Permalink in blogger setup is one of the most important aspects in Blogger SEO. Once you setup permalink in WordPress, that will apply for all your posts. But it does not work on Blogspot blogs.

This permalink should be set up for every post before publishing it. This feature was not available from Blogspot blogs.

Before they used “Publish and Modify” procedure to shorten URLs. Now introduced more options along with Permalinks in blogger Setup.

Permalink Character Limit:

Permalink character limit is very important. Google suggesting only 70 characters to shows in Google SERP. Chop the remaining words from the permalink.

For better SEO purpose, add Keywords in this permalink. It gives the best results for search engine organic traffic.

The following characters are accepting in permalink structure, those are a colon (:), forward slash (/) and a dash (-). Out of this, dash (-) is in your customization. The remaining symbols are already added in the starting of the URL. But never use Underscore ( _ ) symbol.

How to create a permalink in blogger

Tip: Permalink should be short not long.

How to Setup Permalink in

Here i am explaining about how to setup permalink in blogger.  Just Follow tutorial carefully.

  1. Login to your Blogger account.
  2. Select “New post” option which is on the top left of the Dashboard.
  3. Write the article title and description in the boxes, click on “Permalink” option that is visible on the right side.
  4.  Choose “Custom URL” and enter the post URL that you like.Permalink in Blogger : How to Setup in Blogger Blogs?
  5.  Click on “Done” and “Publish” the articles.

           Note: Do not use any symbols in the custom URL except hyphens (-)


Every Blogger blog should be set up a permalink to every post manually. It shows better functionality to your blogger SEO.  If you have any queries, do not hesitate to ask by using below comment box.

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  1. Hey!

    The article is very good.

    I can not change permalink.

    Even after editing it remains the same.

    What should I do??

    Thank you

    1. Hello Niks,

      I think you are using Google’s Blogger platform.

      Once you publish your article, you can’t edit the permalink. It depends on the templates sometimes.

      If you are trying in draft mode, you can edit from the right-side date box (right column).

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