Why Grammarly is the Best Grammar and Plagiarism checker Tool?

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Grammarly chrome extensions

Grammarly is the best and free online writing assistant software. Millions of people use Grammarly to write a post, messages, emails, documents, and social media free of mistakes. Get the tool now.

Proper Writing and speaking in English is the immediate success of the digital marketing industry. Not only digital marketing, but every sphere of life is also linked with English communication skills.

What is the best grammar checker software? Here is the best solution for you if you are a blogger/content writer/ student/teacher. Here I am introducing the new generation AI-Powered tool that fulfills your writing needs with one click.

That is called Grammarly. This tool quickly corrects more than 250 types of grammatical errors instantly.

I have been working with Grammarly for two years, and I am happy with the way it works. So I started writing this review on Grammarly.

In this Grammarly review, I will discuss how to install this tool on your PC, How to use this English Grammar checker tool to rectify grammatical errors with few clicks in your articles.

Grammarly Review 2021

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online AI-powered tool that performs checks of potential grammar errors like spelling, punctuation, word choice, and plagiarism in the content or phrases.

This Grammarly Review gives the basic to an informative, practical explanation.

Millions of people use Grammarly to write a post, messages, emails, documents, and social media free of mistakes.

The tool provides a one-stop solution to millions of writers, offering many advantages like writing essays, reports, the thesis that ensures accuracy, impact, and better sentence restructuring.

Grammarly helps students in academics by offering many services to reach job seeker’s and English learners’ goals.

The AI-powered tool works only with an internet connection in a real sense to detect grammar, spelling, punctuation so that a user makes fewer or no mistakes while writing. It is the best grammar and punctuation software to make your document readable as errors-free.

Grammarly is one of the best proofreading software for Mac and Windows users.

Grammarly is backed with unique algorithms to identify the incorrect text, followed by the suggestions in context. The wordiness, style, and plagiarism are checked simultaneously on the Grammarly tool.

However, Grammarly neatly explains every correction reasoning so that you make a better decision while forming phrases or correct an issue.

Grammaly review working sample

What are the Special Features of Grammarly?

There are several unique features, and you can obtain most of them through the FREE version of Grammarly. Apart from that, an advanced grammar checker and the plagiarism checker provide essential vocabulary enhancements suggestions.

Also, Grammarly allows you to quickly grab your writing pattern and make it clear to understand by adjusting the preferred style you are more acquainted with.

Grammarly users can avail the benefits of the following:

  • Intent to describe a story in a more fruitful manner
  • Reach the audience with articles corrected on Grammarly
  • Style the content according to your choice
  • Describe emotions like mild or strong
  • Build an authority domain in either of fields academic, business, or technical

It allows copying to paste any extracts of your writing for complete proofreading & plagiarism checks. The AI-based engine directly comprehends the underlying grammar mistakes Microsoft Word skips.

Although all advanced features are available in the Grammarly Premium version, you can benefit from the FREE version.

Grammarly is equally useful for non-native English writers or someone who wants to improve English grammar knowledge.

grammarly extension

According to Wikipedia,

Grammarly is an online Spell checking, Grammar checking, and plagiarism detection platform. Simple it is a writing improvement platform. The software was first developed and released in 2009. Grammarly’s proofreading and plagiarism-detection resources check against more than 250 grammar rules.


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How to Use Grammarly?

Grammarly offers both Premium and Free versions.
If you are not ready to buy premium plans, you can sign up for the free plan. To get this free service, you need to download and install a unique browser extension to correct your grammatical errors.
The browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, are available. It helps you find the errors and suggest correcting them on any website like writing an article, Facebook status update, and tweet something.

grammarly extension

The Grammarly browser extension scans your written content and suggests the corrections that need to be corrected. It is the best spell check software.

1. Using the Browser Extensions

To work with a browser extension, you need to download and install the add-on from the browser web stores. The below screenshot gives a simple idea of how the extension works while writing the article from my WordPress dashboard.

After installing a browser extension, it scans every word and shows the suggestions/number of errors at the editor’s bottom right side.

browser extension working mode in wordpress

When you place your cursor on this issue number, it shows critical issues and advanced issues that need to be corrected.

How to work with grammarly?

If you do not have errors, your content is error-free content. But if the extension finds the errors, you will get something like this. Just click on the number, you will get the overlay screen within your tab.

In the overlay screen, you can see the entire content on the left side and with errors – suggestions on the right side. Just click on the green tips, you will fix the error. That’s it.

The Grammarly tool also analyzes the punctuation mistakes along with grammar errors and spellings. It can suggest passive voice if you use it in the content. More active voice usage in the article gives more readability.

It works on all types of websites, not only WordPress. When you write the status update on social sites, the extension will scan and shows the mistakes.

2. Using Windows native App as Desktop version

Grammarly is providing a free Windows native app as a desktop version. You can download this best grammar editing software from the official site and install it on your computer/laptop.

Once your installation is completed, enter your registered login details. Now the Grammarly desktop version is ready to proofread your content.

grammarly desktop version

Just upload the document or copy-paste the content and start proofreading.

It does not fix your grammatical errors; it can show all synonyms of the particular word by double-clicking on the highlighted name. In this way, you can enrich the vocabulary very fast and efficiently.

Another part is your Profile. Here you can create your personalized dictionary by adding additional words, set language preferences, and account settings.

The version can check the following significant tasks after upload the content or copy-paste.

  1. Contextual spellings
  2. Grammar
  3. Punctuation
  4. Sentence structure
  5. Style

3. Using Grammarly’s Web version

Browser extension usage is easy. It scans your content automatically in real-time. Sometimes might not use the browser extension.

This problem may happen for content writers at the time of writing and students in essay writing time. If the content writers are writing their articles for the client sites, it should grammatically correct content.

At this time, You need a web version to check the errors of the document before sending it to the client. Here are the necessary steps to find grammatical mistakes and article proofreading.

  1. Start Grammarly Installation: First, Create a new account in Grammarly. You can choose the free version for necessary corrections.
  2. Create a Free Account: Enter your Email ID, Password (set up here), and Name, and click the “SignUp” button. Fill in the complete details in the given form and activate your account by clicking the confirmation link from your email.
  3. Enter into Dashboard: Once you logged into your account, the dashboard looks like the below screenshot.
  4. Upload your document here: You can upload your document for the corrections by pressing the Upload button. You can use the New control to copy-paste the content.
  5. Start proofreading once: you upload the document or copy-paste the content. The best grammar checker program will scan the content and will proofread thoroughly to find errors. Here are showing some errors and suggestions in the Grammarly online editor

4. Using Grammarly in Microsoft Office

Grammarly is proving a unique addon for Microsoft Office users. You can use this grammar corrector tool in both free and premium plans. 

It is the best grammar checker for mac users. But does not support Word documents.

After login into the Grammarly account’s web version, there is an option “APPS” on the left side. Download the Grammarly for Microsoft Office. It is the best grammar checker for word users.

install grammarly in Microsoft Office

If you prefer to write documents using Microsoft Word, this addon scans the entire document, and it will proofread thoroughly.

Another advantage of this addon is, it can integrate with Outlook, and it helps you ensure your emails are grammatically correct before you hit send.

Download the addon installation file into your PC and install it. To complete this installation and configuration, follow the steps carefully.

  • Double click on the Grammarly extension for the word setup file
  • Choose both Microsoft Word and Outlook and click on the Install button.
  • Once the installation is completed, then enter the login credentials to activate the addon.
  • Open the Microsoft Office document, and you will find the additional button in the menu bar as “Grammarly.” Just click on the tab. 
Grammarly extention in Microsoft word

Finally, click on the “Enable Grammarly” button to enable Grammarly features in Word and Outlook documents. 

Grammarly running in MS Word

Now the Grammarly will start the scanning of your document by showing grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and more features.

How to install Grammarly in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari?

Grammarly app requires the internet to work, and many people use the app online and on the desktop. Even it works fine on mobile devices.

Grammarly support plugins to work as a browser extension directly. You can use Grammarly differently, including the forms mentioned above. It is the best spell checker for chrome users.

To install Grammarly in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Please follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1 Open Google Chrome & head to the Chrome store to install the Grammarly browser plugin. Also, Safari users have to install the extension through the Safari extension page. Firefox users shall have the same method as other browsers.

Step 2 In the browser extension search field. Type in “Grammarly” and click the search button.

Step 3 The official version of the Grammarly extension will appear on the page. Click on download to install it within the browser.

Step 4 As soon as it completes installing. Restart the browser to make use of Grammarly.

NOTE: You may need to register an account to use the browser extension. Grammarly browser extension will help correct grammar & spelling mistakes and offer suggestions.

What are the features of Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly Premium offers various checks such as grammatical errors, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, detects plagiarism, and citation suggestions.

Some of the best features of Grammarly premium is as followed:

  • Critical grammar & spelling check
  • Advance grammar & Plagiarism check on Grammarly Premium
  • Confused prepositions
  • Overuse of the passive voice
  • Wordy sentences
  • Common writing errors with misplaced apostrophes
  • Break down of lengthy sentences by edit

Grammarly premium lets users get rid of the occasional squinting modifier and a bad habit of using improper grammar. The Grammarly premium offers an in-depth insight into writing, improving writing skills.

  • Fix critical grammar and Spelling errors
  • Punctuation and contextual spelling checker
  • Works across the web
  • Plagiarism detection: To ensure your work is fresh and original by checking it against 16 billion web pages
  • Clarify focused sentence rewrites: Automatically rewrite hard to read sentences
  • Tone adjustments: Eliminate hedging language or unnecessary qualifiers to sound more confident
  • Word Choice: Find vivid words to animate every message
  • Formality level: Write with the appropriate tone, even when you are in a hurry
  • Fluency: Ensure your word choices sound natural and fluent
  • Additional advanced suggestions: Fix consistencies in spelling and punctuation, adjust the tone of your writing, and get other advanced feedback.

Grammarly Premium is a good option for non-English writers and allows different types of English. Such as “realize” and “realize” or “center” and “center.”

The ability to distinguish the commonly spelled words in documents is an investable feature in the Grammarly Premium version. Perhaps Grammarly is the best tool if English wasn’t your first language. You can use it to write blog posts, articles, emails, or so on.

Even with the Grammarly browser plugin, you can edit social media posts. It checks the grammar, spelling mistakes & punctuation fast and works accordingly to edit and make the readability score better—Word length.

If you ask us, should you get a Grammarly premium account?

Certainly Yes.

We spent months searching for a tool that can rectify the usual issues such (grammar check, plagiarism check) in a single tool. Grammarly Premium is one of the standalone apps that perform all these tasks more accurately.

Here is the 25% discount added. Now the Premium plan starts at $11.66/Month on the yearly plan.

Why is Grammarly so popular?

Grammarly has more than a grammar checking tool. If you are a writer or perhaps a blogger, you might realize that you need to produce quality content to reach out to others. The only thing that most of us do not care about is proofreading the content.

Grammarly is an essential tool for better proofread your work on a real-time basis. The AI-based tool is deemed to put off the load from your shoulder and let you stay ahead of the competition.

Grammarly is available in the Keyboard form in the Google play store for Android users. It is the best android spell checker to make corrections from your phone.

Pros and Cons of Grammarly


  • It is one of the best grammar checking software that we have tested
  • The free version does the job while the premium version is worthy
  • Who writes a lot may help to correct phrases and grammar check which we usually go unnoticeable


  • The Grammarly FREE version insists on upgrading you to premium
  • the pricing of the annual plan is lower than of the monthly plan
  • Else we don’t see any CONS
  • Not working in Offline mode

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Grammarly?

    Grammarly is the tool that helps you to proofread documents in a digital format. It is an American multinational technology company. It is a great English language digital writing software using artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

  2. Is Grammarly for free?

    Grammarly is a free tool and is available as browser extensions, Keyword form for smartphone (Android and iOS) users, and Microsoft Word addon. Grammarly is available in both free and premium versions. In the free version, there are limitations but enough for new users.

  3. Is Grammarly safe?

    Grammarly is safe. But according to Grammarly Privacy policy, it will transmit your writings to the Grammarly servers over the internet. So the Grammarly software does not give 100% security for this. So you have to use this tool at your own risk. I am using this tool for six years. I did not find any issues with writing software.

  4. Is Grammarly worth it?

    Yes. Grammarly is 100% worth of software. In the free version, there is a limited feature, but the features are more than enough. It will identify far more spelling and grammar mistakes than your typical free checker. If you are a writer with a limited budget, installing Grammarly is the best choice.

Final Words

Grammarly gives writers excellent features by providing contextual and structural suggestions, grammar rule explanations, and vocabulary enhancement tips.

Grammarly allows its users to learn, write, and make corrections, making writing correctly enjoyable the more you type. Most of the professionals trusted this tool.

Just it is a professional proofreading tool. No doubt, this is the best English grammar checker and corrector.

Ginger, ProwritingAid, and WhiteSmoke are the best free Grammarly alternative software.

If you are a blogger, business professional, student, author, journalist, social media specialist, this is the perfect tool to make sure your writings in the right way. Simply Grammarly is a free online grammar checker with corrections.

Grammarly Review 2021

Satish Ithamsetty

Ease to use
Error free writing
Spell checking
Writing style improvement


Grammarly is one of the best writing software to make your content or writing more perfect. This Grammarly review 2021 explains how to use Grammarly free. It is a free online spelling and grammar check website. You can grab this tools by installing as browser addon and obesrve their working. This is compulsory tool for everyone like students, teachers, academic people, bloggers, content writers and internet marketers.


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2 thoughts on “Why Grammarly is the Best Grammar and Plagiarism checker Tool?”

  1. Thanks for the review Satish, I heard about Grammarly before I read this post but didn’t realize how cool it really is. I just added their addon to MS word and chrome and now it’s check all my writing I do online, and for my blog. It finds quite a lot of mistakes too with good suggestions. I quite impressed with it. Still not sure if I should buy it VS the one time fee of Pro writing aid which pretty much has the same features. But not as nice-looking lol

  2. Hello,
    I have been using Grammarly for last 2 years and I found it very useful in my writing. It’s availability for Chrome browser, Windows desktop, and Word made it so popular in recent years. I recommend this plugin to improve your writing capabilities.

    Thank you for the post.


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