Are you struck by the Blogging Lottery ticket Mentality

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I stared at the lottery ticket office while disembarking from the bus at the Port Authority in New York City.

The line for buying tickets stretched well outside the door.

Not a particularly huge pot either.  Perhaps it was just a normal day at the office.

It got me thinking;  how many bloggers are stricken by the same disease? The idea that if you can just get lucky, by buying lotto tickets frequently enough, that you can make it big. Earning big bucks, living your dream, and most importantly, if you win the blogging lottery with:

  • A viral post
  • A viral video
  • An appearance on a top blog, after being noticed by a big blogging dawg

….you can leave behind any misery, struggles or anguish you are currently suffering through, with your

blog and perhaps, with your life.

Are you struck by the Blogging Lottery ticket Mentality

Blogging Lottery ticket Mentality

[thrive_headline_focus title=”Affiliate Summit East” orientation=”center”]

I am in NYC because I am attending Affiliate Summit East.

Sure I’ve been pressing the cyber flesh for nearly a decade, meeting and greeting folks online as I have built a few blogs, the latest being Blogging From Paradise.

What I’m doing today is the exact opposite of playing a lottery ticket. I’m making friends, expanding my presence and increasing Blogging From Paradise brand awareness.

I’m…..gasp……working! I’m not relying on some false concept of luck or winning the lottery, to accelerate my blogging success.

Make no mistake about it; this is fun work. I do this work with love. I work with passion. Which is why I am so darn persistent. But in the same vein, I am devoting my attention and energy to some cause which benefits others and benefits myself.

When I saw those folks on the lottery ticket line, many looked tired, depressed, lost and flat-out beaten down by life. I feel compassion for them. God knows I have been there. On the flip side of things though, I finally faced and embraced many of my fears which led me, years ago, to wanting to win the blogging lottery, via a viral post or an appearance on Oprah. When she was still on network TV.

My greed, desperation, laziness and outright terror-based, predominant fear of losing it all fed my lottery ticket obsession. I faced these fears, embraced these concerns and released these fears to become the blogger I am today.

If you are suffering from this mental malady of trying to win the blogging lottery, take a deep breath. Fear is your predominant vibe. Feel the fear, fully. May be unpleasant, but when you feel and release the fear you are free to blog mainly for fun, with love, so you can practice your blogging skills and build your friend network through generosity, so you never find yourself on the blogging lottery ticket line again.

I’ve learned from hyper successful, established pro bloggers how your skills are the real money makers. Traffic, list subscribers, prospering opportunities and profits flow your way by diligently developing your blogging skills.

Write daily. Network daily. Generously help other bloggers daily through a wide variety of platforms.

Attend live events. Like I’m attending Affiliate Summit East Today. Befriend top bloggers from your niche by RTing their posts and by publishing personalized, thoughtful, genuine comments on their blogs.

By being helpful, you allow in powerful friendships, loyal fans, traffic, and profits.

I may have appeared to win the blogging lottery by living in places like Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica and Thailand for months or years at a time, all through professional blogging, but it was my practice and willingness to help folks cheerfully which helped create this dream life.

Get off the blogging lottery ticket line. Help people. Have fun. Develop your writing and networking skills. Make friends.

Replace luck with love, ” and you will never play the blogging lottery again.

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