Hostgator web hosting

HostGator is one of the world’s biggest and most popular hosts. They have shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting.

  • Great Uptime (99.96%)
  • Fast Page Loading Speed (641 ms)
  • Packed with Security Options and Features
  • Easy to Use for Beginners
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • The Official Recommended Host

Are you looking for the best web hosting provider for your Online Businesses in 2022? If yes, here is the perfect Hosting Hostgator review.

To have a website or blog, you’ll need two things: web hosting and a domain name that will direct visitors to your website or blog.

What is HostGator?

Hostgator is a provider of web hosting services for online blogs and websites, and Hostgator is also used to purchase domain names online. 

Hostgator’s massive growth can be attributed to its excellent shared hosting plans, reliable and consistent web hosting, and excellent customer support.

hostgator homepage with plans

With offices in Houston and Austin, Texas, HostGator is a leading hosting provider.

The company was founded in 2002 and has around 5 million domains worldwide and have over 400,000 customers across 200 countries hosted on its servers today. 

This long-term success demonstrates the consistency and efficiency of the Hostgator cloud hosting service.

HostGator Review 2022

Hostgator makes web hosting simple and accessible; to make it affordable, we have curated an in-depth HostGator Review

We believe that if you’re looking for a fast and straightforward way to get a website up and running, then there’s nothing better than Hostgator.

Read our comprehensive HostGator Review to determine if HostGator is the best fit for you.

Hostgator is one of the perfect Web hosting for Online Businesses in 2022. Here are the features offered by this web hosting.

Hostgator web hosting review
Hostgator review

Why should I choose HostGator?

There are many reasons to choose HostGator as your web hosting provider. For starters, they offer a wide range of hosting plans to fit any budget. They also have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, meaning your website will always be up and running. Additionally, their 24/7/365 customer support is always available to help you with any issues you may have. Finally, HostGator is environmentally friendly, offsetting its energy use with wind power credits.

What are the Features of HostGator?

1. Hostgator Performance

hostgator web hosting performance
hostgator web hosting performance

For a good reason, when you hear talk about web hosts, one name is sure to pop up: HostGator.

Since HostGator has been around for years, it could be considered a reliable and widely established hosting provider. 

It excels in several ways, including customer care, hosting flexibility, uptime, and shared hosting.

Combining ease of management, value-added services, and exceptional server performance makes HostGator a good choice for anyone who has a website.

HostGator has many different plans to choose from. In case you’re still finding it challenging to decide on, I’ll go over some of the features I’ll describe below.

  1. It is cPanel, the standard panel interface
  2. An SSL certificate keeps your account safe
  3. You must purchase SiteLock if you want to enhance security and malware monitoring.
  4. Even their shared hosting – entry-level supports unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases
  5. There are monthly billing options available.
  6. Installs with a single click, also on the most basic plan
  7. You will be able to design the website with multiple means of access.
  8. Access to the website builder will be available at different price ranges to select and choose from.
  9. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures that your website loads quickly.
  10. Live chat, multi-channel support.

Selecting HostGator is good enough for a straightforward reason: out of all of the other web hosting companies, HostGator cloud hosting is the best choice. 

2. Website builder

Gator is a quick and easy to use website builder for people who need only basic websites. It features an intuitive drag-and-and-and-drop editor, full of templates ready for customization.

It has lots of features (although some are quite a simple feature), making it perfect for a small company that needs to advertise a service.

You have a range of options here-grids to choose from, such as free ones and premium. They’re grouped into categories like business & consulting, beauty & fashion, and music & entertainment, making it quick to find what you’re looking for.

Hostgator’s Gator WebSite Builder

There is no material or number of visitors that your site you cannot manage. Gator, in our opinion, is the ideal option for websites that need extensive picture galleries, such as real estate brochures.

Gator’s friendly support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone, live chat support, and email.

3. Support and customer service

Customer support is one of the outstanding features of HostGator cloud hosting. This provides support for 24/7 telephone and live chat support, as well as support for tickets.

hostgator support chat
hostgator support chat

You can find their help portal inside your hosting dashboard. This platform allows you to easily access hundreds of articles and video tutorials found inside a knowledge base.

They are still looking to innovate in infrastructure and customer service.

If you’re creating a hobby website or business website, their backend user interface is straightforward to use.

If your website performs well, you can quickly and rapidly move to their higher VPS and dedicated server levels.

4. Free SSL certificate

Every web hosting provider, after all, is quite different. While most hosting packages provide an SSL certificate, you will still have to pay for other options. 

hostgator portal management
Hostgator ssl security

It is about giving people free what they need, and HostGator has made the right choice. By offering free SSL certificates, the hosting provider has changed the game dramatically, forcing many of their competitors to change or risk losing a sizable portion of their client base.

To promote a cleaner look through of the company and make it easier for Hostgator customers, HostGator’s website hosting services now provide free SSL certificates for all hosted websites.

Hostgator is fast and straightforward to allow free SSL. When using an SSL on your web, your name resolves “https” rather than “http” your domain name.

5. Uptime

Over the last 12 months, HostGator reported an average percentage of 99.93% of uptime for just over 6 hours. That is not the highest uptime we have seen, but it is not the lowest either.

hostgator uptime
hostgator uptime

The good news is that they give an uptime guarantee, promising that if their uptime falls below 99.9%, you’ll get a one-month credit on your account.

The unforeseen and unplanned maintenance workarounds are excluded from this guarantee. However, by sending a support ticket to their billing services within 30 days, they would have to reach out and ask for the credit.

With the number of uptime promises that we have recently started seeing, we have no one left out of the running. 

Everyone is winning now. Competitors stepping forward and taking this measure helps to lift the bar for the whole industry. It compels the counterparts to either match their pledge and raise the standard without any significant service interruptions or risk falling behind.

6. 45 days money-back guarantee

start coaching and earn

HostGator offers a generous 45-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee (the industry norm is 30 days). It ensures you can buy, test and request a full refund if you cancel your hosting plan within the span of a specific period.

Refunds are only for customers who have never purchased from Hostgator before: always keep this in mind. You will not refund if you have already bought and cancelled.

7. Site security

sitelock security connect
Hostgator sitelock security

HostGator takes precautions to protect our servers, which tries to strengthen your account safely. It is impossible to avoid server loopholes and software vulnerabilities causing website security breaches.

You will ensure your account’s security by learning about known-type breaches. In the event of a compromise, it is crucial to be ready with a contingency plan for recovery. 

Sitelock safeguards your website and web hosting server by scanning them regularly for malware, viruses, and other malicious code.

HostGator is safeguarded against DDoS attacks (UDP flood).

Hostgator custom firewall rules are comprehensive, and their mod safety rules are broad and defend servers against a range of attack types. 

In the event of severe flooding, They have instructed the data centre to allow network-level flood protection. Many of the data centres are highly secure and have limited access.

In addition to standard and basic server security methods, Hostgator employs additional safeguards that are intended to be as well-kept secrets.

8. Free site and cPanel migrations

Hostgator professionals attempt to make it easy to migrate to HostGator. You can either move your site manually or use the free migration service.

Transferring a WordPress Site to HostGator

Within 30 days of creating or upgrading to a new hosting account, HostGator provides FREE site migration.

Additionally, HostGator includes one complimentary free domain name registrar switch for each hosting account.

You will transmit your domain and website content & emails through separate processes conducted by various teams. 

Your content is not transferred when you transfer your domain, and your domain is not moved when you transfer your content.

What types of hosting packages are there?

HostGator is well-known for its shared hosting plans. Their shared hosting plans start at $2.75 per month when you use the exclusive discount coupon code.

Hosting PlansStarts fromAction
Shared Hosting$2.75 per MonthGet Started
WordPress Hosting$5.95 per MonthGet Started
VPS Hosting$19.95 per MonthGet Started
Dedicated Hosting$89.98 per MonthGet Started
Gator Website Builder$3.84 per MonthGet Started

A. Shared hosting

They provide fast, reliable hosting services in addition to a 99.98% uptime guarantee and a lightning-fast loading time.

hostgator dedicated hosting

Hatchling, Baby, and Business are the three essential shared hosting packages offered by HostGator to its customers. 

The majority of consumers end up having a tough time making their decision because of this.

1. HostGator Hatchling plan, pricing & Features

The Hatchling plan seems to be the smart choice if you’re looking to launch your Website immediately. 

hostgator hatching plan
hostgator hatchling plan

This package comes with outstanding features at a reasonable price.

If you are new to web hosting, then the Hatchling package is fantastic and an excellent way to begin. This package includes:

  1. An incredibly user-friendly cPanel
  2. Free and Easy Website Migration
  3. 1 Site
  4. SSL Certificate for Free
  5. Free Website Builder
  6. Setup Apps with a Single Click
  7. Live chat & support 24/7/365 phone.

Except for just the bare essentials, including a free domain name and an SSL certificate will be required to get your site set up and running.

Hatchling plan by HostGator ideal for

  1. Bloggers who are only starting out
  2. WordPress newbies
  3. Small business owners are looking for the most affordable hosting options.

Hatchling plan Discounted price: $2.75/month when you use the promotional coupon.

2. HostGator Baby plan pricing & Features

We suggest the Baby plan if you are a blogger or run a big online company with several pages.

hostgator baby plan
hostgator baby plan

This package contains all of the Lite hosting plan’s features. Additionally, this package comes with:

  1. Websites hosting – Unlimited
  2. Use an unlimited number of email accounts
  3. Migration Free & Easy
  4. SSD storage and transfer are both unlimited.
  5. An incredibly user-friendly cPanel
  6. SSL Certificates for Free
  7. Automatic Backups for Free
  8. Unlimited MySQL databases

The Baby plan provides all of the resources required to host a website and priority assistance. This service is appropriate for

  1. Bloggers with Prior Experience
  2. WordPress users of all types
  3. Someone who has just started a new online business
  4. The Baby hosting package is available at a lower price.

Baby Plan Regular price is $9.95 a month

3. HostGator Business plan pricing & Features

The Business plan is the most cost-effective choice between traditional shared hosting and far more costly dedicated solutions. 

hostgator business plan
hostgator business plan

It is a widely recommended shared hosting plan that is inexpensive and provides a plethora of superior hosting features.

Optimized for the fastest website speeds and total capacity, it offers you the best SSD service. Hostgator is suitable for people with

  1. Bloggers with Prior Experience
  2. Anyone, every WP user
  3. First-time business owners

Here’s the break on the Business plan. The new and upgraded monthly service packages are now $14.95 and $19.95 per month, respectively.

B. WordPress hosting

Given that this is Hostgator managed WordPress hosting, we anticipate a slew of WordPress-specific functionality. We know so far:

  1. With the purchase of any plan, you will receive a free WordPress migration service.
  2. The MOJO marketplace provides access to many WordPress themes.
  3. Auto-backup and single-site restore
  4. Shared Safe Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are available for free.

Although some free add-ons offered to get customers interested, WordPress-specific add-ons are somewhat limited for most customers. 

It’s worth noting, however, that the overall cheapest managed WordPress host, HostGator, offers limited functionality.

HostGator is one of the cheapest managed WordPress hosting options, as we mentioned earlier. On the roster, there are three plans:

hostgator wordpress hosting
  • Starter ($7.96 per month): This simple hosting plan can handle up to 25,000 monthly visits to a single web site. It is ideal for blogs and personal websites. 
  • Standard ($9.56 a month): The standard package supports up to 200,000 cumulative monthly visits with one or two websites. It should be sufficient for handling small sites and e-commerce stores. 
  • Enterprise ($36 per month): According to its name, this package is appropriate for businesses with well-established and highly trafficked e-commerce websites. It can support up to three websites and serve up to 500,000 users each month.

Any site needs to have a good web host. Though HostGator previously wasn’t regarded as a full service, Hostgator WordPress Hosting shows a significant improvement.

C. VPS hosting

VPS hosting is a good choice if you want more control over your hosting environment but cannot afford a dedicated server. 

hostgator vps hosting
Hostgator vps hosting plans and pricing

When you sign up for HostGator’s VPS hosting plans, you get root access. It ensures you have total control over your server by using applications and scripts.

The ability to host unlimited domains, sub-to-subdomains, email addresses, databases, and private nameservers using VPS allows you more flexibility when including your cloud hosting plan. 

The best part is that HostGator is used for its VPS hosting schemes at the outset for bandwidth and storage.

In summary, there are VPS hosting companies that deliver a better price than HostGator, but HostGator isn’t the worst choice.

D. Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated category of hosting for HostGator can be summarised in one word: maximization. 

hostgator dedicated hosting
hostgator dedicated hosting

Depending on your site’s requirements, you choose a hard drive and the amount of RAM you need. Then they cover you with an IP-based firewall.

  1. Value Server – $89.98 a month
  2. Power Server – $119.89 a month
  3. Enterprise Server – $139.99 a month

Dedicated servers are designed to support sites that are rapidly expanding. They need to grow and minimize downtime, lowest server response time, space constraints, and technical difficulties with a less stable hosting plan.

If you plan to go with dedicated hosting, you will be sure to get all the resources that you will need. Besides, Hostgator personalized services give them an advantage over their rivals.

What forms of payment does HostGator accept?

  • HostGator accepts several forms of payment, including major credit cards, PayPal, and AliPay.
  • For customers in the United States, HostGator also accepts wire transfers and check payments. All payments are processed in US dollars.

What HostGator plan should I get?

There are a few things to consider when deciding which HostGator plan to get.

  • The first is how many websites you need to host. If you only need to host one website, then the Hatchling plan may be sufficient.
  • However, if you need to host multiple websites, you’ll need to get the Baby or Business plan. Another thing to consider is how much storage space and bandwidth you need.
  • The Hatchling and Baby plans come with unlimited storage space and bandwidth, while the Business plan comes with 150 GB of storage space and 1,000 GB of bandwidth.
  • If you need more than that, you can always upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated server. Finally, you need to consider your budget.
  • The Hatchling plan starts at $2.75/month, while the Baby and Business plans start at $3.95/month.
  • If you need more features and resources, you can always upgrade to a more expensive plan.

What Are the Pros and Cons of HostGator?

Of course, like all other services and goods, each hosting provider has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. the good and bad points of HostGator.

What Are the Pros of HostGator?

  1. Fast and safe hosting: HostGator promises 99.9 percent availability. You can get a month’s credit on your account if you encounter a down period below this.
  2. Money-back guarantee: HostGator has a generous money-back guarantee of 45 days. Web hosting companies usually do not have a money-back guarantee after 30 days.
  3. Monthly or annual billing intervals: You have the option to choose from two different periods of time. You will get the most discount with longer billing periods.
  4. Free migration: HostGator provides all new accounts with a free migration service. For the first 30 days after signing up, their expert team can move your website from your previous host at no additional cost.

What Are the Cons of HostGator?

  1. Up to three times higher monthly rates  There is a considerable difference between an annual and a monthly fee. You will prevent this by opting for the annual plans, which have a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Aggressive upselling: You must check the pre-selected additional resources during the sign-up process. If you’re not sure, you can choose to leave them unchecked. In case they are needed, you can add them later on.

What are the best alternatives to HostGator?

Despite the fact that we have seen Hostgator and the functionality it provides, there are many Hostgator better alternatives on the market. 

These web hosting services provide a range of hosting plans, and the features are similar to those offered by Hostgator.

a. Hostgator vs A2 hosting

HostGator plans to provide all necessary hosting functionality, and they have a 45-day money-back guarantee so you can evaluate their service risk-free. 

A2 Hosting is also a top developer-friendly hosting that performs without any service interruptions with all of the features you’ll need to get your site up and running.

Read A2 Hosting Review

a2hosting web hosting

A2 Hosting is another fantastic 20X turbo-speed web hosting. Grab this hosting and get a 60% great discount.

b. Hostgator vs Bluehost

From our standpoint, HostGator tends to be better for new users.

One way to look at it is to say that Bluehost WordPress’s overall output is higher than Hostgator. 

Bluehost offers the best hosting options for either personal or business use.

Read Bluehost Review

BlueHost hosting

Bluehost is one of the most recommended web hosting by WordPress officials. Grab this hosting and get a 66% great discount

Go to Bluehost

c. Hostgator vs Greengeeks

It’s challenging to choose between two hosting providers that have nearly identical features.

Nevertheless, we have done a more in-depth assessment and have concluded that GreenGeeks is the better choice.

Yes, it outperforms HostGator in terms of speed, uptime, fastest server response time, adequate protection, and environmental friendliness. 

The HostGator has a few legitimate reasons such as the optimized features of WordPress and cPanel, which is simple to use.

Read Greengeeks Review

greengeeks hosting logo

Greengeeks is a simple, LiteSpeed, and Eco-friendly server hosting for new users to advanced users. Grab this hosting and get a 66% great discount

d. Hostgator vs WP engine

With HostGator and WP Engine, the intended audience is very different. Although HostGator caters to new customers, WP Engine focuses on existing customer segments such as developers, advertisers, SMBs, agencies, and enterprises.

WP Engine, for example, allows developers to concentrate solely on creation and design without having to worry about hosting and maintenance.  Read WP Engine Review now.

Similarly, marketers may use their comprehensive built-in tools to easily create and personalize their websites.

HostGator, on the other hand, is well suited for a larger user base and provides a wide range of hosting options. 

If you’re experienced or new to the world of the internet, you’ll find the right mix of features in HostGator to help launch your own website.

wp engine

WPEngine is one of the best WordPress web hosting companies for 10 years. This is a fantastic option to move your hight traffic blog to the next level. It clears all SEO issues to page loading issues.

e. Hostgator vs Dreamhost

The comparison of HostGator and DreamHost above shows that they are very similar, except for a few features.

On the one hand, HostGator edges DreamHost marginally in terms of customer service versatility and an intuitive control panel. 

If you are a beginner webmaster, HostGator is a good choice because it provides low-cost basic shared hosting plans and you can start using its control panel right away to perform some basic hosting tasks.

Additionally, if you’re looking for Windows hosting, HostGator is your best bet!

DreamHost, on the other hand, provides a very long money-back guarantee period as well as additional features such as a free domain and full flexibility in configuring your dedicated server hosting plan.


Dreamhost is a los-angels base best web hosting cheap pricing company. Grab this hosting and get a great discount

f. Hostgator vs inMotion

We feel that after comparing these options, that InMotion is a better hosting choice than HostGator.

From our testing, it’s clear that HostGator outperforms all of its competitors in terms of speed and uptime.

On top of this, they have cheap shared plans that they sell. there is someone there to lend a hand if you’re in need of assistance.

When it comes to pure server performance, InMotion clearly outperforms HostGator.

Although HostGator does a nice job, InMotion puts your needs first.

inmotion web hosting

This is another best web hosting company. Grab this hosting and get a great discount

Hostgator Discount coupon

HostGator offers very good discount coupons provide the good discount.

Coupon Code for Current Promotion: 20% Off – Customers that are both new and returning can use the 20% off voucher. 

Since you must pick a new plan during sign-up, a discount is added to the first invoice.

You will maximize your savings by choosing the longest billing period available when buying your new package. 

Signing up for a billing period of 12 months or more gets you a significant discount for Shared hosting.

How to grab Hostgator hosting? (Step by step)

Step 1 The first step in purchasing web hosting from Hostgator is to go to their website, which can be found by clicking here. This redirect will take you to the Hostgator home page.

hostgator homepage with plans

Step 2: Click the “Browse The Web” tab, and you will see where it notes the “web hosting”. Click the orange button to the next level in this Hostgator tutorial.

hostgator shared hosting pricings
hostgator shared hosting pricings

Step 3: You are now on a page that displays three distinct plans: the hatchling, the baby, and the business plan.

Step 4: If you have just one website and are just just beginning,

The hatching plan is a recommended one. You can still upgrade to a different plan if required.

hostgator hatching plan
hostgator hatchling plan

With a baby plan, you can have as many websites as you want.

hostgator baby plan
hostgator baby plan

The business plan includes a free upgrade to a positive SSL certificate, a free dedicated IP address, and free Hostgator SEO software.

hostgator business plan
hostgator business plan

Step 7: If you have agreed on the hosting package, please use the yellow ‘Buy Now’ button to proceed.

Step 8: Following that, you’ll want to pick a free domain name by typing the desired domain name.

choose domain name to configure

Step 9: If you’re on the right, you can pick the choice that corresponds to the domain extension. For instance, .com,.net, These days, .com is the most common domain extension to choose from.

If the requested domain name is not available, Hostgator will inform you. As a result, it will simply share the rest of your domain names and their related extensions. 

You may also try combining the domain with another expression, such as the or a hyphen.

Step 10: If you have another provider’s domain name already (like GoDaddy or Namecheap), enter the name you already have registered. When you do this, it will say “added.”

grab free domain name
choose domain name to configure

Select if you want privacy on your domain name (always use if you don’t already have your own).

Step 11 Privacy is hands down the best. You won’t be getting telemarketing calls or email often.

Step 12 First, pick your hosting package. If it isn’t already selected by default, click on package type and choose the plan you like.

choose a hosting plan
choose a hosting plan

Step 13 The next step is to settle on the hosting billing period you want to use for your Hostgator plan. Hostgator has graciously provided me with an exclusive 60 percent off coupon discount, allowing you to get hosting at a lower cost than what is described here.

choose hosting price
choose hosting price

Step 14 You will then want to type in your billing details and choose your payment method from the Hostgator interface. Payment is possible via a Credit card or PayPal.

enter billing information
enter billing information

Step 15 You now have the option of selecting or deselecting any additional services that you want to include or remove.

add additional services
add additional services

Step 16 Make sure it is perfect, regardless of how it looks. Select you to believe that you have read and accepted the terms and then proceed.

hit on checkout now
hit on checkout now

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is HostGator?

    Hostgator is a provider of web hosting services for online blogs and websites, and Hostgator is also used to purchase domain names online. Hostgator’s massive growth can be attributed to its excellent shared hosting plans, reliable and consistent web hosting, and excellent customer support.

  2. Which is a better HostGator or Bluehost?

    Despite Bluehost’s stronger marketing efforts, HostGator’s output was better. Not only is HostGator quicker, they also have superior service. They’re owned by the same parent group, since they have identical features and pricing is very attractive.

  3. Where are HostGator servers located?

    HostGator servers are currently housed in several data centres at The majority of their servers are located in Provo, Utah, and Houston, Texas, with a few others scattered around the world.

  4. Does HostGator have a cPanel dashboard?

    HostGator offers a diverse range of services, which means that various forms of hosting require a unique login method. Shared hosting uses cPanel, but it’s called Plesk on Windows

  5. Is HostGator good for eCommerce?

    Each of HostGator’s hosting plans is ideal for e-commerce. SSL certificates, buying carts, and payment gateways are included in all plans. The key to choosing the best plan for your e-commerce business is to first consider your priorities for your online store.

  6. Which HostGator plan do I need?

    Shared Hosting –  This is the most common form of hosting that most people need. You can host several websites thanks to HostGator’s guaranteed and round-the-the-clock support, accessible by phone, email, and Live chat support.

  7. When Not to Use HostGator?

    A lot of extra fees for “True” backups, Gmail, malware monitoring, and complicated terms of service agreements.  The starter plan may be priced at $2.75/month with promotional pricing that lasts for only a short time period of time (for 36 months)

  8. When to Use HostGator Hosting?

    Hostgator’s interface (cPanel) is so simple to use that it’s very easy to launch a website within five minutes, and is a secure, quick, and stable platform for all hosting and domain hosting needs. Fantastically quick, Speed up the web and give a fantastic customer experience, 99.9% uptime, and best pricing

  9. HostGator Hosting Plan Features

    With each of the three HostGator hosting plans, you can get unlimited access to their website builder for free. A very little time is required to design a fine- or rather, created automatically using their proprietary software, drag-and-and-and-drop builder! Additionally, shared plans include a customizable, easy-to-use control panel for managing the website, an infinite number of subdomains, FTP accounts, and email inboxes, as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If you already have a website, HostGator provides free site migration and remains out of any service interruptions. You’ll also receive credits for Google Adwords and Bing Ads

Final Words

HostGator is a web hosting company that has been around for years. They offer great service and a wide range of features. This review will give you an in-depth insight into the products and services they offer, as well as some of their best-selling points. Let us know if you have any questions about Hostgator! You can check the best Black Friday deals in 2022.

After reading our comprehensive HostGator Review, you’re still wondering if HostGator is right for you. There are a number of hosting plans provided by HostGator, appropriate for any budget and requirement. It provides everything you would need to get a website up and running. There are more than two million customers who use HostGator.

If you’re an established blogger, internet marketer, or just getting started on your first website, you’ll find every tool you need to take your site to the next level.

HostGator Review 2022

Satish Ithamsetty

Gator Website Builder
Free SSL certificate
Customer support

Grab with discount

Hostgator is another cheapest and best web hosting provider. It is the best and affordable Linux hosting in India. It is so suitable for beginners ready to start a new website/blog with these affordable hosting solutions. The HostGator is best known for its reliable speeds. You can grab this hosting with a 60% great discount.


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