We are discussing the best premium WordPress themes providers.  Choosing the right theme provider is as important as choosing the best theme for your blog. And to answer a question of what a theme is, a theme is how your blog looks to the visitor.

A theme is a basic thing that most attracts your visitor than the content in the first case. In such a case you need to choose the best theme with good typography and visual presence built in it. 

The most commonly made mistake by many of the bloggers is that they only see the appearance of the theme but ignore the performance.

There are a lot more things that are to be considered while choosing a theme rather than only considering the appearance of the team. Here I listed the best place to buy premium WordPress themes

Best Places to Buy premium wordpress themes

There are two categories of theme providers for WordPress. That is the premium and free version of it. For the premium theme sellers, I will sell all the premium themes on their site.

WordPress developers are providing completely free WordPress themes from their directory for beginners. In the free version, you can find all the free WordPress themes that are available for your WordPress blogs.

Where to buy WordPress themes?

If you are a beginner and if you are ok with the limited features of a theme, you can simply choose a free theme for your website from any one of the below theme providers list. 

Do you know how to choose the WordPress theme? Before going to the below list, you should read these 6 Points before choosing a WordPress theme

A premium theme offers few extra important features that can be applied to your websites. These additional features may vary from different themes and different theme providers.

You need to choose an appropriate theme for your website from an appropriate theme provider.

Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes Providers

Hence we are going to show you some of the best theme providers in the industry that are providing the best free and premium themes that will best suit your website’s design and enhance the performance. Here is the list of WordPress themes providers

1. GeneratePress – Fastest WordPress Theme

Generatepress homepage

The GeneratePress is not exactly a theme provider but it does whatever at theme provider will do. The GeneratePress premium is simply a plugin that can be installed in your WordPress website which customizes your blog design. The core of the GeneratePress theme is free in the WordPress theme store which you can install easily.

Get Free Buy Pro

After this, you can purchase the premium version of GeneratePress which will give you additional features in customizing every option of your blog.

The GeneratePress theme is used for best Optimisation and page loading speeds and also better rankings in Google. 

This is one of the tops recommended WordPress providers by WordPress.org. It reached more than 1 million active installations within a few months of its release.

This blog is designed with a Generatepress theme. Here is my complete review of the Generatepress theme.

2. HappyThemes

Happythemes wordpress themes store

Happy Themes is established in the year 2017 and had a great experience in developing WordPress themes and plugins. This theme provider which offers you clean and Stylish themes is best known for premium themes. The happy themes are the best place for free and premium WordPress themes.

The Happy themes developers are providing more than 23 free responsive WordPress themes for free account users and Pro versions for Premium users. These are great free WordPress themes for a few years.

Get Free Buy Pro

Easy to customizable free WordPress themes with a user-friendly interface and fast-loading WordPress themes.

The best thing about happy themes is that you can use a theme that you have purchased for unlimited websites.

S.No.Theme NamePriceActivate
1MyPortal Theme$49/Lifetime Activate
2GoodPress Theme$49/Lifetime Activate
3Subscribe Theme$49/Lifetime Activate
4Keyword Theme$49/Lifetime Activate
5GreatWall Theme$49/Lifetime Activate
6Improve Theme$49/Lifetime Activate
7Revolution Theme$49/Lifetime Activate
8Goodsite Theme$49/Lifetime Activate
9Advanced Magazine Theme$49/Lifetime Activate
10MySocial theme$49/Lifetime Activate

You can join the lifetime membership of Happy Themes at a cost of $49 and you can access all the themes in Happy Themes with full-time support and unlimited website usage. You can read the review on Happythemes.

3. ThemeForest

Themeforest homepage

ThemeForest is another most popular theme provider which provides themes on categories, site templates, marketing templates, CMS templates, eCommerce templates, and many more. 

ThemeForest has more than 2600 premium WordPress themes, in which you can choose the best theme for your website.

Grab ThemeForest

They provide themes that cost ranging from $15 to $60 per the theme. The only drawback of ThemeForest is that they don’t provide combo offers like all in one theme package. Hundreds of award-winning WordPress themes are available here. 

But their prices are comparatively low and are best for the performance of themes. This is one of the best WordPress theme providers and the best place to buy WordPress themes for news blogs and business sites.

S.No.Theme NamePriceActivate
1NewsPaper 9$59 Get the Theme
2Admania$39 Get the Theme
3Avada$60 Get the Theme
4Sahifa$59 Get the Theme
5Jarida$79 Get the Theme
6Inovado$59 Get the Theme
7BoomBox$59 Get the Theme

4. Thrive Themes

Thrive themes store

Thrive themes are an All-in-One premium suite for your WordPress blog where you need not worry about choosing a theme from hundreds of dazzling themes.

You can simply purchase that Thrive architect and everything will be in your hands.

Grab Thrive Themes

Along with your membership plan, you will get all the packs including Thrive Architect, Thrive lead generation, Thrive landing pages, and many more.

Using the Thrive architect of Thrive themes you can custom create your WordPress blog using your visual editor provided by the Thrive architect. In the Thrive Architect, you will also see a number of templates that you can edit by Drag and drop functionality.

S.No.Theme NamePurposeAction
1Thrive ArchitectPage BuilderGet the Plugin
2Thrive optimizeThe Best A/B Testing Plugin for WordPressGet the Plugin
3Thrive lead generationLead generatorGet the Plugin
4Thrive Quiz BuilderTo create QuizzesGet the Plugin
5Thrive Clever WidgetsTo create WidgetsGet the Plugin
6Thrive UltimatumScarcity Marketing Tool for WordPress UsersGet the Theme
7Thrive CommentsTurn Comments into ConversionsGet the Plugin

You can purchase a premium membership of $19/month which can be paid annually to use all the plugins and themes for 25 different websites. The $49/month plan will allow you to use Thrive on 50 different websites.

5. ElegentThemes

elegant themes

Thrive themes are an All-in-One premium suite for your WordPress blog where you need not worry about choosing a theme from hundreds of dazzling themes. You can simply purchase that Thrive architect and everything will be in your hands.

Grab Elegant Themes

The ElegentThemes was established in the year 2008. And from then it has more than 350,000 customers using the themes provided by the ElegentThemes. The ElegentThemes has 87 themes that are very popular and are used by many well-known websites. 

The Divi theme is the center of attraction theme of the ElegentThemes and it also has a lot of functionalities and features. 

The ElegentThemes also along with premium themes, also provide many market-leading plugins at good prices.

You can purchase a single membership for all the themes at a cost of just  $69 per year.

6. StudioPress

StudioPress WordPress themes

StudioPress is another most famous theme provider used by more than 500,000 websites all over the globe. The StudioPress creates its themes by the Genesis framework which has a clean design and custom layouts and also powerful security features. 

Grab StudioPress

This StudioPress also provides you with a hosting offer at just $24 per month which includes the top 20 high-quality Genesis Child themes provided by StudioPress.

S.No.Name of Child ThemePriceAction
1Digital Pro$99.95 Activate
2Enterprise Pro$99.95 Activate
3Executive Pro$99.95 Activate
4Foodie Pro$129.95 Activate
5Magazine Pro$99.95 Activate
6NewsPro$99.95 Activate
7Smart Passive Income$99.95 Activate
8Wellness Pro$99.95 Activate
9Genesis Framework$59.95 Activate
10Authority Pro$129.95 Activate
11Niche Pro$129.95 Activate
12Academy Pro Theme$129.95 Activate

That means you can simply host your WordPress hosting in the StudioPress hosting and you can also choose the best StudioPress theme for your website.

7. MyThemeShop

Mythemeshop homepage

MyThemeShop is the most popular theme provider in the industry. MyThemeShop has a premium collection of 91 themes that are used by many individual bloggers. 

A premium membership for all the themes would just cost you $87 per year or else you can also buy things individually which ranges between $29 and $59.  

Grab MyThemeShop

The themes from MyThemeShop have plenty of frontend and backend features. The panel provided by the MyThemeShop is very comprehensive and versatile which gives you the ability to edit all the theme options from the backend.

All the themes of MyThemeShop are neat and give you a good User experience for your websites. Here is the MyThemeShop Review.

MyThemeshop is providing a few of the best free WordPress themes for blogs, businesses through the official WordPress directory. Every theme is fully SEO optimized and Responsive and best-supported WordPress themes for SEO enthusiasts.

S.No.Theme NamePriceAction
1Ad-SenseTheme$35 Activate
2Authority theme$35 Activate
3Blogging Box theme$35 Activate
4Immunity Theme$35 Activate
5Newspaper theme MTS$35 Activate
6PointPro Theme$35 Activate
7Schema Theme$35 Activate
8Socially Viral Theme$35 Activate
9Truepixel theme$35 Activate
10Magnus Theme$59 Activate

8. aThemes

athemes WordPress themes store

The aThemes has a pack of 32 WordPress premium themes in it along with many free themes that you can use for your WordPress blogs.

A single theme of aThemes will cost you $59 per year but at a cost of $99 per year, you can access all the themes for unlimited domain usage with every update of themes.

Grab aThemes


If you need lifetime Access to all the themes and support from aThemes you can purchase a premium pack of $249  and access all the themes with every update of themes for unlimited domains.

9. Themify

Themify wordpress themes store

The Themify has more than 40 premium themes in it. All the themes of Themify have a framed drag and drop feature enabled. with this drag and drop feature, you can easily customize your web page into any form.

The premium membership of all the themes in Themify is $59 per year. You can also individually purchase anything you like in the themify. 

Grab Themify themes

The themify also got many free themes included in it which has many additional features than any other free themes provided by other theme providers.

Hence, if you ever needed a theme, if it is premium or free, first you can check the Themify.me for best themes.

10. Tesla Themes

Tesla themes WordPress themes store

The TeslaThemes has a count of 66 best themes, which are so amazing. You can take a yearly membership at a cost of $59 per year to use all the themes of TeslaThemes. 

If you are a bit worried about the premium themes you can simply purchase the demo theme of every premium theme, and once you like the theme you can purchase the full version of the theme. 

Grab Tesla themes

The themes provided by TeslaThemes are so cool and also have very high resolution. A single theme of TeslaThemes will cost you $48. A membership plan of just $59 will let you use all the themes for free.

11. WPZoom

wpzoom themes banner

The TeslaThemes has a count of 66 best themes, which are so amazing. You can take a yearly membership at a cost of $59 per year to use all the themes of TeslaThemes. 

If you are a bit worried about the premium themes you can simply purchase the demo theme of every premium theme, and once you like the theme you can purchase the full version of the theme. 

Grab WPZoom

The WPZoom is well known for business-related themes. There are many positives reviews for this theme provider and the themes provided by them are the most responsive and mobile-friendly.

Their pricing is a little higher but the quality of the themes is very reliable.

They have 36 premium themes and are used by many professional business blogs. 

You can get any theme of WPZoom by purchase at the cost of $69 for a lifetime. Or you can take a premium membership of $99 and you can use any theme from WPZoom.

12. ThemeZilla

ThemeZilla has a premium theme pack of 27 themes which each of which will cost you $149. With a premium pack of ThemeZilla at a cost of $199, you can use all the things of ThemeZilla.

All the themes provided by ThemeZilla are clean and have a good design and also they provide good SEO for your blogs.

A new E-Commerce service named ZillaCommerce is started by ThemeZilla where you can use WordPress and Spotify to create woo-commerce sites.

13. Template Monster

TemplateMonster wordpress themes store

Template Monster is another best hi provider which has meaning-free and premium themes included in it. There are nearly 2,000 different WordPress themes provided by template monster which you can choose and use in your blogs. 

Grab TemplateMonster

14. ThemeJunkie

Themejunkie WordPress themes store

ThemeJunkie was founded in 2009 and since then it has had 50 premium themes on its list.

The developers of themes and key themes are well knowledge and they design very good themes that comprehend the users for different styles.

Grab ThemeJunkie

The beginner theme is so popular with this provider. You can check the ThemeJunkie themes review. These are cheap WordPress themes. An individual theme at ThemeJunkie is priced at $39. For a premium lifetime membership of $49, you can get all the 60 themes. 

Get a package of 60+ themes for $24 in our summer sale!

15. iThemes

Themify wordpress themes store

iThemes has a wide range of builder themes included in it. It has more than a hundred themes that are part of this. you can choose any of the themes and with the inbuilt builder, you can create your custom layout as you like.

Grab iThemes

It also provides eCommerce themes. Even though themes are their main category, they are also into providing security and backup plugins for WordPress users. 

In total, it has got 200+ themes which you can use at a cost of just $197 per year.

16. Kadence theme

kadence theme review

Kadence is a powerful and versatile WordPress theme that is perfect for a wide range of websites. From businesses to personal blogs, Kadence has something to offer everyone.

With its clean and modern design, Kadence is sure to make your website stand out from the crowd.

And with its extensive range of features, Kadence is sure to give you the flexibility and functionality you need to create a website that is perfect for your needs.

Kadence ThemeKadence Pro Theme
Kadence Blocks PluginKadence Blocks Pro Plugin

So why not give Kadence a try today? You won’t be disappointed.


Before I end this, let me tell you how you need to consider the best theme provider. User reviews are most important in choosing the best theme provider. And also, don’t go into a trance of high prices.

The best output of themes only comes with the best quality. No doubt, the above 

Share your experience of these premium WordPress themes providers in the comment section below.

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