How to Install WordPress on iPage hosting? (Step by Step Guide)

Are you searching for the procedure on How to install WordPress on iPage hosting? in a step by step guide.

This would help you to teach simple steps to create a blog for you.

No need to depend on other technical persons.

How to install WordPress on ipage hosting
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Recently I wrote about Web hosting review on iPage about their features, benefits, and 83% discount information for ipage hosting account creation.

The cost is less than $2 ($1.99/Month) per month.

This is very good web hosting for students and new bloggers who are starting their blog at their regular budget.

One of the main reasons for creating this blog is to test the possibility of generating money online through blogging and explaining these methods in a case study manner; you can join here in this effort!

The first thing you need is to know how to create a blog and this post will explain step by step how to achieve it.

Here I choose my favorite web hosting is iPage hosting. Because this is more reliable and the cheapest prices and having good support to solve your queries.

How to Purchase iPage web hosting?

There are many companies responsible for providing hosting services for your website (hosting is the space available to host your pages on the Internet), I’ll recommend the one I’m currently using for my blogs, it is iPage.

I would recommend this web hosting strongly because I have several blogs hosted on the iPage web servers.

This is cheap and reliable web hosting among all other web hosting services. The price is very low and they are providing excellent customer service.

In the iPage cPanel, there are a number of applications or scripts are available to install; you can use these scripts with one click install setup very easily.

But the ipage hosting running a big offer with a 75% discount on the new hosting registrations.

So definitely, iPage web hosting is the best option for you and your blogging career.

This is an iPage WordPress installation guide.

Why I am suggesting iPage web hosting?

The reasons are

  • This is the best place to start a new blog and save more money
  • The pricing is more reasonable than other web hosting companies
  • Pricing is $1.99/month (Up to 75% discount)
  • One Free domain
  • Free Quick Install WordPress feature
  • UNLIMITED hosting space
  • Unlimited Email accounts ([email protected])
  • More than 1,000,000 websites hosted backers

How to Buy a new iPage web hosting?

  • First, you must click this link to enter the iPage web hosting page. (Note: This link has my affiliate link. If you register your new account with this link, I will get some commission)
  • After on iPage sales page, just click on the “Signup Now” button. 
  • In the new window type the domain name that you have in mind for your blog, in this case, I will try
Select domain for registration
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  • If the domain is available, you will be sent to a page where you have to add the contact information.
Provide Contact information in iPage hosting registration
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  • In the following, you must fill the credit card details if you purchase through the Credit card option. The other second payment mode is Paypal.
Choose Purchase information
  • Save
  • Now you must place the package information you want to buy, you can choose to pay 1, 2 or 3 years in advance, do not worry about your money, you have 30 days to get it back if you’re not happy with your purchase. We also recommend that you remove the “Domain Privacy” option that adds an extra service to your domain for $9.99 / year. 
payment information for new iPage hosting registration
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  • Finally, there are some recommended by iPage services, you can read about treating each. I have not selected any of the additional services so the prices are $23.88 for one year of my website, which I think is a very economical price. 
website essentials checklist
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  • Once you click “Check Out” you must complete the purchase by placing your password (I recommend you choose a very secure because the security of your blog depends largely on this). 
Check out option to complete iPage hosting information
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How to Install WordPress on iPage hosting from cPanel?

How to Set Up WordPress after completing your purchase a new hosting? After you complete your purchase and you sign in iPage and enter into the administration page, once there you’ll have an iPage cPanel window with many excellent options for your page.

However, You must first install WordPress. This is the best web hosting for new blog creation.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the open-source Content Management System (CMS). WordPress powers more than 24% of the web — a figure that rises every day. Everything from simple websites to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites, and even applications, are built with WordPress. 24% of the blogs on the internet are working with WordPress CMS Scripting. Every new blogger first started on their blog with Google’s Blogspot platform. After that, most of the bloggers are migrating their data from Blogspot to self-hosted WordPress platforms. Because WordPress has more features and advantages than the Blogspot platform.

WordPress CMS Features:

  • Easy Installation
  • Plugins support to install scripts
  • SEO capabilities
  • Large forums to support
  • Protection & security
  • Media management
  • Excellent Editor interface
  • Millions of users
  • Themes support to customize the look of your website
  • Flexibility

Step by Step Picture Guide

iPage provides the ability to install WordPress automatically without knowing anything about programming. If you want to install it manually, you can check my WordPress Installation Manual method as I prepared for you with a tutorial about it.

  • In the website section of the control panel, you must click on the icon WordPress.
choose wordpress installation
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  • On the next page, you must click on “Install”
  • Now you must select the domain and the address where you want to install your blog, I recommend that you select the root addresses of your blog so that when your readers enter the domain are direct with your blog, but you can create a new directory at by clicking check domain and must wait a bit until it is found that the domain is valid. Then click on “Check Domain” for validation.
Check the domain
  • Save
  • If the address you placed is available, then you a view similar to the image below window appear you must click “Continue.”
choose domain and continue installation
  • Save

  • Now, this is the time for entering the Blog title and login details like Username or Email and Password. (You can use the option to generate secured password).  After that click on “Install Now”.
Provide login details of Wordpress installation
  • Save
  • Now the WordPress Installation will start. The live installation process will appear on the top side of the page.
  • On the next page, you should wait a few seconds to start and complete the installation of WordPress. After finishing the installation, you know it is ready when the top of the page you will find the following color bar by indication “Your install is complete”. 
WordPress installation in progress
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  • You can click “View Credentials” to see the details of the installation and on the next page click on “VIEW” in the ALERT box (Save the login data of your newly installed WordPress).
View site credentials
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  • On the next page, all the information you need to access your blog and administration section of your blog will appear. 

If you click on the link next to Admin URL will take you to the next page where you place your Username and Password to start managing your site.

wordpress site login page
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Once you enter you to the Dashboard of your blog, you should give yourself time to explore all options, enter each of the menus, and knows a little about everything that WordPress offers.

Free Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog

Free it may be better to start. I will not lie, many guides on the internet are not intended to help you create a blog. But rather want to spend money hiring hosting services, consulting and others but the truth is that if you’re starting your blog and have no clear idea what to write, what content you will have available and how you will offer your readers it is best to start creating your blog on any free platforms available online.

There are several ways to create a free blog, I have vast experience in this field but I’ve tried, and I can recommend and

  • This is the biggest free blogging platform on the internet, is part of the great company of Google, and has many extras such as statistics, Adsense Advertisement placing, and template editing, etc. If you create a blog on this platform, you will get a link like this “”.
  • It allows you to take advantage of the wonderful platform WordPress on your blog, but does not have the same flexibility as blogs made with the .com platform; it may be a good choice to create your blog. The links will be something like “”.

What next After WordPress Installation?

After WP Installation, First, you need to login to the WordPress Dashboard. Recently I wrote an article on Essential settings after WordPress installation. After that, this is time for Install plugins and read this post How to Install WordPress Theme.

What I’m going to recommend is MyThemeShop, which has an endless collection of WordPress Themes. So you can make your blog a nice and unique design. This is the first image that the readers of your blog so you should procure to catch them right away. I am very impressed with the Generatepress WordPress theme because of its lightweight and fast loading feature. this blog designed with the Generatepress theme.


This is the simple basic procedure of “How to install WordPress on iPage web hosting“. Here we learned special features of iPage hosting, How to make a purchase of new hosting, and how to install WordPress within 5 minutes.

Now it is time to create excellent content for your readers and followers.

I hope this guide helps you to provide the complete details on WP installation. If you face any problem in the process of the Installation procedure, do not hesitate just ask me here 75% by using the comment system below. I will get back to you with the answers. If the problem is not solving try to use my Contact Us page to send your problem or query.

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