How many blog posts do you see online every day? Probably a lot. And how many do you actually read? Not much, I believe – otherwise, you’re quite an exception. Because most of the headlines are not eye-catchy.

You see, these days people don’t read much, but not because they are stupid or lazy: they just receive too much information. It’s impossible to process all this information (especially if you are a busy person), so you have to choose the best pieces and do it quickly. That’s what the headlines are for and that’s why they matter so much: you can help readers choose your article among many others by using just one sentence.

However, this sentence has to be perfect if you want to achieve the desired result. That’s why you need to put a lot of effort into headline creation and learn how to make it brilliant. And today we consider how to create a good headline.

Secrets of Cool Eye Catchy Headlines for Your Blog Posts

Tips to make Cool Headlines for Blog Posts

1. Make it appealing

In order for a headline to work, you need to make it appealing. Just compare these two: “15 Baking Recipes” and “15 Amazing Recipes for Delicious Baking”. Which one people would you like to read first? Probably the last one.

How to make a headline appealing? Well, firstly try to make it look appealing to you. Second, move to the next tip.

2. Use powerful words

Words like “amazing”, “horrifying”, “hate”, “love”, etc. have an amazing effect on people: they catch their attention and make them feel certain emotions. That’s why a headline like “10 Things HRs Hate” will have more effect than a headline “How to Impress Hrs”.

3. Use questions

When you are writing an informational blog post, you can use a question to make a headline more appealing and informative. For example, “How to Become Amazingly Productive” will work better than “Time Management Tips”.

4. Use numbers

Numbers make headlines more concrete and so if you are ready to offer some useful information you can use numbers to make it look even more presentable. Just compare “15 Ways to Getting Things Done Quicker” and “Ways to Getting Things Done Quicker”.

5. Make a headline more engaging

If a headline looks engaging, it causes sympathy – or at least a more intense emotional reaction. Moreover, such headlines are more fun to write. Compare these: “How to Organize Your Workplace” and “How to Finally Clean This Horrible Mess On Your Table”.

6. Make it specific :

For example, you have a blog post dedicated to diet meals, but for some reason, you decide to name it “How to Become Healthier”. Of course, such a headline can be related to your post but it’s not good enough. Your readers might understand it in so many different ways and have different expectations. If a person opens your writing speech thinking about fitness, exercises, or lifestyle tips, they will be disappointed with the recipes they find there. A headline like “10 Amazing Diet Recipes” sounds more specific.

7. Try to optimize it for search engines

If you manage to use a keyword in your headline, it’s good: it will make your post attractive not only for your readers but for search engines too. However, if it’s impossible to include a keyword without sacrificing the quality of a headline, then avoid it. The impression your headline makes is more important than SEO.

8. Make it right :

I’ve seen a lot of headlines that look catchy and interesting but set the expectations way too high. They catch attention, but when you open a blog post itself, you realize that it doesn’t answer the question brought up in a headline or isn’t related to a headline at all. Don’t be a writer that creates such posts: try to come up with proper headlines and try to make your blog posts good enough so they are just as amazing as headlines are.

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Final Words

There’s another tip that I want to give you: if you want to create stunning post titles, don’t stop learning. Pay attention to the headlines that other bloggers create, think of the ways to improve yours, monitor the statistics to see which of your posts succeed and which don’t, and don’t forget to be creative. Eventually, you’ll be able to think of amazing, interesting, and catchy headlines.

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