Blogging nowadays is more of an experience. Every blogger can attest to this. There is always a thing that you can do to improve the experience (by using proper online tools). With the proliferation of many bloggers out there, a need arises for one to adhere to professional standards in order to stand out from the rest.

Some of the basic rules that you need to follow include using proper grammar, maintaining authenticity, and creating mind-stimulating content.

From a business outlook, you have to be effective and efficient. Indeed, anyone can create a blog. What matters is whether you can create a successful blog. You ought to not only draw readers but also to keep them hooked. This is essential if blogging is your main source of income.

Online tools that make you a professional blogger

In this article, I’ll share seven vital online tools that are sure to make you a professional blogger.

Online Tools to Become a Professional Blogger

1. Grammarly

Grammarly best proof reader tool

All bloggers out there can vouch for Grammarly anytime and any day. It is indeed a household name for every blogger. By just logging to, your editing worries are all solved. All you have to do is upload your write-up to the site and it will do the rest for you. It will point out all errors, be it grammar, spelling, word omission, word tenses, word structures, and a whole myriad of other errors that are common in writing.

Grammarly also has an excellent function where you can add it as an extension of your browser. This extension will edit everything that you write online. In addition, you can add it to your word processor, thereby editing everything that you write while using the word processor.

Therefore, if you feel you’re not able to do thorough editing by yourself, Grammarly is your friend. What’s more, it’s absolutely free. You do not have to possess a degree in literature and language to sound smart. Grammarly can aid you in that. This is one of the best online tools. You can read my Grammarly review.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics tool

Any professional is doing how they are understanding their target audience is the key to success. This is because you will be better placed to know their needs and preferences. With this basic knowledge, a blogger will provide output or services that are closely aligned with the needs of their target audience.

To do this effectively, you can use a powerful online tool called Google Analytics is the best pick for any blogger. Google Analytics enables you to see the activities of visitors on your site.

With Google Analytics, you can find out:

  • How much time the readers spend on your blog
  • What posts the readers like
  • Where traffic is coming from

Basically, Google Analytics enables you to gather data that is essential for your posts. All that is required is to install Google Analytics to your site, and as long as there is traffic, you will be able to see the data. When the data shows you which posts are popular, you will inevitably write more similar posts. If the data shows where your traffic is mostly coming from, you will increase your outreach.

This is for you: How to integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress Blog?

3. Evernote

evernote tool

This tool is indeed a lifesaver for many bloggers. At times, you might be casually browsing the Internet, and then you stumble across an interesting image, a song, or an article. Normally, you would have to remember the website or even write down its URL if you want to revisit it.

However, with Evernote, life is easy. Evernote enables you to save web pages, songs, and images so that you can access them later at your own convenience. You can access them anywhere from your computer or even your mobile device.

Another great convenience that Evernote offers is the ability to search your saved notes for specific texts, images, or songs if you need them in real-time. Hence, if you are a professional blogger, this tool should be within your reach.

4. Dropbox

DropBox tool

Professionals have to be:

  • Flexible
  • Consistent
  • Reliable
  • Prudent

The above aspects are all important for the continuity of business, in our case, blogging. There sometimes comes a time when a blogger loses an essential tool of the trade, for example, a laptop, a storage medium such as an external hard drive, a flash drive, or even a mobile device.

Thus, when a blogger loses some of these, they have to start over since all the data that they have compiled went with the wind. However, a flexible, reliable, consistent, and prudent blogger ought to have the foresight to prepare them for this eventuality.

Dropbox is an essential tool that every blogger has to add to their blogging arsenal to forestall this. Dropbox enables one to store all their data online free of charge.

Thus, all your blogging content, materials, and data can be stored here. This reduces the eventuality of the permanent loss of data. If you lose your laptop or mobile device, you can replace it and later access your data stored in the Dropbox account.

The upside of Dropbox is that it’s compatible with all devices.

5. Picmonkey

PicMonkey tool

Images are important elements of blogging. A single image can relay more information than a whole block of text. Thus, including them in your blog is a smart move. But not all images are attractive. Hence, a need arises for a photo editing tool that enhances the images that you upload to your blog. Picmonkey is a photo editing tool that will never let you down.

It has some awesome features like:

  • Collage
  • Design
  • Photo edit

You can utilize it to make your custom images attractive.

6. Readable

Readability is another essential aspect of blogging. It is all about your text that is easier to understand for your readers. With Readable, you are able to analyze your text and it is given a readability score.

With this score, you are able to edit it accordingly. The greatest content writer, by all means, will have an outstanding score of readability.

7. Buffer

Buffer Social scheduling tool

If your audience is on social media, then Buffer has to be one of your online tools for professional blogging. It enables you to schedule content easily for your social media accounts.

You can set a specific time frame in which your content will be posted. It saves you time and effort, and it is by far the most effective social media management tool that exists in the online space.

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Final Words

Being a professional blogger is not a walk in the park but with these amazing online tools, you are guaranteed to improve your blogging experience. Don’t hesitate to start using them right now and see for yourself how effective they are. Good luck!

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  4. Thanks for the great post. I’ve been slowly building a list of the resources i need and this helped me add a few extra. Will be looking into Grammarly and have recently started using Evernote which i love. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I prefer Google drive than Dropbox as it has limited storage and blocks your link when you have excess user-reach. Grammarly, Google Analytics, Evernote and Buffer are must add-ons. Also, you should add Notepad++ in the list.

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