Are you searching for basic SEO tips for your new blog? This Post gives the basic idea of Search Engine Optimization.

When you are a beginner in the SEO industry, you should first understand that no magic is involved in the process of improving the ranking and making your site to come to the first page of Google.

There are some rules that are required to be followed so that the important signals are provided to the bots. This will lead to proper indexing and crawl of your site. Here are some basic SEO tips that you can apply to your site or blog.

Basic SEO tips to Optimize Your Blog

Important and Basic SEO tips for Beginners

1. Title and Description of Page

title and meta description

The titles and the description of the page are very important aspects of SEO. These appear in the search engine as an advertisement in the search engine result page (SERP). So better to write eye-catchy titles to attract visitors from search engines. It gives a better CTR.

2. Page Titles

Heading tags

The page title should be unique, descriptive and brief in nature. It should help the users in understanding the subject matter of the page.

  • Home Page: The title on the homepage may include the name of your business or website. It can also possess the physical location of the business and the main subjects or offerings.
  • Other Page: Title in other pages should describe the page and should be attractive to the audience.

3. Page Description

Meta description

The meta tag or the description is equally important as the title. If you are dealing with the products on different pages, the description on each page should be different from the other. The size of the description should remain between 150 to 160 characters. Never use a large number of keywords within the description. This should be used in a way that it advertises on your page firmly.

4. Internal Links

On-Page SEO checklist

The links within the page, which directs to other pages of the site are known as the internal links. You can use the title of the article or the anchor text keyword for linking the similar articles of your site. These links are not made for the search engines only. They should also help the users for proper navigation.

You should not use the term “click here” for the internal linking purposes. You can use the “Learn more” words. In a page, 4-5 internal links are sufficient. Overdoing the internal linking process may harm your site. You can check the On-Page SEO checklist.

5. Image Optimization

Add title in Image title and Alt text

For enhancing the user experience, image optimization can be done. But during the process, the page loading time should also be considered. The image optimization should not affect the page loading time negatively with the slow response. The keywords can be used in the alt tags. But, make sure that you are not overdoing it. The image size should be optimized to a smaller one, without decreasing the quality with the help of the free online tool.

6. Permanent Link Structures

permalink structure

The link structures should also be optimized for better results. Make sure that the URLs of your site are simple, as well as, easy for understanding for both the users and the search engines. Huge URLs, with unnecessary information, should be avoided. You can use the words that properly describe the website but keyword stuffing is prohibited. The permalink structure configuration is a very important basic SEO tip for every blog.

7. 404 Page

angry birds 404 error page

The 404 error pages should be used for improving the user experience. A well-configured 404 page should contain little information instead of just ‘not found’.

Other options are to be provided to the users for navigating to other pages of the site.

Final Words

You may be promoting some articles, services or your website with content, whatever may it be, try promoting your websites in the safe methods discussed above.

If you fail in applying these basic SEO tips methods, you may have to count penalties and your efforts may get destroyed.

For beginners, I strongly suggest the basic SEO for better search engine visibility.


  1. in wordpress im only use yoast seo to do all of my seo problem.
    btw, it’s really a nice blog, so many informative tips, so many informative guide, i really loved it!

  2. Chris Mophart says:

    Today i have learn SEO and added something to my existing knowledge. I have never understood why it is necessary provide description of all your pages. It helps the search engine crawl your site better lucky me!!

  3. Keshav yadav says:

    Thanks for this in depth guide ? I loved your content and writing skills ! Appreciate your valuable hardwork ?

  4. Nice Article! No doubt content is so important in SEO. Content is king. As we know content is what attract to people for blog or website.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Emmerey Rose says:

    Great tips you have here Walter. But I was wondering, what free tool/s do you recommend to optimize image sizes?

  6. I feel yoast seo does all of this .Anways a great article though.I like how there is a border for each topic making it unique.Keep it up 🙂

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