It is very close to year-end, and surely you’re thinking about new strategies to have more traffic on your website. Google My Business is one of the most popular ways. Promoting your site to get more sales is the best we can do today, but how do you do it?

We have several options, including paid advertising, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (Local SEO Services for Small Business). Sure you’ve used any of them, as in every discipline, there is always something new to try.

In this post, we will give you an option to attract more visitors to your website.

The option is to talk like Google My Business (GMB) if not already know this tool, and we can consider this useful as an added value for your WordPress website if your goal is to offer a product/service to your customers.

If you have not yet realized the power of Google will tell you.

  • Thanks to Google. People from all over the world can easily reach you if you’re well-positioned.
  • It is the perfect place to get more customers for a better local SEO business.
  • You can add the area where your business and your brand’s details are.
  • The market share that Google has is impressive compared to other search engines (Other than Google Search Engine)
  • Depending on where you are, between 70% and 90%, this percentage we see no decrease in the short term.

80% of today’s purchases are done online these days. And most of the remaining people first search online for the products and visit the nearest store to purchase them.

Now that if you want to make your business stand between a vast crowd and make the online search traffic reach your business, list your business or store it in Google My Business now. 

If they well maintained your Google business page with daily updates, you can improve your business’s search visibility, which brings more leads. 

So here is a comprehensive guide for you to learn about GMB and put your first steps for your business’s sufficient growth through the Google Business page. 

What is Google My Business?

Before launching your business page on the internet, let us first dig into some history of Google My Business. 

It is a tool that allows businesses to be indexed in Google, and when people search for relevant terms in Google search and Google maps, these businesses will show up. 

This integration of businesses on Google platforms has helped many companies grow faster. 

After the 2014 launch of Google, more people who registered their businesses loved My Business online.

How much does this cost?

It is not apparent for you to think that Google will charge you for this fantastic product that is given to you. 

But you need not worry about the cost of Google My Business as it is FREE for any individual or company. 

You can register your business right away with Google for free.

Google My Business costs nothing, but if you want to increase your business’s visibility, you can use Google ads.

Why do you need to list your business on Google My Business?

When you list your business on GMB, you will have control over your page, and you can change how your business shows up in Google searches and Google maps. 

Adding photos to your profile page and putting on your business location, and allowing your customers to learn more, is very easy through GMB. 

And also, you can monitor the people who are reaching your business profile pages and their reviews.

gmb how customers search for your business

My business is already listed in Google My Business – How is it

It is not apparent that you would already registered your business in Google beforehand you listed it in the GMB. 

 It is because Google keeps on updating people’s interests.

 Google takes suggestions and reviews from users and automatically adds and changes the required data to understand the locations better. 

If your business runs well in your area, there are chances of any other Google user pinpointing that location with your business

In this way, it may already list your business on the Business Page. 

So whatever you need to do is verify your business (or) company location in Google My Business and make necessary modifications to attract more customers to your business through Google.

What can you provide in GMB?

  • In GMB, you can add the name of your business with your business phone number and the location of your business location or address
  • If you have any official website for your business, you can also add that to your Google My Business listing such that your customers can directly visit that website from your Google business page
  • You can provide the working hours of your business and also offer the holidays of your business on the My Business page of Google
  • You can provide your business category such that when people search for a particular category in Google, It will display your business
  • It can pinpoint your location of the company in Google Map directly on your Google business page
  • Your social media pages can also be provided to your business page
  • You can add photos of your business, and also you can add videos for up to 30 seconds such that when people search for your business, your photos and videos will be visible to them
  • You can also add any other details like WiFi facility, child-friendliness, and more about your business.

How it is important for bloggers?

By using, GMB will give you more ways to find your target audience.

1. To improve Visibility

  • Indeed, you’ve asked for a high-visibility panel is giving essential information about the company when you search for the business. It appears on the right side.
  • The first thing you thought was that the company would have paid Google to have that data panel, then you’re mistaken; it results from using GMB.
  • After being included in the service, you’ll take care of the data you want to give importance to.

2. Put Your Business On The Map

  • To increase your website’s credibility, put your content on the platform Google Maps.
  • By doing this, your customers can verify the legitimacy that is your business. Also, your customers can give through qualifications and can even make comments.
  • Every SEO Company’s first preference is Google My Business.
  • Along with the map, you can add a virtual tour of your business. Your elaborate video is available in My Business.

3. Integration With WordPress

  • WordPress developers take advantage of opportunities, and this is one of them. Have internet plugins to integrate your Google profile.
    • Among the profiles that most caught our attention are the Google Places Reviews. This plugin gives you the ability to display views that have left your users.
    • Automatically appear in your Google My Business profile in the sidebar and other areas of your website.
    • The commercial version of Google Places Reviews is available for $69.
  • It is optional if you want to enhance the current platform that offers Google My business.
  • As you will see, it gives you the facility to have credibility with your target audience as customer feedback.
  • Try to gain all criticism.
  • Most of the marketers are using Free Google Websites for small businesses for their online marketing.

The best thing is that everything has a Gmail account, and everything else is free. What more can you ask for?

How do you get your business listed on Google Maps?

Below is the detailed guide on Google local listing your business on Google My Business. You can follow this guide to attract more customers to your business.

Note: I recommend you set up this process from a desktop or a laptop. It will be much easier.

Step 1: Log in to your Google account

They directly linked the GMB page with your Google account, so you need to first login to your Google account through your browser. 

If you don’t have one, you need to create it. 

Make sure that your Google account follows all the community guidelines and security policies, and also make sure you have proper recovery measures taken in case of recovery is necessary. 

If you don’t have good recovery options enabled, you will lose the Google account in turn. You will also lose the GMB profile.

Step 2: Visit the Official page

Visit the Google My Business page from your Google homepage or visit the URL:

GMB Homepage

Once you open the site, you will see a green button with the text ‘Start now’. 

Click on that button, and It will take you to your profile updated page. 

Step 3: Enter Business Name

Now you will be asked for your business name. Enter the name of your business that you are currently running and click on ‘NEXT’.

name your business on GMB

If your business is already listed on the GMB page, it will show up while you type. If you own that one, click on that and proceed. 

Step 4: Confirm a few Questions asked by Google

The page will ask you a few questions to confirm your business location and services

serve customers outside of your location

Step 5: Enter your address

If your business is a store or an office, you can specify your address here on the next page. Make your edits carefully, as it will mark this location to show up your business in Google Maps.   

add your office address

If your business is not a store and is a Virtual business, you can tick the ‘Hide my address’ button. 

You can also tick the ‘I deliver goods and services to my customers’ button. I tick if this option, the delivery guidelines prompt will show up as follows.

Point your location on Google maps

where are you located

Step 6: Choose your Category

On the next page, choose the category that fits your business and click on the Next button.

choose your category

On the next page, you can also add some additional details like your contact phone number and your current website.

add your contact details

Tip: If you do not own a website, you can also get a free website based on your info by checking the last option. 

If you do not have any website, here is my complete guide on Starting a new blog within 30 minutes?

Step 7: Finish and manage this listing

Once you are done with all your editing, you can finish and set up a way to complete the business profile verification process.

finish and manage this listing

Once you click on the finish button, they will prompt you to choose a way to verify your business.
You can choose different options provided by your Google Business for verification.

choose a way to verify

What are the ways to Verify business in Google My Business?

There are a couple of ways that you can use to complete the verification on the GMB page. 

These verification processes are based on how you receive the five-digit verification code to enter your My Business profile. 

Once you get the verification code through any of these methods, you can access your profile and enter the pin, and It will verify your business in Google. 

Here are the methods to verify.

1. Verification by Postcard

 It is the standard verification process for many businesses. Within five days of enabling this option, you will get a postcard to the address you have provided on your business profile page with a five-digit code. Just follow these steps.

  • Step 1: First, log into the GMB account. 
  • Step 2: Check your business address and contact name carefully. After that, you can click on the ‘Send Postcard by a mail’ option and click on the Mail button.
  • Step 3: After clicking the Mail button, they will reach the Postcard at your address within 5 to 10 days.
  • Step 4: Once you received the Postcard, log into your GMB profile and select your business location or click on the Verify now button.
  • Step 5: In the verification box, enter the five-digit verification (or) validation code given in the Postcard. Finally, click Submit.

2. Phone verification

Even though Google verifies most businesses through a postcard, some companies can find out through the phone.

  • Step 1: If we do not log you into your GMB, sign in and choose the business you want to verify
  • Step 2: If your business is eligible to get verified through the phone, you will see the option ‘Verify by phone‘ in the verification process.
  • Step 3: Once you click the ‘Send SMS’ button, you will get a verification code of 5 digits to your contact phone number provided in your Google My Business profile.

3. Email verification

  • The email verification is the same as the phone verification. 
  • You will see an option ‘Verify by Email‘ if you are eligible, and if you click on that, you will get a mail with a five-digit pin you can use to confirm your business address.

4. Instant verification

  • The instant verification is for the people who have already verified their business through Google Search Console, which helps you manage your site’s performance. 
  • They enabled if this option was in your business profile, you can instantly check the business location through your email.

5. Bulk verification

  • The bulk verification is for those who have different locations for the same business and provided that your business should be an agency or a service. 
  • On the verification page, you will find the option ‘chain’. 
  • Click on that button. A form will open where you need to add all the locations that your business is running and the business manager’s email of every location representing your business at that place, and the email address of your Google Account manager. 
  • Once the form is filled, click on the ‘submit’ button, and Google will take a week’s time to review your claim. 
google my business page to add more info

Final Words

Once your business is verified on Google My Business, you can optimize your listing in the GMB dashboard. 

You can add different features to your business and keep updated on all significant changes in your business on the GMB profile page. 

This guide helps get more customers for your business, and it is part of local SEO.

If you plan to start your online presence to better development in your business, you need online resources. I listed those resources on my page.

In November, most online companies will announce great deals for new customers on the occasion of Black Friday.

Before picking those deals, verify your business on Google My Business and Grab those deals on next month’s Black Friday Deals for Bloggers and Small Business owners.

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