Creating a blog can take a little while but did you ever thought what blogging is and how it has evolved over the years, A great place to start when you’re new to it all!

A blog is originally created from the weblog. A blog is the logging of one’s thought, ideas, and experience and more all in one place on the web. You have probably seen them around? But have you tried asking what makes them so great?

What is Blogging

Like most novelties blogging preferably involving a personal blog is what many entrepreneurs have seen growth and to be honest blogging took its shape from there.

Till now most peoples who have heard about the term “Blogging” are not aware of it or owning a blog could directly impact or improves other’s life.

If you have been in the same scenario, then we would provide the basics and offer a steady guide through the breakdown of:

What is Blogging?

A blog is an on the internet diary or journal on an internet site. The content of a blog normally comprises a message, photos, video clips, animated GIFs and also checks from old physical offline diaries or journals and various other paper copy files. Because a blog site can exist for individual use, sharing details with an exclusive group or to engage the public, a website proprietor can establish their blog for exclusive or public accessibility.

When a web site is made publicly easily accessible, any individual can commonly find the website via web links readily available on the website owner’s private or service website, their social media sites profiles, email address and newsletters, and also online keyword search engines.

Most of the blog admins can set up websites devoted to the creation, sharing of blogs and storage, such as WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, and Tumblr.

Blog web content can look like messages on one continual streaming page or articles on individual web pages reachable with several pages established in a list-style as blog post title links, excerpts, and relevant tags. They commonly show all blog posts or web links to visitors backward sequential order with the most recent material showing up initially.

Blogs are easier to read such as you can share, thoughts and opinions, news and can be anything! You wish for. A blog is indispensable of who you are. And an ultimate expression of you on the web.

A blog means an online diary or a journal on a website and that literally represented in the form of the text, pictures, and videos. However, a blog is meant for personal sharing information with the audience and that would help the communities based on different genres.

A blog makes up several things like blogs are updated frequently to fulfill the reader’s needs. For instance, sharing new recipes or offering business updates and services. A blog gets updated with new content several times a week.

The easier way to understand a blog when you are reading any written content is known as a blog. A blog itself holds the content in blog posts when you read them.

Blogs allow readers engagements and can be seen in the different social platform for the ability to communicate and dialect comments between the blogger and readers.

Do you know the history and its Evolution?

Blogging did not come out suddenly. It has started out in a natural extension of the increased use of computers and smartphones. 

In 1994, Mr. Justin Hall created a first blogging site with the name of The site was simple, and it consists with the collection of links and photos while browsing the web. Here are the opinions of the Links blog users.

By following his examples, most of the people shared their personal lives online. They are called “Online diaries” or “Personal pages”. The term “Weblog” was introduced by “Jorn Barger” to describe his internet activity.   The term changed as ‘Blogs’ today. The jorn collected they show recent links in the page’s top and older entries go down.

The first blogging platforms introduced in 1998 with the name of “Open Diary”. It is a membership model site. They developed it to leave the visitors comments on other people’s posts.

  • Livejournal–founded by Brad Fitzpatrick with his high school friends
  • Blogger–founded by Pyra Labs as a commercial platform. After a few years, Google acquired this platform.
  • Xanga–Introduced as Social networking site similar to Myspace. After a few months, the team added a blogging platform with commenting features in 2000.

Whereas they use the creation of a blog in the early stage for government militia and scientific purposes. After a few years when different communities have interacted with the Worldwide Web and to read content stored over the web.

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Individuals have using different newsgroups to describe things of their choice and sharing ideas among them.

  • The true miracle just happened in the year 1994 or 1995 when individuals have stated out to share updates about their lives, such as in personal thoughts and facts, academic studies, career or travel.
  • The online audiences started witnessing different content and documentation over the web and most believed the weblog or blog has started in the year 1999. And as the time passed the weblogs or blogs started sprouting up.
  • The blogs acted as the signpost for the web users and many began to look at the blogging community more of a new media brand.
  • And it was not long before when it was meant as a major source of income over a conventional office job. In a similar way, it seems the history of blogging to offer the technology we have used to develop websites.
  • Although blogs have still retained a massive presence and add income streams. Blogs are generally a great way to add additional income such as promoting products and services more of affiliate marketing. Also, you can provide advertising or feed that constitutes showing the advertisement to the audience such as AdSense on your blog.

The introduction of WordPress the content management system (CMS) has changed the way people have known blogging.

A platform that uses to build and maintain a website without having the knowledge of coding and the ability to customize every aspect of the site has grown popular.

Gradually the use of the powerful platform WordPress with self-hosted blogs have come out and the WordPress blogs. It consists of affiliate websites, news sites, e-commerce stores, forums, and business sites. Nowadays blogs offer continuous streaming pages or posts that are easily reachable and though style sheet in a format such as article title links, excerpts, and related tags. Blog on wordpress is very easy. WordPress is free

To launch oe start a blog, you need web hosting to store the pictures, videos and other web elements. There are very good and cheap web hosting providers to start a blog and a website in 2020. Most of these web hosting space providers are giving a free domain for the first year.

Typically, this helps readers find the post in chronological order with most recent posts appearing first in the blog.  

What are the Benefits of Blogging?

Benefits of Blogging

Most of us wonder why blogs and blogging have gained so much reputation. Blogs generally offer a social outlet and therefore people out on the web actively seek out different things such as solutions, opinions or to initiate discussions which we see mostly in forums.

This interaction and sharing of knowledge with help of blogs are set to face to face by using their true identities and individual personas. Since a blog is also known as a social tool, creating or reading blogs would generalize the idea of interaction with others folks and that surely does not exist before.

Now, if you ask us what kind of people blog?

Many people who create blogs are known as bloggers and they come from different walks of life and backgrounds from around the world. Creating the webpage content and the strategy of blogging is to include the thing that most readers would be interested to read.

Beyond everything website traffic is one of the essential things for blogging. And by regularly updating the content by individual and business they make money off by their blogs by creating a line of trust and to target market for capturing leads.

They make strategies to establish themselves as knowledgeable and expert in some kind to the target audience who finds buying interesting and useful products from the blog and in return, the blog owner earns monetary benefits for offering valuable content for the consumers.

Consumers who have trust on a certain individual or blogs start to rely upon a specific website for the valuable information are most likely to win trust and end up recognized as a brand to buy products or read blogs for expert opinions.

By taking blogging as part of your career, there are plenty of benefits. They are

  • Your writing skills will improve day by day
  • Your video skill will improve day by day if you choose Vlog as your career
  • You will learn more updated information and working skills
  • You will get a good online reputation with your expert status
  • Your memory and creativity will improve
  • You will learn how to make money online
  • You can build your professional network
  • You become an authority person in your industry
  • You can build an online profile and portfolio to show your working strategies
  • Your marketing skill will improve drastically

Some blog owners get paid by commissions whereas the others merely click static dynamic websites ads and get paid by displaying advertisements. You should know the basic blogging mistakes in digital marketing.

If you are planning to start blogging as career, you have to create a new blog. This process should be done in step by step manner. First you have to choose better WordPress hosting to create a wordpress blog.

Google Adsense is the most popular way to make money. Most of the websites full time income is Adsense. If you are new to this, apply immediatly. here is the complete Adsense approval guide.

As blogs can generate six figures money, it is same as other businesses but a blog provides more of an individual means to share things or information and reap the benefits or sort of rewards from the efforts of writing a marvelous piece of content for a great engagement. In this way, we have outlined the explanation of considering blogging into a primary income stream.

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