13 Must have WordPress Plugins for newly Installed WordPress Blog

It is a basic question for any WordPress user to choose the must have WordPress plugins on the first WordPress install.  On starting a blog, it literally takes a lot of time for you to choose the best and suitable plugins for your website.

On first installing WordPress on your new website you should check. What are the suitable plugins for you to optimize your blog in the correct way based on your theme and niche?

must have wordpress plugins list for new blogs

What is a WordPress plugin?

A WordPress plugin is an additional piece of code which allows users to have additional features on the website that does not come with the theme.

For example, if you were using a theme and if it does not have social sharing buttons. You can use a plugin of social sharing buttons to implement in your website. Hence a plugin is useful to add additional features for your theme.


How will this have plugins list useful to you?

For every different niche or theme, different plugins will help you in building additional features that are required for the website.

But for any kind of website, there are particular plugins that do not change. For example, any kind of website needs SEO to rank first in Google and an SEO plugin is necessary for any kind of website.

The list below is a well-studied must have WordPress plugins list which will help you build your website without sparing much time on searching for Right plugin for the right purpose.

The List of Must Have WordPress Plugins for New Blogs


1. Updraft Plus

updraftplus wordpress plugin

The backup and restore option is definitely important for any kind of website so it does not lose your data.

Updraft Plus is a backup and restores plugin which enables a backup of your website’s data. By this, they keep your data secure in case of any server error or breakdown.

In updraft plus you can secure your data in any drive like Google drive or Dropbox or one drive.

You can save your backups in Google drive with just one click anytime from the Updraft Plus.

If you want to migrate your blog/site from one server to another server, You can use Updraft Plus to back up every data in the old site and you can export the total data into your new server.

2. WP Rocket

wp rocket plugin

Speed of loading is another important feature for blogs to rank first in Google. This speed Optimisation can be done by Caching on mobile devices and tables.

The WP Rocket plugin helps in optimizing the speed by clearing the cache of the website. It is a Premium Plugin.

WP rocket also takes care of file optimizations in optimizing CSS and JavaScript.

It helps in minifying the HTML by removing white spaces to the size of the HTML and increase the page loading speed.

By using WP Rocket, You can get rid of the plugin called lazy load that is a built-in feature in the WP Rocket plugin, which optimizes images and helps them to load faster in websites.

If you do not want to cache some URLs you can add Exclude the URL in the WP Rocket dashboard. You can also integrate your CloudFlare for Varnish accounts with WP Rocket for better page speeds.

To know more details about this plugin, here is my complete Review on WP Rocket settings and Review.

3. JetPack

jetpack wordpress plugin


JetPack is literally an all in one plugin for any kind of website.  I mostly use the Jetpack for checking the site status daily, weekly and monthly.

It shows the all-time use of your website and detailed statistics for your websites.

JetPack runs with integrating WordPress.com with your Jetpack account.

It also has spam protection against comments and malicious login attempts protected by Loginizer.

It has downtime monitoring included in it.

You can also upgrade your Jetpack account for security scanning and automatic backups which come in the premium plan of the Jetpack version.

4. RankMath SEO (Includes Broken link checker and redirections)

Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin


The Rank Math is a WordPress SEO plugin. Most of the bloggers are using right now. Off course, I am also using this plugin in this blog for a better SEO.

It has inbuilt sitemap creation feature, so no need to install additional sitemap creation plugins.

An SEO plugin is most necessary for websites to make good SEO and to rank in first in Google.

The plugin helps in doing SEO on your side by optimizing any keyword.

It tells you how to arrange keywords in your article and how to optimize your images and external links and internal links to make good SEO.

The rank math plugin also has a 404 monitor which checks the broken links. It also has a directions option which will help the 404 errors to redirect to other important pages.

In this way, the RankMath SEO plugin will help you in avoiding two plugins, the Broken Links Checker and the Redirections plugin.

To know more about this plugin, you can read my Rank Math SEO Plugin settings and review from my article library.

5. Social Warfare

Socialwarfare pro plugin


Social Warfare is the social engagement plugin which helps you in providing social sharing buttons in the web pages.

When a user likes your content, you intend to share your content to their social media profiles and by including social sharing buttons.

You can help them easily to share your content in their social media profiles.

The Social Warfare plugin also counts the total number of social shares done on that page and displays the number beside the sharing buttons.

This plugin is available in both Free and Premium versions. I am using the premium version for this blog.

If you are a new blogger, the free version is enough. If you want a more social boost, go for the premium.

6. Revive Old Posts

revive old posts plugin

The Revive Old Posts plugin is a not much popular plugin, but it is also used by some professional bloggers to share their old posts to the social media.

The social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are the most open websites and many people are engaged with the posts and features in the social media websites.

Any post shared in the social media expires in a day or two hence you need to share your old posts continuously this social media sites.

This is a very difficult task. So the revive old post plugin will help you in sharing the old post to the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter at regular intervals automatically.

You can simply install the plugin and connect your social media profiles and set the interval to post the old posts and everything else will be taken care by this plugin itself.

Recently this feature integrated into one of the social sharing plugin–Social Snap.

It is available in both a free and premium version.

The old posts sharing feature comes in premium version only.

7. Shortlinks by Pretty Links

Pretty link lite WordPress Plugin

Pretty links plugin will help you in clocking your links. This plugin is mostly used by affiliate marketers and e-commerce sites. But it is also useful for any websites.

When you display a link on your page to another page of another website, your user may not show interest by seeing the link.

The pretty links will create a URL on your website name to redirect to that URL.

The pretty links plugin will also help in creating URLs with no follow which helps in keeping your link SEO flow to your website itself.

Thirsty Affiliate is one of the best alternatives to Pretty links plugin.

It also helps you in Link Cloaking process.

8. Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes ultimate plugin

Shortcuts are necessary for websites to bring up various designs of web pages.

But unfortunately, everything may not give as many options to use for your websites.

For example, if you want to use a table in your webpage but your theme may not have the option to create tables.

Hence, you need to choose a plugin to create tables.

The shortcodes ultimate has many shortcode options like tables, columns, rows and integrating videos and many more.

This single plugin is useful in changing your full webpage design awesomely.

Using Shortcodes Ultimate you can easily create tabs, buttons, boxes, slides and carousels, responsive videos and much, much more.

9. Really Simple SSL

really simple ssl plugin

Really Simple SSL automatically detects your settings and configures your website to run over https.

To keep it lightweight, they keep the options to a minimum.

SSL is a Security option which enables the https instead of HTTP for your website’s URL.

The SSL is provided by the hosting facility or you can also enable the SSL by integrating CloudFlare for your account.

But by installing the simple SSL plugin you can enable the https option with a single click in your website dashboard.

So you can use this simple SSL plugin instead of using CloudFlare SSL or the hosting SSL.

Most of the Web hosting services are enabling free SSL feature as part of their services.

So just activate this plugin, it will do everything for you by enabling SSL to feature from server side.

10. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)

Analytics is an important thing to check regularly the websites traffic.

When you update your sitemap to Google search console they automatically update your analytics to Google, which you can check in the Google search console dashboard.

We can view this Google Analytics in the Google search console dashboard on your website’s dashboard by integrating the Google Analytics plugin on your website.

With this plugin, you can also enable to see your website’s Real-time traffic from WordPress dashboard directly.

11. Easy Table of Contents

easy table of contents wordpress plugin

If you want a table content block like Wikipedia. This is one of the good plugins to get the table of a content box in every blog post.

The plugin can help your readers to read and jump to the interesting section they want to read in long-form articles.

This plugin also helps your WordPress SEO. It adds the section link next to your site Search result pages.

If you know the HTML coding, you can write this table of content box code for your blog.

But it is difficult to newbies.

Here this plugin will help you create a table of a content box in every article in your blog.

12. TablePress

tablepress wordpress plugin

TablePress Plugin allows you to create beautiful, responsive and attractive tables for your content.

You can add this table into posts, pages, widgets by using their specified shortcodes.

You can edit table data from their spreadsheet-like interface. It comes with table sorting, pagination and filtering like features.

You can import the readymade excel sheets from your PC.

You can export existed data from your blog.

13. Elementor Page Builder:

elementor pro plugin

Elementor is an awesome live page builder plugin.

It comes with an easy drag and drops feature. By using this plugin you can create an attractive Home page, Landing pages, Lead generation pages, and more.

This plugin comes with instant drag and drops page builder, over 25 features.

When compare with other page builders, it is also available in Free and Premium versions.

For new starters, the free version is enough.

But the premium version is more worthy than the free version.

I am using the Elementor premium plugin in this blog. Awesome Plugin.

I tried over 4-page builders on my blog to test according to my requirements.

I really impressed with those features and it does not affect page loading time.

Premium version has more benefits like quick support, tutorials and frequent updates, and its security.



The above-given list is the basic plugins that any WordPress blog/website will have.

Many of the above must have WordPress plugins are free but it will only enable some options in some plugins for premium versions.

You can purchase premium versions for better optimization of your websites.

If you think any other plugin might be useful for any user, you can provide us with the information about the plugin in the comment section below.

must have wordpress plugins for new blogs

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