Best AHREFS Alternatives 2022: You must try these tools in your Blogging Business

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Are you looking for the best AHREFS alternative SEO tools? Here is the list of better alternatives to start your SEO approach in 2022.
Well, AHREFs is in business for a long time. This tool helped many bloggers and website owners to rank their websites. It is an all in one SEO tool you can use to run site audits for your website and do keyword research for page rankings.

You can also get content insights along with keyword rankings. Another important use of this tool is to check the backlinks of any website using this tool easily.

Even though this tool is best in many features, it may not be a perfect choice for every one of us. Some of us might feel it as costlier and choose the alternatives. So here I am writing about all the alternatives of AHREFs (free and paid).

What is AHREFS?

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Ahrefs – Best internet marketing tool

AHREFs is the best SEO tool for marketing analysis and keyword research. If you wish to improve your traffic and organic presence, then choosing the AHREFs tool will best help you.

Its site explorer is the best SEO tool to find all the insights of any website.

Before going into deep dive into the best ahrefs alternatives, you have to know why SEO is so important for doing online business.

Below are the features of AHREFs provided by this tool to make your SEO strong and rank your website on the first pages of Google.

Features of Ahrefs

The features of AHREFs include.

1. Site explorer

The site explorer of the ahrefs helps you find the search traffic and backlinks of any website. With this data, you can adapt to your website and rank further than the ranking websites. 

2. Keywords Explorer

It is one of the best features of the ahrefs. It gives you the best keyword ideas for you to include in your content to rank in google. It also gives you a detailed analysis of ranking, keyword difficulty, and traffic of all the keywords.  

3. Site Audit

The site Audit feature of the ahrefs helps in checking the on-page SEO of a website. When you submit your page to the ahrefs, the site audit feature will crawl all pages then your website health score is shown and shows important changes to be made to make your pages rank faster in google. 

4. Rank Tracker

The rank tracker helps you track your ranking against your competitors and gives you detailed reports of your performance. As we know, ranking is different for different pages in different languages and different countries. Once you analyze your website in the rank tracker, this tool will give you a detailed analysis of your Desktop and mobile rankings over 170 different countries.

5. Content Explorer

If you are searching for content ideas, topics, detailed analysis of your topic, then content explorer gives its best. Whatever you need to do is search for your major keyword in the content explorer, and it gives you all the top results of best performing content on google for you to take reference. 

Free Tools from Ahrefs

AHrefs is one of the biggest All-in-one toolsets for every blogger, Webmaster and content writers.

They provide very good tools like Site audit, Site Explorer, Keyword explorer, content explorer, and Rank Tracker. of course, these tools are available for premium users.

Along with these tools, AHREFS is providing other Free tools which are helpful for new bloggers.

You can try these free tools anytime. Here is the list to access those awesome tools.

Free Tool Name



1. Back Link Checker

It helps you to check Backlinks of you own blog and your competitors

2. Broken Link Checker

It helps you to check broken links in your blog like 4xx and 5xx errors

3. Website Authority Checker

It helps you to check your Site authority.

4. Keyword Generator

It helps you to find related keywords for your content. Smart and free keyword research tool.

5. Youtube Keyword Tool

It helps you to find the best keywords for youtube videos optimization.

6. Amazon Keyword Tool

It helps you to find some keywords for Amazon products.

7. Bing Keyword Tool

It helps you to find the ranking keywords from Bing search engines.

8. SERP Checker

It helps you to analyze the top 10 rankings for any keyword in 229 countries.

9. SEO Checker

It helps you to check your website’s SEO performance, learn how to improve it, and get more organic traffic.

10. Keyword Rank Checker

It helps you check Keyword ranking in 229 countries.

11. Keyword Difficulty Checker

It helps you check how hard it will be to get into top 10 search results for any keyword.

Pricing and Plans of Ahrefs

Pricing of AHREFS:

The AHREFS pricing and plans are four. You can start any plan with 7 days trial

  • Trial version – $7 for seven days
  • Lite plan – $99 per month
  • Standard plan – $179 per month
  • Advanced plan – $399 per month
  • Agency plan – $999 per month
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Ahrefs Plans and Prices

Best AHREFS alternatives

As the tool is perfect in many things, it is still pricey for us to bear. Hence we have created a list of best ahrefs alternatives that can be used both for free and premium. Here is the list to go.

best ahrefs alternatives
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Best Ahrefs alternatives 2022

All the tools I have added to my list of ahrefs alternatives are excellent, and you can opt for them without a second thought.

1. SEMRUSH – Best All-in-one SEO tool

semrush - all in one seo toolkit
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Best Ahrefs Alternative software

SEMRush is a great ahrefs competitor. When considering many SEO experts, the first choice if not ahrefs is the SEMRUSH tool; this tool comes with many advanced features which made it more liked by many professionals.

The SEMRush is best for SEO, paid traffic analysis, social media analysis, and content analysis.
To make your website entirely better, the SEMRush offers 40 different tools, which helps you find the best solution to your digital marketing challenges. These tools come with different and unique features.

SEMRush content marketing toolkit helps you to improve your content marketing strategy easily.

Features of SEMRUSH

Some of the important features of the SEMRush SEO toolkit include the following. 

  • Site audit: Helps in performing complete site audits for issues to rectify.
  • On-page SEO checker: The on-page SEO checker tool checks any important corrections to be made on your pages that are problematic for google ranking. It is a fantastic tool to get very good data-driven insights for your on-page optimization ton both new and existing assets. 
  • Keyword overview tool: the keyword overview tool gives you all the keywords such as competition, difficulty, and cps of keywords. It helps you to find profitable keywords for better search engine performance and conversion rate.
  • Organic research tool: With the organic research tool, you can enter your competitors’ website, and you can see all the insights of your competitor. 
  • Keyword magic tool: Lets you research the keyword database of over 20 billion keywords in the SEMRush.
  • Position tracking tool: this tool helps you track any keywords or domains and competitors on google. 
  • The SEMRUSH analyzes your content for toxic backlinks, but in the case of ahrefs does not offer any additional tool to find these toxic incoming links.
  • There is a special Google Chrome extension available to check the power of SEMRush. You can install the addon to check the deep SEO insights of Google SERPs.
  • Perfect and good fit to start PPC campaigns.

SEMRUSH – Complimentary Access (FREE)

We are very happy to share this awesome 14 days of free trial access to improve your SEO approach immediately.

The Pricing plans of SEMRUSH Pro starts from $99 per month. You can try this SEO tool now. Grab this 14 days free trial. Make sure to provide your email, password, and billing details to grab SEMRUSH pro for free.  It is a highly recommended alternative to ahrefs.

Pricing of SEMRush

SEMRush offers three different plans and pricing. They are


For freelancers, startups and in-house marketers with limited budget

1. Know your competitors’ traffic sources, rankings, social media results & more.

2. Run your SEO, PPC and SMM projects with 40+ advanced tools.

$99.95 per month


For SMB and growing marketing agencies. All the Pro features plus: 

  • Historical Data

  • Content Marketing Platform 

  • Extended limits

$199.95 per month


For agencies, E-commerce projects and businesses with extensive web presence

All the Guru features plus:

  • API access

  • Extended limits and sharing options

  • Google Data Studio Integration

$399.95per month

2. SERPSTAT – Best Growth Hacking tool

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Best Ahrefs alternative tool

The Serpstat is a growth tracking tool for SEO and content analysis for your website. This tool comes best after the SEMRush tool for its best features. This tool helps you find the best strategies to beat your competitors by analyzing your competitors’ weaknesses.

This tool provides amazing features such as keyword research tool, search analytics tool, rank tracking tool, on-page audit tool, and many more.

Features of SERPSTAT

Some of the important tools that are provided by the SERPSTAT include.

  • Rank tracking: the rank tracking tool of Serpstat will let you find the detailed ranking of your web pages with SERP historical data
  • Backlink analysis: backlink analysis is another best tool of SerpStat where you can get complete backlink data within a single click once you enter a website name into the backlink dashboard you will get the detailed backlinks of the last two years and with this tool, you can keep track of your competitors backlink strategies
  • Keyword research: The in-depth URL analysis and insights on search questions and a preview of keywords distribution are the Serpstat keyword research tool’s special features.
  • Site Audit: You can perform technical SEO audits with this awesome feature. Once you submit your website address for the site audit tool, it will give you a detailed Serpstat domain Optimisation score and the purity percentage you need to consider for the changes you need on your website. It also helps you to perform the technical SEO and best solutions to rank higher in the search.

Pricing of SERPSTAT tool

It is a more affordable ahrefs alternative and Pricing plans start from $69 per month. It has four plans – Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. You can choose any one of the plans to start keyword research to SEO for your website or your client. The free trial is available with limited features for a lifetime. Just click on the Get Started button from the SERPSTAT official page by following the given link to pick the right keywords for your content.

  • Free trial for lifetime
  • Lite Plan Plan – $69 per Month
  • Standard Plan – $149 per Month
  • Advanced Plan – $299 per Month
  • Enterprise Plan – $499 per Month

3. SEO Powersuite – Best Desktop SEO Software

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Best SEO Software for desktop users

The SEO powersuite is another best all-in-one SEO tool, which we can use for all essay purposes to improve your Google rankings. The SEO powersuite is a compact pack of 4 immensely powerful SEO tools that can be used separately for different purposes, with all the tools provided by the SEO power so that you can experience better results efficiently.

I am a big fan of this SEO software after Ahrefs and SEMRUsh and using this premium version to improve my SEO strategy. I feel it is the best alternative to know better keyword suggestions, keyword rankings, competitor research, traffic analytics, and many more powerful features.

Features of SEO PowerSuite:

The key features of SEO Powersuite are

  • SEO spyglass: It is a tool for in-depth backlink research analysis and anti penalty link audit tool. You can check live backlinks within a few minutes and analyze five competitors in a single dashboard. I used to analyze my backlink profile.
  • Website auditor: the website auditor of power suit helps you perform full website Audit and content Optimization and gives you detailed crawl stats with broken links and other 40+ SEO factors that are needed to improve your website. You need to give your Google search console access for better-analyzed data. There are keyword optimization tools and content optimization tools that can help you create content that helps you get better traffic from search engines. 
  • Link assistant: with the detailed link building reports and link progress tracking the link assistant tool comes in handy for better Google rankings.
  • Rank TrackerThe rank tracker of the SEO Powersuite helps you find your rankings in 300 plus different search engines by comparing competitor rankings and Geo-targeted results. You can compare your target keywords performance against your competitors with ease. It comes with a decent keyword database, and you can trust its keyword difficulty score.

4. UberSuggest – Best Free Ahrefs Alternative

ubersuggest tool
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Ubersuggest SEO tool for beginners

It is freemium, and best ahrefs free alternative and the most popular Free SEO tool by Neil Patel helps you win your game of SEO. Do you prefer just a simple yet powerful SEO tool designed to reverse engineer your competitor’s SEO and content marketing strategies to improve your website?

The detailed stats provided by the robber suggest you can adopt them and improve your SEO scores. It is the best alternative to Ahrefs.

Ubersuggest toolbar you can either search for keywords, which provides the detailed stats of keyboard suggestions with all the matrics required. You can also directly enter the domain name of any website. In return, it provides the complete domain overview of organic keywords and total traffic along with the backlink statistics.

The ubersuggest is a 100% free alternative SEO tool. A few months back, Neil Patel announced their premium plans with affordable pricing plans as Yealy and lifetime.

Features of Ubersuggest

The Ubersuggest has a wide range of features including

  • Keyword Research: It gives thousands of keyword ideas, best-performed keywords with a seasonal trending graph. To work with this feature, you have to give your google analytics access.
  • Topic research: This is similar to Buzzsumo. 
  • SEO Audit: The SEO analysis will let you get a complete report of your website to gain more traffic by providing statistics of critical errors and warnings. 
  • Keyword Ideas: This tool helps you give a complete list of potential keywords with Volume, CPC, PD (page difficulty), and SD (SEO difficulty).
  • Traffic Analyzer: It helps you know the site’s monthly organic visitors and SEO ranking keywords state top-performing pages and SEO keywords. We can use this tool as a spy tool to find and examine a competitor’s best performing keywords.
  • Content Ideas: It helps you to find the best-performed content for your project content ideas. The resulting pages are provided as per the ranking factors of the country.
  • A/B testing calculator: An A/B testing calculator is a simple tool that helps you analyze your conversation rate. By simply entering the number of visitors to your page and the overall conversations, you can calculate the conversion rate.

All of the features are solid. Suppose you are talking with SEO. It is a perfect choice.

Pricing of Ubersuggest:

The ubersuggest gives a seven days trial with their routine plans. Compared with other famous advanced SEO tools like AHREFS, SEMRush, and MOZ, the pricing is significantly less. It has lifetime plans also possible with a 90% great discount.

Name of the Plan

Useful for

Price Monthly

Lifetime Pricing

Individual Plan

Entrepreneurs & small businesses. Managing 1-3 websites.

$12 per Month


Business Plan

Small & medium businesses. Managing 4-7 websites.

$20 per Month


Enterprise / Agency plan

Large businesses & agencies. Managing 8+ websites

$40 per Month


5. Mangools – Best Ahrefs alternative for beginners

mangools SEO tool
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Mangools tool is another SEO tool that helps you find the right keywords and also track your rankings and search stats for your web pages. It comes with the most popular SEO tools. If you are a new blogger with a limited budget, mangools SEO toolkit is the best choice. It also provides ten days of a free trial before going to pick the paid plans.

Features of Mangools tool

  • KW Finder: The Mangools KW finder is best for finding the long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulties. You can also find keywords by major keyword or by domain. It helps you to identify and analyze the most relevant keywords.
  • SERP Checker: The tool helps in SERP analysis to find great posts of your competitors and find the possibilities for your web pages to rank. The SERP analysis in KWFinder helps you to discover the search intent of the target audience.
  • SERP Watcher: the SERP watcher tool helps you monitor your web page rankings in search engines. 
  • Link Miner: the link minor of mangools is a backlink analysis tool to find backlinks of any domain. 
  • Site Profiler: the side profile of the tool of mangools is a comprehensive analysis tool that helps you find out essential Activa Metrics and insights to improve your website. 

Here is the complete review of KWFinder 2022 and how to use it.

KW Finder’s basic features

The basic features of KWFinder are here

  1. Search by Keyword: It helps you to find the list of keywords in three different categories. They are SuggestionsAutocomplete, and Questions. You will find the full details of keyword metrics like Search, Keyword Difficulty (KD), CPC, Trend, and PPC.
  2. Search by Domain name: It allows you to find the exact keywords ranked by your competitors by providing detailed keyword metrics.

Pricing of KW Finder

The pricing of KWFinder is affordable and flexible. It is one of the tools from the Mangools toolkit. If you buy any plan from the Mangools plan, you will get access to use all the toolkits.

  • 10 Days trial pack
  • Basic plan – $29 per Month
  • Premium plan – $39 per month
  • Agency plan – $79 per Month

6. Monitor BackLinks – Best Monitoring tool for Backlinks

monitorbacklinks homepage
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MonitorBacklinks – Best monitoring tool for backlinks

The monitor backlinks is a simple yet powerful tool that helps you monitor backlinks and keywords. It is one of the must-have SEO tools for any blogger. With this tool’s help, you can keep an eye on your backlinks and find good and bad backlinks of your web pages. The best thing about this tool is there you can also find different Baton from your competitor websites. It is the best monitoring tool for backlinks and keywords period.

When the monitor backlinks tool compares with AHrefs, the AHRefs can pull 10k rows of backlink data. But in the case of Monitor backlinks, you will get 4k links only. It does not have any free trial account.

The tool features are so limited when compared with Ahrefs. It does not have keyword tools, competitor analysis features, domain comparisons and organic traffic reporting. 

Features of Monitor Backlinks:

  • Link analysis: It helps you monitor/analyze your backlinks and separate the spammy links from the quality backlinks.
  • Competitor links: It helps you to your competitor’s backlinks.
  • Rank tracker: It helps you to monitor your keywords ranking from last month to lifetime.
  • Disavow tool: This is a pretty cool feature to consider. It comes with an easy to use interface to inspect your backlinks for finding the toxic links.
  • Link changes: It helps you know your backlinks’ changes to decide a good link or a bad link.
  • Link checker: It helps you know the status of your competitors’ backlink by adding manually. 

7. Moz Pro-Best SEO software for Smart marketers

Moz keyword explorer premium tool
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Moz Pro – Best Ahrefs competitor

Most Pro is another all-in-one SEO software that comes in different tools to boost your web page rankings in different search engines and improve your search visibility.

It is one of the best tools for researching website errors, competitive analysis, and SEO metrics and helps you bring all the SEO aspects under one roof, which saves a lot of time.

Most Pro is another all-in-one SEO software that comes in different tools to boost your web page rankings in different search engines and improve your search visibility.

It is one of the best tools for researching website errors, competitive analysis, and SEO metrics. It helps you bring all the SEO aspects under one roof, which saves a lot of time.

Features of Moz Pro

The major tools provided by the Moz Pro are

  • Link Explorer: the link explorer tool of the most Pro helps search different website backlinks of your competitors. You can simply enter your competitor URL find the link explorer tool to explore all the provided URL backlinks.
  • Keyword Explorer: with the Keyword Explorer tool, you can research a huge database of keywords at a minimum time. You can search for different keywords that will help you on our website in Google. 
  • Mozbar: the Moz bar is a tool that comes in aid to quickly know the ranking statistics of any blog from the blog web page itself.

Pricing of MOZ keyword explorer

The pricing of the Moz keywords explorer starts from $99 per Month. The MOZ pro plans include Mozbar premium, Multiple search engines, SEO insights, 24 hours online support, and MOZ forum. You can grab the 30-day free trial by choosing any one of the plans. You can cancel anytime without any commitments. Monthly ten keyword searches are available.

  • 30 days of free trial
  • Standard Plan – $99 per Month
  • Medium Plan – $149 per Month
  • Large Plan – $249 per Month
  • Premium Plan – $599 per Month

8. Majestic – Best Ahrefs alternative for Backlink analysis

majestic SEO homepage
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Majestic tool

Ahrefs is a fantastic tool for backlink analysis. But if you need an in-depth analysis of backlinking strategies, you can choose Majestic SEO. The tool considers Citation flow and Trust flow in the backlink analysis. It uses the link intelligence data analysis. It allows you to analyze your competitors’ backlinks and their changes at a particular date.

Majestic is maintaining a huge backlinks database of all major branded sites around the world. It makes your backlinks analysis easy because it maintains two different databases about links. They are the Fresh index and Historical index. Its stats are showing on their home page by updating frequently. The Majestic also uses two backlink indexes a fresh index and a historical index.

Features of Majestic tool:

  • The site explorer you break down the incoming links and metrics for almost every significant URL on the internet
  • Keyword Generator is another newly introduced feature and helps you to drill down the link context of sites. It gives very content ideas and advertising terms.
  • Link context helps you to find links near you and your competitors.
  • Bulk Backlink checker: It allows you to analyze the backlink numbers for up to 400 URLs using the paste URLs feature up to more than 1 lakh URLs by using file upload feature.

9. BuzzSumo – Best Ahrefs Alternative for Content Analysis

buzzsumo content marketing tool
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buzzsumo content marketing tool

BuzzSumo is one of my favourite tools for my content marketing and SEO campaigns. It is a great ahref competitor that can be used as a research and monitoring tool to find the most popular content in every industry and identify influencers. It helps you to create smarter content strategies for your online business. You can find the best performing content within your target location.

To work with these tools, you can add the keyword or domain name in their search bar. You will get complete insights into their particular keyword or domain name. Buzzsumo has a different option to start the best content marketing strategies.

  • Discover: It helps you know your competitors’ best performing or trending pages by using keywords and URLs. It gives endless content ideas and question for any subject within less time
  • Content: It allows you to know the best performing content, videos, and backlinks across the web.
  • Influencers: It helps you to identify influencers for your blog subject on Twitter, youtube, and authors

Basic Features:

  • Content Management System
  • Social Media Integration
  • Analytics
  • Analytical Reports
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Customer Engagement
  • Posts Scheduling
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customizable Reports
  • Influencer Identification
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Influencer Tracking
  • Multi Channel Data Collection

10. Raven Tools – Best White label SEO reporting Tool

raven tools
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raven tools

Raven tools are one of the fully developed Social media marketing software useful for SEOs, Search engine marketers, and startups. It offers Link management, Social media metrics, Keyword research tools, Multi-account management, Content management under the single roof.

Raven Tools Features

  • Auditing
  • User Management
  • Dashboard
  • A/B Testing
  • Campaign Management
  • Analytics
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Link Management
  • Localization
  • Mobile Search Tracking
  • Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Content Management
  • Post Scheduling
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Keyword Filtering

11. Jaaxy – Most Advanced Keyword Research tool

jaaxy keyword research platform
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jaaxy keyword research platform

If you are working with affiliate websites to promote the products, Jaaxy is another perfect choice as the best AHrefs alternative. It is an affordable SEO tool for content writers and bloggers.

Affiliate marketers for affiliate marketing develop this tool. It is a complete keyword research site to know the average search volume, traffic, Quoted Search results, and domain availability.

You can use this free tool to access the incredible number of keywords by managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition and market research.

It is the complete keyword research tool to get access to relevant keyword suggestions.
It comes with a free trial and affordable premium plans with 30 days money-back guarantee.

With a Jaaxy free account, you will get the 30 searches completely free. The interface is similar to Google keyword planner.

Features of Jaaxy:

Jaaxy is the best option to find more profitable keyword data within a short time. Here are a few special features, which are especially useful.

  • Keyword searches: It helps you to find the target keywords along with search volume and Traffic status.
  • Domain search: It helps you to find the available domain for the given keyword. You can check 90 domains with every search (3 per search term). It is the best place to find the referring domains by considering high traffic and search volume.
  • Niches: You can find the trending niches with this Brainstorm feature.
  • Affiliate program finder: It helps you to find the relevant affiliate programs according to your seed keyword.
  • Competition Analysis: It helps you analyze your competitors’ site through the jaaxy’s search algorithm and what the top-ranked websites are doing.
  • Site Rank: It helps you to know the website ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo. You will get the complete insights of your site and ranked keywords in various tabs to monitor your site rankings’ changes and variation.
  • The user interface is Impressive and easy to use

The Jaaxy pricing starts with three plans. 

  • Starter: This is a trial version to try jaaxy services.
  • Pro: This is the most popular plan for new websites. The subscription starts from $49 per month.
  • Enterprise: This is a perfect choice for power users. It starts at $99 per month.

12. Long tail Pro – A best Keyword research tool

Long Tail Pro Review Top keyword research weapon
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Longtail pro – complete long tail keyword research tool

The long tail pro is simple and easy to use software with a straight forward interface that you can use quickly. It is an All-in-One tool for keyword research that comes with different features. You can create multiple projects for various sites to stay organized.

It is to focus on long-tail keywords entirely. It is vital to add longtail keywords in your content for better ranking in Google. This tool helps in finding all the available long tails which you can include in your article.

If you are looking to find longtail keywords to optimize your SEO-friendly articles, the long tail pro will give much data with a popular keywords list.

Longtail Pro Features:

The tool is created for the complete keyword research basis. You will get number of long-tail keywords that you perform for the phrase search. The essential features of the tool are three.

  • Keyword research: It is the most useful tool to get hundreds of keywords. Choose a broad, phrase, or Exact keyword match basis for finding search volume. You can enter seed keywords then hit the button on Generate keywords. You can export the keywords list in excel CSV format.
  • SERP Analysis: It helps you give the keyword competitiveness (KC) and competition analysis details of the search phrase.
  • Rank Tracker: This tool allows you to track the site and keywords ranking from the chosen search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex) and location basis.
  • Backlink Analysis: This tool allows you to get the complete backlinks details and analysis reports of your site or competitor’s URL.

Plans and Pricing of Longtail pro:

The Pricing of Longtail pro depends on the chosen plan. The plans are Starter ($25/Month), Pro ($45/Month), and Agency ($98/Month)for the Annual plans. In all the plans, Keyword Research, Rank tracker features are common. In the pro and Agency plans, Account management and Plug-and-play template systems are available.

  • Longtail Pro 10 days trial
  • Starter Plan – $37 per Month
  • Pro Plan – $45 per Month
  • Agency Plan – $98 per Month

13. SE Ranking – Simple All-in-one SEO software

se ranking seo software
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SERanking – best AHREFS alternative tool

SE Ranking is another best Ahrefs alternative SEO toolkit with a wide range of SEO features. It is easy to use SEO analysis and marketing tool.

The SE Ranking is the most popular and trusted SEO software to manage multiple tasks from a single platform.

SE Ranking is the best fit for content marketers and agencies who are looking for the cheapest SEO solutions for better SEO approach.

Features of SE Ranking:

  • On-page SEO checker: It optimizes your pages with a particular keyword
  • Marketing plan: You can use the Marketing plan to give you the complete SEO checklist, website analysis, and custom goals.
  • Keyword grouping tool: It allows you to group the keywords as segments and plan the SEO architecture of your website.
  • Keyword research tool: It has more than 3 billion keywords, and inbuilt google autocomplete feature
  • Social Media ManagementThe Social media tool allows you to know the analytics, and you can use the auto-posting feature to schedule your posts.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) competitor analysis
  • Backlink checker helps you to monitor backlinks status.
  • Keyword rank tracker: It helps you know the keyword rank status in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, and Yandex on all locations and devices.
  • Lead generator: It helps you generate qualified leads for your agency by installing the On-Page checker widget on your site. Website audit: It helps you audit your site link by link crawling from the homepage to the deepest pages.


The pricing of SE Ranking starts from $18 to $90 per month. The subscription plans change from plan to plan based on the rank checking frequency and the subscription period.

Which Ahrefs Alternatives are perfect for your Business?

Ahrefs is the perfect and best all-in-one SEO toolkit for every blogger and digital marketer. It allows you to perform the below tasks.

  • To get valuable content insights
  • To track the ranking performance of your target keywords
  • To check your site link profile with accurate analysis
  • To run technical site audits
  • To get deep content analysis and many more.

If you need the additional analysis data, you can try the above given top ahrefs alternatives for your existing content assets. These Ahrefs alternative SEO tools rectify your common SEO.

If you are looking for a free alternative to AHREFS just for the keyword research part, Google keyword planner can be a great choice for beginners. But it does not give accurate keyword search volume data. So you have to choose the best alternative from the above list to move your blogging process to the next level.

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