How to add Contact Form for Blogger blog

The contact form is a type of online Feedback form. Visitors can interact with the site/blog owners by using “Contact Form”. This post explains How to add Contact Form for Blogger blogs.

If you want to communicate with the blog admin, How to Contact Blogger.

how to add contact forms in Blogspot blog

If the Blogger Contact Information is available on the Contact page, you may send the message directly. To use this contact form most of the bloggers depend on third party sites.

The site generates small HTML code to display this form in their blogs. Recently added this contact form officially.

Let us discuss how to add a contact form officially.

Follow the instruction you will get Contact Form for Blogger blog also.


What is the importance of Contact form for blogger?

Visitors can easily drop a message to you straight from your blog. You don’t have to reveal your email address to the web to provide users with an option to contact you.

If you like getting suggestions, queries or any other feedback from the users, make sure that you add the contact form to your blog.

It’s really easy to add the form and doesn’t require any 3rd party code to be added to your blog.

Steps to add Contact form officially on Blogger

At the beginning of the Blogspot blog, the contact form is not included in the services. After few years, its 2013, added this contact form for blogger blogs. If you want this form in your blogspot blogs, just follow the steps to add Simple Contact Form officially on blogger blogs.

  1. Login to your Blogger account
  2. Go for “Layout” then select “Add a Gadget”>More Gadgets (Which is in the second tab of the newly opened window)
  3. Then click on “Contact Form”.Addition of Contact form officially on Blogger
  4. Click on the “Save” link of “Configure the Widget”.
  5. Refresh your blog to see newly adds gadget.Addition of Contact form officially on Blogger
  6. All messages sent through this contact will receive to the email associated with this Blogger account.

Once it’s done, you should see the slick and clean Contact Form added to your Blog’s sidebar. The form has the below input fields

  • Name – Name of the reader who is sending you a message
  • Email – Email address of the reader who is sending you a message
  • Message – The message which the reader wants to send to you.

Below is the screenshot of the Contact Form Widget added to one of my test blogs.

Tip: Blogger Contact Form Widget is also available. You can from the side column also. The best places to add this form is “Top right side column” and “Footer

Bonus tip to add a third party Contact form for blogger blogs

The above-mentioned process is the official method. If you want to add this contact forms in posts or pages, you can use the third-party services other than blogger.

Personally, I suggested a new service for this purpose, that is Foxyform services.  This is free contact form services for free blogs.

It helps to create a contact form for a blogger within the posts and pages.foxyform services steps

Just tick the options you want in the contact form in the Settings area, configure the colors in advanced  settings and enter the Email address in the target email address (to receive message from the contact form).

Finally check the Antispam protection and click on “Create Formula”.

Now you will get the HTML code.

Just copy and paste into the Page where you need.

foxyform gives HTML code

The final preview of the contact form for a blogger blog is

preview of form from foxyform services


Most of the websites/blogs are neglecting the contact form on their blogs. This is the biggest mistake of bloggers. The contact page is one of the second most important pages to have on your website and plays an integral part of a website allowing visitors, bloggers, press, and advertisers to get contact with you.

The contact page is very important for every blogging platforms. Without Contact Us page, the user should not believe your services. If you have no contact form, so this is the right time to add to your blog.

The above method helps to add contact form in Blogspot blogs and any other blogging platforms. The contact form for blogger is very very important.

how to add contact forms in Blogspot blog

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