Are you looking for the best free WordPress themes? Here is the best and top list for you.

WordPress is a popular open-source platform that offers you multiple options to create and have your blog and website ready for the internet. It is useful for people who want to stay connected with their followers through their content and creativity.

WordPress has various features and tools that allow you to create your personalized website or blog with stunning visuals.

best free WordPress themes for new bloggers

You can choose from the many themes that they have to offer. These best free wp themes help you add a personal touch to your blog or website and make your content more interesting. In this article, you will find some of the popular WordPress themes that you can use. Read on to find out more!

Getting started with WordPress

To use these Free WordPress themes, be using the best blogging platform. Here you require a self-hosted WordPress platform to create your blog. This platform will provide you complete freedom and flexibility, and control on your blog. Of course, this is open source software and comes with thousands of free WordPress templates and plugins to create your blog grow quicker and visible in search engines.

If you are unfamiliar with this subject, you can learn how to create a WordPress blog guide to start your strange journey on the new platform.

Most of the themes are free, but you have to pay for your website’s domain name. This is your identity and site address on the internet.

Now you need WordPress web hosting to host your site online. Of course, it also hosts this on premium hosting.

So here is the important news for you to start your new blog. We suggest one of the great deals for you with Bluehost hosting. This is the most recommended web hosting by WordPress.

The Bluehost offers Free SSL, Free domain name, 1-click WordPress installation, 24/7 wholehearted assistance, and free great marketing credits. It starts at $3.95 per month instead of $8.99. So you can catch this deal. I will add once the discount you catch the deal. 

Once you complete the site and run it, you need to pick a new WordPress theme. Hundreds of premium WordPress themes are contributing thousands of themes out there. But some great free themes help you minimizer your money go on current site development.

You can choose the best, and suitable theme from the below gives the best free WordPress themes and install on your site.

List of Best Free WordPress Themes

Every month WordPress developers are adding thousands of best WordPress free themes on the internet. But few themes are giving better results. Here I listed a few WordPress Free themes. Those themes tested in my blogs, which are given excellent results in my blog ranking and search engine visibility.

1. Schema Lite

Schema Lite is the best WordPress theme for blogging that offers you flexibility in your customizations. It is a free theme, and you can even use it in multiple projects. It has many SEO features that help you make sure your content reaches the target audience. It also offers you a fully integrated Schema markup, which improves your site’s ranking to a great extent. The Schema Lite is the free version of one of the popular WordPress themes, i.e., Schema.

2. Musical

If you are in the show business, then Musical is the theme for you. It is aesthetically appealing and entertaining at the same time. It is very flexible to use, and you can further custom build your website from scratch. It offers you a multitude of vibrant and exciting options to make your site more visually stunning. Musicians, DJs, Entertainment Bloggers can use this theme to create a site that will visually impact the viewers.

3. Asterion

Asterion offers you full functionality and style. It is a multipurpose theme creatively designed for demanding agency websites, corporations, and even great personal blogs. It is extremely versatile with its robust set of features & highly customizable layout.

4. Simple

Just as the name says, Simple is a theme designed for minimalists. It is a sophisticated & straightforward theme that adds an appealing touch to your blog or website. Although users mainly use it for the Shopify plugin that it supports, you can also use it for your blog or web page. It is a responsive theme and offers you a wide variety of beautiful customizations. This theme will surely leave an impression on your viewers from convenient features like a transparent and sticky header, unique page title header, and back-to-up button to artistic customizations. It is the best WordPress theme for a personal website.

5. SociallyViral Free

This theme is designed to boost your traffic and make your content viral. It is fast and responsive and has a host of interesting features. The theme helps boost your search engine rankings, allowing your blog or site to show up more frequently on search engine hits. It has features that allow seamless sharing on social media, and thus you receive traffic from the best social media sites on the web. With advanced typography options, color schemes, and support for custom widgets, you get a compelling and functioning theme in your hands. With a variety of customizations and tweaks, you can create a truly appreciable website using this theme.

6. Shop Isle

Targeted for e-commerce stores, this theme is elegant and clean. It offers you very flexible browser compatibility and the code used can be edited by a person with basic knowledge of HTML. They also have an options panel for themes that are fun to use.

7. Startup Blog

This theme is designed for budding entrepreneurs and startup owners. It is a very minimalist theme with simple options. The theme looks great on your mobile while performing brilliantly. It is also super responsive and lightning fast. It is actively updated, developed and you get a host of tutorials to refer while setting up the site.

8. Serenti

If you are yearning for a website or blog targeted towards fashion, personal lifestyle or travel then Serenti is the theme for you. It is an ideal theme loaded with elegant features that are perfect for the creative blogger. With numerous post layout options and reduced clutter, you get to experience a truly excellent and aesthetic design.

9. Brittany Light

It is a stunning theme that is ideal for people looking for a simple and elegant theme for WordPress. The theme comes with SEO friendly features and also has a host of custom widgets for your convenience.

10. GridBlog

GridBlog is a unique and modern theme like none! This theme is free for use, but you can experience all the options and customizations that a paid theme has to offer. It can be installed easily with a few simple steps. You also get customer support along with this theme. You can work with major plugins with this theme. It has a unique grid-style layout and is translation ready so that your content can be translated for people of different regions.

11. ColorMag

colormag wordpress theme

Details | Demo

ColorMag is a highly responsive theme suitable for magazines, newspapers, publishing houses and just about any business. It has options for advanced typography and multiple colors. It also offers you six custom widgets and flexible options for your page layout. It is a multipurpose theme that enables you to have full functionality of your site or blog.

12. Olsen Light

With Instagram integration and a host of Social Networking options, this theme is designed for fashion or lifestyle blogging. get support for customizing your layouts and can even have your content ready for translation. It comes with classy buttons, icons, and typography. It also has widgets, an Instagram carousel, and widgets. It is SEO ready and enables you to kick-start your blog or site with ease.

13. iTheme2

This theme is a revamp of the popular iTheme. It is designed for use on Apple devices, but you can seamlessly use it with any kind of operating system. It is targeted towards tech platforms and even has integrated widgets for social media.

14. Orsay

The design of Orsay is elegant and impressive. To pretty color options to gorgeous widgets, this theme is suitable for lifestyle, creative and fashion bloggers. Get ready to showcase your work beautifully and whimsically.

15. Point

Point is a theme that is flexible and can be used for multiple purposes. If you are a beginner and are just getting started on WordPress, then this theme is undoubtedly for you. It offers you more features than you will need at the start. You get free plugins and also the option to add advertisements to earn revenue. You get unlimited choices in backgrounds, and it also has a friendly interface. With customizable widgets, this theme is both responsive and functional for the fresher.

16. Hestia

With 1 minute setup and a variety of demo contents, this theme is suitable for even beginners. It is built for speed and even offers you video tutorials for the perfect set-up of your site. It looks attractive and comes with premium customization options.

17. Cele

This clean and minimalist theme looks amazing both on your desktop screen and on other mobile devices. You get top-notch support and a host of tutorials to set up your site. You get to make a powerful and fully functioning website to suit all your needs. Grab the attention you want with this refreshingly simple and clean theme.

18. Barletta

This polished WordPress theme is designed to display your content elegantly and finely. With customizable fonts and great looking slider, you truly have a powerful and efficient theme in your hands.

19. DualShock

This free theme is based on magazine user interfaces. It offers SEO ready features, and you get unlimited backgrounds and color schemes. You get an options panel, custom widgets, and a translation ready theme. Make the best out of your content and increase traffic with this WordPress theme.

20. Playbook

This is a theme that incorporates WordPress’s classic elements. It has a dual column layout and is super easy to use. It is encoded with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 to enable you to use the more technological features of the web. It has a modern and clean look and enables you to have more display in less space. You get the option of customizing your panels along with this theme to personalize your site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the best free theme for WordPress?

    Most of the Free WordPress themes are coming with limited customization features. According to the professional recommendations, I tested a few of the themes among the thousands of free themes. I was impressed with these theme’s results. I suggest Generatepress, OceanWP, Astra, and Neve. These themes are good in their coding, loading, and support. I am using the Generatepress premium theme in most of my blogs.

  2. Where can I get free WordPress themes?

    You can use these Free WordPress themes from the WordPress themes repository. To access these repositories, you need to go WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New section. You will get complete access to those themes with different categories like Featured, Popular, Latest, and Favorites.

  3. Is it worth paying for a WordPress theme?

    Yes. Most of the free themes come with limited options on their customization centers. If you need more features like color setup, fonts change, and quick support, choose the concerning themes’ premium versions. It helps you a lot in the on-site SEO for better visibility and ranking in search engines.

  4. What is the most popular WordPress theme?

    Generatepress, Astra, Sahifa, Socially Viral, Schema and Neve are the most popular WordPress themes in 2021.

  5. How do I install a free WordPress theme?

    You can install the free WordPress theme from the WordPress dashboard. After login into your WordPress site, you need to go for Appearance > Themes > Add a new section. You will find the thousands of free WP themes and click on the Install button on the page. It will download the theme files into your server. You can access those files anytime to change the settings according to your site niche and design.

  6. How do I install a premium WordPress theme?

    If you need Premium WordPress themes, go for the third party sites to purchase them. Most of the premium themes providers will give their free version access via the WordPress themes directory without charge. You can install those free theme and check whether useful to your requirements; then you can buy that after you satisfy with that. After purchasing the premium WordPress theme, download the premium version from the official site as a compressed zip file into your PC. Then go for Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme section from the WordPress dashboard and hit on the “choose file” then select the file and press the Install Now button. Hit the activate link after successful theme installation. That’s it.

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Final verdict on Best Free WordPress themes

Most of the themes are very good at loading. In the given list, we added the best free WordPress themes for beginners. Schema and Socially Viral themes are the best free premium WordPress themes.

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