How to find LSI Keywords for a better SEO Ranking? (Free Guide)

Are you searching for the list of LSI keywords to identify relevant search words to add to your content? Here is the complete guide to increasing your ranking in Google’s search as per the search intent.

LSI (latent semantic indexing) is the constant term in Search engine optimization and part of the Google algorithm. This is having crucial importance in its implementation as per SEO strategy. This post helps you how to find LSI keywords and how to use LSI keywords on your blog posts optimization and Where to get these LSI keywords.

What do LSI keywords mean?

Before going to that, we need to know a few points about LSI Keywords.

What are LSI Keywords?

What is LSI? LSI Keywords meaning is Latent Semantic Indexing. This is the concept used to determine the relationship between terms and concepts in content. Simply Keywords are words to use in the content search on Google.

LSI keywords definition is

These are the related keywords to the main keyword. Most of the search engines understand the link between the entire web content.

They are similar or closely related words/phrases of the targeted primary keyword for the specific keyword. It increases the search relevancy. Some LSI Words are given below for easy understanding.

  • Example 1: If you are writing an article on Cars, keywords including Engine, Machine, Wheels, Interior, Mercedes, Audi, and KMPH then through this Google will understand that you are writing an article on Cars (Vehicle).
  • Example 2: If you are focusing on “online mobile” keywords, “Mobile prices”, “online mobile reviews” “mobile tech specification” can be similar keywords to the root keywords.
  • Example 3: The LSI makes better sense to the single keyword. If you take the keyword “Apple”, how does it differentiate whether Apple is a fruit, Apple is a brand or Apple is the name of any pet? Here the search engines search for LSI (latent semantic indexing) words for their understanding. If they find words like Fruit, taste, and flavor in the content, then it would be easy to understand the article about Apple Fruit. Here Fruit, taste, and flavor words are LSI words for “Apple”.

In Old-school SEO concepts, Keyword stuffing is more popular to rank the pages in Google. Now Google developed and introduced this LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords usage concept to provide more relevancies for sites.

Difference between LSI Keywords vs Long tail Keywords (LTK)

There is a huge difference between LSI (latent semantic indexing) and LTK.

  • The major difference between LSI Keywords vs LT keywords is, LSI Keywords broaden the search with related keywords, but LT Keywords narrow down the scope of a search.
  • Long-tail keywords are the lengthened version of a keyword combination used by searchers.
  • LT keywords show searchers’ intentions like “top”, “How”, “what”, “Why”, etc.
  • By adding LT keywords, the optimized content gets better rankings for those exact search terms, and you will have a boost in your website traffic.
  • LSI Keywords helps search engines to understand the page content.

Where to Use LSI Keywords?

These LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords are beneficial for users and for Search engines if you are using properly.

  • In Title tag creating the compelling feeling
  • Permalinks
  • Meta tag
  • First and last paragraphs
  • Within the body content
  • You can use as Anchor text to link other pages or posts
  • You can use as ALT text, as a filename, and as titles of images
  • You can use the page title to support your target keyword

Note: Adding more LSI words gives spammy results. So, take care of LSI words sprinkling.

Easily use LSI Keywords. It gives SEO Friendly results than normal results.

Advantages of LSI Keywords and its Usage

There are more advantages if you use LSI keywords in the web content. Below are the significant benefits of LSI Word usage. After the Hummingbird algorithm change, LSI became so popular. It helps with effective search engine optimization.

1. Protects from Content Spamming

  • The LSI Words helps you to prevent from the spamming mark from Search engines analysis
  • It increases the content’s credibility.
  • It helps you to differentiate your content from spun content.
  • It helps you to avoid keyword stuffing and indirect search manipulation.

2. If relevant keywords are not using, Bounce Rate decreases. Why?

  • It helps you to decrease bounce rates
  • It protects your site from ranking for the wrong terms.

3. Increase page spending time of the visitor

  • These type of Keywords improve the content readability
  • This improvement gives a better content environment for the reader without making it feel keyword stuffed.
  • It improves visitor spending time on your pages.

4. Improve Search Engine rankings

  • These keywords help you rank your blog posts for related searches.
  • Google search bots identify your blog content, and it crawls easily.
  • Google uses LSI strategy to rank your site. Here the ranking factor is not dependent on your target keyword.

5. Useful for Blog Authority Improvement

  • It helps you to improve in Blog authority.
  • More Ranking gives more CTR.
  • More CTR gives More Blog Authority.

6. For Better Sales

  • Sometimes You can use these LSI Words as LT keywords.
  • By using these keywords, you can rank higher without low competitions
  • It depends on most of the Amazon shopping site sales on LSI Keywords.

Best Sources to Get LSI Keywords

To get LSI Keywords, there are numerous research tools available on the web. Here I picked a few online tools and WordPress plugins and I’m using these Keyword Generator tools for my content development.

How to find LSI Keywords for better ranking and what is lsi keyword in seo

Here are the LSI Keyword Tools. Let us check them now

1. LSIGraph

LSIGraph tool to get relevant Keywords from Google Search Engines

LSIGraph is a free tool and it is designed to help you choose and pick dozens of related phrases to use within your content. These are semantically related keywords for your SEO and paid marketing needs. The semantic keywords will give better readability and understanding of the search engines.

LSI is a natural language processing technique. It is developed in 1980s.  

The usage of these keywords is very simple. Just pick the best LSV and use it within your content, anchor text, and backlinks. After a few hours, you will see the ranking improvement in the SERP.

The LSIGraph is available in two versions – Free and Premium. You will have limited keyword searches – 3 keywords only.  In these 3 free searches, you will find a bunch of keywords with the trending graph, Volume, CPC, and Competition.

LSIGraph- The tool to get relevant Keywords from Google Search Engines

After that, you have to upgrade your plan to the premium for these extra features. In the regular LSI keyword phrases, you can use the free version after the daily 3 searches without Trending features. The premium version begins with $15 per month for unlimited searches. This is one of the most straightforward and best free keyword research tools

It is a handy tool to get right latent semantic keywords

Learn How to find keywords by using LSIGraph?

  • To use related keyword generator tool, go for the official homepage
  • Enter the primary keyword in the search box and solve the captcha then click on the Generate button.
  • Finally, you will get two different results. They are LSI Keywords data in the keywords section and its Top performing Content pages.
lsi graph results

2. Google AutoComplete

Google autocomplete

Google Autocomplete is one of the features of Google Search. It allows the users to complete their searches when they start typing a few letters. It is available in the Google Search box in the Google app for iOS and Android and in all Google app.

In the Chrome browser, it is available as the “Omnibox feature”. You can use these default chrome feature to get LSI keywords.

The Autocomplete feature is powered by RankBrain. It is one of the parts of Google’s machine learning search algorithm.

By using this tool you will get a bunch of relevant keywords for your content. These gives the popularity and freshness to your content.

google autosuggesting keywords

When you enter one keyword in the Google search bar, the search bar fetches the relevant keywords in the drop-down menu. The same fetching keywords will appear at the bottom of the page as well.

These are Google LSI Keywords.

Search related keywords

3. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner tool

How to get LSI keywords by using Google Keyword Planner? It is simple…

Google keyword planner is one of the best and free keyword research tool to get all types of keywords

It can help you to get more and more LSI Keywords.

Before using this tool, you need to collect all Search related terms by using Google Autosuggest.

After getting the primary LSI phrases, enter those phrases/keywords in the Keyword Planner.

Finally, get more useful and related LSI keywords.

You can use those collected keywords in your content.

download keyword ideas

4. UberSuggest

ubersuggest by neilpatel

Looking for more keyword ideas? this is the perfect tool to get awesome keyword ideas.

Mr.Neil Patel bought a Ubersuggest tool in February 2017.

Ubersuggest is one of the powerful LSI Keyword research tools and LSI Keywords Generator tool. It is available in both Free and Premium versions.

By using this tool, you can generate all the Google autocomplete keywords for your primary keyword.

It is a simple and powerful tool to get similar and relevant Keywords for better SEO.

ubersuggest by neilpatel keyword ideas

5. KeywordShitter tool

The Keywordshitter tool shits some of the best and most relevant LSI keywords as per your query. There is an option to filter the keywords by adding Positive keywords and Negative keywords in the specified boxes.

Keywordshitter tool

You download those shitted bulk LSI keywords in a separate text file from the Keyword Shitter tool. If you are using the long tail pro tool, add those downloaded keywords and check the competition Score. If the completion score is below 30, use those keywords in your next content writings.

You can use these LSI keywords within the content.

6. Soovle

Soovle tool to get good relevant keywords from Google search

Soovle is one of the best Keyword suggestion tool for online marketers. The tool supports the search results from Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Wikipedia and When you enter a keyword as a query, it fetches the data from 10 different search engines.

soovle tool results

It is a spontaneous tool for providing relevant keywords.

By using this tool, you can get the keywords that people are using as search queries.

If you click any one of the displayed keywords, it redirects to the respective search engine for subsequent searches.


SEMRUSH is one of the biggest keyword research and keywords spy tool. You can use this tool to spy on your competitors using keywords. It uses the perfect keyword strategy to organize the keywords database for the search phrases that are similar every time. After collecting those keywords, you can use LSI keywords in the content.

The Semrush helps you these

  • You can spy and pick your competitor’s best-performing keywords
  • You can analyze your blog and competitor’s backlinks
  • You can estimate any blog traffic
  • You can analyze and get the best topic ideas with the Topic research tool
  • You can find and fix on-page related issues of your blog posts by using Web site audit feature
  • You can check the domain to domain comparison
  • You can find the best profitable keywords for any niche
  • You can create a complete marketing plan with an SEO content template
  • You can write awesome content within the SEMrush SEO writing assistant dashboard

How to get LSI  keywords from SEMrush?

Open SEMRUSH and enter your competitor’s blog URL then click on the Enter button and finish the registration process.

Then got to and select Organic Research > Positions from the left sidebar and collect the related keywords.

Mix those keywords with LSI keywords collected from other tools in your new blog post writings. 

how to do lsi with semrush?

Note: SEMRUSH is available in both Free and premium versions. In the free version, you will get the first 10 results. To get the complete keywords list, you need to upgrade your account.

Read my SEMRush Review 2020 for more information

Bonus: Get SEMRUSH Pro for free for next 14 days Click here


KeywordTool for amazon is one of the best and free alternatives to Google Keyword Planner. You can use this tool to generate keywords and mainly LSI Keywords.

It is my all time favorite tool.

This is a paid tool. However, here free option is enough for generating the best LSI keywords for your blog post writings. It uses the Google Autocomplete feature to find the keywords.

In the free version of the Keyword tool generates up to more than 750 long tail keyword suggestions for each search term.

It gives the results by arranging the keywords in alphabetical order.

How to find LSI Keywords by using

  • Enter your primary or targeted keyword or phrase in the search box
  • Choose your location and language
  • Then select the search engine. Finally, click on Search
  • You will get the results like this
KeywordTool results - Best lsi keyword generator

9. AnswerThePublic Tool

AnswerthePublic tool

Answer The Public is a special keyword tool, which helps to show the results like search questions and suggested autocomplete searches in a visual format. You can find the relevant terms from the raw search insights and direct from the minds of your customers.

Answer the public tool question results

AnswerthePublic is the best visual keyword research tool for LSI Keyword Research. It helps you to get less competitive LSI keywords easily.

10. Mondovo

Mondovo tool

Mondovo is a free tool.

This is the best alternative to SEMRUSH, who are not willing to pay monthly. But this tool gives you results from SEMRUSH. You can use this for free of cost.

How to get LSI Keywords by using Mondovo tools?

Sign up Mondovo tool now.

After signup, you will get free credit points. You can use those points for keyword research. To do this,

mondovo tool results
  1. Go to the SEO tab at the left side column and choose Keyword Research.
  2. Select the option Research > Keyword Research
  3. In the next box, enter the base Keyword.
  4. Then choose the target location and language and hit the Search button.

Check the results now.

11. BlogPatcher


Blogpatcher is another awesome LSI keyword generator tool for a better site optimization process. It is one of the user-friendly tools to optimize your content for both Search Engines and people. This data-driven SEO analysis tool is using cutting edge AI and machine learning for the blog or blog post or article analysis. This tool comes with three major services. They are Page Analysis, Keyword Analysis, and Site audit services.

Features of blogpatcher:

  • Automatic analysis: When the user enters the URL and focus keyword, this tool will analyze everything and suggests the areas to improve ranking in google automatically.
  • Keyword Analysis: If the user needs the keyword details, this tool gives the perfect recommendation which is helpful to rank good in google by analyzing their top 10 rival’s data from SERPs.
  • Competitor analysis: This feature helps you to analyze your rival’s pages by comparing your page SEO and content.
  • Suggesting LSI and related keywords: This is an awesome feature to get awesome LSI keywords and related keywords for your focus keywords. Just place those keywords within your content for good rankings in Google. These are very powerful and helps you to understand your content relevancy to index in the Google easily.
  • Free WordPress plugin: You can analyze your content within your WordPress backend by using the Free Blogpatcher WordPress plugin.

Grab the account and get 100 credits free and start to to to analyze your pages immediately and rank your pages in Google than your competitors.

The perfect tool for awesome LSI Keywords

How to use the Blogpatcher SEO tool?

To use this tool, you have to create a new account. This tool comes in free and premium versions. In the free version, 100 credits will be added to your account after the signup. If you need more you must purchase additionally.

blogpatcher lsi keywords and related search keywords
  • First, create a new account by visiting the link here. You will be credited with 100 points.
  • Install the Blogpatcher WordPress SEO plugin into your WordPress blog.
  • Open the page in editing mode for optimization, and connect the blogpatcher account then start optimization as per their suggestions after your page analysis.
  • They will provide the awesome list of LSI keywords and Related keywords. Place those keywords within your content as per their analyzed suggestions.
  • Finally, update the content and submit the URL to Google Search manually by using the Link inspection tool in Google search console.

12. Keys4up


Keys4Up is a Content Marketing and Semantic Keyword research tool. The tool was designed for copywriters, journals, and SEOs to provide semantically related terms. These closely related terms are very relevant to the content and which helps to rank high in the search engines. To use this tool, you have to register with your email and validate it with the authentication code.

Of course, this is an old tool. But it is giving very good keywords.

It is a  content-based keyword research tool suitable for content writers.

Features of Keys4Up:

  • To find relevant keywords
  • You can export the data as excel format
  • You can refine those keywords within the tool
  • You can find all types of keywords for any topic

How to Use Keys4Up?

  • Open the site and enter your keyword and press the Search button
  • You will get hundreds of related and LSI keywords.
  • You can use those keywords within your content by sprinkling within your content.

13. Twinword Ideas LSI Graph

Twinword Ideas LSI Graph is another creative and interesting tool. It gives similar relevant keywords like a graphical interface. This interface is very attractive and easy to understand the relationship between the relevant keywords.

twinwordideas lsi keywords

It generates unlimited and unique LSI keywords and searches queries without limitations. These keywords improve the relatedness of your content.

To use this tool, you have to register your details on the site. Free and Premium versions are there. If you register for a free account, you have to obey limitations.

In the premium version, you can find unlimited LSI keywords every day and you can export for further processing.

Features of TwinWord Ideas LSI Graph:

  • It is easy to use
  • Limited searches in free version
  • Attractive visual LSI Graph
  • You can export all the keywords in CSV

How to use TwinWord Ideas LSI Graph?

This is a very easy tool to get great visualized related and LSI keywords.

  • First, you have to create a new account.
  • Then enter your keyword and get relevant keywords along with Average Monthly searches, SEO Competition, Paid Competition, Keyword Score, Title Score, and relevance

14. Keyword Researcher Pro

The keyword researcher is easy to use Keyword discover tool. It uses theGoogle Autocomplete feature and gives thousands of keywords in an A-Z sequence. You will get great Long tail keyword phrases and Semantic keywords. This is one of my favorite tools.

keyword researcher pro interface

Features of Keyword Researcher Pro:

  • It comes with inbuilt Google Search, Amazon, YouTube, Google Related and Google Questions features to collect great keywords
  • It comes with inbuilt Content writing box, to write and optimize your content
  • You can filter the negative keywords list

How to use the Keyword Researcher Pro tool?

This is a fantastic desktop tool.

  • First, download and install the tool in your pc.
  • Just enter the keyword as per the tool instruction.
  • The tool will give you hundreds of keywords. Just pick the relevant keywords then check the search volume and competition.
  • You can write the content within the tool by optimizing those suggested keywords instantly.

15. Keyword Tool Dominator

This is also called the “Google Keyword Tool”. It uses the Google Autocomplete service to find the LT keywords. This service is intended to speed up your search interaction. Using this tool is very easy.

keyword tool dominator

This free version allows only 3 searched per day. If you need more searches, you have to upgrade for the premium version. Every time I am getting the best results with this tool. Simple and effective tool.

Features of Keyword tool dominator

  • It comes with Amazon Keyword tool
  • eBay Keyword Tool
  • Etsy Keyword Tool
  • Walmart Keyword Tool
  • YouTube Keyword Tool
  • Bing Keyword Tool
  • Google Shopping Keyword Tool

How to use the Keyword tool Dominator?

To use this tool, you have to register your details. In the free version, there is a search limit.

  • First, enter your keyword after login into your account then click on the Search button.
  • Now check the keyword Results and download the list

16. KeySearch

Keysearch is another keyword research tool in the game. It helps you to find relevant, low competitive keywords for your website/blog to any niche. It is a web-based easily used the system. It comes with an inbuilt Keyword difficulty checker (to know the full SEO competition analysis) and Keyword suggestions.

keysearch interface

To use this tool, first signup and enter your seed keyword and get a semantic keywords list. You can analyze every keyword with this SEO powerhouse.  Off course, LSI Keywords Help Google Know About Your Topic

Features of KeySearch

  • In-Depth Keyword Research
  • Keyword Difficulty Checker
  • SEO Competition Analysis
  • Rank Tracking
  • Brainstorm Niche Ideas
  • YouTube Competition Research
  • Backlink Checker
  • Webpage Audit Analyzer
  • Competitive Analysis
  • API & White-label Reporting

How to use the KeySearch Tool?

To use this tool, you have to register first on the official site. This tool comes with effective premium plans. In the free version, they permit 5 searches and Analysis per day. If you need more searches, you have to upgrade the plan to higher.

  • After complete your registration, you have to log in with credentials.
  • Enter your Seed keyword in the search box, choose country and opt the Related Keywords option from the drop-down menu then click on Search
  • You will get the Search trends, SERP Analysis, Keywords list with competition score and suggested keywords list.
  • Just process and pick the suitable keywords which are relevant to your content. That’s it.

Note: By this tool, you will get Competitive analysis, YouTube Research, and Rank Tracking features.

WordPress Plugins to find LSI Keywords

If you are running a self-hosted WordPress platform, few plugins help you to add LSI keywords from your WordPress dashboard. They are

A. SEOPressor Connect Plugin

SEOPressor Connect is a great LSI keywords WordPress plugin

SEO Pressor plugin interface

This plugin offers the LSI keywords fetching a feature from various search engines APIs.

The plugin provides

  • On-Page SEO,
  • Over-optimization reminder,
  • Social SEO optimizer,
  • LSI Recommendation,
  • SEO Score and Readability Score
  • Automatic Smart linking features, and
  • Multiple keyword analysis

These are all premium features that come at $9 only.

The specialty of this plugin is to provide some LSI keyword density feature for your blog post.

B. Expand SEO Plugin

Expand SEO plugin

Expand SEO plugin is another plugin to help your post or page rank boost in search engines.

This plugin is available in the WordPress plugin directory.

Expand SEO is the first SEO plugin for WordPress to offer integrated LSI keyword suggestions right alongside the editor window.

How to use Expand SEO Plugin?

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on Plugins > Add New and search with Expand SEO keyword in the plugin directory.
  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Open New page/post, you will get the separate panel in the post editor.
  • Enter your base keyword and press the Get LSI button then you will get the LSI keywords. Place 3 to 4 keywords within your article.
  • Save your post and publish your article after completing the on-page optimization.
  • That’s it.

C. TwinWord SEO Plugin

Twinword SEO plugin

TwinWord SEO plugin is one of the automatically keywords suggesting plugin according to your post content.

It provides Autosuggestion (suggests Related keywords), Monthly search volume, Number of results, KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) and Keyword usage tracking report.

This plugin is available in both Free and Premium versions.

In the Free version, there are a few limitations.

  • You can search up to 20 Keywords per day
  • You will get first 250 suggestions only
  • You can import up to 50 keywords for analysis

In the premium version, you can increase remove the limitations with few monthly charges.

The plugin gives excellent results even in free versions.

Try to add more related and LSI keywords in your content. For more information on TwinWord plugin, check the guide on “How to Quickly Find and Cluster Relevant Keywords for Your Website?

How to Use LSI Keywords for a better SEO?

This is the biggest secret in the SEO industry. Most of the bloggers and marketers are inserting the keywords into the content without any strategy.

The ranking of the blog/blog post is depended on the placement of LSI keywords. If you are not using correctly, your ranking will break. You can use 2 to 3 LSI keywords per 100 words in the article.

Here I am providing a few tips to make better SEO

1. Choosing a good Keyword

The LSI mentioned above tools generate LSI keywords based on Search engine algorithms. So most of the keywords are not related to the primary or target keyword. You need to filter out useless keywords from the list. That means, pick the relevant keywords. If you collect more LSI keyword lists from various tools, there are chances of having repeated phrase keywords in the listings. Therefore, you need to remove those duplicated keywords.

2. Place the keyword naturally

Placing the relevant and good LSI keyword within the content is very important. If you put it unnaturally, it may be harmful to your site SEO. Do not add all generated LSI KWs in the single article. It is too dangerous. Pick relevant phrases that are similar from the list; place it naturally within the content. Sprinkle the keywords into your content in a meaningful way. If you add in this way, your blog post gets better ranking.

3. Choose and add more targeted positions

Use the keywords in the following targeted locations without missing.

places to add lsi keywords

These places appear naturally and give better readability to the reader. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. What is SEO LSI Keywords?

    LSI is the specialized method to determine the relevancy of the content with the search term. This method helps google and other search engines to use the study and compare the relationship between different terms and concepts. These SEO Keywords helps you to improve better traffic, visibility and good ranking in search results

  2. What do LSI keywords mean?

    Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a special system using by all Search engines. It helps to analyze the searching keyword of the user within the search engine. This system analyzes your content for topic relevancy to the user. Simply the LSI is the phrases and words which are relevant to the target topic. This technology using Google to determine the quality and relevance of the search term.

Final Words on this Post

Using  LSI terms is an art of blogging. If you use it as SEO friendly and in a natural manner, the results will be surprising.

Using more of these keywords in the single content leads to content spamming.

The content having the same meaning or synonyms becomes readable content for both readers and Google Search engines.

Are you using LSI keywords in your articles? If yes, mention the tool you are using in the comment section for more discussion.

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