How to take a screenshot in Windows PC?

Screenshot on Windows is very useful methods for every PC user. Most users are facing PC problems. this guide on How to take a screenshot in windows will helps you resolve your issues.

How Do I Screenshot My Computer Screen? Before going to this we should know about the screenshot.

The screenshot is an image of the display on a computer screen (or) mobile device captured by a user. It helps to record visible items displayed on the device screens.

A screenshot is sometimes called a “Screen capture”. Few names are using in various tutorials for Screenshot, which are Screencap, Screen dump or Screengrab, etc.

Why take a Screenshot?

There are several reasons to take a screenshot.

  • If you have observed an unknown error on the computer screen, maybe it is new to you. Here Screenshot method helps to resolve your problem to computer experts by showing the screenshot.
  • To store your favorite Web Pages, desktop condition.
  • It helps to prepare online tutorials by taking screenshots at particular places.

Today I am going to explain and show you how I am taking screenshots from my devices by using a few keystrokes only without any third party software.

How to take a Screenshot on Windows?

There are as many ways to take a screenshot as there are devices. Taking a screenshot on windows is just a keystroke away. This is simple and anyone can do without any third party software.

In the below-given guide, “How to Screenshot on Windows” here I am covering their topics based on windows operating systems and devices (computer and laptop).

Method 1:

How to take a Screenshot on Windows PC?

This method gives you the basic idea on how to take a screenshot with few keystrokes only.

  • Open the Page or Windows you want to capture
  • After that just Press the key on the Keyboard (this is a keyboard shortcut for a print screen) “Prt Scr”.
  • Maybe this key is present between the F12 button and Scroll lock button (ScrLk).
  • After press, the key Prt Scr, the cursor will be blink just for a second. It means your screen has been captured and stored in a clipboard.
  • How to Paste a Screenshot? The captured images can paste it anywhere in MS Word or MS Paint by pressing the “Ctrl + V”.
  • The captured images will be displayed in the source location. In the below image I used MS Paint to Paste the to take a screeshot
  • After paste, the image, just save the file by using keys “Ctrl + S” or File > Save. Finally, choose the Destination location to save the Screenshot pasted image.

Tip: The saved images have different resolutions, you have to resize, and crop up. In save mode, you have to choose file type like PNG (Portable Network Document), this is the most frequently used format with the Web developers. But you can still save it as JPEG, Gif, and Tiff, etc.

This is the First method to take a screenshot in Windows 7, but in case if you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10, the method is the same.

Method 2:

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows of the Active Screen?

Screen capturing is one of the easiest tasks, but its dependence on the Operating system. Here I am explaining this guide by using the most popular Microsoft operating system windows 7. The above method 2 helps o capturing of the full screenshot is no use. Like capturing the windows that are opened and to avoid capturing task bar icons follow the given steps.

  • To take a screenshot of the Active window press “Alt + Print Scrn” from the keyboard.
  • Here only active window will be captured without task bar and it is saved in Clipboard. Now How to Save A Screenshot? Just paste it anywhere you want like MS Word, MS Paint or any other photo editing software.
  • This method saves more time to extra editing or cropping of an image.

Method 3:

How to take a Screenshot on Laptop?

If you are using the laptop the above two methods do not work to capture the window or pages. Here this method helps you to take a screenshot on windows. In laptops, there is a special key available. That is “Fn key”. So if you use the above two methods you can’t find screen shot when you are using only “Prt Scrn”. You should have to use a combination of two keys.

  • If you want to capture the image, you have to press the Function key “Fn” (located at the bottom left) along with Prt Scrn (located at the top right corner).
  • After pressing both keys (first press and hold the ‘Fn’ key then press Prt Scrn), your screen will be saved on the clipboard automatically.
  • Then now paste it in the Paint, finally save it at your destination location.

Bonus tip: Press Windows Key + Print Scrn. This will save your screenshot in Pictures folder in your Windows Library. No need for pasting in MS Paint.

Final Words

This is all about How to take a screenshot on Windows. If you want to take a screenshot in windows this guide helps you very good.

If you have a problem with a Windows program, you may need to show your problem to someone with a screenshot. Fortunately, taking a screenshot is a simple combination of keys.

Follow this guide to take a shot of your entire screen, a specific window or even a part of the window. Taking of Screenshot in Windows 10 is very easy.

There is an inbuilt is available that is Snipping Tool Windows 10. we can use this without using any other third party tool.

I think this guide clears all doubts regarding how to take a screenshot if you are having any doubts use the below comment section to ask.

How to Take Screenshots on Your Computer? Share your experience here.

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How to take a screenshot in Windows PC

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