What is SEO? SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the fundamental and essential concept to get huge organic traffic and which helps you to rank your website in search engines. This article gives a basic idea of SEO Basics 2020.

essential search engine optimization tips for Every Blogger

What are search engines looking for? How can SEO help your web presence become more profitable?

This article on SEO basics 2020 guides you to optimize your blog according to search engine ranking strategies.

These 10 Essential SEO tips are listed here as my practical experience. Check the below points and apply them to our blog. Simply this is the SEO basics for bloggers.

Best SEO basics for Bloggers and Tips to improve Blog SEO

How to do SEO Your Website for Free? Here I started with the best ten search engine optimization basics and tips useful for every blogger. Before discussing these points let us discuss Blogging and SEO. Check the below points before learning SEO basics.

  • This is a great way to publicize your product
  • This is a great way to build relationships and improve the visibility of your site on search engines
  • This is a great way to raise awareness and establish a relationship of trust with them. Which helps to build a list of prospects?
  • It is a tool that promotes a better understanding of the needs of your niche
  • This is a great way to help many entrepreneurs, beginners, and intermediates to achieve their goals.

1. Reduce Blog loading time

SEO Basics Blog loading time

I do not read about 30% of the items on which I landed on the internet for the simple reason that the pages do not load in a reasonable time. And I’m not the only one of tens of thousands of other people do every day. Most of the internet users are hates slow loading pages. Not only users, but Search engines also hate this type of page.

Why your Pages are loading very slowly 

There are many causes behind this. This may be due to:

  • A technical problem with your web hosting
  • The weight of (large) images you post to your blog
  • The geographical location of your servers (or your web host)
  • The presence of too many plugins installed on your blog
  • The use of flash and much more …

Whatever the case, make sure that your page loads within 5 seconds or less (ideally 2 seconds or less) to

  • Phones, tablets, and desktops
  • Windows browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Mac browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)

So you should take the time to check the blog loading time on multiple devices. You can check your Blog Page Speed Performance or page loading time by using tools given in my previous article to perform this verification.

If your blog is loading slowly, diagnose it and try to understand what is the problem. Check the Plugins and remove those that are useless. Optimize the database of your blog, reduce the size of your images …Inform your web hosting the server down the issue if you observe this. This is also one of the reasons.

2. Create Small Size Images

Image size is also shown in the impact of blog loading time. Try to reduce the image size and weight before using it in your blog posts. WPSmush.it plugin helps your reduces already uploaded images.

Not only for SEO improvement in search engines like Google, but it will also improve the quality of the experience of every visitor who arrives on your blog (site) especially when you have to view your site on a device mobile.

Unfortunately, many blogs, as well as many online stores do not pay enough attention to this detail. It is also very easy to come across a blog that the image size is usually the same as the purchased file.

I even came across a picture (on the blog of a client) that weighed: 6 MB. To reduce Image size I am using TinyPNG service.

Not only must you learn how to reduce image file size, but you must also do it. As some know how to do without, and that’s a shame. You should also understand the difference between the types of image files.

Let’s also check our basics if you do not mind:

GIF (Graphical User Interface): GIF is becoming increasingly obsolete due to the presence of PNG. However, it weighs less and the quality is sometimes “questionable.” You can still use them to display images with the same color (blue, white, yellow, etc.).

JPG (Joint Photographers Group ): The JPG is perfect for viewing photos and images with many colors. If I had a picture format to recommend, it would be JPG. Unlike GIF, it is better.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics): PNG is (relatively) a new type of image file. It is a hybrid between the GIF.

Personally, Everybody knows about GIFs. You can use this type of file for decorative images or for images with lots of white space.

No need to buy high-end software like Photoshop to reduce image size and weight. Personally, I am using Fast Stone Capture software to do this action in my blogging. Many computers are now equipped with software for image processing.

For this, Microsoft Office Picture Manager is another example to do this. Regardless of the software used, you must reduce the size of your images while maintaining quality.

3. Host your Images on your own Hosting

Host your images on your own server or your hosting, which will give more “credit” to your SEO efforts.

In addition, some people will link to your images, which will increase the number of links to pointing to your site.

4. Do not enable all your links with Nofollow tag

Use no-follow in your comments is always a good idea. Especially when it comes to fighting the comments spammed.

However, the content and images you link on your blog must be do-follow.

By doing so, you Also, search engines to follow your links.

Better yet, this approach allows them to get a better idea of how they should reference your content.

If you enable do-follow in content, this is helpful for guest bloggers. And if you help them, know that they will reward you for it.

5. Add images, videos, and other multimedia content 

Adding images and videos to your content is very helpful to your readers. It helps to understand the concept very easily. This strategy helps you in your blog ranking also. Properly used, this approach can bring back many visitors to your blog as the articles that contain pictures and videos (informative) are very popular with surfers.

The experience they are generally more informative and very useful too.

Another advantage of video is that they increase the time spent on your blog, your page will be indexed very fast in the Google search engine.

For the search engine, it also means that sent the user to the right page, so why not improve its position.

If you do not have a video, make long articles. For long I think about 1000 words minimum.

If they are useful and well written, they will increase the time spent on your blog, so it improves the positioning of your pages on search engines.

In addition, it seems that Google loves long and useful articles. Think about it!

6. Add a description in the ALT tag of your images 

The vast majority of beginners, intermediates, and even professional bloggers, often neglect to add a description to the pictures, they post on their blog. In other words, because if you spend all day next to many visitors.

How to Optimize Images in WordPress for Good Ranking

To help you do it properly, here are some tips:

  • Include one for each image Alt tag
  • Avoid repeating the description Alt tag on your blog or website
  • Avoid writing long descriptions. These should be short and concise.
  • Avoid many combinations of keywords (example: blogger, blogger training, better guide the blogger beginner, start a blog, etc.).
  • Name your files properly

7. Do not make too much promotion

It is a common mistake for beginners blogging. Most new blogs usually post articles on:

  • Annual celebrations
  • Web events
  • The new plugins
  • Case studies
  • The programs profitable affiliate
  • Cyber sales

The problem with this type of content is that most readers do not feel concerned by this information. In their eyes, it rarely helps to solve a problem. Generally, it is more promotional than useful content.

8. Always respond to comments

Blog commenting is part of Search engine optimization. Do you know the Importance of Blog Commenting?

One of the reasons why you should do is that they add content to your articles and put both these updated.

More often your web pages are modified, Google returns more to your site.

For Google, this is important. And what is important for Google is always rewarded by better positioning on the first page.

9. Regularly delete spam

The presence of spammed comments can hurt your SEO efforts. Each week, browse your blog in search of these unwanted comments and delete them! They provide no value to your products, then they should be removed.

A special plugin for WordPress users helps to detect spam comments, Akismet WordPress Plugin.

Also, remember to disable trackbacks and your settings, because over 90% of them end up becoming spam.

I am using Wp-Optimize plugin along with Akismet Plugin. This plugin helps me to clean the unused drafts, Spam comments, Post revisions, etc.

10. Clearly, display your share buttons

Social sharing is very important after publishing a new article to get traffic. There are so many good WordPress Social plugins are available in the WordPress plugin directory.

Choose one and install and activate the plugin then place the social icon below and top of the content to share your content easily with users.

Test posting in several places of your blog and then determine those that promote greater sharing of your content. I encourage you even put them on the top and bottom of your articles.


The above SEO basics are very important for regular blogs. Follow these SEO basics for beginners each and every point and apply to your blog and get good results. Helpful SEO Services for Small Business.  Share this article with your friends through social media.

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  1. Reji Stephenson says:

    Hi Satish,

    You have given a great list of SEO optimization tips. SEO optimation is essential for all websites, blogs to rank better and get free organic traffic. Many don’t understand the power of SEO. And many so-called SEO experts also cheat people promising to help to get free search engine organic traffic. Sometimes doing a few simple task like adding unique articles with good keywords, making the site load faster, networking with other people in social media etc.. will help us a lot in SEO traffic.

    Thanks for sharing a Great article.

    Reji Stephenson

  2. Hello Satish,

    Great piece of information over here 🙂

    You have enlightened about all most every single steps that one need to take, to make their sites rank well in the SEO and also
    to make it lightning fast, so that it can give us with better results.

    The loading time of our blog plays a crucial role, as if our website takes too long then its a definite chance that our visitors
    will fly away. This can be manged by deleting extra or useless plugins, these slow down the loading time of our website.
    Images of large or high resolutions also makes it happen, so its better to insert with good and medium level of images
    into our blogs.

    Adding up with videos or multimedia is one of the mart moves for this time. People like to go through these rather than,
    reading the whole text down. They are attracted by this type of input in our blogs.

    Thanks for sharing this among us.


  3. Narinder kumar says:

    Thanks Satish for sharing some SEO basic tips it’s really helpful my future blog.

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