One of the most important things for a good search engine ranking is doing keyword research. The selected keyword powers your SEO, link building campaigns, press releases, and more.

It is a primary task in search engine optimization. The Google search engine receives over 7 lakh Google searches per minute from Internet users. Everyone is using keywords to get information from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex. Now Google is handling more than 2 trillion searches per year. This article gives the basic idea of keyword research in 2024 and its working strategies.

How to do Keyword Research for better ranking

So every blogger, content writer, and internet marketer should know the importance of keyword research for better success in online marketing.

If you observe the keyword research in this concept, you will get 50% success.

Before you start the research, you should know What are keyword research tools?

How would you do keyword research and identify topics that would be covered in a blog post?

What are the tools for keyword research?

Why is keyword research so important?

Before selecting the word, you should observe the lowest competition, and higher search volumes are very important.

It depends on your chosen “niche.” A niche is a highly specialized subset of a larger category.

But remember one thing: the level of competition is for Adwords users. A publisher can concentrate on these three levels: high, medium, and low.

How to Do Keyword Research 2024?

(Basic Keyword Research Strategies)

Where can I do keyword research? There are more Keyword research tools available on the web. But most of the professional bloggers and affiliate marketers are using Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, Longtail Pro, and UberSuggest tools to analyze their product markets.

What is “keyword research” for choosing profitable keywords? and how to analyze keywords for better results? I’ve listed a few of the most popular and effective methods for conducting research.

How do I start this research for ranking and profitable keywords? As a blogger, I use two methods to choose keywords for the articles I write. So in this advanced keyword search analysis, I am explaining these three tools.

1. How to do Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword Planner is an essential, free tool for keyword research that requires no registration. This is the best tool for doing the research. I use it for checking keyword ideas quickly. You can use it with your existing Gmail account. I use it for testing keyword ideas rapidly. Simply put, the Keyword Planner is the biggest keyword search engine.

If you want to use the full potential of this tool, you must signup the “Google Adwords” and use the device when you are logged in.

First, you need to sign up for the Google Keyword Planner (part of Google Adwords).

Then log in with the login details (email and password). It takes a few seconds to load the keyword planner platform on your browser.

In the next screen, choose Tools > Keyword Planner

choose keyword planner

In the Keyword Planner, there are two different options available. they are

Find New Keywords: Enter your seed keyword here

Get search volume data: This option gives the volume and historical metrics for your keywords.

find new keywords

Choose Find New Keywords and enter your seed Keywords and press Get Started button. Then enter your keyword in Your Product or Service box. 

Now you will get the list of searched keywords around the world by using the Google search engine. Here I am using Happy Anniversary as an example. Soon on the screen, you can see the keyword idea and number of searches of the keywords.

Here the chart showing the keyword searching frequency monthly wise. In the example the monthly search terms having 100K – 1M Average Monthly Searches and Low Competition.

In this screenshot, Keyword Everywhere addon added their results as a separate column as Volume, CPC and Competition.

You will get Keyword ideas. Just click on the Download Keyword Ideas button and get the total keywords in Excell format.

Keyword ideas lists

How to analyze the Data for better SEO?

Now click on the Keyword ideas button, you shall see a small button below the Search terms box. It gives the idea to see the popularity of any keyword.

Now find the Long tail keywords at least 3 to 7 words.

  • Happy anniversary images
  • Happy wedding anniversary
  • Happy anniversary messages

These are all long tail keywords. Copy these keywords, which receive between 1000 and 7000 searches per month. But do not forget that the selected keywords should have low competition. Because ranking for such keywords is much easier than ranking for high search volume keywords, (>=1000 and low and medium competition).

KW related Keywords list

2. How to do Keyword Research with SEMrush?

Semrush is the best marketing tool for keyword research, backlink checking, tracking keyword rankings, checking competitors, and performing a complete SEO audit on your blog. This is a favorite tool for all internet marketers and bloggers. You can do effective keyword research with the SEMRush tool.

SEMRUSH  is a product from the maker of SEOQuake, which is a favorite SEO addon for Firefox. This service has more than 46,000,000+ domains and more than 120,000,000+ keywords in its database.

Install these Addons: Chrome Extension | Mozilla Firefox Extension

These tools help to know the competitor’s keywords and to get profitable keyword research.

How do I use the SEMrush tool?

SEMRUSH is essential for all bloggers and severe Internet marketers. Let’s get started on the research…

First signup, SEMRUSH free account. It has both free and premium plans available.

enter keyword

Open SEMRUSH, enter your competitor URL or Keyword, choose a country and then click on Search.

Select phrase keywords

Then click on the “View full report” button under Phrase match keywords, and then collect the top 10 keywords into a notepad. You can receive this keyword based on the CPC, traffic, and trends. Just use the keywords in your keyword hunting plans and start writing articles, or use those keywords in your marketing campaigns.

Semrush results

Let me explain all the fields of the resulting report page one by one:

  • Keyword: It shows the web URL or blog URL is getting traffic.
  • Position: This is the Keyword position in a search engine. Here I have selected Google’s US database (it is the default), but you can change it to other locations too. It has the option for a free keyword monitor.
  • Volume: Number of exact match queries for that keyword in the local search. In this example, I have once again used Google US. This data is taken using the Google Keyword Planner tool, and I also verified the accuracy of the data.
  • CPC: Cost per click for the ad (on average)
  • Trend: This column pulls the uptrend for that keyword for the last 12 months.

Sign up for 14 days. SEMRUsh Free trial

3. How to do Keyword Research with Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro helps you find thousands of long-tail keywords you can rank for. It is one of the best Keyword Research tools to collect long-tail keywords. The tool was released in 2011. Since 2011, more than 70,000 marketers have believed this tool.  It is an excellent weapon to get better long-tail keywords. This is a Premium tool. You can check my Long Tail Pro Review from my article gallery for more details.

Step 1: Open Long Tail Pro site and log in. Enter the keyword in the Seed Keywords and click on the Retrieve  button

Long tail pro keyword research

Step 2: The Longtail Pro tool will start keyword collection. After a few seconds, they will provide the details like the below screenshot. The tool collections, not keywords, it analyzes the Keyword Competitiveness. If the KC is below 30 the keyword is very easy to rank in the search engines. In the below search results, I am getting Two awesome keywords for my seed keyword “Happy Anniversary”. You can collect those keywords for easy ranking.

longtail pro KC value

Step 3: Choose one of the keywords and get the Competition Analysis report. It helps you to analyze that keyword.

longtail pro google results breakdown

Recently I purchased this Longtail Pro version. Simply superb.

Long tail pro banner

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Find, track, and analyse keywords with our 7 day free trial

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4. How to Do Keyword Research with KWFinder?

KWFinder is another great tool to find and pick great traffic keywords and profitable keywords. Keyword Difficulty analysis is another feature of this tool. KWFinder is a Premium tool. The free version is also available with limited searches (3 searches per day).

KWFinder is an excellent Keyword Research tool to find and get hundreds of long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volumes. The KW finder tool is designed with a user-friendly interface with great metrics. The metrics are very helpful to improve your SEO efforts. You can check the KWFinder Review from my gallery.

Step 1: Open KWFinder Enter the primary keyword in the Suggestions box and click Find keywords button. If you are doing local business or targeting a specific Geo location use other fields like Location and language before hitting the ‘Find Keywords’ button.

choose geo location

Step 2: After a few seconds of the processing, you will get the keywords data. In the result, five different metrics will be given. They are ‘Trend’, ‘Search’, ‘CPC’, ‘PPC’, and ‘Keyword Difficulty’.

keywords results page

Tip: The SEO difficulty (DIFF) of a keyword is indicated on a scale from 0 to 100. This shows the keyword difficulty based on a comparison of keywords on a market-wide basis. Keep in mind that your unique difficulty may vary. As it depends on your SEO skills, it’s quite individual.

How to check the Keyword Difficulty in KWFinder?

First, You need to check the Keyword difficulty value from the result page, and then go to work. If your keyword KD is below 30, it is good.

If you choose more than 55, it is difficult to rank. It is very hard to rank it.

Simply it is a waste of time.

If you want organic traffic to your blog, KWFinder is the best choice. If not interested you can consider the best KWFinder Alternatives to try.


Keyword Research is the primary game in Blogging and Affiliate marketing. The finding of a profitable keyword is an easy task. The tools mentioned above and very useful. Personally, I am recommending those four tools for better keywords easily and you can write articles by using those keywords. Finally, your product/service will promote organically. Do not forget to use LSI Keywords.

How to improve your website content with keyword research? check On-Page SEO  and SEO Basics

If you get the right keyword, just register the keyword as Domain Name. To check the availability of domain name you should go for domain registrants like Godaddy, Bigrock, or get a Free domain name for 1 year.

After checking the domain availability, register immediately. Because this is the primary object of the keyword research and to create “Exact Match Domain (EMD).” This is the main secret of big Adsense publishers who make thousands of dollars every month by using their micro niches.

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