What is Cloudflare? How to Connect Your Blog with Cloudflare CDN?

what is cloudflare how to connect free-cloudflare cdn to your wordpress blog
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Blog Page loading is an important factor for Google Page ranking. If your blog is loading fast, the user will stay a long time on your pages.

If it is not loading well, the user may skip to another site. Remember, you are not only the one who provides the information.

There are thousands of bloggers hunting for new information for new posting on their own blogs. The same information which is available on your blog is already published in many blogs.

So holding the user in your blog is the biggest game. In this Blog page loading, is the primary aspect. Here Cloudflare CDN will help you

In the page loading improvement methods, there are more techniques like Image optimizations, Cache plugin using, and using a good Content Delivery Network (CDN). Using CDN is the more popular way and highly recommended method in page loading speed improvement.

There are hundreds of Content Delivery Network Providers available on the web. Here, the Free Cloudflare CDN is the best option for basic bloggers. The usage of this CDN is increasing day today.

what is cloudflare how to connect free-cloudflare cdn to your wordpress blog
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Here I am discussing a special free CDN service for every WordPress blog. That is Cloudflare CDN services. What is a CDN? CDN means Content Delivery Network.

What is Cloudflare?

CloudFlare Inc is a US-based company. The company is providing a few of the services like Content Delivery Network (CDN), Distributed domain name services, and Internet Security Services. The Cloudflare CDN service helps you for network projects, speed up, and it improves availability to your blog or mobile app.

The headquarter of the CloudFlare company in San Francisco, California. The branch server offices are located in London, Singapore, Champaign, and Austin. These are the basic CloudFlare CDN locations.

It was started in July 2009. The founders of this Free CloudFlare CDN Company are Matthew Prince, Lee Holloway, and Michelle Zatlyn.

Now it is one of the top CDN providers. This is the best CDN for WordPress users.

How does CloudFlare work?

how does cloudflare work
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How does CloudFlare work? CloudFlare CDN caches most of the content of your blog from the nearest CloudFlare servers strategically.

Among this, the caching content also serves optimized versions of your blog pages by minifying Javascript.

It also provides an extra layer of security by challenging attackers and spambots.

The CDN CloudFlare DDoS security is very good. Finally, the CDN filters the unwanted traffic before reaching your server.

The above features help your Server load decreases gradually and the performance increases.

It helps you to serve the cached version of the blog page when your main server goes down or offline or in maintenance mode.  Here the basic CloudFlare CDN service is free.

What is CDN?

“CDN is built on a distributed network of the data content distribution network. CDN role is streaming media server clustering technology, a stand-alone system to overcome the shortage of the output bandwidth and concurrency disadvantages can greatly improve the system supports concurrent streams number, reduce or avoid adverse effects caused by a single point of failure. CDN load balancing technology using the global user access point closest to the user’s normal work stream media server, streaming media server by a direct response to user requests. Servers if users want to access the content will automatically fetch the content from the origin server and provide to the user based on the configuration. IPTV can be used to provide VOD services CDN, the distribution of video content through the CDN to CDN near the client node, can ensure an end to end quality of service to a certain extent“.

Recently this CDN service became popular among individual owners accelerated CDN technology. When we use the foreign host, the access speed is often a problem to worry about.

Now do not worry about the speed of the site to open the domestic fast, and now the use of distributed services that synchronize CDN services directly.

To our latest line to open the site, greatly improving the user experiences.

The CloudFlare CDN is the first to provide, but also one of the best CDN service providers today.

How to configure Free Cloudflare CDN?

How to use CloudFlare with WordPress? should I use CloudFlare? These are the common questions before using Free CloudFlare CDN services. Here I wrote a complete tutorial on How to connect your WordPress blog with Cloudflare CDN service. Just follow the below steps carefully.

1. Create a CloudFlare account

Most of the web hosting companies are providing Cloudflare CDN features to their customers. Here is the list of some cheap web hosting companies to try or to start a new blog. Among the list, I love Bluehost web hosting. Why I become a big fan of Bluehost servers is Performance, security, and speed. If you are interested to know more details about this hosting, you can read my last article on Bluehost Review 2020. So here I took Bluehost is an example.

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies since 2003. The web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. This is my all-time favorite hosting. There are plenty of amazing features available for WordPress blogs. 24X7 customer support and they are using most advanced server configuration systems. The Bluehost gives CloudFlare WordPress hosting for their customers.

  • If you are not having a Bluehost account, no problem.
  • This is the correct time to grab the Bluehost coupon at the cheapest prices. (The offer link added the below link also).
  • If you do not know how to buy this,  I wrote on How to register a new Bluehost hosting account.
  • After purchase, you need to install WordPress on your new hosting server.
  • If you are already having a Bluehost account with running blog skip the above steps and follow the below steps.

If you are a Bluehost user activate the free CloudFlare CDN service from your Bluehost cPanel directly. Just follow the steps now:

cloudflare icon in bluehost
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The page will be redirected to the Cloudflare integration initial step. Here the free version will be automatically activated. This is enough for basic bloggers and WordPress users. If you are running a business blog you can choose the domain name and its premium plan then click on NEXT and follow the instructions which are provided on the screen. 

optimize with cloudflare from Bluehost hosting
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Most of the reputed Web hosting companies are recommending this service to provide good speed and security.

A2Hosting, SiteGround, and GreenGeeks are also having the CloudFlare CDN icon to integrate hosted blogs.

If you are not using Bluehost services follow the CloudFlare CDN setup below.  This is a very easy process. It takes less than 5 minutes.

Go to CloudFlare official page then clicks on Signup button at the top of the page.

Signup from CloudFlare CDN
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Now enter your Email ID and Password and check the I Agree on Cloudflare Terms. Then click on Create account now to proceed to create a Cloudflare account. 

create a CloudFlare account
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2. Add your Blog URL

In this step add your Website or domain name then click on Scan DNS Records. Here no need to add www in the domain name (If your domain name is www.DomainName.com type only DomainName.com without ‘www’)

Add website
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The CloudFlare service starts the scanning of your domain’s DNS records. 

scanning in progress
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It takes approximately 60 seconds to complete the scan. After finish Scanning, just click on Continue.  

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After finishing the CloudFlare CDN scan, they display all the DNS records. Here decide which subdomains you want to enable CloudFlare or bypass CloudFlare. Note: Do not touch any MX records through CloudFlare.  

DNS records in cloudflare
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If you add any additional records, add your DNS records and click Process and Continue.

Now choose the plan, which is suitable for your needs. Here I suggest you CloudFlare CDN free plan for blogging newbie. But for business blogs, you must choose the better premium plan from CloudFlare CDN pricing as per your needs. Then click Continue button. 

select a CloudFlare Plan
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In the final screen, the CloudFlare server provides two different Nameservers to change the existing name servers in the domain registrant service (Eg: Godaddy). Now click on Continue 

change your nameservers
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Now the Cloudflare dashboard is ready and checks the settings carefully. 

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3. Change your Domain name servers

  • After the above last step, Cloudflare providing two different NameServers for your domain. Copy those nameservers into notepad.
  • Now it is time to go for your domain registrant account. If your domain purchased from Godaddy, then login into Godaddy account by using the credentials created at the time of Domain registration.
  • Now click on the Manage DNS button, then go for Nameservers and click on the Change button and choose a Custom option from the drop-down menu.
manage DNS from Godaddy account
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Add the two Nameservers provided by Cloudflare scan instead of the existed nameservers. Then Save the changes. It takes 48 to 72 hours for the nameserver information to propagate. After complete the propagation, you will receive the confirmation from the Cloudflare CDN team. 

add custom Nameservers here
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That’s it. Now your Blog is ready for Cloudflare integration and authentication.

How to Authenticate with Cloudflare CDN?

After completion of the above steps in the CloudFlare integration, you need to do one more step to authenticate your WordPress blog by installing CloudFlare WordPress Plugin.

This plugin helps you to check the IP address of the commenter in your blog. It improves the protection of your website/blog from spammers as they get reported to CloudFlare.

This plugin is working with your blog if you configure the CloudFlare CDN by using the above basic steps.

Now it’s time to install the CloudFlare WordPress Plugin.

To do this follows the basic steps below.

1. Install the CloudFlare WordPress Plugin

To install the plugin, login to WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New.

Search as CloudFlare in the search box. On the result page, click on the Install button in the Cloudflare plugin. After a few seconds, click on Activate 

activate Cloudflare WordPress Plugin
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Authenticate with your CloudFlare Account

To authenticate the blog and plugin with your Cloudflare account, go to Settings > CloudFlare 

settings to cloudflare settings
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In the next screen (CloudFlare plugin Settings page), enter Email and API Key. Here Email means the registered Email in the above integration step. 

Authenticate plugin with API key
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To get an API key, go for your free Cloudflare CDN account, and then go to My settings.

my settings
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The API key is available on the Account > API Key Section. Click on View API Key at Global API Key, then copy the Cloudflare API Key and paste in the Plugin settings page and click on Save API Credentials.

View API key place
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After API authentication, you will get the Default settings page. Just click on Apply from the Apply Default Settings.

Apply default setting
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After clicking on the Apply button, your Purge cache and Automatic Cache are allowed you to automatically flush the Cloudflare cache. You must enable this too.  

enable automatic cache
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2. Using W3 Total Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache plugin is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. The plugin gives better speed and security for your WordPress blogs. It is available in the WordPress Plugin directory at free of cost.

The plugin is developed with an inbuilt Cloudflare extension.

W3 Total Cache improves the SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance, reducing load times via features like content delivery network (CDN) integration and the latest best practices.

The plugin provides Minification of JS & CSS, Reverse Proxy support, Advanced Architecture, Server stack integration, and Maximum server scaling.

To enable the Cloudflare integration feature by using the W3 total cache plugin, you have to follow three steps.

Step 1: Install W3 Total Cache plugin from the WordPress directory, and activate it.

Step 2: Configure the W3 Total Cache plugin according to your WordPress blog requirements and server type.

Step 3: Then go for Performance > Extensions >click on Activate link at CloudFlareextension.

w3 total cache cloudflare extension
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Step 4: After activating the Cloudflare feature, you have to configure the Cloudflare features from the extension. Here is the common setting.

cloudlare settings from w3TC
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That’s it

3. Using WP Rocket Plugin

WP Rocket is the new trending cache plugin for WordPress users. It comes with awesome features for better conversions.  WP Rocket is Performance optimized caching plugin. It improves the site loading speed within 3 minutes. Setup is very simple. No need for additional skills to configure this plugin.

Already more than 6 lakh WordPress users grabbed this best WordPress Caching plugin. It is a Premium Plugin. You can read the complete WP Rocket Plugin Settings here.

The installation of WP Rocket is very simple. After download, the plugin from the official page, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Login into your WordPress blog and go to Plugins > Add New

Step 2: Click on the Upload button and Choose the downloaded plugin location and select the plugin, click on the Install button and Activate the plugin.

Step 3: After complete the installation, Activate the plugin. This is simple. Now you need to configure the plugin. After activation of this plugin, go for Settings > WP Rocket from the left side column.

You will get the WP Rocket User-friendly interface with the following options.

Note: First you need to disable and delete the old cache plugins from your WordPress blog.

Step 4: Now o for Settings > WP Rocket > Add-ons section, enter the CloudFlare credentials from your Cloudflare account. Here Global API key, Account email, and Zone ID are important. Collect that information from the CloudFlare account and fill the form then click Save changes. Enable Optimal settings from the cloudflare settings.

The above three mentioned methods are CloudFlare integration working methods in 2020.


CloudFlare CDN can improve the security and access speed of the site. If your site is added CloudFlare, then the site will first flow through their worldwide network of intelligent routing.

Cloudflare will optimize your pages to make your website visitors experience faster page load times automatically and for better performance.

The above CloudFlare CDN basic optimizations are very important.

No doubt this is the best free CDN for the WordPress user.

This means the Free Cloudflare CDN website will have significant performance improvements and reduce spam and other malicious network attacks.

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