Perhaps you’re starting a new job, or you’re looking for a career change. This can be an exciting time in your life, but it can also be a daunting task if you’re looking for something you don’t have experience in yet. Entry-level positions like this are easily found if you know what you’re looking for.

Today, I’m going to show you 5 well-paying jobs that don’t require any specialized experience. These positions will give you an opportunity to build your resume with experience in a different industry so you can move up the ladder towards your dream job.

5 High-Quality Jobs That Require Very Little Experience

Switching jobs is never easy, and if you’re out of work, there’s, even more, the pressure to get back into the working force. It can certainly feel like your hand is tied if you don’t have a lot of experience to fall back on, but sometimes all you need is just the right attitude, a good background, and a high credit score to look enticing to employers.

Top 5 Jobs That Require Little to No Experience

Wait, a high credit score? Yes, in some cases employers will look at your credit reports to see how responsible you are financial as a means of evaluating you and your potential responsibilities at the company.

This is especially true of finance positions or sales positions. If your credit is worse off than you would like, be sure to consider learning how to repair your own credit so you look good for employers in this regard.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at five jobs you can apply for today with little to no experience needed!

1. Delivery Driver

Jobs without experiences

Companies like FedEx, UPS, and others are always looking for delivery drivers to bring packages and orders to their destinations. In some cases, this can be working with the United States Postal Service as well. You’ll make deliveries to residential addresses and businesses alike.

The only requirements these positions have is a driver’s license and a clean record behind it. Beyond that, you can get your foot in the door fairly quickly.

2. Security Guard

Security Guard

Many people assume that, without experience, security guard jobs amount to patrolling malls, but that’s not always the case. If you display fitness, focus, and the right attitude, you can work in all kinds of different security jobs. Examples include, but aren’t limited to retail loss protection, airport security, and brings transportation services.

All you really need is a high school diploma, the experience isn’t necessarily required for something like this.

3. Bartender

Bartender Job

Being a bartender is a lot like being a waiter, although it offers more opportunities for tips since your job involves serving complex drinks. You don’t need experience, but you will need to take a bartending class. A lot of employers offer this as part of your training, but if you’d like to do it independently, having your certification is a nice boost to your prospects.

4. Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker Job

Jobs in real estate can be extremely lucrative if you’re talented as selling things like houses. The best part? You only need training, there’s no need for prior experience. You learn skills like these from mentors and experienced realtors.

Real estate classes can require a small investment, but the payoff is huge once you get into the industry and you start selling houses to new owners, couples, and families.

5. Blogger

Blogger Job

Starting a blog and making money is something literally anyone can do. It’s based on your own experiences and the knowledge that grows with you. It does take time before a blog can start making money, but an online business is something that’s absolutely within your grasp.

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Final Thoughts

What jobs do you enjoy that don’t require a lot of experience? Which ones would you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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