10 Best Places to Buy Backlinks for Your Blog

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The major questions that are being asked by many SEO aspirants these days are,

Is buying backlinks safe?

How to buy backlinks?

What are the best sites to buy backlinks?

to buy backlinks

is buying backlinks a good idea?

Here in this post, I will discuss some important things are to be known while buying backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the most common factors in Blogging that help our websites rank in SEO. In Blogging, many consider creating backlinks.

This is because other than any other SEO strategy, creating backlinks will save most of your time.

In the beginning, most of the bloggers do not understand what backlinks are and struggle to create some backlinks to their websites.

Backlinking is giving links to your pages from other high ranking webpages. The more are these links to your website, the more will be your website ranking on google and its Domain Authority.

One thing to be considered in creating backlinks is, only to create backlinks in the sites that match your niche.

If you run a website based on nutrition and you create backlinks in the sites regarding mobile phones, then all the struggle you kept in creating backlinks will be a waste of time.

The backlinks created from such websites will not make your website rank.

What are the Advantages of Backlinks?

Here are the set of advantages of creating backlinks to your site.

Websites index faster: When you create backlinks from authority sites then your indexing will be faster in Google.

When you do not have backlinks your website takes time to be crawled by Google SEO bots.

Traffic: This is another best advantage of creating backlinks. Creating backlinks means giving anchor text to content in other authoritative blogs.

When these blogs get good traffic, because of anchor links created in their blogs, you will get some referral traffic which increases your SEO score.

Why Buy Backlinks?

The only question that is raised when thinking of backlinks is, if there are so many sources of creating backlinks then why one need to buy backlinks.

Even though there are sites that allow you to create backlinks you need to spend more time searching the sites with good authority and those that are spam-free.

In most of the conditions, you will only get nofollow backlinks for your site.

Therefore, you can make this easy by buying links. In this way, you can directly search for high ranking websites and get many do-follow backlinks.

Is buying Backlinks Safe?

To most of the extent, buying backlinks is safe. In common situations, buying backlinks is giving money for putting your links in high-quality websites.

There is no coding or any other illegal activity required in buying links. Therefore, there are no special bots that find bought backlinks.

Does buying backlinks work? Until and unless you show your purchased backlinks to google, you are in a safe SEO zone.

One thing you need to remember while purchasing backlinks is that you need to check the spam score of the site in which you are purchasing a backlink.

How to Buy Quality Backlinks?

What are the basic reasons for Buying BacklinksHere are the main reasons for buying backlinks.

  • Most bloggers go for backlinks because it is time-efficient. You need not sit before your computer for hours and hours struggling for creating backlinks.
  • Backlinks will only help your SEO if the site you take backlinks has a good page authority. Buying backlinks will ease your search for good ranking websites.

Is Buying Backlinks against Google Webmaster Guidelines?

It’s not that buying backlinks is safe. There are some restrictions from google webmasters on backlinking. But there are many bloggers who are still using this strategy and are ranked on Google.

So until Google finds these, you are in safe hands for buying backlinks.

Disclaimer: Buying backlinks (paid links)is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. 

Best Sites for Buying Backlinks

Where can I buy backlinks? and Where to get quality backlinks?

Yes. Here is the list of best sites for buying high-quality backlinks for your site.

1. Backlinks

The BackLinks website has many features buying and selling quality backlinks to the users. In backlinks.com anyone can join and purchase high-quality backlinks. 

The BackLinks is been selling backlinks for the last 10 years. This website is best known for its quality service to its customers.

In the BackLinks website, you can buy or sell backlinks.


  • In this site, you can sell or buy backlinks.
  • There is also an affiliate program to earn money
  • Easy and simple interface

2. Links Management

If you are thinking to buy the best and high-quality backlinks, then Links management is your best choice for you. You will get links from over 8,000,000 high ranking websites. It helps in creating a good backlinking profile that helps you in building good SEO. To buy links, use this link


  • Various sources of high-quality backlinks


  • Only buying of links is available in links management

3. PBN Master

The PBN master is another best website to buy quality backlinks. This website provides you with PBN Links, PBN Domains, and PBN setup services. These high-quality PBN links will help you build a good SEO for your site

4. The Hoth

The Hoth is an SEO website where different SEO products are sailed. They also buy and sell backlinks to their customers on high ranking websites. You can directly purchase backlinks through this link: Buy link from here. You can choose a plan and purchase the best plan for backlinks.

5. Post Links

By choosing Post Links you can keep your link building on autopilot. You can register for Post Links and start purchasing backlinks from this website. It also has an option to sell links from your site. That is you can sell or buy backlinks through Post Links.

6. Authority Backlinks

In authority Backlinks you can select a package of backlinks and the website officials will do the rest. They write a complete article for you on the websites with high authority and give backlinks from that article to your website and will report you in 21 days. In this way, you get very good quality backlinks.

7. Backlink’em

The Backlink’em provides backlinks to their customers in three different packages namely small, medium, and large. You can choose a package according to your requirement and your backlinks will be provided to you.

8. Warrior Forum

In Warrior Forum there will some individual bloggers maintaining high authority websites. They sell backlinks from their websites. You can search for those in the warrior forum and buy backlinks from them.

9. Black Hat World

As the word says, there is not much as on that website that makes you a black hat blogger. Even though the sounding is strange, there are pure articles that focus on good SEO. Here there are also genuine sellers that sell backlinks. You can make use of them to improve your SEO.

10. Black Hat Links

For selling backlinks in this site you need not spend a lot of time updating URLs. Once you set up the logins, everything will be automatic.

Best ways to Create Backlinks other than Buying some

Even though buying backlinks is good, there are some simple means of creating backlinks without spending money on them.

Here is the list of things that you can do to create backlinks to your websites.

  • You can create the best backlinks by submitting your blog to web directories. Even though it is an old strategy in SEO, it is still working.
  • Broken link building is also another good strategy where you need to find broken links of other websites with many backlinks.
  • You can recreate the content on your website and ask the websites linking to that broken link to link back to your site.
  • Follow your competitors. Replicating your competitors is the best way of improving your SEO.
  • You can follow your competitors in creating the backlinks.


This is how you can buy backlinks from the above-listed websites.

You can share your own experiences in buying backlinks with our readers in the comment section below. 

By using the above list you can buy do follow backlinks for better ranking in search engines.

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