Online presence is the first step. You need to have an address/brand name and for this; we need to get a website with your brand name or with the most popular & easy keyword.

You should register a domain name and take paid or free web hosting services. If you can not spend money just start with a free blog from a free blogging platform.

There are several free blogging platform services. Select the best blog service of your choice.

How to start professional online presence

Blogger and WordPress are more popular. Blogger blogs are very low in SEO but WordPress (Self-hosted) blogs are very strong.

Because they have tons of Plugins, themes, which give more chances to promote and for your professional online presence and its Web Presence Management.

What Is An Online Presence?

An online presence is an identity or the footprints you have created for your website in different places. 

Your online presence has a very broad reach, and when built successfully it can spread brand awareness and gain you fans, followers, leads, customers, and anything else you could ever want for your business.

How to Increase Your Online Presence?

First, register a new domain. The professional hosting, Facebook business page, some SEO work, online advertising (Facebook advertising and Google Advertising), and content management.

I advise you to begin right now to create a good professional online presence for your business, and so I want to help you with my plan of eight steps to creating an online presence for your business without spending money.

An adequate presence on the Web allows you to create a good name and a reputation that will open the doors needed for new business contacts, or a job.

The most important thing to building your reputation is to define what your goal is.

For example:

  • For a college student, it is possibly the most important thing to do is practice work or find a job.
  • For an entrepreneur, connections, customers, and sales are key to their online presence.
  • For a professional, it can mean creating a reputation in areas of knowledge or just finding a new job.

How to create a professional online presence

Basic Steps To Start

How to create an online presence? My advice is that you should go for registering a domain name rather than a blog so that you can avoid a few technical troubles and overcome SEO problems in blogs and choose the best hosting service. Just follow the steps to create a professional online presence for small businesses.

1. Create A Blog

Creating a blog is the first step and it is one of the most important in my plan of these 8 basic steps. It will serve as a landing page for your products or services.

People will go to these blogs or websites to learn more about your business and these blogs will be the means by which customers or prospects can contact you. 

Start by choosing a good blogging platform to be used.

I recommend the two most popular blogging platforms–

  • Google’s These are subdomains with the extension ‘Blogspot’. It is completely free and easy to use. But low in SEO.
  • WordPress: It is a platform for blogs with 10 years of existence used by millions of people around the world and also free. Here are the two versions. They are and

Advantages of having one’s own domain and paid hosting :

  1. You can have a domain name registered in your name and address (helps in a brand building)
  2. You can customize your blog files/looks, etc when you have your own hosting
  3. You can add additional features, better storage

There are plenty of hosting services that provide good storage options. Hosting services are two types: one is Free hosting and another one is paid to host.

Just choose the best one, If you are confident in your project just go for Paid hosting, if you are not confident go for free hosting.

The disadvantage of having paid hosting is that you will have to pay for it on a monthly or a yearly basis depending on the package you choose.

There is hosting available from US$ 5 per month, which should be affordable, but again it’s your choice to go for a free or a paid blog /website.

A CMS-based platform is Good for a better online presence. Why?

  • HTML and other web languages are very important to maintain websites in old web technology.
  • Now It’s very easy to handle or maintain blogs/websites with the new web technology (Web 2.0).  
  • You can now use a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla to maintain your blog.
  • These CMSs are open source and free to use. You can do any changes according to their license (GPL).
  • I would suggest using WordPress for your blog/website because it’s user-friendly, supported by a big community, free updates, and tons of plugins.
  • There are millions of blogs powered by WordPress, so I am sure that you will not regret using this tool.

2. Use Google Services

Everyone is a user of Google, if you are not, why not create your own? One account gives you access to many tools that Google makes available, one of which is the Blogger platform for blogs that I mentioned before.

But this tool is not the only one that you can use on Google, there are lots of tools that help you improve your online presence. 

3. Use Google Maps and Google MyBusiness Pages

Continuing with the tools of Google, the next step that you should do is to raise your business mapping using Google Maps.

Google Maps, makes the entire world literally explore the world through satellite imagery or through a large world map, however, you can take commercial advantage of this tool to upload your business on the map.

If people are looking for a restaurant near you through Google Maps, surely announce your restaurant (if you have one), the same applies to any business and these are local positioning techniques for your business.

Apart from that, the exact location of your business can be followed by different routes and coordinates displayed on the map to get people directly and without losing your business.

Even if your business is virtual or online, we still recommend that you always have a physical address on Google Maps. 

4. By using Social Networks

You must create an account for your business on social networks even if it is not used immediately. On the Internet, there is no better place than social networks to create an online presence.

You can do this by linking each social account to your business blogs. You must have at least a Facebook Page (to update your business offers and services), Twitter (to communicate with the clients), Pinterest (to promote photos and offers sales), and LinkedIn (to create commercial and professional ties).

Select the social media and social networks that best fit your needs.

I recommend these social networks. Besides having a website of your own, I would recommend creating accounts with popular social networking sites like Digg, Mix, Reddit Twitter, Facebook, etc for your successful online presence.

Improving your social presence will help you a lot in marketing your product. So first, you need to get an account with at least the following. 

  • LinkedIn: For Establishing online business connections, this social network is perfect. Today many businesses and contracts originate in LinkedIn.
  • Facebook: Long ago Facebook was a fun tool later on it became a first-class business. Relations achieved on Facebook can become your partners or customers.
  • Youtube: Powerful Video hosting platform. You can create and promote an intro video for your customers about your business.
  • Twitter: It is the tool of choice to know what is happening in certain circles of interest and to build a reputation and a name.
  • Instagram: Helps you in personal branding

These social networking sites are free services for your online presence if you add and accept more contacts you will get more benefits of traffic.

Just Create a free account and get the profile links. Place the links in your blog/website.

Place the blog/site link in the created social networking sites.

It helps you a lot in the blog/site promotion. So Building an Online Presence is very important for bloggers.

5. Spread The Word

Now that you have your blog and social networks, it’s time to provide your information on the Internet. The best way to do this at first is to reach someone who can help you promote your site online such as employees, suppliers, family, friends, etc.

Send an invitation to join social networks to all email contacts from your personal contacts, your family, your customers, etc and ask the person or people to help you do the same with your contacts.

Do not just create a profile on a social network; you must make it see the world that is there. You can also:

  • Submit or include your blog to local directories like Yelp
  • Register your blog to major online industry directories
  • Contact bloggers in your niche, you can offer discounts on their products or services for some coupons to write about your business
  • Subscribe to forums that discuss your industry and comment on them leaving the link of your blog to drive traffic (link in signature or profile, never in the comment unless it is important in the comment’s context that is doing)

As advice to you, do not sell directly through their social network profiles, maybe it can seem a little “tempting” but people see evil and often take it as Spam and may not again hear of them.

Use social networks and blog to share valuable content for your followers, share what you know about your industry, remember that you are creating a professional online presence for your business and focus on that!

6. Identify Important Contacts And Connect With Them

Start with your immediate circles, connect with your family, friends, classmates, work, etc.

Then follow those who have a good reputation in their areas of interest.

Teachers and ex-partners is a good start, and authors, and respected figures.

Finally, seek those potential clients or employers, or people with whom you want to establish a genuine relationship.

7. Contents

From the above steps, this step is the most important of all. Your social pages should make people interested in what you show, give them a good reason to follow you on social networks, and visit your blogs.

There will be very few people that take the time to read over 2 lines of your message. if you offer valuable content people not only read the full story but they share the content among their contacts themselves.

You should generate valuable content and quality related to your business and there are no tricks or secrets, the tool to do it is creativity and knowledge of your market if you know your business you can make it.

You may feel tempted to copy and paste the content you find somewhere else to avoid this job, but I would recommend you not to, that content will be found on other blogs that will not help you rank your site in search engines and it will be useless.

8. Analytics

Checking analytics or measuring results is very important, you must know how many visits are coming from both the social networks and the blog, for that you can use the analysis tools that offer analytics.

Pay attention to the content that is most visited and which generates more, and which makes people leave your website.

Try to replicate the former and avoid the latter.

What are the benefits of online presence for the business?

Most of the businesses are using social media for a strong presence on the internet.  Because there are plenty of advantages of an online presence. Everyone is trying to build a web presence to promote their business or fame or products.

Here is the basic importance of online presence.

  1. Help your customers with your presence: Yellow pages time gone. 80% of your customers are online. So if you increase your social presence, your business will be skyrocket.
  2. To reach more People: When you place the ad in the local newspaper about your business, the reachability is very less nowadays. By using social media like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter, people give a quick response to your business. So social media marketing is more powerful than traditional marketing. So you need to be online.
  3. To build Stra ong Brand: Branding is mora e powerful weapon nowadays. To build this, you or your company should be honest with valuable services for your customers. If you stand your brand online with more principle and trust, your business will be skyrocket. Simply the online space providing a wonderful platform for small businesses. It strengthens the brand presence.
  4. Free Advertising: The online marketing presence is more powerful. If you create trust in customers on your branding, you can promote and advertise your com company’s line presence in an organic, professional manner.

Final Words

Do you know that three billion people in the next few years will be having access to the global Internet?

Then start building your professional online presence now, it will help to gain ground on the competition.

So do not wait until next year to test the Internet for your business, start now.

If you have to invest to have a professional website, create content, save and have the best commercial marketing plan for your business, then professionals Intin ernet marketing are def the right people who can help you in this task.

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