How to install WordPress Theme?

In this Step, I am explaining how to install a theme to your newly installed WordPress blog. Before doing that, you should know a few points about WordPress themes.

  • There are tons of free WordPress themes that are available in the WordPress themes directory.
  • The total themes in the WordPress themes directory are 7,760+ themes.
  • You may want to try a few themes to your site until your selected theme suitable for your needs.
  • In this beginner’s guide, I am presenting a complete step by step procedure on how to install a WordPress theme from your WordPress dashboard, from cPanel, and by using FTP software.
  • Before learning how to install a theme in WordPress blog, we must be clear about the content and structure of our blog.
  • When choosing a WordPress theme and especially if you do not have a graphic designer or programmer to your service, I recommend the Thrive themes, HappyThemes, and MyThemeShop themes.

How to install WordPress Theme?

GeneratePress Premium WordPress theme

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  1. Log in to the WordPress dashboard of your blog.
Go to Themes from appearance

Select the Themes from Appearance to install a theme. 

Add new theme

Now Select Add New. and Choose the theme you would like to use by using the Feature, Popular, Latest, Favorite and Feature Filter options.

go for add new theme

Here I searched for the GeneratePress theme for my needs, and then click on the Preview link to preview the Theme or if you click on Install now button to upload the Theme.

search generatepress theme

WordPress will be starting your theme installation and shows the success message. Now click on Activate. Your selected theme is uploaded and activated as your chosen theme on your blog.

generatepress theme activation

These are the basic steps to install a theme from a free WordPress repository.


generatepress customization mode

How to Upload a Premium WordPress theme from the Computer?

Most of the WordPress themes are free. If you are switching your free theme to a premium theme for the uniqueness of your blog, Genesis framework themes, and Mythemeshop themes are my first suggestion. These are not available in the WordPress themes directory.

You must purchase these themes from their official sites. They are providing these themes as Zipping format after complete your purchase. Download those themes into your computer’s desktop and follow the below steps carefully.

Upload custom or Premium theme to WordPress blog:

  • To upload custom or premium themes, which downloaded from their official site, go to Add New from Appearance option.
  • Then click on the Upload Theme button, which is located at the top of the Themes page, or click on the “+” symbol on the box located on the page or end of all themes.
add new theme to upload
  • Now it’s time to upload your downloaded theme. There is an option to upload, click on the Browse option, and choose the upload theme location. Select the theme from the drive and add in the dashboard, finally click on Install Now to install a theme.
browse the downloaded wordpress theme
  • Now the installation of the newly uploaded theme will start. After a few seconds, this process will be completed.
  • Before activating the theme, you need to check the preview and do the minimum theme settings like Site title, Widgets placements, Menu adjustments, and some other few steps. Finally, click on the Activate button.
  • If we click on the option “Live Preview we will see first and detail theme information to the left and right preview of the topic and the way in which it appears within the WordPress environment.
  • After the adjustments click on the Save & Activate button to activate the theme as your default theme.
Customization mode in Schema theme
  • If we are not convinced yet, we have the option of seeing him again live with Live Preview or return to the installer, Return to Theme Installer to select a new theme and then perform the steps above.
  • If we decide to activate it after clicking the Activate button, we will open the initial themes window, in which the subject appears in our case Schema by MyThemeShop as Current Theme. The current topic in use, we will also see that the deployed topic window presents at the bottom, the buttons to start customizing the chosen theme. These buttons are Customize, Widgets, Menus, install Plugins, and Theme Options. 
Schema by Mythemeshop

We have installed our theme! Now you know how to install a theme in a WordPress blog and just need to customize it or put it to our liking as our corporate image. This is the basic step to install a WordPress theme from the blog dashboard.

Note: This theme upload functionality is available only for self-hosted WordPress blog users. If you are using the service, this function is not available. You must use the existed free WordPress themes only.

So if you are trying to rank your blog and branding, this is the right time to upgrade your blog from (or) Blogspot blog to self-hosted WordPress blogging.

This is the list of Fast loading WordPress themes. you can pick any one of the themes.

[wptb id=28280]

This blog is designed with a GeneratePress premium theme. I strongly recommend this theme for better page loading.

GeneratePress Premium WordPress theme

GeneratePress is one of the free, lightweight, SEO optimized, Page builder-friendly, and best-rated WordPress themes. Take an action for you designing projects for better WordPress Performance.

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