Create categories and Menus

In the previous step, you have learned the basic essential steps to configure the new WordPress installation. In this step, you need to know secondary configuration details like how to create categories and Menu bar for WordPress blog.

After this, no matter what you are posting or sharing with your WordPress blog.

But you want to learn the minimum basics on this WordPress blogging platform.

No need to update regularly.

That is Categories creation, Menu bar creation, Plugins installation, and Theme installation.

For this, I will help you by providing simple tutorials and follow along with the guides below.

If you have any problem, do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

How to Create Categories?

Categories are the most powerful tool to organize your content properly and as easily discoverable for users. This will help you to organize your posts quickly. You can create parent categories and child categories. The child categories will add to subcategories.  The creation of Categories is a straightforward process.

What is Category?

A category is the pre-defined taxonomies in WordPress. It helps you to sort your blog content into different sections.

When you publish the new content, you can separate the content into separate sections.

If you see the dog training blog, you will get some idea. Here are a few categories like Dog Bread, Dog matchup, Puppies, Dog names, Dog Health, etc.

How do I create categories in WordPress?

Where do I find categories in WordPress? You can create categories by following these steps.

To do this go to Posts > Categories section from the main WordPress dashboard.

create categories in WordPress Blog

In the next screen, go to the left side and click on the “Add New Category” option. This option helps you to create a new kind of content.

  • Enter the Category name in Name field and in the slug (Slug is the web-friendly name helps to categorize pages for quick and easy searching and navigation).
  • Add the description of the category in a few words. It gives a better understanding of users
  • Choose Parent option that suits the subcategory you made and then click on Add new category
Add new category

Repeat the same steps given above for new category creation. That’s it.

How to Create a Menu bar?

The menu bar is essential for navigating the content within the blog. There is a simple and easy way to use drag and drop menu interface. It allows you to create drop-down menus in WordPress. It helps you to present the site structure with your users. So the navigation menu is essential, and it is placed close to the header.

this is a menu bar

Create Menubar in step by step:

To create a menu bar, go to Appearance > Menus from the WordPress dashboard. It brings you to the Edit menu screen.

To create menu

The Edit menu screen has two columns. The left column has your Pages, Custom links, Tags, and Category tabs. On the right side columns, there is an adjustable menu item interface with drag and drop.

adding menu items

Choose the Page or Category and put the tick mark on the desired page and click on Add to menu The page will be added to the right side interface.

rearrange menu items

Finally, click on the Save menu to store the above setting.

Create another menu for top menu bar sections for About Us, TOS (Terms of Services), Privacy Policy and Contact us options)

Now go for Manage Locations, and select the Primary menu and choose the menu which appears as the main menu and selects another menu in the Top menu or Secondary menu.

Finally, save the whole menu settings.

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You can change the order in which the menu items you added are displayed. Simply drag and drop a menu item to adjust its position in the menu.

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