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WP Optimize plugin to make your data clean and fast
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Are you searching for a better plugin to optimize the WordPress database quickly and safely? From a few years back, we saw the growth of internet speed and users. Everyone likes fast-loading websites, including humans and search engines. WP-Optimize is one of the best WordPress caching plugins. So WordPress database optimization is essential to keep the site speedy and healthy.

Bloggers and webmaster’s main objective is to optimize their blog to enjoy excellent blogging. Blog loading time is a significant factor for every user. 

If it is not right, the user will jump to another site to search for their topics. So finally, we lose regular readers.

WP-Optimize - database management tool
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Of course, content is king, but loading time is a significant factor. I have discussed one of the free WordPress cache plugins for speed improvement with the W3 Total cache plugin in my previous article. It makes your readers happy, and Google loves fast loading blogs. There are so many factors that create some issues in the WordPress blog.

This blog is configured with the WP Rocket premium cache plugin. This plugin has the most of the WP-Optimize option as a Database Optimization feature.

The biggest reason for the slow WordPress blog is a vast database. So you have to optimize the database monthly once to speed up the site.

In this article, I discuss one of my favorite database optimization plugins to clean the WordPress blog for fast page loading.

See this example:

Suppose you are ready to publish your article on a WordPress blog, which is 500 words and a total size of 10kb. You edited that post ten times before publishing. Whenever you save this post in draft, WordPress will save a draft copy in its database.

So 10kb X 10 = 100kb.

100kb unused data will be saved in your WordPress database after publishing your article. So this new data will reduce loading time. In this case, I am happy to share my experience with my favorite plugin called WP-Optimizer, which helps you solve your issue.

WP-Optimize is one of the simple plugins, which performs the following tasks.

  • It cleans spam comments
  • It cleans unapproved comments
  • It checks and reports the database size
  • It optimizes database tables
  • It deletes post revisions
  • It removes auto-saved draft posts

What are the basic features of the WP-Optimize Plugin?

This revolutionary, all-in-one plugin cleans your database, compresses your large images, and caches your site. The plugin is designed to transform the speed of the It boosts your WordPress SEO drastically and retains your visitors by reducing the site bounce rate.

There are plenty of cache plugin is s available as a free and premium version in the WordPress online market. But the WP-Optimize is an excellent plugin. So it was trusted by almost 1 million WordPress site users.

Significant features of the WP-Optimize Plugin

1. Clan the Database: It cleans the unnecessary data and cleans up your tables. This process is just like Computer defragmentation. It arranges all the WordPress database files systematically to better access the required files and provides the pages quickly.

clean database features
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2. Compress Images: The plugin has a great image compression tool for better page loading. It uses cutting-edge compression technology to convert large-sized images to low sized photos by saving the files in your image library without any change. This technology works on PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF pictures.

image compression feature
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3. Caching: The plugin keeps the dynamic data in a temporary storage area. In that way, it ensures the page loading very fast. This caching feature helps you load the WordPress posts and pages as static files by reducing the web server’s processing load. With a few simple clicks, you can get more benefits like GZip compressions, Preload, page cache, and many more.

cache features
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How to install the WP-Optimize Plugin?

WP-optimize is the most straightforward and free Plugin, which is available in the WordPress plugin directory. To work with this Plugin, you have to install this plugin from the WordPress dashboard easily.

To install a plugin in WordPress, search the plugin name from the Plugin library of your dashboard with this path – Dashboard > Plugins > Add new.

install wp optimize plugin
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Then click on the Install button and finally hit on the ACTIVATE button.

Then install the plugin and activate it. That’s it.

How to Use WP-optimize plugin? (Settings and Working guide)

Learn How to Optimize WordPress Site? After activating this plugin, click on the WP-Optimize on the left side column of the dashboard.

You will find five different options. They are

1. Database 

It is the database optimization area by choosing the given option to clean trash, auto-drafts, spam comments, and pingbacks. It helps you to keep your database clean and fast. You can schedule database optimization from the database settings page. Choose the options in the given table to start the optimization and unnecessary database cleaning.

WP optimize Database option
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2. Images

This option helps you to convert large images into compressed files by saving in your image library. It uses cutting-edge lossy/lossless compression techniques and which is the place to activate image optimization. 

It includes original function restoration, EXIF data-keeping, Auto-compress function, large file compression, Bulk compression, and lossless compression options.

compress images
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3. Cache

This option helps you store the dynamic data in a temporary storage area to make your pages load at a lightning-fast speed. As a result, it reduces the processing load on the webserver, improving site speed and performance. To activate this, you have to click on the Enable page caching to start working on the cache system.

cache settings
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4. Minify

It is all about increasing the speed of your WP site. This minify reduces the size of HTML, CSS, and Javascript files by removing unnecessary spaces and lines from the files. If you enable this feature, it starts working automatically with a single click. If you are a new user, activate Enable minify. Leave the rest of the options as default.

minify settings
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What are the benefits of this optimization Plugin?

  • WP-Optimize reports a useless database, which occupies more space in your database.
  • With a single click, you can delete SPAM comments quickly.
  • Helps to delete post revisions.
  • Helps to delete draft posts with a single click
  • MySQL optimizes commands on your database tables without phpMyAdmin.
  • In a recent version, Simple Scheduler introduced
  • All the potentially dangerous cleanup options are marked Red.

WP-Optimize Free and Premium

WP-Optimize has two different versions as Free and Premium. The above mentioned all features are available in Free versions. You can check the difference between Free and Premium versions.

In the Free version, Database cleaning, Site caching, CSS – JS minification, and image compression features are available for all sites.

The premium version is available in three plans. They are Starter, Business, and Unlimited.

Site licensesYESYES
Database cleaningYESYES
Site cachingYESYES
CSS and JS minificationYESYES
Image compressionYESYES
Multisite supportNoYES
Advanced optimization optionsNoYES
Remove unwanted imagesNoYES
Lazy loadingNoYES
Optimize individual tablesNoYES
Enhanced logging and reportingNoYES
Multilingual and multi-currency compatible cachingNoYES
Compatible with tracking queries (utm_*)NoYES
Automatically purge Cloudflare cacheNoYES
Premium supportNoYES

The plans and pricing of the WP-Optimize is given below

PlansNo. of sites to usePriceAction
Free PlanUnlimitedFreeGrab the plugin
Starter planFor 2 licenses$39Grab the plugin
BusinessFor 5 licenses$69Grab the plugin
UnlimitedUnlimited licenses$179Grab the plugin

Comparison with other most popular WordPress cache plugins

WP optimize free plugin has the most of the excellent option, which keeps WordPress uses feel happy. When I compare with other WP optimizes competitors, the features are fantastic. Here is a comparison with other competitors.

FeaturesWP-Optimize Free versionWP RocketWP Fastest CacheWP Super CacheW3 Total cache
Database optimizationYESPremiumPremiumNONO
Image compressionYESNOPremiumNONO
Page cacheYESPremiumYESYESYES
Mobile-specific cacheYESPremiumPremiumYESYES
GZIP compressionYESPremiumYESYESYES
Preload cacheYESPremiumYESYESYES
Simple setupYESPremiumYESNONO

If you are a newbie, start using this plugin to make your visitors happy with a better user experience. But you have to take a backup of the site data before using this plugin.


Install this useful plugin for your WordPress blogs. Only it must-have plugin in every blog. It reduces load time, keeps your database safe, and deletes all revisions, and optimizing the database.

Let us know. Which plugin you are using to optimize your WordPress database tables. Share your experience in the comments section.

WP-Optimize Plugin

Satish Ithamsetty

Easy to use


WP-Optimize is the Database management optimization plugin. Available in Free and Premium version. It is giving more features that are not available in the other premium plugin.


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