What is the biggest problem that most bloggers and content marketers have to deal with? You’re correct if you said “creating engaging content.”

Content wins every time. If you want to improve your results, no matter what industry you’re in, you ought to create high-quality content that communicates with your target audience.

But here’s the thing: engaging content isn’t easy to come by.

For topic analysis, layout, and tracking the success of your content, you need access to the right content marketing tools.

What if there was only one platform that could do all of these content marketing challenges for you?

Then let’s unveil the “Content Marketing Toolkit” from SEMrush. It’s an all-in-one content marketing tool that aids you in the following areas:

SEMrush is the leading content marketing platform, helping businesses of all sizes generate leads, grow their website’s traffic, and increase sales. With our state-of-the-art tools, you can easily create high-quality content that will help you reach your target audience.

Whether you’re a small business owner just starting out, or an experienced marketing professional, SEMrush has everything you need to get your content marketing campaign off the ground.

Let’s have a look into what SEMrush Content Marketing Platform is, how it can support you, as well as its capabilities, pros, cons, and alternatives in this comprehensive analysis.

    SEMrush is one of the best marketing tools for the best content marketing agencies. Are you set? Let’s get this party underway!

    What is Content Marketing?

    Content marketing is a long-term approach that focuses on developing a strong relationship with your target audience by publishing high-quality, regularly updated content that is highly important to them.

    Content marketing is a long-term approach to establishing a strong relationship with your target audience through reliable, high-quality content.

    Because of their preference, they will buy our goods and choose them over the competition.

    Information and marketing efforts like content marketing show that you care about your customers.

    What is the SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit?

    The Content Marketing toolkit from SEMrush is made to make it easier to do content marketing tasks and make interesting content. This software makes it easy to create and improve a long-term marketing plan, find content gaps, research, write, and check the quality of content. It comes with plenty of the best content marketing tools that are helpful to every online marketer, like bloggers, affiliate marketers, and online promoters.

    There are thousands of great content marketing courses out there that will teach you exactly how to create compelling content and effectively promote it across multiple channels.

    Tools available in the SEMrush content marketing platform

    1. SEMrush Topic Research: Topic research tools can provide you with valuable insights into your audience’s interests. You may filter the data based on location, province, or city to find the most popular and latest articles. Find insights on specific keywords that people are looking for. 
    2. SEMRush Marketing Calendar: You will use the Marketing Calendar to schedule the actions of the marketing campaign in a calendar and share the agenda with teams. This collaboration platform aids teams in their organizing efforts while also encouraging clarity. You may use the Marketing Calendar to organize and plan your marketing tasks. 
    3. Brand Monitoring: The Brand Monitoring tool gives you easy access to the best of the influencers and media talking about business trends, your rivals, or your brand. You will also identify the most popular blogs in your industry and easily calculate their percentage of total blog mentions.
    4. SEO Content Template: Create SEO-friendly content that is well-crafted. The tool examines your competitors’ content and provides you with suggestions for creating compelling content ideas.
    5. SEO Writing Assistant: The SEO Writing Assistant approach is based mainly on the Flesch reading-ease score formula, and it assists you in the following ways: Make your document easily readable. The tool evaluates the difficulty of your document, compares it to the average readability score of your top 10 competitors in Google rankings, and attributes a readability score to your goal. 
    6. Content Audit: Content Audit allows you to quickly identify the scope of the audit and identify pages that need to be improved in terms of rating or interaction. 
    7. Post Tracking: Tracking tool for your posts Analyze the accuracy of your posts that have been written on third-party sites: Monitor social media engagement, backlinks, and referral traffic. 
    8. Social Media Tracker: With Social Media Tracker, you can keep a check on your nearest rivals’ social media profiles and compare their development and interaction to your own. The reports make it simple to find the best-performing posts in your niche, allowing you to remain on top of your targeted audience’s social media habits. 

    These tools help you create the best content marketing strategies. Let us discuss them one by one.

    SEMrush Content Marketing Platform Review 2023

    SEMRUSH Content marketing platform review
    SEMrush content marketing platform review

    1. Topic Research tool – Find Blog post ideas

    The SEMrush Topic research tool will help you find the most relevant and popular topics related to your keyword. It streamlines your research and content creation process.

    To use this feature go for Content marketing dashboard > Topic Research and enter your niche keyword. Then click on get content ideas.

    topic research
    topic research

    At the end of the screen, you will find this screen. Let us see the details in each section.

    • Cards: By default, ideas are often shown as cards, with each card containing the most relevant subtopics, including articles from the top-ranking websites for your seed keyword on the SERP.
    • Explore: Analyze the size of your competition and your leading rivals. Scrutinize how your competitors drive organic traffic to improve your business campaign. Assess the SERPs and the rivalry in greater detail.
    • Overview: You can use it to determine if you can enter a competition with it. You can click on any of the search modules to hop into more detailed reports.
    • Mind Maps: Mind Maps help you determine SEO and Internet Marketing. Add the keywords to the mind map. Write the most comprehensive article using SEMrush.
    topic research relevant topics
    topic research relevant topics

    Content ideas can also be prioritized based on the following parameters:

    • Volume: The most popular topics will be displayed first when you use them.
    • Difficulty: The most challenging keywords to rank for (difficult keywords).
    • Topic Efficiency: See the most relevant topics (for your target topic).

    To further explore new topic ideas, make sure you choose a relevant topic card from the “Cards” (default view). Click on any card to see how it looks.

    topic research cards

    This tool shows you headlines and relevant questions based on your topic, as you can see above.

    After that, you can export them or use your favorite topics or headlines to make SEO-friendly templates.

    In addition to this, you can see the following metrics above:

    • Subtopic volume (search volume)
    • Difficulty and
    • Topic efficiency

    Here is an example of the Mind Map view;

    topic research Mind map

    Find topic ideas – Topic research tools limitations via plan wise

    Enter a topic you’d like to write about. Topic Receive loads of details about this topic. This data may give you a better idea of topics by region. The next step in your content development process is to do some topic research.

    2. SEMrush Marketing calendar

    Content marketers use the SEMrush Marketing Calendar Tool to make sure that the project will be done by the deadline. It comes with the best content calendar template for the best marketing writers.

    semrush marketing calendar
    SEMrush marketing calendar

    You will use the marketing calendar to create a planner for your campaign’s activity schedule and share it with your peers.

    Benefits of the SEMrush marketing calendar:

    The SEMrushn marketing calendar has numerous advantages.

    • This calendar has a schedule built-in and can be conveniently combined with several other SEMrush tools.
    • You can manage all your editorial plans and campaigns from one place.
    • You can invite team members with different permissions.
    • The calendar helps you to plan out all of your campaign’s decisions and operations, as well as collaborate with your staff.
    • You can share your calendar with anyone as a PDF, or CSV, or share links anytime.

    Tasks in one place:

    You can keep track of your customers and the job you do for them in one spot. Focus on saving time while also creating tasks within our service and prioritizing them.

    3. SEMrush Brand Monitoring – Identify Brand Mentions

    Brand Monitoring tracks every word or phrase you choose to track around the internet. It makes it simple for PR experts and brand marketers to keep track of their brand’s reputation and mentions on relevant blogs and news websites.

    Benefits of using the Brand Monitoring tool

    • You will easily find the top influencers and media talking about market trends, your competition, or your company by using Brand Monitoring.
    • You will also identify the most popular blogs in your industry and easily calculate their total blog mentions.

    You’ll need to include a primary keyword, any “alternate keywords” to use, and any keywords to remove from mentions before you can start running a Brand Monitoring campaign.

    To set up SEMrush brand monitoring tool, you need to go for the content marketing platform > Brand monitoring.

    Now enter the Brand name and domain URL in the given section and hit on “Setup”.

    semrush brand monitoring tool
    SEMrush brand monitoring tool

    You will find the new campaign section with a brand, choose the country and click on “Start Tracking”.

    create new campaign for brand monitoring
    create a new campaign for brand monitoring

    SEMrush will start searching the brand-mentioned sources and present an attractive box with the following sections.

    brand monitoring mentions report
    brand monitoring mentions the report
    • Total mentions
    • Positive Mentions
    • With backlink
    • With the most traffic
    • Total estimated reach
    • Sentiment

    With this tool, you may know the brand mentions online easily. This would show only pages with at least one of the primary keywords in Brand Monitoring.

    What are the brand monitoring tool limits?

    Like the rest of the content marketing toolkit in SEMrush, brand monitoring has some limitations on either a free or pro account. For free and pro accounts, for example, they only show one keyword in a certain place and keep data for no more than one day.

    The level of monitoring and reporting you can do in these tools is limited depending on your SEMrush subscription level.

    4. SEMrush SEO Content Template

    empower content marketing data
    empower content marketing data

    It helps you write content and craft SEO-friendly content by providing a special SEO template with recommendations based on the target keywords. To use this, you need to go to Content Marketing > SEO Content Template, then enter the target keyword, choose the location to rank your content, and then hit on Create SEO Template.

    The SEO content template helps you generate the best SEO template for your recent article write-up. How to use Step by Step? or guide to follow.

    Creating completely high-quality content and creating links to your new content is one way to accomplish this. You’ll find unique recommendations in the SEO Content Template.

    SEMRUSH SEO content template
    SEMrush SEO content template

    You type in the keywords you want your content to target. For your desired keywords, SEMrush analyses the content on Google’s top ten sites. You’ll get tips on how to write content that’s SEO-friendly. 

    a. Top 10 ranking articles: The SEMrush Content Template tool shows a list of the top ten posts with your focus keyword. These posts are ranked on Google, which means they answer the question and are well-suited to the target keyword. SEMrush will show you the keywords with which these posts are competing. It will assist you in securing long-tail yet profitable keywords.

    semrush seo recommendations for your content
    SEMrush SEO recommendations for your content

    b. Semantically related keywords: It returns a list of keywords that are semantically related to your questions. It’s a fantastic place to get new ideas! Marketers’ content strategies will continue to be shaped by semantic search using SEMrush. 

    c. Backlink recommendations: SEMrush’s backlink recommendations take into account the effect of inbound links and give them an Authority Score. This lets you figure out how these links might affect a website’s SEO. Backlinks, referencing domains, traffic, and other factors all contribute to this ranking. 

    d. Readability score: SEMrush uses the Flesch-Kincaid readability score to figure out how easy it is to read text-based content. Select ‘Readability’ from the drop-down menu. Check your article’s goal readability and compare it to your actual readability. The SEMrush SEO Content Template tool Fact-Checker looks at the content and gives it a score. 

    e.Text length: Have you ever wondered what the right word count for a blog post is? The word count for your post is also recommended by SEMrush, which calculates the average for top scores. 

    key recommendations of SEO content template

    f. Basic SEO recommendations: To assist throughout the process, SEMrush provides some basic SEO recommendations and marketing techniques. It gives expert SEO advice on keyword analysis, on-page optimization, and technical SEO. 

    basic recommendations of SEO template of SEMRUSH
    basic recommendations of SEO template of SEMrush

    g. Check the keyword density of each article: SEMrush’s Keyword Density Checker tool plays a vital role in the overall ranking of every site, blog, or piece of content on the web. In this scenario, the software would compare the content to those of the top 10 results pages and provide you with suggestions.

    5. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant – Generate a full SEO optimized article

    improve your content with SEMRUSH SEO writing assistant
    improve your content with SEMrush SEO writing assistant

    The SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) allows any writer to review a piece of content’s SEO potential and originality in real time. It helps you ensure that the content is perfectly structured with target keywords to fulfill user intent and be published perfectly before publishing.

    It also helps content developers ensure that their articles are original and written in an SEO-friendly manner by offering content suggestions. It’s by far the most well-liked tool in SEMrush’s arsenal.

    Metrics to calculate your article rankings

    It gives immediate advice on how to improve the content based on posts that have already been published and done well on Google.

    SEMRUSH SEO writing assistant tool
    SEMrush SEO writing assistant tool

    a. The number of words: words would count the terms in your content and set a target determined by the basic word count of your competitors’ content. By clicking on the pencil icon next to Readability, you can change the target readability score and target word count by hand. Make sure that unless you change these targets manually, the average score will change. 

    b. Related Keywords Suggestions: You want to teach the readers and give them the knowledge they need by using relevant keywords. Stuffing keywords scares away readers and sends a misleading signal to search engines. LSI keywords may also spur other ideas for items to reference on a website, which is a matter of discussion among SEOs. 

    c. Originality: A Plagiarism Checker is used to ensure the originality of the content. You can use the plagiarism checker function to determine whether or not a piece of text is original. The key to attracting the attention of the reader is to be original. Your audience will appreciate your original content. You can try these Best Free Plagiarism Checker tools after writing your content.

    d. Optimization status: You’ll need a list of goal keywords to focus your optimization strategy on to get started with this workflow. You will set up position tracking, optimize existing sites with on-page SEO, and create content that resonates with your audience and targets new keywords. 

    e. Readability: A written text’s readability refers to how simple it is for a reader to comprehend it. The more intuitive a piece of content is, the more likely it is to be read thoroughly. The SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant includes content readability scores that break down content into parts. 

    f. Title recommendation: One of the most simple but effective SEO processes is optimizing page titles and meta descriptions. Get practical writing advice, such as how to write a compelling title tag and meta description. The tool gives suggestions for target keywords and quick tips for both the page title and the meta overview. 

    g. Linking: With this platform integrated into SEMrush, it’s simple to do a comparative report on your SEO competitors while still running an outreach program. Analyze broad links Identify all incoming links and domains that connect to them. to determine the authority of a referring domain and where it is located.

    Here’s how to use the SEO Writing Assistant tool to its full potential. (Basic Guide to know before starting)

    • Have a free SEMrush trial or sign up for a free account.
    • Go to Content Marketing Toolkit > SEO Writing Assistant and put in a target keyword to generate a content template placed in the top search results for that phrase.
    • I suggest you undertake keyword research and choose a target keyword for your content using the keyword magic software to discover profitable keyword ideas. SEMrush can compile a list of semantically relevant keywords to use in your copy after you’ve created a content template.
    • Based on the SEO keyword complexity and backlink profiles of both the top-ranking posts, it would also recommend a few link placements.
    • Use a target keyword in the title, headings, and meta overview of your website. Remember to stay under the overall recommended duration for the page title and meta summary to avoid being shortened in the SERP.
    • Change the length of the report to match the average length of the highest scores. Inside your SEO writing Assistant dashboard, SEMrush shows the average length and perhaps even the top 10 blog posts.
    • You can also see how these websites structure their content by looking at the keyword positioning and frequency for both the centered keywords.
    • Even though you’re writing an SEO version, the target audience should be able to understand it. So, depending on the subject and the average readability of your peers, aim to improve the content’s readability score.
    • Instead of plain scientific jargon that no one wants to hear, create a copy that sounds pleasant and engaging. Try to figure out whether the users are talking and use the appropriate tone of voice (casual or formal). 
    • Since voice tone is such an essential factor in establishing confidence and standing out from the competition, you should choose the proper context for your company.
    • Check your material for plagiarism by linking it to related posts that have previously been written on the web.

    Since SEMrush has an integrated plagiarism checker, you won’t need to pay for third-party plagiarism checkers like Quillbot Premium

    The Best Ways to Use SEMrush SEO Assistant

    There are 3 ways are available to use this SEMrush SEO Assistant tool. they are given below

    • By using SEMrush’s official site
    • By using Google Docs Extension
    • By using WordPress Plugin

    By using SEMrush’s official site

    To use this tool, you can visit SEMrush’s official website and follow the steps.

    Step 1: To open this, you need to go for the Content marketing > SEO Writing Assistant” option and hit on the “Get Recommendations” button.

    SEMRUSH SEO writing assistant tool to start
    SEMrush SEO writing assistant tool to start

    Step 2:

    • Now add the target keywords in the Rightside box.
    • Choose the country of the target audience.
    • Click on “Get a recommendation”.
    SEMRUSH seo writing assistant to create seo friendly content
    SEMrush SEO writing assistant to create SEO friendly content

    Step 3: Now, you can start writing in the content writing box. When you are writing the content, It will show the metrics with simple guidelines to improve SEO.

    SEO writing assistant from SEMRUSH
    SEO writing assistant to write content in real time

    So this is the way to use this tool directly on the SEMrush official site.

    By using Google Docs

    Google Docs is another fantastic service for content writers. It has the facility to install additional extensions to improve the writer’s productivity. In that way, you can install SEO Writing Add-ons in Google Docs from their add-ons store.

    Step 1: First, you need to click and install the SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant addon.

    Step 2: Then open the addon from Addons > SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant > Show.

    SEMRush seo assistant GDoc extensions
    SEMrush seo assistant GDoc extensions

    Step 3: Now, you will find the SEMrush SEO Writing assistant dashboard on the right side of the page. First, you need to enter SEMrush logins and authenticate your account to use.

    authentication of SEMRUSH

    Now enter the keywords and choose a country to target, then click on the “Get Recommendations” button.

    SEMRUSH Google docs extensions

    Step 4: In the final screen, you will get the complete guideline to write fresh content on Google Docs.

    In this section, you will get all the points which are mentioned above.

    Using on WordPress site

    To write your content on the WordPress platform, You need to install the SEO writing assistant WordPress plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. It is available free of cost.

    SEMRUSH SEO writing assistant plugin
    SEMrush SEO writing assistant WordPress plugin

    After installing and activating the plugin, you can start using SEO writing assistant directly on your WordPress after SEMrush login authentication.

    It gives essential points like recommended Keywords, Readability Score, Tone of voice, and so on. By using those guidelines, you start writing new content or updating your old content on your WordPress site.

    6. SEMrush Content Audit

    Content Audit allows you to quickly describe the scope of the Audit and identify pages that need to be improved in terms of rankings or interaction.

    The Content Analyzer examines the content for a better content audit. With this tool, you can look at the content of a website’s subfolders and see which ones need to be improved.

    The content check is the method by which all contents on your website are routinely analyzed and evaluated. Your final aim is to uncover weaknesses and then refine your content strategy to meet the current needs. Goals and objectives define what you want to do, so a metric that measures your progress toward these is essential. To know if you’ve done so is also essential.

    Step 1: Specify the objectives and methods

    To start a Content Audit, you need to go for Content Marketing > Content Audit. Now enter your domain URL, then click on “Start Audit.” After a few minutes of crawling your site, you will get access to all the pages in one place.

    Step 2: Take the content inventory stage

    Now, you will find the options to integrate your site’s Google analytics and search console accounts to get accurate data.

    Step 3: Data collection and analysis

    After the integration, the content audit tool categorizes your articles into four sections. They are

    content audit report
    content audit report
    • Rewrite or Remove: The pages that need to analyze which are updated more than 24 months back.
    • Need to update: You need to update old content with new information.
    • Quick review: These pages need some review
    • Poor content: These are thin content pages

    Step 4: Action Plan Draw Up

    By using the above list, if you want to update a particular URL, then click on that and check its parameters

    Step 5 Adjust the marketing strategy for your content

    After searching, you need to rewrite or create fresh content based on the word count, backlinks, search queries, and social shares. After finishing, the update, save the data changes after updating the article.

    7. SEMrush Post Tracking

    Track backlinks, keyword scores, referral traffic, keyword rankings, social shares, and more to better understand the success of the post’s performance. By using third-party tracking, you can keep track of your traffic sources. With one click, it tells you how well your article did and checks your keyword rankings every day.

    Step 1: Create a task for a domain in Post Tracking from the Content Marketing Dashboard.

    SEMRUSH post tracking

    Step 2: After that, enter the URL of the article to begin monitoring its results. The number of social posts, backlinks and predicted reach of the article are all shown.

    content analyzer report from post tracking

    Step 3: Link with Google Analytics accounts to monitor referral traffic to your domain beginning with the article’s date.

    Step 4: To track regular shifts in the referral traffic, click on the URL. Focus on a specific time or see the whole image and select the duration just above the trend.

    Step 5: After you’ve evaluated the referral traffic from a third-party resource.

    Step 6: Examine the success of your publication in terms of keyword scores, shares, backlinks, and projected scope. To the manager or customer, describe the primary metrics.

    Step 7: Determine whether you want to continue publishing articles on just this resource, based on whether or not the traffic is sufficient and the benefits outweigh your efforts. Please wait for a week or two (I think it depends on their publishing turnover) to see the outcome before deciding.

    Post Tracking tool limitations in plans- This feature allows content marketers to monitor the performance of their external content. Users of the free and Pro versions can track up to five pages, while Guru or Business users can manage up to fifty.

    8. SEMrush Social media tracker

    One of those tools is SEMrush’s analytics and social posting tool, and many of our customers have already realized the significance of monitoring.

    State-of-the-art social media analytics, automated reporting solutions, and plenty of advanced features

    You will use Social Media Tracker to keep tabs on your nearest competitors’ social media pages. It helps you keep an eye on your nearest competitor, comparing their development with yours.

    a. Schedule Post: When you create a new post in your calendar, you can choose to add it to your queue immediately, schedule it for later publication, publish it now, or save it for later. With different publishing goals, the features of Schedule Post are very useful. Automated scheduling is a great way for everyone to save time. You can use any free stock images to create posts with effective content.

    b. Get Insights: Find keywords that say “not provided” to improve your chances of doing better than your competitors. In just 30 minutes, you will learn a lot about your competitors. The Get Insights features offer a detailed summary through the dashboard that combines data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush. It includes data from SEMrush and Google Search Console, such as click-through rate, sessions, and volume, as well as organic keywords and rankings.

    c. Track Competitors:  It’s incredible to be able to see a straightforward and brief summary of your online visibility in comparison to up to three competitors. SEMrush achieves this. It will reveal how much organic and paid search visibility compares to the competition. d. Boost your posts: By pressing the “boost” button, you will instantly start an ad campaign to promote your current posts. You’ll find this useful under Social Media Toolkit—A Single Place to Monitor and Monitor All Your Posts. 

    e. Create Ads: From a single seed keyword, generate an extensive keyword list; identify the most common similar topics. Featured snippet function analysis on SERPs may provide useful information. Shopping advertisements Create and execute ad campaigns for each level of the funnel. Learn what it takes to make your ad text catch attention and be attractive.

    SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Pros & Cons

    SEMrush is a great tool for every online and content marketer. Here are a few points about the SEMrush Content marketing toolkit’s pros and cons.


    • Brand Monitoring allows you to analyze online mentions of your brand or that of your competitors.
    • Post Tracking lets you monitor backlinks, referral traffic, search engine rankings, and social shares for any content.
    • Finding excellent topics or content ideas for any niche is easy with topic research.
    • Using this tool, you can check your content for originality (and determine whether any content has been copied from another source).
    • Your overall content can be improved by performing a content audit to increase social sharing and organic traffic.
    • Creating SEO-friendly content is easy with the SEO Content Template.
    • SEO Writing Assistant allows you to optimize your content in a better way by improving your readability score
    • Your content can be planned and scheduled in advance with the Marketing Calendar.


    • To access the SEMrush Content marketing toolkit, you need a Guru or Business Plan.
    • It is not available in the free and pro plans.

    SEMrush Pricing: How much does it cost?

    Now it is time to discuss the pricing of SEMrush. It comes with three different plans, with a slight variation on monthly to yearly plans.

    You will get the complete details of both Monthly and Yearly plans.

    If you take a yearly subscription, you may save more than a 16% great discount than the regular monthly plan. Here I am suggesting a Guru or Business plan to get maximum benefits from SEMrush.


    Here are the details of SEMrush content marketing platform plans and their features.

    • PRO Plan: For freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers with a limited budget.
    • GURU Plan: For SMB and growing marketing agencies.
    • BUSINESS Plan: For agencies, e-commerce projects, and businesses with an extensive web presence.

    1. FREE PLAN

    Content Marketing Platform Limitations (Limited Access)

    • Topic Research: Only Two Queries in Total
    • Marketing Calendar: No Access
    • Brand Monitoring: only one project.
    • SEO Idea Units: 10 (where 1 unit = 1 keyword)
    • SEO Content Template: 1 template with ten keywords only.
    • SEO Writing Assistant: Same as above.
    • Content Audit: You can audit up to 50 pages (1 project).
    • Post Tracking: 5 URLs Only
    • Plagiarism & tone of voice check: not available.

    Free Forever

    2. PRO PLAN

    Content Marketing Platform Limitations (Limited Access)

    • Topic Research: Only Two Queries in Total
    • Marketing Calendar: No Access
    • Brand Monitoring: Up to 5 projects
    • SEO Idea Units: 500 (1 unit = 1 keyword)
    • SEO Content Template: 1 template with 30 keywords
    • SEO Writing Assistant: Same as above +
    • Content Audit: You can audit up to 50 pages (5 projects).
    • Post tracking: 5 URLs only
    • Plagiarism & tone of voice check: not available.

    $99.95 per month

    3. GURU PLAN

    Content Marketing Platform Limitations (Full Access)

    • Topic Research: unlimited queries 
    • Marketing Calendar: Only one calendar
    • Brand Monitoring: You can add up to 50 projects.
    • SEO Ideas Unit: 800 (1 unit = 1 keyword)
    • SEO Content Template: unlimited template & 30 keywords per template.
    • SEO Writing Assistant: Same as above
    • Content Audit: You can audit up to 20,000 pages (50 projects)
    • Post Tracking: 50 URLs Only
    • Plagiarism & tone of voice check: up to 5.

    $199.95 per month


    Content Marketing Platform Limitations (Full Access)

    • Topic Research: Unlimited Queries
    • Marketing Calendar: unlimited calendars
    • Brand Monitoring: Up to 200 projects.
    • SEO Ideas Unit: 2000 (1 unit = 1 keyword)
    • SEO Content Template: unlimited templates & 30 keywords per template.
    • SEO Writing Assistant: Same as above.
    • Content Audit: You can audit up to 20,000 pages (200 projects).
    • Post Tracking: up to 50 URLs.
    • Plagiarism & tone of voice check: up to 10.

    $399.95 per month

    How to get SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Free trial?

    Are you excited to test this SEO tool immediately? Just follow these steps to get a SEMrush free trial for 14 days and complete a premium account without limitations.

    Step 1: Click on this magical link. You will be redirected from the link to the SEMrush offer page, which is shown below.

    Step 2: After the hit on the Get your 14-days Free trial now button, it will automatically take you to the next page by applying the promo code. Finally, you will get a 100% total discount.

    semrush special offer - 14 days free trial
    SEMrush special offer – 14 days free trial

    Step 3: Now create a new account by entering your email and password (your choice) then click on Create your account. After, you will receive an activation code for your email ID. Copy the code, paste it into the SEMrush page and activate your account immediately.

    semrush - create new account

    Step 4: Then you need to fill in your account information and credit card details, then click on the Place the order button.

    semrush subscribing to 14 day pro trial plan
    SEMrush subscribing to 14 days pro trial plan

    Step 4: Your SEMrush Free trial for 14 days will activate automatically. You can enjoy this tool for up to 14 days without any limitations.

    Now, start using this tool to collect profitable keywords and place them within your content to grow your organic search traffic immediately. Use the Site audit tool for auditing your site, fix the issues as per the SEMrush guidelines, and make technical SEO better.

    FAQs on SEMRUSH Content Marketing Toolkit

    1. How do I use content marketing SEMrush?

      Creating a Content marketing plan is effortless with SEMrush. It comes with a complete suite who are working on Content marketing. First, you need to add the target keyword in the Topic Research tool, then find the topic ideas relevant to your niche. After choosing the topic idea: Create an SEO content template to write an article by the following guideline like SEO, adding semantically related keywords, and more. Publish it in your blog, share the content on social media using the Social poster tool and track the social media tracker’s performance. Run the site audit tool to fix technical SEO for better performance in search engines.

    2. How do I use SEMrush SEO writing assistant?

      SEO writing assistant is one of the fantastic tools in the SEMrush content marketing toolkit. There are three different ways to use it effectively. 1. You use this from the official site. 2. Install the Google Doc extension from Google Workspace Marketplace in your GDocs account and get writing guidelines. 3. Install the SEO Assistant WordPress plugin to get help from your WordPress editorial dashboard.

    3. What is a content marketing platform?

      A Content Marketing Platform (CMP) is a software solution that enables marketing organizations to manage and centralize all upstream marketing processes, from planning and briefing to collaboration and approvals.

    4. What is SEMrush used for?

      SEMrush is an all-in-one, comprehensive SEO suite that helps you improve online visibility and effectively discover marketing insights. The reports of SEMrush help marketers to agencies that work on SEO, PPC, SMM, keyword research, and many more services. Of course, SEMrush is the must-have tool for every marketing agency, from small to big.

    5. How do you use SEMrush effectively?

      SEMrush helps identify your competitors and their details like top-performing content, organic keywords, monetization ways backlink profiles, and many more.

    6. Is SEMrush free?

      The other SEO tools are giving free accounts with limited access. But if you sign up in SEMrush for the first time, you can access all the premium features for up to 14 days of the free trial, either with a pro or Guru Subscription. You can grab this trial account from this page and enjoy its premium features thoroughly. There are excellent knowledge sources and video guides to learn how to use this tool. But the SEMrush is cheaper than most other SEO tools as well.

    7. Can I use SEMrush for Free?

      Yes, you can use the SEMrush free trial for up to 14 days. You cannot be charged with anything. Up to the end of the trial, you can enjoy the full premium features as per the above-given plans.

    8. Can we use Content Marketing Toolkit with SEMrush Pro Plan?

      Yes. You can access most of the features in both free and pro plans. But I recommend you make your purchase either Guru Plan or Business plan for complete access.

    9. What is a content template tool from SEMrush?

      The content template tool helps you find the low-performing article on your site and guides you to update or delete it to make it more visible in search engines to rank well.

    Final Words on SEMrush Content marketing platform

    Creating content that people want to read is the key to building an influential blog or online business. SEMrush’s Content Marketing Platform makes life easier here. It helps you handle compelling content, manage blog posts, and track the effectiveness of your content, among many other things.

    So, how do you feel about SEMrush’s content marketing platform? Is it the best platform for developing a robust content plan, in your opinion? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

    Here is the simple sum of 7 tools that cover the entire content marketer’s workflow. You’ll have a solution for every step, from content ideation to monitoring its performance.

    • Topic Research lets you generate ideas based on trending headlines, related searches, and interrogative queries.
    • The Marketing Calendar helps organize your team’s marketing plans and share them with partners and colleagues.
    • Brand Monitoring finds the mentions of a word or phrase that you want to track on the web and social media.
    • The SEO Content Template provides you with a template for creating winning content based on competitor analysis.
    • The SEO Writing Assistant is an add-on that offers recommendations on your text’s tone of voice, readability, originality, and SEO-friendliness as you write it.
    • Content Audit allows you to audit a website’s content and find articles to rewrite and update.
    • Post Tracking helps you measure the success of your posts published on other websites.

    After reading this post, I’m sure you understand that SEMrush is a complete digital marketing toolkit.

    You will take your blog or company to the next level if you use this platform correctly to plan your content promotion strategy.

    Throughout this SEMrush Content Marketing Platform review, I tried to cover every method.

    SEMRUSH Content marketing platform review 2022
    SEMrush Content marketing platform review 2023

    SEMrush is one of the best digital marketing platforms since 2009.

    If you’ve made it this far, I suggest that you check out this tool for yourself. You won’t have to pay anything, so don’t be concerned. SEMrush’s free trial can be enabled by clicking here.

    So, before buying SEMrush, you can unlock the trials and give them a shot.

    “Please let me know if you find this SEMrush guide and comprehensive review helpful by leaving a comment below.”

    SEMrush Content Marketing Platform

    Satish Ithamsetty

    Ease of Use
    Topic Research tool
    Marketing Calendar
    Brand Monitoring
    SEO Content Template
    SEO Writing Assistant
    Content Audit
    Post Tracking
    Social Media Tracker


    SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit is the complete solution for content marketing purposes. Here is the complete guide on how to use their features effectively. You can try the SEMrush Content marketing platform free trial of 14 days.


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