AI-based copywriter software has been introduced recently as technology evolves. For your convenience, here are some of my favorite copywriting tools and resources that I have discovered and reviewed. It is hard to write good marketing materials if one does not relate to them well.

That’s the toughest part: How do you convince leads, and how do they act? For those who do such jobs, it takes an AI-driven editing program to avoid them. This example provides the best copywriting software for marketing purposes. This list includes the best artificial intelligence tools available.

Every business is looking for content that will create a positive online reputation. At the same time, some of these businesses struggle to find content writers who can deliver high-quality copywriting. This article is about the 10 best AI copywriting tools that can create high-quality content in a short time.

Copywriting is the process of creating content for a specific purpose or audience.

However, in today’s highly competitive world, your content needs to be compelling and persuasive at the same time.

It has to be meaningful for your reader while still being able to attract more traffic. Content marketing is difficult to do because it takes time to write. This article will explore some of the best AI copywriting tools that can help you with that!

Copywriting is one of the most critical and challenging tasks to do when it comes to content marketing. The best piece of content takes time to write, but if you want to get more clicks on your blog or website, you need that content in place.

AI Copywriting: Future automatic writing tool

AI Copywriting is the process of writing content for search engines to help them better identify what you would like to find. It is an effective way to make your content more valuable to your audience while increasing your search engine visibility. It is the process of writing content for artificial intelligence, and writing content for search engines to make them feel like they have achieved something.  To achieve this goal, AI must be able to make decisions based on human responses.

What Is An AI Copywriting Software?

AI copywriting software is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to create content for marketing purposes.

AI copywriting software can create content, provide insights into the market, and provide cost-effective marketing strategies.

There are several different types of AI copywriting software, including chatbots, language generation systems, and content generation systems.

Advantages of An AI Copywriting Tool

There are a few advantages to using an AI Copywriting tool.

  • It allows for a more consistent flow in the copywriting process, whether it’s a blog post or a landing page.
  • The AI copies will be able to be used in any language.
  • AI Copywriting tools allow for a more consistent flow in the copywriting process and can write and market content based on algorithms and data.
  • The tool’s algorithm can determine the most effective way to reach a target consumer while also including keywords and information that will be relevant to the target consumer.
  • The tool would also be able to track the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns.

Disadvantages of An AI Copywriting Tool

  • It would reduce the amount of work a copywriter would have to do.
  • It could generate booming revenue from advertising, sponsorships, and product placements.

What Type Of Content An AI Copywriting Tool Can Create?

what type of content

AI Copywriting Tools can help you to create better content and save time by using natural language processing and machine learning. You can use AI copywriting tools for building your content efficiently and effectively. These tools can write all types of content, be it articles, blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, or other types of content.

AI Copywriting Tools can use natural language processing to create excellent quality content for your websites and blogs. AI Copywriting Tools can also use machine learning to make the content and write it for you. You can check the generated content with any one of the Plagiarism checking tools.

An essential characteristic of a copywriting program is the ability to create multiple types of content. The tools I mentioned can efficiently generate content for


  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Headers & Hero section
  • Meta descriptions

Social Media

  • Social media ads
  • Posts & captions
  • Google ads
  • LinkedIn bio
  • YouTube video script & titles


  • Complete blog posts
  • Intros and outlines of posts
  • Article summaries
  • Content expanding & paraphrasing


  • Product descriptions
  • Amazon & Shopify product descriptions
  • Features & benefits of products
  • Sales emails

Characteristics Of An Ideal Copywriting Software

An ideal copywriting software would track progress made in a user’s writing and provide helpful tips and tricks.

Additionally, It can use these automated copywriting tools in a variety of ways.

The following is a list of some essential characteristics your choice of copywriting tool should have.

  • A content generation tool must be able to create excellent quality content and be easily controlled. The GPT-3 writing model is currently the best technology on the market for copywriting tools powered by artificial intelligence.
  • It must also be able to create multiple copies of a single content and avoid grammar errors. It should match or supersede the quality of content written by a human. Not to forget, the content should be perfectly readable.
  • It should be able to create multiple copies of a single content so that you don’t face any duplicate issues.
  • It should also avoid grammar errors in the generated content. There is no need to spend time checking the grammatical accuracy and proofreading the content. The software must have the ability to do it automatically.
  • A well-designed application must also be able to create content faster. Additionally, content should be generated by the software with a minimum amount of manual effort.
  • The software and content should be operated with complete control by you. It should also be easy for you to use without requiring any technical knowledge.
  • Pricing plans must be flexible and affordable for the tool not to burden your budget.
  • A good customer rating and review are a must for the software.

My selection of the best AI copywriting tools is based on these factors.

10 Best AI CopyWriting Software & Tools

The best AI copywriting tools will make your brand more appealing and improve the overall experience. Tools like this can also help with SEO and conversion rates. It allows your brands to create unique content for the products.

Here are some details about each one. Let’s start with…

1. Jarvis – AI That Writes Blog & Social Media Content

jarvis - AI that writes blogs and social media content

Jarvis is an open-source automation project that will help write blog posts and social media content for companies.

In the not-too-distant future, Jarvis will be a program that helps write blog posts and social media content for companies. It takes care of finding article topics as well as all the basic formatting.

Jarvis is an open-source automation project that uses the “agent-oriented architecture,” developed by Mark Weiser, one of the key people behind the development of the Internet. It has been used to automate systems like Twitter and Instagram, but it’s been implemented in robotics more recently.

AI is a hot topic right now. Machine learning and natural language processing can help automate business and personal processes.

We all need blogs and social media content at some point in our lives. Sometimes, it’s to promote a business. Other times, it’s to help an individual reach their goals. And when you need content, the last thing you want is to spend hours writing something yourself.

Jarvis is an AI program that will write content for you based on your writing style. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to read your writing style and understand what you say in your articles or tweets.

Features of Jarvis – The Best AI Copywriting Tool

  1. AI-based Content Creation: Jarvis produces all types of content using GPT-3 learning models, which use cutting-edge technology. In case you don’t know, GPT-3 is a deep learning-based model that produces text that feels human.
  2. Tone Can Be Adjusted: You will also be able to customize the style of your content. As a result, your business can match its tone, ensuring its overall essence remains the same. Tone options include intelligent, clever, funny, and many more.
  3. With this copywriting software, you can generate copies in multiple languages to target a global audience. Jarvis is a software that allows you to create content with the help of AI using GPT-3 learning models. You can select different types of content to match your business’s tone, and you can also translate your content into 26 different languages. English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and others are the most frequently used languages.
  4. Jarvis is known for creating unique content despite offering copywriting features to over 10,000+ users. Due to its strict policy of never allowing duplication, the software produces unique content of the best quality for all of its users.
  5. Jarvis ensures that all content is free from grammatical errors and provides that it is unique. Thus, the software is built with an integrated grammar checker so your content will not contain any errors.
  6. You can add team members to your account through the software. You can easily assign tasks to team members if you manage a content-writing team or an agency.
  7. Jarvis boss mode (latest feature) – Jarvis has recently been updated so that it now generates any type of content via Jarvis commands. Jarvis is now capable of developing any content that you need. You can request a meta description in the long-form editor using power like Jarvis. 

What type of content can you create with the Jarvis AI copywriting tool?

This article will explore how to create content with the Jarvis AI copywriting tool. for a blog post. It is a new and innovative approach to marketing online that has grown in popularity over the past few years.

jarvis helps you

I divided most of them into groups according to their general usage to make sorting easier. 

Jarvis allows you to write blog posts, create social media posts and ads, update your LinkedIn bio and YouTube scripts, create Google Ads, optimize your website for SEO, and write sales and landing pages.

  • Blog Posts: Jarvis allows you to write blog posts. In addition, it is possible to write an intro paragraph for your blog post or create your blog post outline. You can also use Jarvis to generate headlines for your blog posts. 
  • Social Media: Jarvis allows you to create social media campaigns that include ads and posts with relevant captions. Facebook ads written by Jarvis are highly conversion-effective. It helps you to create social media posts and ads, update your LinkedIn bio, and YouTube scripts, create Google Ads, optimize your website for SEO, and write sales for the landing pages.
  • ECommerce: Javis works for all your eCommerce products, including product descriptions. A product can have multiple copies of its benefits available. It can also sell thousands of Amazon products under this solution. 
  • SEO & SEM: Jarvis will also create Google Ads and create SEO-optimized blog posts, meta descriptions, and titles. 
  • Website: Create sales and landing pages using this copywriting software, which uses AIDA & PAS marketing frameworks. Additionally, it creates attention-grabbing headlines for your websites and relevant subheadings.

As well as the copywriting templates, Jarvis has numerous other features. A new feature in its latest update lets users condense a paragraph into a sentence using its “Text Summarizer” feature.

Who can use the Jarvis?

Currently, it serves more than 10,000 users globally. Jarvis is a platform for creating content that can be used by freelancers, marketers, eCommerce businesses, startups, and advertising agencies.

Pricing of Jarvis

Its features and efficiency have already impressed us. But the pricing makes it even more attractive. Jarvis is a subscription-based software, so it is not available for a free trial. As a result, I have been able to agree with my team.

My readers can activate the five-day free trial with a 10,000-word limit by clicking this link. then you can upgrade to a monthly subscription plan for additional benefits.

2. WriteSonic – best AI marketing copy creator

writesonic ai copywriting tool and make your copy in a second

Writesonic is an automated software program that generates content with artificial intelligence, which has helped many users get rid of writer’s block and improve their online business. When the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing, It launched the software. It saw a healthy response from the users because most of us worked from home.

More than 10,000 users are using Writesonic to improve their online business. Because of its popularity, many high-profile websites have the writesonic integration like TNW, TechRadar, Entrepreneur, Financial Post, and VentureBeat.

Features of WriteSonic:

  • Support in 24 languages: WriteSonic allows you to create content in 24 global languages, and it has a simple interface for beginners to use. So this feature allows you to write the content in your regional languages to target customers based on geographical locations.
  • Simple to use: It has a simple interface to start even for newbies. First, you have to select the type of content to create. After that, you have to add a few lines to describe the content as seed content. After a few seconds, they will give multiple variants of the content to use.
  • Best AI technology: It uses the most advanced GPT-3 technology. This language learning model generates content as a human writer.
  • Grammatical Errors: It has a grammar checker, readability checker, and a few more features. If it finds any errors in the generated content, it prompts with a solution to rectify them.
  • Readability Analyzer: It has an excellent Readability checker. Most of the generated content is very good at readability. If you find issues with content quality, you can follow its recommended guidelines to improve content quality. 

Who can use the WriteSonic tool?

who is writesonic for

Writesonic is software for bloggers, marketers, and eCommerce businesses that allows them to create content quickly. These customers like how easy it is to use the software without losing any essential features for their goals. The testimonials further show that Writesonic would work great for content writers, sales copywriters, and professional bloggers because of their ability to create posts at lightning speeds.

WriteSonic Pricing

At Writesonic, you have a thing or two to consider when it comes to plans. Writesonic offers ten free credits for each new member, and a flexible yearly and monthly plan. To make sure that the newbies on board can generate content of any kind without having to spend anything. But if they exhaust these free credits, the yearly and monthly plan is always equally flexible in terms of features while not too costly. 

Although at some point or another you’d need to pay for more significant usage, WriteSonic offers a 55% discount to its customers.

The good news from the WriteSonic sales team is, they are providing a 55% discount from their regular plans. To grab this discount, you have to use “SONIC55” at the time of the checkout process. It applies to all plans offered on their official pricing page.

writesonic pricing

It is available in three plans, for different price points, which are: Starter Plan for $13.05 per month, Professional Plan for $44.55 per month, and Business Plan for $224.55 per month.

  • Starter Plan: This plan comes to you at $13.05 per month instead of $29 at the regular price. You can use 75 monthly credits in the primary and advanced features area. It is perfect for new marketers and bloggers.
  • Professional Plan: It costs you $44.55 per month instead of $99. You will get 150 monthly credits for advanced features only, which can use the basic features without any restrictions (Unlimited). It is the perfect choice for small business owners and marketing gurus.
  • Business Plan: This plan is perfect for large businesses, and it charges $224.55 per month with 1200 monthly credits on advanced features and unlimited credits on essential elements.

So, if you are interested in picking one of the plans, you need to check all the features available in both the primary and advanced sections. If you are not satisfied with this tool, you can raise the ticket to get your money back within seven days.

3. Peppertype – Fast Quality content Creator

peppertype - create quality content faster is a tool for content creation that enables the automatic understanding of any written document. The company’s technology can read and understand up to 400,000 words per minute while producing a structured output of tagged documents in a readable format for machine-to-machine communication.

More than 800 business owners trusted peppertype content like Facebook, Adobe, Amazon, Swiggy, Indigo, Directi, etc. 

You can write any content using Peppertype by choosing the perfect category like Social Media, Copywriting, SEO, E-commerce, and Product.

Who can use the tool?

peppertypeAI is for

PepperType is the perfect tool for creating content for your website or client sites. It is a great tool for every digital marketing agency.

This tool helps you generate content with excellent readability and uniqueness with multiple variations—a tremendous and must-have tool for every digital marketing agency.

PepperType Pricing

It’s now easy to use the tool with no worries about hidden costs. You can sign up for a free trial with 10,000 words usage limitation here. 

Starter, Growth, and Enterprise plans are available. All plans offer unlimited content creation, more than 20 content types, and a single-user license.

peppertype pricing
  • Starter plan: It is perfect for individuals, small companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. It starts at $25 a month for annual subscribers. The software offers unlimited content creation, more than 20 content types, and a single-user license.
  • Growth Plan: It is perfect for professionals, marketing teams, startups, and agencies. It is priced at $165 per month for annual subscribers. It comes with unlimited content generation, more than 20 different types of content, and you can use the same plan for up to five people. This plan also allows you to download copies.
  • Enterprise plan: This is a customized plan. Prices are customized based on customer needs. We recommend this package for aggregators, marketplaces, and enterprises.

4. Scalenut – Best AI powered content research & writing platform

Scalenut - AI powered content research and writing platform

Scalenut is another top trending platform for content research and copywriting. Scalenut uses machine learning and natural language processing to generate relevant content. The platform gathers data from across the web, including corporate trends, events, news, and research, so you can deliver targeted messages when they are needed.

There is a unique SEO assistant in Scalenut. In this end-to-end content research and writing tool, you are provided with actionable insights on all significant ranking factors, such as NLP terms, Image frequency, long-form AI copywriting, H tags, and Quality Score.

Scalenut is a unique SEO assistant that helps you to optimize your content in ten countries.

Features of Scalenut:

  • Create Outlines: Targeting one seed keyword enables you to create SEO-focused content outlines, generate ideas, and create high-quality content using industry-best NLP.
  • To generate ideas: The software helps you create content ideas for blogs, product descriptions, ad codes, email headers, blog headers, and more.
  • Create long-form: An AI tool at Scalenut generates a long piece of content in seconds. You can use it to boost your search engine rankings, close more deals, and build authority.
  • For High-Quality Content: SEO Assistant provides real-time feedback on your writing. In addition to incorporating NLP terms, this app tells you how many words you’ve used, the readability score, number of sentences, and more.

Who can use the ScaleNut tool?

You can brainstorm ideas or write unlimited copies, like social posts and email headers. With AI Copywriter, your document is generated instantly with the click of a button.

ScaleNut is designed for content strategists, content writers, startups, and agencies. You can try it free for seven days and then pay $26 per month for an annual subscription.

Scalenut is available as a Lifetime deal on pitchground platform at $49. You can grab this deal before its expiry by visiting this link now.

Pricing of Scalenut

The regular pricing for Scalenut starts at $26 per month for an annual subscription. You can try it free for seven days. There are three premium plans available. 

  • Individual plan: $26 per month
  • Growth plan: $112 per month
  • Pro plan: Unlimited AI words and documents

5. Rytr – Smart AI Copywriting Tool

rytr ai copywriting tool

Rytr is an online content generator and writing assistant for blogs, allowing you to write an original blog post in just 3 minutes using AI.

Using Rytr, you can create original content by selecting from the over 500,000 topics in its library and producing it as a post or blog for you.

It is the best artificial intelligence writer, content generator, and writing assistant for blogs. The AI understands which keywords to use and writes a post that generates more traffic and subscribers.

Features of Rytr:

  • Auto-correct: Rytr comes with an inbuilt Grammar checker and auto-correction feature to make the sentences error-free.
  • Grammar Check: Automatically checks your text for grammar errors and incorrect word usage
  • Tone checker: Detects the tone of your message to make sure it is written professionally.
  • Sentence formatting: Customize how you write with custom sentence structure options such as ‘Bullet Points’ or ‘Paragraph.’

Who can use the Rytr tool?

rytr best writing platform

Rytr is an inbuilt grammar checker and auto-correction tool that automatically makes your sentences error-free.

This tool is suitable for e-commerce companies, small businesses, digital agencies, bloggers/vloggers, and digital marketing agencies.

Pricing of Rytr tool

Rytr provides a demo version so users can try and test its features before purchasing its premium version.

Rytr’s pricing starts at $25 per month. It is a character generator with unlimited character options and more than 20 case and tone options.

Rytr offers one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market to give you complete value for money.

For the Free users, every month they will get 5000 characters for their content creation usage.

Rytr offers complete value for money by offering unlimited text in 30+ languages with 20+ voices and 30+ use cases for $29 a month.


$290/year (Get 2 months free!)

  • Generate UNLIMITED* characters
  • Access 30+ use cases
  • Write in 30+ languages
  • Access 20+ tones
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority email & chat support
  • Access to premium community

6. – Best AI-based content research tool

longshot - the AI system for long form content

The LongShot AI system combines SEO optimization, keyword research, and content creation with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

In the dashboard, there is a primary feature called Blog, and there are various features you can use, including:

  • Text expander
  • Rephraser
  • Headlines
  • Blog ideas
  • Blog insights
  • FAQ

It generates content using GPT3 from the opener. That is a significant development. These guys will probably add some other features in the future.

The tool that LongShot AI uses to generate blogs is where it stands out from other AI software.

Who should use the LongShot.AI tool?

LongShotAI is perfect for those who are creating content for blogs and social media and is easy to use.

LongShotI’s user interface is simple. Anyone can use this tool without any experience or coding skills and it was designed with four easy interface steps: research, headline, outline, and blog.

  • Research: It helps you to start researching your niche to start AI writing.
  • Headline: It allows you to create engaging headlines to attract more people from search engines.
  • Outline: It enables you to create blog post outlines to use as side headings.
  • Blog: The AI-generate SEO-friendly long-form content can be created by using headlines and SEO-generate techniques.

It takes 5 to 10 minutes to get Longshot-generated content and costs $19.90 per month. The content is 100% unique and grammatically error-free.

Pricing of LongShotAI

The pricing of longshot starts from $19.90 per month for annual subscription users. It comes with two plans.  

Pro plan

It is suitable for individuals, smaller teams, and agencies that want to grow by maximizing efficiencies in their content generation. You will get 1000 credits, access to integration, and priority access to future updates. The pricing starts from $19.90 per month.

Enterprise plan

In order to maximize efficiencies in your content creation process, you should try the enterprise plan. It includes unlimited monthly credits, fact checks, and image AI plugins. The pricing starts from $99.90 per month.

If you want to try this tool, you can try a three-day free trial with 100 free credits. 

7. AutoWriter – Smart AI tool


The auto writer is a content writing assistant that makes writing content simple and easy. It takes care of the entire process of writing and editing content, including research, writing, and editing. The auto writer helps you manage your content by creating image files and managing authors.

Features of AutoWriter:

  • Automatic Content Writing: The auto writer software is a content writing tool that helps you write articles and blog posts in seconds without any effort. Every piece of content is unique and has never been seen before. It is 100% unique content.
  • Save your precious time: Featuring 100% unique and high-quality content, the AutoWriter allows you to write articles in seconds, save precious time, and create custom templates with a few clicks of the mouse button.
  • Easy-to-use interface: It has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to create their custom templates with a few clicks of the mouse button.
  • Flexible with any niche: The software can be used in any niche such as e-commerce, SEO, blog posts, etc.

Who should use the AutoWriter tool?

An AutoWriter tool is an excellent tool for people who want to write content automatically.

It is an excellent tool to save time, improve your writing skills or get more customers visiting your website. It will be beneficial for people who do not have time to write articles or blog posts because they don’t want to waste their precious time typing every word manually.

The program allows users to create various documents, including sales letters, product descriptions, how-to guides, eBooks, and more.

It is perfect for marketers, bloggers, and Startup companies. AutoWriter is an AI copywriting software that helps you create content in 3 minutes.

Pricing of AutoWriter:

The AI copywriting software pricing starts from $29 per month for annual subscription users. You can create unlimited content with unlimited credits. Prior live chat is available for quick solutions.

8. CopyAI – Simple Content Copy creator

copyAI: create marketing copy in a seconds helps writers overcome writer’s block by producing marketing copies in seconds. CopyAI helps writers handle this resistance! With this software, you can generate marketing copies in seconds and awaken your passion for writing. 

The advanced artificial intelligence technology behind produces effective results instantly. You can access a variety of ideas to help users get inspired. 

Features of Copy.AI

  • Easy to use: Copy.AI is very easy to use and has an intuitive interface that makes it simple for you to write a copy in minutes. Copy.AI is an intelligent AI tool that can write articles for you in just seconds.
  • No need to be an expert writer: Use simple writing tools, and they will generate unique content for your website or Blog.
  • Content that attracts customers: The best part of using Copy.AI is that you don’t have to spend hours on research but rather focus on other aspects of your business instead.
  • High-quality content: Copy.AI is an intelligent AI tool that generates unique, optimized content for your website or blog without any need to be an expert writer.
  • Write once, publish everywhere: Create one single piece of content and publish it on all your social media accounts without having to do any additional work.

Pricing of Copy.AI

Pricing for Copy.AI starts at $35 per month and includes unlimited runs, translation, and expert support. You can translate the content into more than 25 languages. If you want to try this tool, you can grab the seven days free trials of Copy.AI and use it 100 runs per day along with expert support via email. 

9. AnyWord – To writer better AI content

anywordAI - the best AI copy generator

What is the Ai Copywriting tool by AnyWord? The Ai Copywriting tool by AnyWord teaches you to become a good writer and to create your own business. So the Ai Copywriting tool will teach you how to do it.

How does this work?

This system is based on a principle that makes learning easy and fun. Instead of just reading about the principles and techniques involved in creating good copy, we show you how to do it step-by-step.

The AnyWord AI Copywriting tool is a training course based on the principle of the Magic Quadrant. You can get access to over 100 videos with over 100 principles that teach you the fundamentals of copywriting.

The Ai Copywriting tool is based on the principles of the Magic Quadrant, which Peter Drucker created in 1958. This quadrant is one of the essential tools that business owners have to understand to improve their marketing strategy and operations.

Importance of AnyWord AI Copywriting tool:

  • AnyWord AI Copywriting tool is the best way to get the desired content for your website. The copywriters use it to write articles and blogs daily.
  • AnyWord AI Copywriting tool provides you with excellent content within seconds, with just a few clicks, and helps you to know the number of words generated by it.
  • It has provided that you can generate excellent articles in seconds, with just a few clicks.
  • It has an excellent word count feature that helps you know the number of words generated by it.
  • It has provided you with lots of templates and language options to choose from.
  • It has provided you with an option to choose the words which you want to be copied.
  • It has provided an option to select any topic that you want.
  • You can write articles for your website or blog in just a few minutes with this tool.

How to Use AnyWord AI Copywriting tool?

  • Go to the homepage and click on the ‘Get Started’ button.
  • Select the language of your choice from the list.
  • Choose a template from the provided templates, or you can choose anyone that suits your article.
  • Fill up all the details such as title, keywords, tags, etc.
  • AnyWord AI Copywriting tool uses artificial intelligence to generate content for your articles.

Features of AnyWord AI Copywriting tool

AnyWord provides you with templates, pre-made articles, and editing tools. It has pre-made articles for different topics, language options, and tags.

  • It has provided you with awesome templates to choose from.
  • It has provided you with pre-made articles that will make your work easier.
  • ou can choose the number of words or pages you want to generate for each article by choosing the suitable template.
  • It has provided you with language options.
  • It has made it easy for users to find the articles on your website by adding the ‘Tags’ section.
  • You can make any changes in those pre-made articles as per your need by using the provided editing tools.

What type of content can you create with AnyWord?

  • Articles, Blogs, Press Releases, and Ebooks.
  • Use this tool to quickly create articles, blogs, press releases, and e-books for your website.
  • It has provided you with a large number of templates and is also available in your language.
  • You can choose the number of words or pages you want to generate for each article by choosing the suitable template.
  • It will automatically find the best keywords from all those tags.
  • It will create the article using the keywords that you have chosen.
  • You can quickly generate articles for your website with various features such as SEO-friendly content and SEO-friendly URLs.

Who can use the AnyWord AI copywriting tool?

  • It is suitable for all types of websites, which use any language.
  • Both beginners and advanced users can use it.
  • Anyone who wants to create articles for their website or Blog.
  • You can also use it if you’re going to generate valuable content for your business.
  • It is best suited for those looking forward to having their Blog and creating quality content with it.
  • You can use it for your business by creating quality content and improving the SEO of your website.

Pricing of AnyWord Tool

The Pricing of the AnyWord tool starts from $49 per month. AnyWord is an AI copywriting tool for creating quality content for your business or website. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users and it is available in 3 plans.

  • Free plan – $49/month
  • Enterprise plan – $199/month 
  • Professional Plus Plan – $399/month

10. WordTune – Smart AI writer

wordtune - your thoughts in words

Wordtune is a writing assistant that helps you improve the clarity, composure, and authenticity of your writing. It implements artificial intelligence to understand what you’re trying to say. If you are seeking rewrite suggestions, you can pick the tone and length according to your goals. It is a must-have tool for my blogging journey.

Wordtune utilizes deep AI technology to understand context and semantics. Grammarly gives you far more power than what you’re already used to. You can use this nifty yet highly effective tool to improve how you express yourself by providing straightforward, compelling, and authentic suggestions for communicating your ideas better.

Wordtune allows you to fine-tune your writing, allowing you to focus on your thoughts. Several options are available for changing the tone of the pasted text.

You can rewrite your text in a variety of ways. Several options are available for changing the tone of the pasted text.

  • Rewrite: Rephrase your sentences
  • Shorten: Perfect for tweets or shorter texts
  • Expand: Elaborate on your idea
  • Formal: Perfect for work emails
  • Casual: Write in a conversational style

Features of WordTune

The word tune comes with excellent features. WordTune is a powerful tool used to make professional content with the following features.

  • It used Natural Language Processing (NLP) system
  • Machine Learning
  • Multi-Language
  • Grammar Check
  • Tone checker
  • Sentence formatting
  • Style Editor
  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Autocorrect
  • Plagiarism check
  • Engagement Metrics

Who uses the WordTune tool?

Marketers, editors, educators, bloggers, or anyone writing content will significantly benefit from WordTune. Make your content look as professional as possible with the help of this tool.

Try Grammarly and ProwritingAid tools to make your content error-free after using wordtune.

Pricing of WordTune

WordTune has a free and a premium version. You can use the rewrite feature in the free version. If you wish to use an additional option, you must upgrade. For annual subscribers, pricing starts at $9 per month. For one-month subscriptions, the price is $29 per month.

Special mention AI Writing tool

11. ChatGPT


chatGPT is an advanced machine learning algorithm that uses natural language processing (NLP) to generate human-like text. It is based on the GPT-3 model, which was developed by OpenAI, and is considered one of the most advanced text generation algorithms available today.

Features of chatGPT:

  • Natural Language Understanding: chatGPT has the ability to understand and respond to natural language input, making it easy for users to interact with the algorithm.
  • Text Generation: chatGPT can generate high-quality, human-like text in a wide range of styles and formats. This makes it ideal for tasks such as content creation, SEO optimization, and language translation.
  • Customization: chatGPT can be customized to suit the needs of different users and industries. This allows users to fine-tune the algorithm to generate text that is tailored to their specific needs.
  • Scalability: chatGPT is highly scalable, making it suitable for use in large-scale projects and applications.

ChatGPT Plans and Pricing:

ChatGPT is currently in the beta experimental phase and is being offered to users free of charge. This means that anyone can access the platform and test out its capabilities without incurring any costs. The developers of ChatGPT are using this phase to gather feedback from users, improve the technology, and resolve any bugs that may arise. This is a great opportunity for businesses, developers, and content creators to try out the tool and see if it can benefit their operations without any financial commitment. However, it’s worth noting that, as it’s in the beta phase, the quality of the text generated may not be as accurate or relevant as it will be in the future when it’s fully developed.

Pros and Cons of chatGPT:


  • Can be used for various content creation tasks such as developing topic ideas, keyword research, and content writing
  • Has the ability to remember previous conversations with users
  • Can be utilized to quickly build chatbots for specific purposes like customer support
  • Has a wide range of creative writing applications such as writing stories, novels, and lyrics
  • Can be used to create apps and fix programming language errors
  • Utilizes GPT-3.5, a language model trained to produce human-like conversations
  • Offers free usage for all users.


  • Can generate incorrect or irrelevant text due to it being in the early stages of development
  • Has limitations in generating text as it cannot browse the internet for additional information
  • Does not have the feature to view conversation history or generated text at this moment
  • Not yet available in the API form.

Why chatGPT?

ChatGPT is a powerful and versatile machine learning algorithm that can be used for various applications, from content creation to SEO optimization. Its ability to understand and respond to natural language input makes it easy to use. At the same time, its high level of customization means that it can be tailored to suit the needs of different users and industries. Additionally, chatGPT’s scalability makes it ideal for large-scale projects and applications, making it a great choice for businesses and organizations that need to generate large amounts of high-quality text. Overall, chatGPT is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their SEO and content creation efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is AI copywriting?

AI copywriting is the practice of writing advertising copy for an entity, such as a company or product, that creates and sells products and services. The primary job function of AI copywriters is the collection and analysis of information about a target audience.

Will AI replace copywriters?

In most cases, AI is not a suitable replacement for copywriters. Artificial intelligence is a computer program that provides a specific service or performs a task. It uses algorithms and data to create a result, but it cannot do so without human input. While AI can replace copywriters in some instances, it will not be able to do so in all areas of content creation.

Will copywriters be automated?

Automation is a growing trend in the digital age, and that trend may lead to the automation of copywriting. The process of copywriting has been automated ever since computers were invented. For example, the word count of a blog post was typically limited by how many characters could be typed on-screen with one hand.

What are your thoughts on AI Copywriting tools?

I think it is excellent that AI tools help writers, but I also have some reservations. While I feel that AI tools can help with copywriting, human writers need to learn as much as possible about the language and techniques of copywriting. Without knowing these things, even the best AI tool will not assist a writer as much as they should.

Copywriters create content in different languages?

To start, AI copywriters can create content in different languages, and knowing other languages is not necessary for this job. However, competence in the language would be helpful to write in a way that is understandable to the audience.

Can AI-powered copywriting tools replace human content writers?

The answer to the question is no. Some AI-powered copywriting tools benefit from automating repetitive tasks, such as ad copywriting and blog posts, but they cannot replace human content writers. It is easy to imagine that You could use AI-powered copywriting tools to replace human content writers. With the help of these tools, it would be possible for businesses to use their resources more effectively and optimize their online presence. However, many people still see writing as a creative profession and consider it necessary to be in the workforce.

What are the best AI copywriting tools?

The best AI copywriting tools include software like Grammarly, Grammarly for Business, WordAI, and Ubersuggest. Using these tools, you can find the most likely words to be used in a mistake or omission of a letter or word. These tools also see the words with the most stress and order them most appropriately.

Are AI-text tools worth using when copywriting? 

Yes, AI-text tools are worth using when copywriting. They can help you create original marketing content that thousands of people will read. A good AI-text tool will analyze your text for phrases similar to other marketing campaigns or words that are considered “unprofessional” and give you suggestions for changes.

How will AI affect copywriting? 

The use of automation and artificial intelligence in copywriting is expected to lead to changes in the profession. The impact will vary from business to business and industry to industry, but benefits could include increased specialization, decreased costs, increased efficiency, better product quality, and faster response times. Automation will allow copywriters to focus on content development instead of administrative tasks, which can improve efficiency.

What is Jarvis AI copywriting assistant?

Jarvis AI is an artificial intelligence copywriter for Jarvis’s enterprise software company, which provides business solutions for retailers. The company wrote an article about AI to help businesses with their marketing.

What is your opinion on AI replacing humans in copywriting?

Many people believe that AI will replace humans in copywriting. Although It will replace them in some areas, It won’t replace them in all. In my opinion, AI will have a significant impact on copywriting in the future. AI may eventually replace copywriters, but I do not think that the job is worthless. Humans still have a lot to offer when it comes to writing content. AI might be a supplement for humans.

Final words on Best AI Copywriting Tools

If you want to write excellent content articles, then you need to use AI Copywriting Tools.

If you are an entrepreneur, a marketer, or a blogger, you should have the best content writing tools in your arsenal.

Best AI Copywriting Tools are designed to perform the tasks of human writers by using advanced algorithms and machine learning technology.

You can create excellent copywriting articles with these AI Copywriting Tools that will help you to increase your visibility on the internet.

These best AI Copywriting Tools are also called Artificial Intelligence-based software programs, which can write articles on any specific topic in just a few minutes.

There are many tools available for you to use. We recommend choosing one of the above best AI copywriting tools, which has a free trial and a good support team.

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