is very important for better CTR from search engines. The auditing tool will provide 3 to 5 questions. Just write answers for that and place those FAQs by using the Rank math FAQ snippet. If you do not know how to add this, you can check this article on How to add FAQ Schema?

Add FAQs within your content
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Step 4: Use TF-IDF keywords in update

Using the TF-IDF keywords within the content gives great results and improves your website ranking. In the TF-IDF section, they provide hundreds of keywords, and it will suggest how many times to use within the content as well. TF-IDF Content Analysis made easy by Website Auditor.

Add TF-IDF keywords within your content
  • Save
You can use the TF-IDF (Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency)

By using this, you can use the reports export option to download the list for your content writer. You can guide your content writer if you have a content writer for your blog. You can use those keywords to fulfill the SEO needs without missing user intent. Furthermore, you can update the old content with new information by using these TF-IDF keywords. After reaching the target optimization rate, you have to go for the next step.

Step 5: Export the optimized content

After finishing the content optimization, you have to export the content in two forms – HTML format and Copy-paste format in Doc file.

export the content in HTML format
  • Save
Export the optimized content into HTML format from the Content editor

Update the content in your blog by replacing the old content on the same date or you can schedule it.

You can use this SEO site audit software anytime to get a free website audit report.

The website auditor of SEO PowerSuite helps you perform a fully comprehensive website Audit and content Optimization and gives you detailed crawl stats with broken links and other 40+ SEO factors that are needed to improve your website. You need to give your Google search console access for better-analyzed data. There are keyword optimization tools and content optimization tools that can help you create content that helps you get better traffic from search engines. 

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This is the perfect time to grab this 14 day free trial of Website Auditor along with other tools of SEO PowerSuite.

10. Siteliner

siteliner tool
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siteliner tool

The SIteliner is another website analysis tool that will help you scan and identify the issues in your website that will affect the performance in the ranking. This tool is best in providing features like your site’s quality, duplicate content, broken links, and page size. 

The Siteliner excels in providing peerless speeds and providing results in real-time. Due to that, once you paste the URL in the search box, the tool will crawl all your web pages instantly and gives your results in seconds in a well-fashioned way. 

With this tool you can also compare your site with other websites, comparing features like average page size and page loading speeds, and average word count of your pages. 

Features of Siteliner:

  • Detailed Page Results: It offers specific results when analyzing a particular page.
  • Summary Info of Entire Site: The analyzed results come in a summarized way with easy to understand.
  • Duplicate Content: It helps you visualize the duplicated pages of your site, which helps you avoid search engine penalties.
  • Page Power: It detects the most notable page of a website according to search engines.
  • Broken Links: It detects any link that has been moved, changed, or no longer exists. When websites have broken links, they can deteriorate the user’s experience and reduce search rankings.
  • Internal Links In: It is common to add links that redirect users to any specific page. This strategy increases the importance of it. With Siteliner you can choose one specific page and check how many pages of the entire site contains links to the selected page.
  • Internal Links Out: you can see how many links in any selected page are redirecting to other pages of the website.
  • External Links Out: it is possible to determine how many links of any selected page contains links to external sites.
  • Presentation of Cached Page: Siteliner keeps a cached version of the page that is used when it was scanned. As a result, you will be able to see any modification, if any, from the time the analysis was done.
  • Multiple types of Reports: there are 3 options of reports that include Site report, Current Table, and XML Site Map.

11. SEOptimer

seoptimer tool
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seoptimer tool

SEOptimer is another best tool for performing website audits. It gives a quick overview of the website’s SEO, performance, and also presence in social media. It also shows the issues of a website and analyzes the major SEO factors that are needed to change to improve your site’s performance. 

The on-page SEO tools available in the SEOptimer include the website audit tool, which shows the website’s ranking and gives a detailed report of issues, and the embedded audit tool that generates leads with customized audit forms. 

12. Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer

neilpatels SEO analyzer
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Neil Patel’s SEO analyzer is another simple and free website on-page SEO tool to improve your site’s performance. This tool comes with different features like SEO Checker, site speed, SEO audit report, and Backlink Checker.

You can follow the website analysis report generated for your website and easily improve your rankings and search traffic for your site. The SEO checker tool gives you a complete analysis of your website’s errors and provides you with a cross-check report. 

The backlink checker tool also gives you the list of top backlinks projecting to your domain, including the organic traffic and referring domains.  You can check out the website for more details.

C. Off-Page SEO Audit Tools

Even though the on-page SEO tools are way enough for higher rankings, you need to do some off-page audits for higher and long-run rankings for your websites. The off-page stats include the backlinks, content marketing, and other features for your website. 

Here are some tools that help you with off-page SEO audits for your websites. 

13. SEMRUSH Backlink checker

semrush backlink checker
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semrush backlink checker

As discussed in the above sections, the tool comes with many features for a website ranking. Backlink checking is another best feature of this tool. 

There are majorly three features in the link building in SEMrush that are Backlink analysis, backlink audit, and link building tool. 

The backlink analytics tool helps you in keeping track of all the domain backlinks and spot new backlinks. It shows a complete report of all incoming domains and their authorities and types.

Get Started

This is the perfect time to grab SEMRUSH 14 days free trial to audit your site and competitor’s backlinks.

On the other hand, the backlink audit tool gives you the health-related data of each backlink of your website. With this audit tool, you can keep track of your backlinks’ toxicity score and remove harmful links from the tool itself. 

14. AHREFS Backlink checker

ahrefs backlink checker
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ahrefs backlink checker

The AHREFS backlink checker tool is another best tool that helps you auditing the backlinks of any website. The metrics you will find in the ahrefs tool are the number of referring domains, and the number of overall backlinks, and the domain rating and URL rating along with Ahrefs Rank. 

With this tool, you can easily monitor the growth or even decline of the backlinks. 

This tool can be best used as a rival backlink analysis tool that gives a complete breakdown of the target’s backlink profile. It includes an external link analysis feature.

Check any website, URL, or subsection to see actionable and insightful SEO metrics.

  • Number of referring domains
  • Number of backlinks
  • Domain Rating (DR) & URL Rating (UR)
  • Ahrefs Rank (AR)

The Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR) metrics are super-useful for judging the “backlink popularity” (strength) of a target.

One of the best things about this tool is that you can also see estimated organic traffic to each web page. By researching your competitors, you can find the link-worthy pages that are most linked to. If you are thinking about AHREFS alternatives, you can check those.

15. Spyfu

spyfu tool
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spyfu tool

Spyfu is a competitor keyword research tool that helps you find out keywords and even backlinks from other websites. 

Using the Spyfu competitor analysis tool, you can search for any domain and check its ranking factors in Search Engines. This is one of the best keyword research tools that help you find the google ads competitor keywords and monitor the PPC competitors regularly.

If you rely on Google AdWords, choosing this tool is the best idea to get keyword ideas that your competitors are using. You can also have an eye on the complete backlink profile of your competitors using the SpyFu tool.

16. WebCEO

webceo - digital marketing tools
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WebCEO is the best all in one best tool for marketing agencies from small to big. It is the best SEO reporting program with overall 21 pro-level SEO software tools. It is another best alternative to the SEO power suite, which is built around white hat SEO principles. It has been producing the best SEO software since 2001.  

The WebCEO has powerful tools like backlink checker and competitor backlink spy tool for backlink analysis. With WebCEO, you will get the best backlink opportunities where you can get backlinks from. 

Features of WebCEO

  • It comes with more than 21 SEO premium Software tools
  • You can add multiple projects and schedule SEO tasks for better in-depth marketing analytics
  • Perfect setup for the white-label marketing platform
  • You can manage your SEO services for your clients from this platform
  • You can collaborate with your SEO team to update specific SEO tasks

17. Cognitive SEO

cognitiveSEO tool
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cognitiveSEO tool

Cognitive SEO is another tool that comes with all the SEO features that should be there in a Site audit tool. This is a complete SEO tool that can get you off from all your SEO issues. 

For off pages SEO practices like link building, Cognitive SEO is the best tool to use. This tool aggregates the backlink data from the trusted link database and gives the best set of links. 

It’s easy to understand reports and helps you in researching better competitor analysis. Also helps in preventing any unnatural link penalties and ultimately protecting your rankings. 

18. Moz local SEO Research

moz local seo
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moz local seo

Moz local SEO is a tool that helps in listing businesses. If you want to list your business in your area, then have a clear idea of how businesses perform in your area. The Moz tool helps you in analyzing local SEO and gives a score for your website with ranking. This is a complete off-page SEO tool that helps in listing your website in your area. 

Competitor analysis is made easy through MOZ local SEO tool which provides you the research strategy to rank higher and better. 

19. BuzzSumo

buzzsumo content marketing analysis tool
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buzzsumo content marketing analysis tool

Buzzsumo is a complete content marketing tool to find the best content that performs well. You can simply enter any keyword or domain and get the best performing content, simple as that. This tool also helps in understanding social media sites and sharing content. The Buzzsumo can use 4 different key components. They are

  • Discovery: It explores high-performing content so you can get more likes, links, and shares.
  • Research: Analyze billions of data points to sharpen your marketing strategy.
  • Influencers: Identify influential people to power-up your brand or campaign.
  • Monitoring: Track comments and trends so you can respond rapidly and capture opportunities.

If you want to find influencers on different social media platforms whose content may benefit your website, finding them on Buzzsumo is the best thing. Also, for tracking and monitoring analytics and tracking comments and trends, the tool keeps track. 

D. Competitor Analysis Tools

The competitor analysis tools are important in keeping your SEO intact. Here are some of the best competitor analysis tools.

20. SEMRUSH Competitor Analysis

semrush competitive research toolkit
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semrush competitive research toolkit

SemRush is an all-in-one SEO tool that keeps track of your websites and gives complete competitor analysis to check your competitors’ rankings. 

The complete traffic analysis tool finds out the competitors marketing efforts and their traffic patterns. 

And also the organic research tool that helps in finding the best SEO practices. The keyword gap and also the backlink analytics tools are also available. 

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You can grab SEMRUSH 14 days free trial to start competitor analysis.

21. AHREFS content Gap

ahrefs content gap tool
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ahrefs content gap tool

The AHREFs is also another all-in-one SEO tool for SEO and other practices. To make your competitor’s research more amazing, this tool comes with a feature called AHREFs content Gap.

The content gap tool helps in finding the best keywords and backlinks of the competitors. 

This tool also does an in-depth analysis of your competitors that gives a detailed report of all the opportunities to rank over them. 

Final words

Auditing your website on a regular basis is always useful so that you can keep it updated and ranked well in search engines such as Google. 

It’s time for you to decide which site audit tool is best for you today. You can audit your site using the above-given tools, as they include all the features you need. 

You need only enter your site URL and hit the search button, and you will receive a detailed report you can use to fix any errors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is an audit tool?

    An Audit tool helps find all the SEO metrics that your site needs to get updated. An audit tool gives a complete analysis of all the errors your site has and gives you a detailed report to follow to improve your ranking factors. 

  2. Which one is the best tool to do an SEO audit for your website?

    Without further discussion, the SemRush is the favorite tool for any blogger or website developing agency. Its best SEO features help you audit your website and give the best reports for better rankings in Google. 

  3. How many types of auditing tools are there?

    There are majorly different types of auditing tools to audit your site in different aspects. But there are three major types of tools such as technical website audit for coverage index, SEO link audit, and social media audit. 

  4. How do I do a site audit in SEMrush?

    We need to do an SEO site audit regularly to keep our sites fresh and updated. To conduct a site audit in SEMrush, you can simply visit the SEMrush audit tool and enter your website on the URL bar. Once you click on the search, the tool will detect all the technical issues found on your website and give you a detailed report, which you can go through to fix the errors. 

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