Since 2012, Google redirecting its Blogger blogs to country-specific domain extensions. For example, If you open “” in your browser, it redirects to “” (if you are in India) or “” (If you are in France). This implementation was done by Google because of Selective censorship (to block a blog or page easily).

Most of the Blogspot users are migrating from Blogspot to WordPress Migration as their choice of blogging platforms by Redirect Blogger to WordPress. Use this simple guide to stop the

Country Specific Domain: How to Stop Country Redirection in Blogspot

When I log in to my Blogger dashboard and checks blog traffic Statistics, It’s giving some country-specific domain name of blog URL in more than 10 countries.

These are Some example list of Domain Names I have observed in my dashboard, These are Domain Extensions List

  • Argentina (
  • Australia (
  • Brazil (
  • Canada (
  • Germany (
  • India (
  • Italy (
  • France (
  • Japan (blog
  • Mexico (
  • Portugal (
  • Spanish (
  • Sweden (blog

What is the disadvantage of this Country Specific redirection?

  • There are many disadvantages to country-specific domains. Your website or blog traffic will be different from different places in the world.
  • Your social media followers will be different from different places. So, we should avoid country-specific domains. In you, blogger blogs you after a change in some HTML code you can prevent the blogger.
How to Stop Blogger from Redirecting Country Specific Domain

How to setup country Specific redirection in the Blogspot blog?

In your blogger blog you after a change in some HTML code, you can prevent the blogger from redirecting a URL to country specific domains.

Steps to configure your blogger blog to stop country specific domain redirection:

1. Login to Blogger account

2. Click on Template > Edit HTML

How to stop blogger blog from Redirecting Country Specific URLs

3. Click in the Coding rectangle box, and then click “Ctrl + F”. Now check with code <head>. Press Enter

How to stop blogger blog from Redirecting Country Specific URLs

4. Copy the redirection script given below. Now paste the Script after the <head>.

    <script type="text/javascript">
      var blog = document.location.hostname.split(".");
      if (blog[blog.length - 1] != "com") {
      var ncr = "http://" + blog[0] + "";
      window.location.replace(ncr + document.location.pathname);    

5. Click on “save template”. Then click on View Blog. That’s it.

Now your blogger blog serves with not country specific if the user comes from anywhere from the world. That’s it.


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  1. Asif Mirza says:

    Nice. Working perfectly

  2. Thank you so much, it worked!!!
    You should probably want to close the script ()

  3. Hello Satish,

    Thanks for your code. I tried one other code provided by another website and it didn’t work. But I tried yours and it worked. Although that was after I added the closing tag which your code is currently missing. I suggested you add it to your code above for those who don’t know any different.

  4. Thanks a lot bro! your script worked perfectly for me. Thanks again. I hope to see your latest articles about blogger soon. 🙂

  5. Hi
    i have Google it about blogger Domain redirection and apply almost 4-5 codes as per other site others post. but no one works due to use of privet template. but after that i applied yours. Yeah its work like charm
    so thank you very much


  6. Hello Bharat,
    Write quality content with good keywords. your CPC will be normal. Sometimes there are few ups and downs in CPC. do not worry. Just write quality and SEO friendly content.

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