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Ad-sense This WordPress theme is one of the best ad-optimized themes from the MythemeShop premium store. It is the WordPress theme. This theme helps you increase your Adsense revenue by protecting you from Ad-Blockers effectively. It must have a theme for Adsense users.

Ad-Sense is a WordPress theme designed to help you sell online ads on your blog. It is a premium and fully responsive WordPress theme that looks great on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

What is all the fuss about WordPress themes these days? The topic determines all rankings, ratings, and blog popularity, and the theme is just one factor that determines a blog’s ranking. Your blog may have high-quality material, but it will progressively fall in rank if the wrong theme isn’t chosen.

Many themes with good optimization have been built with this in mind to have good results for blogs. As a result, we present to you one such theme. Here you can find the Ad-Sense premium WordPress theme, and MyThemeShop is where you can get it.

This AdSense theme is for people who wish to make extra money from their blog advertisements. The theme has been improved to be more Adsense friendly. Because we only try to view advertisements, many people may be unaware of ad blockers. It’s a clever WordPress theme that’s 100 percent responsive.

Many readers would like to be free of advertising in the middle of their pages. It is not a significant concern for newcomers who are just starting for pleasure. It is, however, a big problem for people who depend on their ads to bring in money.

Why the Ad-sense WordPress theme?

The following are some of the unique characteristics of this AdSense WordPress theme.

  • Responsive WordPress Theme
  • Speed Optimized
  • SEO Ready
  • Use on unlimited websites
  • One-Click Installation
  • 24X7 technical support
  • Secured and optimized code

Once acquired, It can use the Ad-Sense theme on an unlimited number of websites without the need for any additional codes. The installation and other optimization processes are pretty rapid and straightforward. If you have any problems, you can contact technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the main website.

Special features of Ad-Sense theme

The Ad-Sense WordPress theme contains many features that make users want to use it. The following are the characteristics of the Ad-Sense premium theme.

1. Detects Adblockers from Browser

inbuilt adblocker feature

As I said before, Ad-Sense is mainly for individuals that wish to increase their ad revenue. This paid tool can find out if any of your blog readers have turned on ad blocking in their browsers. When the theme finds blockers, it shows the reader a pop-up asking them to turn them off. The theme prevents the reader from accessing the article until the blocker is disabled. This theme displays a floating box notice when a single ad is blocked.

2. Optimized Placements for Advertisements

different ad placements

Many designs will have empty spaces to install widgets or other advertisements. However, this theme has specific ad areas for adding our adverts. We can opt-out of certain sections if we don’t want to see advertisements. This theme lets you keep adverts in the header section, and ads in the header area do not affect the reader’s reading ability. It also has ads under the menu for navigation and before and after the sections for single posts.

3. Theme Responsiveness

responsive wordpress theme

You can use the Ad-Sense premium theme on any device because it is so responsive to every display. It examines whether this theme provides the most enjoyable viewing experience for all readers.

4. Supports Responsive Google Ads

The Google Responsive Advertising and WordPress theme apps are compatible with this theme. As a result, the number of clicks and earnings from visitors increase. The ad-sense premium responsive WordPress theme says that when an adblocker is found in a browser, the page’s content is immediately turned off. As a result, the reader’s blocking software is turned off. It’s a perfect Adsense-optimized theme that will be useful to Adsense users.

5. Clickable background

clickable theme background

In its layouts, the As-Sense theme offers a high-potential feature set. That is the background that can be clicked on. Many developers nowadays are looking for this feature. This theme provides that feature by utilizing a unique feature.

6. Homepage Layouts

Homepage layouts

There are five different homepage layouts available. Customization is simple with these homepage layouts. Changing your layout is as simple as clicking a button. Importing layouts is also easy on this theme.

7. Pre-defined layouts

Although we can customize the theme to our liking, there are several pre-made layouts that we can use right away on our site. Because they are customized for your specialty, these layouts may not be particularly optimal. The layouts are

  • Ad-Sense default
  • Ad-Sense fashion
  • Ad-Sense Technology
  • Ad-Sense Viral
  • Ad-Sense recipes
  • Ad-Sense sports
  • Ad-Sense baby blog
  • Ad-Sense fitness
  • Ad-Sense news
  • Ad-Sense shop
different layouts

8. SEO Ready

This theme also includes excellent search engine optimization features. It eliminates the need for additional plugins for the user. This theme has also been tuned for speed. Because websites that load quickly will rank higher, this theme will be ideal for your blog. Jeremy Schoemaker recommends this theme. His blog is called “ShoeMoney.” Jeremy is a high-earning Adsense user. He was paid $130,000. (his one-month earnings from Google AdSense). MythemeShop is a favorite of his. On his blog, he also uses the same theme.

shoemoney blog using Mythemeshop theme

Other features:

  • Review system: The review system included in this theme allows readers to give ratings on particular topics.
  • Translation ready: This feature allows the blog post to be converted into as many languages as desired.
  • Unlimited colors: Every inch of the blog can be changed as we opt for this theme.
  • Advanced typography: the theme’s multiple options allow you to choose from various heading styles. In addition to these, it includes a large number of Google typefaces.
  • Control Header Elements: This theme allows you to control every element in the header, including those in a blog.
  • Author box: It encourages readers to follow your profile.
  • Social Sharing Icons: You’ll also find social sharing icons encouraging your readers to share your work with others.

Pricing of Ad-sense WordPress Theme

The pricing of Ad-sense The WordPress themes are different based on the number of users.

  • For $39, you can use it on as many websites as you want, with no restrictions.
  • You must pay $199 to use all mythemeshop’s items, including themes and plugins.

Final words

The Ad-Sense premium WordPress theme also has a lot of other features that will wow your readers. Although there are many free WordPress themes for advertising, MyThemeShop’s Adsense theme is the best. A better, more responsive WordPress theme with a high click-through rate.

This theme also provides the most robust import and export features. This theme will also help you reduce your bounce rate. This theme is also well-suited to mobile viewing. It includes the off-canvas menu, which hides to the left when not in use and pops up when it is. It is an excellent Adsense-optimized theme for any Adsense-enabled blog. Read the review above and make the changes to your Adsense-enabled blog that are needed to increase CTR and income.

In this blog, we have shared with you the best WordPress blog themes that can help you earn more from your ads. By choosing a theme that is optimized for AdSense, you are guaranteed to get more clicks and conversions from your ads. Purchasing the theme now is the best way to secure your spot in front of your target audience!

It’s no secret that ads are an essential part of running any website, and even more so, a blog. By choosing a WordPress blog theme that incorporates an ad-sense premium, you can significantly increase your income. Not only can you earn more money from your ads, but you also get to enjoy all the other features and advantages that come with this popular WordPress theme. Don’t wait any longer, purchase the theme now!

Ad-Sense WordPress Theme

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Ad-sense is on the best ad-optimized WordPress theme from the MythemeShop PRemium store. This theme helps you increase your Adsense revenue by protecting you from Ad-Blockers effectively. It must have a theme for Adsense users.


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