How to Find and Buy Expired Domains?

Are you searching to buy expired domains? If yes, this guide is for you. The choosing of terminated domain information is essential. If you want to grab the best-expired domains, you need to know the information about DA, PA, PR, Domain Age, and its backlinks about the expired domain names. These types of domains are also called “dropped domains” which expired a few days to years.

how to find and buy expired domain names
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Here I am going to discuss and provide the latest information on all the necessary information about buying expired domains and their sources to buy.

First of all, let us talk about the basics.

What are the Expired Domains?

Expired domains are general domain names, which were registered by individuals, businesses, and some other organizations. After ending the contract with the domain registrant, they will terminate the domain registration. These domain names are available for re-registration. These are called “Expired Domains”.

Thousands of domains will be expiring every day. The basic reasons for the availability of expired domains are given below.

  • Due to forgetting to renew the domain names
  • Not showing interest in domains renewals
  • Few of the people do not like to pay more in renewals
  • Because of project incompleteness

These expired domains are re-registered by SEO persons after their expiry. Because these are smart gold mines.

Who will Purchase these Expired Domain Names?

There are three types of people to buy old domains. They are

  1. SEO professionals: SEOs spy the expired domains purely for the value of backlinks. The metrics that are important for SEO professionals are metrics provided by top backlink data providers – AHrefs, Majestic, SEMrush, and Moz.
  2. Domain Flippers: These people purchases these domain names for the intrinsic value of the domain name.
  3. Domain Parkers: These people purchase these domains to make money by parking the domains that have some organic traffic. They make money from ads if they have specific traffic.

Every day thousands of domains are expiring. Many of the domains having excellent backlinks. However, most of these domains are worthless. Few domains are expired, few are deleted a few days back or a few months or years back.

What are the benefits of buying expired domains?

People will purchase these expired and deleted domains for various reasons. Before buying these, you should consider a few points, which are included in this article. Simply, the expired domain is one that the owner has forgotten/failed to renew. A simple google search will likely suffice, or check to see what kind of site the domain was previously associated with using the Way back machine

1. To Build an Authority Site/Blog

To start a new blog/site, most of the experts consider expired domains rather than new ones. Because with a new domain name, it needs more hard work to get links from other reputed sites, DA, PA, and Alexa rank.

So these domains are great results for new blog starters. These will come with old backlinks, DA and many more additional statistics.

Authority site building is so easy with expired domains.

2. To use for the backlinking purpose

This is the most powerful trick to improve ranking. Here the PBN (Private Blog Network) site construction is a more popular method now.

By using this type of domain name, you can build a small mini site instead of building a complete site for link building.

Here you can transfer Link juices from the old domain to your money-making site. If the expired domain having high DA, PA, and backlinks, it directly improves your blog ranking in search engines.

3. Redirect the Expired domains

This is the simple 301 redirection process. If the chosen expired domain has great statistics like DA, PA, and a good number of backlinks, just configure the 301 redirections to your main site.

For example, your old domain is You can redirect this domain to your main site from the domain registration service.

Because of the SEO value of the expired domain, the power of the outbound links from other sites will be transferred to the main site automatically. Of course, this is the easiest and time-consuming process. This will work if the old and new domains are on a similar niche.

If the redirecting domain is penalized or not. If that is penalized, they carry the penalty to your new site.

Note: The redirecting domain name should be relevant to your main site niche/industry.

4. To Sell for better profits

Most people purchase these domains to sell for better, instant profits. This is called “Domain Flipping”.

Flippa is a great place to sell your domain. To sell these types of domains, first, you need to pick the perfect domain name which is having High Domain Authority, Page Authority, TF, CF, Backlinks, and more. Then you can participate in Domain Auction for a better price.

Another option is, build the site with a purchased expired domain, start improving the SEO value by creating backlinks and content through the simple passage of time. But here you need more work on this. Here the age of domain gives great value for good profits when you sell on Flippa.

You should know these basic things before buying Expired Domains

Thousands of domains are expiring every day. There are hundreds of reasons why most people are choosing expired or used domains.

Because it has more SEO advantages. Before choosing this, you should do a few things.

1. Check Domain Authority & Trust Flow

  • Every day, thousands of expired domains are being added to the used domain’s data. You should verify these domains in the expired domain’s directories like and Moonsy (Few of the list given below) to find these domains with Domain Authority.
  • To know the Domain Authority of the site, you can go for MOZ. It gives you some information about the domain authority and links from other sites to the domains that are live.
  • Before purchasing any old domain you should verify the Alexa rank, domain authority, and if the site is listed in the Google directory, and the age of the domain and domain history.
  • Here, Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) are essential factors to analyze the quality of the domain names. The DA and PA are introduced by MOZ.
  • Trusted Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF) are other important factors. These are introduced by the Majestic Company.
  • Confirm the expired domain’s DA, PA, and TF-CF values before choosing.
da pa tf cf values in expired domains selection
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 2. Check the Domain status in Google

  • After you pick the high DA, PA, and TF, you must analyze the status of the expired domain in Google by using Google banned checker.
  • It gives the details of whether the used domain is good in Google or banned.
  • If the chosen domain is good in all stats, but it is banned in Google, you can apply for a Google reconsideration request to unban the domain.
  • A domain checker site like whois can also give you details of IP addresses that were previously associated with a domain

3. Check backlinks Profile

  • You should examine the backlinks of the used domain. By using SEMrush / Link Assistant tools (from SEO PowerSuite) / KWFinder, examine and evaluate the social media profiles, incoming links, forum profiles – Forum signatures, and editorial links.
  • Evaluation of backlinks is essential to know if the domain is worthy or not.
  • Note: Be careful about the most dangerous spammed Chinese links. You can check these links with AHRefs. Just add the domain name in Ahrefs site explorer and go for the Backlinks section. If you find more Chinese links and Chinese anchor text links, better to leave the domain immediately.

4. Check in Web Achieve

  • Before buying a domain, you should scan and see how it worked when it was live. You can check all the live print of an expired domain on the website There you can see the full history of any domain.
  • This is a new thing, but you must know the type of content and website before expiry. It is called an Online Time machine. You can check the live website in the past dates.
  • Before or after buying the expired domain, go to Web archive and enter the URL and search it. Then click on the Browse History button.
  • On the next screen, you will get the timeline graph. Just pick the recent snapshot and check how the site looked like in the past.
  • Make sure the domain is clean before choosing the best.

5. Check Adsense banned or not

  • You will get the hundreds of used domain names in the Expired domain names list, but most of the domain names are Google AdSense Banned. So if you are planning to start your blog with these expired or used domains, consider this point very first.
  • If you buy the AdSense banned domain, your ROI will be wasted. So check the domain name in the AdSense Sandbox checker tool and see whether it is banned by Google or not.

How to Finding an expired domain?

Finding an expired domain is not an easy process. Even though there are hundreds of expired domains releasing every minute, each domain to be released must go through different phases, each with a different time period.

For example, if you own a website and the domain is expired, you would get a month’s time to recover your website by paying some extra bucks. If you do not recover your website within the given time, your domain will go back to the expired list and will be set for auction. The domain should survive all the processes. The domain registration companies themselves keep listing all these domains that are about expired and sell them to the customers.

By Using

  • The website will show all the domains that are expired and those that are about to expire.
  • You can simply sign in to and start using the website to find out about these domains.
  • In this website along with these domains, the details like when the website is expired and the domain authority, Alexa rank, number of backlinks, and the availability of TLDs are also provided.
  • By using this website, you do not have to use MOZ rank to check the ranking of the website.
  • The only thing you need to consider while choosing an old used domain in is the history of the domain when it is live.

The best thing in is that you will find the number of outbound links from other reputed sites that are available for the domain and also the number of registered IPs for backlinks. You can sort the list by simply clicking leading the parameter you want to check.

The Steps to find expired domains in

Step 1: First create an account on the website. You can create an account for free using your email credentials.

expired domains signup
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Step 2: After creating an account, log on to the website, and you will find the tab named deleted domains. There you will find different options like “.com domains”, “.net domains”, “.org domains” etc. Click on your required TLD.

recent expired domains list
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Step 3: You will find all the lists of expired domains in recent times. You can check if the domain is available for registration or not in the table provided.

domains availability status
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Step 4: If the domain is available and all the parameters areas you want, you can go for registration by simply clicking on the Available link to register.

Once you find the domain that you want to purchase you can simply go to domain registration websites like GoDaddy and Namecheap and you can purchase your domain there.

Where to buy expired domains?

There are many famous domain-selling websites like GoDaddy where you can buy any domain on the internet. There are a couple of tools that help you analyze the old deleted and used domains. Here are the tools and the best place to buy expired domains.

1. Godaddy auctions

godaddy black friday deals 2018
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  • The GoDaddy auctions for domains that are not being used or used in the past and places them in the selling list for the users, who are searching for old domains.
  • There is also feasibility in GoDaddy that you can purchase the websites with an auction that is put up by other users.
  • Every day, hundreds of GoDaddy expired domains are adding to this list.
  • You can directly search for the keywords for your favorite used domains on the auction’s page of GoDaddy, and you can put your auction on the domain that you wanted to purchase.
  • After a domain reaches its expiration date and is not renewed within 30 days, it will go up for auction for seven days.


name dot come domain registrant
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  • The is another website where you can purchase expired domains.
  • This is one of the most famous websites that sell your old domains on the internet, it has a huge collection of turbines for you to choose from.
  • As in GoDaddy you can also search for different and cheap expired domains and begin auction and if you win the auction you can purchase it through the registry service of


domains in sedo
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  • is another website where you can register old domains. This website is used mostly to make the service of the parking of domains.
  • Sedo is famous for mediating sales of expensive domains that cost millions of dollars.
  • The main objective of Sedo is to sell the domains, which have completed their date of expiration, and provide service for parking domains.
  • Here you can find good expired domains with traffic.

4. Moonsy

moonsy expired domains
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  • This is another best website where you can find a list of best-expired domains.
  • Many professional bloggers use Moonsy to find the best domains for their backlinked sites and PBN networks. 

5. Flippa

flippa domains
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  • Flippa is the most popular site to buy and sell expired domains and blogs with content for your business.
  • The best thing about Flippa is that you will find some excellent domains for sale at very low prices.
  • When you directly search for domains in, you will only find an expired domains list with all the bids on the domain, and you can purchase the domain there.

6. FreshDrop

freshdrop expired domains
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  • FreshDrop is one of the biggest marketplaces for buying and selling expired/dropped domains.
  • This company was launched in 2007. More than 3.7 million expired domains database is available.
  • Here you will get great back order expired domains also according to your needs.
  • The listed as category wise.
  • You can find different language domains to launch your site in other languages.

7. ExpiredDomains

expireddomains list
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  • is the biggest marketplace to find used domains as per your needs.
  • Filters are a special feature to get quality domains.

8. DomCop

domcop domains list
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  • DomCop is another great place to get quality expired domains with high DA and PA. Here they integrated great various services to check all the parameters of the domain.
  • SEMrush, Ahrefs, Majestic, SimilarWeb, and Moz are using this platform.

9. Namecheap Domains

namecheap domains
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  • Namecheap is another simple platform to find domains that are ready to buy.
  • Here you will get the list of domains available.
  • Once you choose the domain of your choice, the registration and placing of the domain in the sales pitch is very easy.


domains list from dropping
  • Save is having a great expired domain names list in three different categories. They are Domain Investors, SEO/SEM Experts, and Website Owners

  • The Domains for Domain Investors: You can find the domain names with end-user value and resale potential.
  • The Domains for SEO/SEM Experts: You can find the domains according to SEO and SEM value.
  • The Domains for Website Owners: You will find the domains based on the visitors and search engine rankings based on your website category.

One thing that should be remembered is that the dropped domains are always bought by auction, you will never get a domain in the buying it now option. Before buying expired domains, you have to read the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

How to start a blog with the Expired domain?

Are you planning to start a new blog with an expired domain? Just follow the below steps to start your new blog easily.

How to buy an expired domain? If you find the great expired domain, first register the domain name from the domain registrant services like GoDaddy, Namecheap or Crazydomains, etc.

What you need to start a new blog with the Expired domain?

  • You need SEO based Blogging Platform – Self-hosted WordPress is recommended
  • You need a web hosting plan to store the files like text, images, web elements, and other media files.
  • You need SEO optimized WordPress theme and Plugins

How to register Expired Domain Name in Godaddy?

  • After choosing the old domain name from, copy the domain name.
  • Paste it in Godaddy and then click on the Search button and follow the steps in the procedure of registration.
  • Complete the payment process by providing contact information and payment information.
  • Activate the account by clicking on the verification link from the registered email address.
  • That’s it.

How to Buy Web Hosting?

There are plenty of web hosting services are available. Bluehost, A2Hosting, ipage, and Siteground is the most popular hosting providing companies.

Here I am recommending A2hosting to start.

Why did I choose A2hosting? You can pick this hosting by using your debit cards and net banking systems instead of credit cards.

If you have a credit card, you can pick any web hosting in the given above list.

A2Hosting is the most popular web hosting service to start a blog with an expired domain. They are providing a 51% discount on first-time registrations along with one free domain name.

First, you need to click the registration link and follow the instructions.

Choose a better plan to launch. Here I suggest, SWIFT plan from Share hosting. You use configure unlimited websites here.

choose SWIFT plan
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  • Add your registered domain name after choosing the option “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers” then click on the “Use” button
  • To avoid high renewal prices, better to choose 24 months plan, then click the Continue button to proceed. The 51% discount will be applied automatically.
a2hosting discount applied
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  • Finally, you will be on the checkout page. Add your personal information, billing address, account security information, and payment details. Then put the tick mark by agreeing to the terms of service and click on “complete order”.
  • You will receive an activation email after a few minutes of the registration.
  • Now go to your GoDaddy account and click on Manage DNS, then enter Nameservers in custom mode and press the “Save” button.
  • That’s it.

Now it is time to install the blogging platform, i.e., WordPress. You can consider the best Siteground Alternatives and Bluehost alternatives.

How to Install WordPress in A2Hosting?

To install WordPress, login into the A2hosting account and go for cPanel then click on the Softaculous option.

softaculous installer
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Choose the WordPress platform and click on the Install button.

choose wordpress from scripts
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Fill the details of Software setup, Site settings, Admin username and password, and other information, then click on Install button.

wordpress installation form
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  • After a few seconds, the WordPress installation will be complete. Then click on the newly WordPress installed domain name, you will be redirected to the WordPress login/dashboard.
WordPress login page
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That’s it

Start posting the content.


Choosing a domain is easy, but one thing that should be remembered when you purchase a domain is that we need a good ranking for the domain, so we need to consider many factors before using the expired domain.

There will be some domains that have bad records and bad spam scores. You should avoid that kind of demand before you want to purchase any domain. To check the records of a domain you can use (Wayback machine) where you can find all the details of the website when it was live.

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