internal link juicer wordpress plugin
internal link juicer wordpress plugin

Internal linking is the primary process of On-page SEO, which boosts the site, usability, and Site’s indexability. Internal linking is the time-consuming process when we have done manually. After doing this process, we need to track those links to plan further changes about On-Page improvements.

Internal Link Juicer is the excellent WordPress plugin, which helps you auto-link your pages with old posts at specified anchor text. It provides maximum control over your built-up internal links. It is a powerful plugin to manage your regular SEO work by increasing your site’s usability by connecting the users with relevant content in your site.

Once you add the potential keyword within your content, the plugin will do everything by auto-link the specified URLs. It helps you to optimize and improve website usability and scale your search engine visibility. This is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress site.

Advanced Internal link building plugin for WordPress sites

The Internal link juicer is available in a free version with limited features. For small blogs, the free version is excellent. If you are using big sites, you can go for the premium version for more benefits.

Features of Internal Link Juicer Plugin

Check out the features below. Discover why bloggers, affiliates and businesses trust Internal Link Juicer – and why you should start using it today.

  • Fully automated linking: After adding keywords, linking happens on autopilot.
  • High performance: With the plugin’s link index, loading times for the front-end stay fast.
  • Diversify anchor texts: With the intelligent gap feature, you can generate many relevant links in no time.
  • Flexible customization: Our wide range of settings supports almost every possible use case for internal linking.
  • Clever reporting: Discover pages with few links and stay informed about your links with our statistics dashboard.
  • Extremely adjustable: With the black- and whitelist, you can be sure links are only created when you want them to be.
  • Full control: You have full control over linked content at all times. If you need, you can exclude individual content areas from linking.
  • Perfect workflow: Configure your keywords directly within the content editor.
  • Custom links: Configure individual link targets for linking, such as affiliate links.
  • Role-based editing: For small and large teams, set up the plugin for specific user roles only.

Key Pro version features

  • Custom link targets: Link to internal and external pages that WordPress does not manage. With this, you link to affiliate links in no time at all.
  • Enabled taxonomies: Enables links from and to category and tag pages. With this, you cover 100% of your internal linking.
  • Supports manual optimization: With the Pro version, you can take your manually created links into account and exclude them from automatic linking on affected pages. It has great plugin documentation.
  • Ready for teams: Role-based access to keyword configuration allows you to let your editor’s work with the Internal Link Juicer.
  • Full support: You will receive prioritized premium email support from our experienced SEO and development team.

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