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GeneratePress is a popular WordPress theme known for its clean design and ease of use. The theme is perfect for businesses and bloggers who want a simple, effective website. GeneratePress is also highly customizable, so you can change the look and feel of your site to match your brand.

Are you looking for the best and fastest-loading WordPress theme? If so, this is for you. This is a special GeneratePress Review and its settings guide article.

From this article, you can understand the power of the GeneratePress WordPress theme to develop the best WordPress websites with its unique features.

Suppose you are trying to make your WordPress site look amazing. Then it is not just a theme that you need for your website. It would help if you implemented different addons and custom codes to make it look awesome. 

A completely customized WordPress blog with excellent functionality and design will attract some more visitors. Many WordPress bloggers also make an effort to make their pages attractive.

GeneratePress is a simple theme with a wide range of customization options. It offers a premium plugin that adds over 14 additional features to the theme’s core functionality.

Why did I migrate to the GeneratePress Premium theme?

In the first years of my blogging journey, I used to use default free themes from the WordPress library.

But those free themes did not give the proper results for my website. Finally, those themes wasted my valuable time. After taking suggestions from experts, I purchased premium themes, Sahifa from ThemeForest and FocusBlog from ThriveThemes, for this blog. The Sahifa theme is the top-rated and best free WordPress theme for review sites.

This is why we have decided to make a list of the best free WordPress themes for your WordPress blog. Due to those free themes even though I got a little support, the theme customization part is a bit out of my hand. Later on, I started trails on different free themes from various theme providers.

Why Blogging

After using the Sahifa theme for 2 months. I shifted to the FocusBlog theme. This is a really good theme. I found very interesting results in my affiliate marketing career. FocusBlog, has given very good results in terms of conversion rate. FocusBlog is the best theme for blogging on the WordPress platform. 

In 2019, I shifted my blog design from FocusBlog to GeneratePress. because it is lightweight and fast loading and comes with the simplest customizer. Right now, a few of my blogs are designed with GeneratePress.

My experience with Generatepress Premium

I am using GeneratePress Premium for more than two years. I tested and used almost all of the advanced features.

generatepress homepage

Every feature of the GeneratePress theme is interesting and impressive. The Generatepress theme is light in size and fast loading, along with SEO-friendly coding.

The other interesting part of the theme is, that it comes with more than 100 customization features and 30+ GeneratePress demo sites.

It was made very compatible with the WordPress 5.0 update by adding more features to work along with the inbuilt Gutenberg editor

GeneratePress Review

setup wordpress

GeneratePress is a popular WordPress theme that has received rave reviews from users. It is known for its clean and simple design, as well as its easy-to-use interface. GeneratePress is an excellent choice for a lightweight and fast WordPress theme.

It can be stated that choosing GeneratePress gives the best WordPress theme framework experience and it will give you a lot of benefits. 

Why the GeneratePress Premium theme?

GeneratePress is one of the free themes, and it comes with a lightweight, easy-to-load, and more customization options. This is one of the best WordPress themes.

Many WordPress blogs in the industry use the GP theme, and many experts in the blogging industry recommend GeneratePress for its speed and design.

Generatepress is the best theme in WordPress for free. It can be stated that choosing GeneratePress will give you a lot of benefits.

The following GeneratePress theme review explains why this is the best WordPress theme for blogging.

GeneratePress Free vs Premium-Which one is good?

The difference between the free and premium versions of GeneratePress is that you get more options in the premium version. For instance, you can disable the top bar, header, primary and secondary navigation, featured image, content title, and footer in the premium version of GeneratePress. While the free version allows users to only disable the content title on per post or page basis. Missing features in GeneratePress

Many options are included in the free version of GeneratePress. After trying the free version on my blog, I noticed a significant difference in the speed of my site, prompting me to upgrade to the premium version. I went over some of the reasons why I chose the premium theme.

  1. Mobile Responsive: Mobile responsiveness is an important feature these days. Most of the visits that your website receives are from mobile users. Hence, your theme needs to be mobile responsive first. GeneratePress gives you a 100% responsive design with mobile usability.
  2. Integrated Schema: GeneratePress uses Schema as microdata, which helps you get good results in SERPS.
  3. Lightweight and Fast Loading: As trusted by most GeneratePress users, this theme gives your website lightweight and fast loading with the help of a modular structure.
  4. Secure and Stable: The code used by the theme is very clean and efficient. This gives your website a secure and stable operation. 
  5. Easy Customization: The theme is most loved by bloggers and website experts, mostly because of its easy customization options. Anyone can easily customize the theme for the website. 
  6. Developer-Friendly: There are a lot of features like hooks and filters that help developers change or modify the theme without affecting the original code. This made the theme more liked by various developers, and different customizations were developed to help the theme look better. 
  7. Compatibility: When it comes to compatibility, many themes and plugins face compatibility issues. While coming to GeneratePress, this theme is compatible with almost all the plugins available in the industry. 
  8. RTL Ready & Translation: The GeneratePress comes with translation ready, which lets your website translate into different languages. There are also RTL (Right To Left) languages added to the list. 
  9. Font Awesomeness: The GP comes with great fonts and customization options as well. These fonts will make your blog look awesome. 

The GeneratePress theme is suitable for

The GeneratePress WP theme can be used for any type of website, including personal blogs, e-commerce stores, tech blogs, and online business blogs. The theme gained a good reputation after being released in the WordPress free themes directory, with over 4,00,000 active installations and thousands of positive reviews. There are thousands of GeneratePress WordPress theme reviews from users.

generatepress - the best theme
Generatepress – the best theme

In the year 2022, the developer-focused on speed as the primary concern, and he also introduced a few plugins. This plugin does not create blots in the theme. As a result, you can redesign your blog for a specific category based on the webmaster’s requirements.

Difference between Free and Premium versions

GeneratePress is a lightweight and fast-loading theme that comes in both free and premium versions. The free version is available in the WordPress free themes library. However, color, typography, site library, menu, and other customization options are limited. 

If you want a different and better design than other blogs, you’ll have to upgrade from free to premium to unlock the limited features option. I prepared a small table for those who want to know the difference between free and premium.

Container LayoutNoYes
Demo SitesNoYes
Background ImagesNoYes
GP PremiumNoYes
Tech SupportNoYes
ActionInstall Free VersionBuy GP Premium

What are the addons in GeneratePress Premium?

The GeneratePress Premium theme has excellent features. In this guide, we talked about how to get this theme and how to activate it. The GeneratePress Modules section is shown in the screenshot below. On the left side, you can activate the modules that are appropriate for your requirements.

You will find customization features such as logo uploading, font setup, color setup, layout settings, and more on the right-side section. Using these features, you can design your blog without any coding knowledge by using the instant preview mode.


Features of Generatepress Premium

GeneratePress is the best free theme in the WordPress library. The theme is very light and well coded for user-friendly features that load quickly. If you don’t need any addons in the site design, you can disable them from the backend without any coding knowledge.

  • The theme’s responsiveness across all devices is excellent, providing the best possible user experience. 
  • The built-in schema function is available in the theme, which improves SERP results.
  • The theme includes a WordPress customizer that allows for better integration.
  • This theme is compatible with BuddyPress, WP Rocket, Elementor Pro, Thirsty Affiliates, RankMath, and many other popular plugins. 
  • GeneratePress is compatible with page builders like Elementor and beaver builder. Elementor is one of the great GeneratePress combinations that can give your WordPress blog a great design thanks to its many customizable options. This theme is also Beaver Builder compatible.
  • You won’t have to worry about translations with this theme. This theme comes with its translation ready. 
  • In the dashboard, you can create custom elements that you can use throughout the theme. 
  • There are also numerous hooks and filters for customizing your core theme. 
  • The theme developer will provide you with better support whenever you require it. In addition, they release three updates per month on average for maximum security. 
  • The Gutenberg Editor, another GeneratePress plugin, is the best option for completing all of your needs with the Gutenberg Editor. 
  • One GeneratePress premium license key can be used on 500 websites.
  • A Generatepress child theme is also available on the official site.
  • For a single fee, you can get complete support and updates for up to one year.
  • From the second year onwards, you will receive a 40% renewal discount.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee: If you don’t like the theme, you can return it within 30 days for a refund.
GP PRemium modules

1. Site library

GeneratePress has a site library with over 45 Generatepress demo templates. You can browse all of the theme demos in the site library and use any of them for your blog.

sitelibrary in generatepress

The Generatepress Site library serves two purposes.

  • It showcases different uses of GP Premium, and what it can do.
  • It lets you install a pre-made website on your own platform, as a template to create your site. 

2. Colors

The colors add-on allows you to change or edit your blog’s colors. You can change the colors of your blog’s headers, body, navigation menus, and borders.

color modules in generatepress theme

3. Typography

For a better user experience, typography is an important feature to have. This addon from GeneratePress allows you to customize fonts, font sizes, and heading sizes.

typography module in generatepress

4. Page Headers

There are many different types of headers in the page headers section. You can use different page header styles for your blog’s posts and pages.

5. Blog

You can also include a blog on your website with this option. This option allows you to manage all of your pages and posts, as well as your archives, from a single location. As shown in the screenshot below, it has a lot of options and features for customizing your blog.

blog module in generatepress theme

6. Backgrounds

You can customize all of your blog’s backgrounds with the Backgrounds add-on in GeneratePress. This feature allows you to customize the backgrounds of headers, footers, the body, and many other areas.

background images module

7. Spacing

With the spacing add-on, you can control the spacing between elements like headers and footers throughout your blog. 

8. Elements

In the Generatepress elements section, you can add things like headers, hooks, and layout ahead of time. These elements can be modified and reused in your blog at a later time.

elements types

9. Hooks

With the Hooks add-on, you can save additional code in the template. In the other themes, we used to create custom CSS and add it to the theme code for any additional features. 

add new element

Whereas in GeneratePress you can create these hooks to use the codes wherever you wish without changing the core theme. 

10. Primary and Secondary Navigation

You can adjust the width and height of the menu and submenu items in the primary navigation menu’s sticky feature. These features can be customized for different devices. 

You can use secondary navigation to make two different navigation menus on your website.  This can also be customized for various devices.

11. Menu plus

The menu section of GeneratePress contains different menu styles like sticky menus and slide-out menus, which you can use for your menu. 

12. Copyright

Your copyright can be easily displayed with the help of a copyright add-on. 

13. Import & Export

You can also import settings from your other sites to implement on this site. In the same way, you can also export your settings. 

How to use GeneratePress with Elementor?

GeneratePress is a popular WordPress theme that can be used with the Elementor page builder plugin. Here’s how to use GeneratePress with Elementor:

  1. Install and activate the GeneratePress theme.
  2. Install and activate the Elementor plugin.
  3. Create a new page in WordPress and select the “Elementor” template.
  4. Use the Elementor editor to add and customize your content.
  5. Publish your page and view it on the front end of your website.

With GeneratePress and Elementor, you can easily create beautiful WordPress pages without any coding knowledge. So why not give it a try?

Review of GeneratePress and Its Pricing

blog monetization

GP Premium has two different pricing options. You must pay $59 for a one-year subscription and $249 for a lifetime subscription to use this premium theme. If you choose the one-year deal, you’ll save 30% on the second year’s renewal.

The GeneratePress lifetime deal is an excellent way for WordPress developers, agencies, and service providers to satisfy their customers. 

The GeneratePress theme is reasonably priced and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The Gutenberg editor works better with all Generatepress premium modules.

The price of the fastest theme GeneratePress is available in two plans. They are a Yearly plan and a Lifetime plan.

Generatepress Yearly Plan

  • Access to Premium Modules Access
  • Full access to the Site Library
  • One year of updates
  • 1 year of premium support
  • Use it on up to 500 websites.
  • a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Price: $59

GeneratePress Lifetime Plan

  • Access to Premium Modules Access
  • Full access to the Site Library
  • lifetime updates
  • lifetime premium support.
  • You can use GeneratePress on up to 500 websites.
  • a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Price: $249

How do I install a GeneratePress and setup?


Generatepress is a free WordPress theme that can be found in the WordPress Themes directory. To create amazing designs, you’ll need to purchase its premium plugin, which includes all of the above features.

You must first install the free theme on your WordPress site before purchasing the plugin.

Installing GeneratingPress is very simple. For this, you have to log into your site. 

Then go for Appearance > Themes > Add New and search with the term “Generatepress” in the ‘Search themes’ bar. 

add themes from appearance

After a few seconds, the theme will be displayed in the themes results box. 

search for generatepress theme

Start the installation by clicking on the Install Now button and Activate it.

How to Get the GeneratePress Premium?

After reviewing the GeneratePress theme, if you decide to get the GP premium theme, just follow the below steps. 

Step 1: Start Purchase Premium

To start going for the GP Premium version, you have to click here. Then you will be redirected to the Theme’s homepage.

Generatepress wordpress theme

Just scroll down and up to the GP Premium Box. The generatepress theme price comes with two different plans. They are yearly and lifetime plans. Choose the plan and click on the Get Started button.

generatepress theme pricing
Generatepress WordPress theme Pricing

Step 2: Add Billing info

You must select a payment method on the checkout page. To finish your transaction, here are two payment methods. They are Paypal and credit cards. If you have an active Paypal account, you can use this system instead of the credit card option.

The Lifetime plan, in my opinion, should be used to avoid the yearly renewal process. The Generatepress license can be used for up to 500 websites and is a one-time investment.

Once the payment is done, you’ll be able to download the zip file of the GP Premium plugin. Then, you can upload the premium version of GeneratePress from the Plugins section on WordPress.

generatepress checkout page
generate press checkout page

Step 3: Log in to your Account

After completing the purchase, you will receive the confirmation email to activate your account. Now login into your GeneratePress account by entering your Username and Password. Then go to the Accounts > Downloads section.

Step 4: Download GP Premium Plugin

On the Downloads page, click on the Download button to get the GP Premium plugin’s latest version. 

download GP Premium

Step 5: Install and GP Premium Plugin

How to install Generatepress premium? First, go for the Plugins section Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and choose the location of the downloaded plugin on your computer then start uploading and Activate the plugin.


Step 6: Activate the Premium features

GP premium license key must be entered to activate the premium features. Go to your Generatepress account and copy the license code there. Now go to Appearance > GeneratePress in your WordPress dashboard, paste the code in the “Updates” box to update GP Premium, and save it.

appearance - generatepress

How to design a WordPress site with GeneratePress?

After successfully activating the GeneratePress premium theme, you must customize it to your specifications, including adding a logo, colors, layouts, footers, menu bars, and footer sections.

appearance - customization

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Customization. Site identity, layout, primary navigation, colors, typography, background image, widgets, menus, footers, custom CSS, and many other site customization tools are available here.

generatepress customization
Customization in Generatepress theme

The best WordPress designs are possible with Generatepress. Thus, it is clear that GeneratePress is the best option for you if you are looking for an optimal website theme.

It is one of the best WordPress themes for designers. Taking into account all these factors and the differences that exist between free themes and GeneratePress, it can be stated that choosing this theme will give you certain benefits. I recommend GeneratePress for your next website project because I have had a lot of experience with it.

GeneratePress offers in-built CSS optimization options in the theme customizer settings. You can enable Combine CSS and Cache dynamic CSS options to improve your site load times. These options are available in the free version of GeneratePress as well. 

Pros and Cons of Using the Generatepress Theme


  • GeneratePress has the best compatibility with page builders.
  • It has a lot of options for customizing the appearance of your WordPress blog.
  • The best part about using GeneratePress is the technical support it provides.
  • You will have access to the team’s assistance at all times.
  • You can refer to the Documentation section for any minor or major issues you encounter while using the theme or any of its features, as it contains all of the solutions provided by the experts.
  • Headers have a lot of flexibility when it comes to adding different ad codes.


  • The free version of GeneratePress has a small number of features, whereas the Pro version has many more. 
  • The theme does not have many third-party integrations. 
  • A few layouts in the site-library section could be improved.

Best GeneratePress Alternatives

Many excellent GeneratePress alternatives are available, each with its own unique set of features and benefits. When deciding which WordPress theme to use, you should consider a variety of factors.

GeneratePress is one of the best website themes for WordPress. It fulfills all your needs in terms of web design and SEO factors.  Let us look at some of the best GeneratePress alternatives out there so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

1. GeneratePress vs Kadence

There are many themes to choose from, but two of the most popular are GeneratePress and Kadence. Both themes are highly customizable and offer a variety of features, but there are some key differences between them. 

  • GeneratePress is a lightweight theme that is designed to be fast and efficient. It is fully responsive and can be customized to fit any screen size. Kadence is heavier and offers more features than GeneratePress, but it is still a responsive theme. One of the most significant differences between the two themes is how they are designed. 
  • GeneratePress uses a modular design, which means that you can customize each element independently. Kadence uses a more traditional design, which means that the overall look and feel of the theme are more consistent. 
  • Another difference is the pricing. GeneratePress is a freemium theme, while Kadence is also a freemium theme that costs $59. 

The choice of a WordPress theme depends on your needs. If you want a lightweight, fast, and customizable theme, then GeneratePress is an excellent option. If you need more features and are willing to pay for them, then Kadence is a good choice. Here is the review of Kadence theme.

2. GeneratePress vs Astra

GeneratePress and Astra are both popular WordPress themes. They both have their pros and cons, but which one is better for you? 

  • GeneratePress is a lightweight theme that is easy to customize. It includes a customizer with a live preview to see what your changes will look like before you publish them. 
  • GeneratePress is also compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce and bbPress. Astra is a fast and lightweight theme that is also easy to customize. It includes a visual editor to see what your changes will look like before you publish them. 
  • Astra is also compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce and bbPress. It depends on your needs. If you want a theme that is easy to customize and has a live preview, then GeneratePress is good. 

If you want a theme that is fast and has a visual editor, then Astra is a good choice.

3. Generatepress vs Genesis

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a WordPress theme, and two of the most popular options are GeneratePress and Genesis. So, which one is the best? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. 

  • If you want a lightweight and fast theme with many customization options, then GeneratePress is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a theme with more features and options built-in, then Genesis is a better option. 
  • Both themes have their pros and cons, so it’s really up to you to decide which one is the best for your needs. 

4. Generatepress vs Neve

There are a few key differences between GeneratePress and Neve. 

  • GeneratePress is a paid theme, while Neve is a free theme. It means that GeneratePress comes with more features and options than Neve. 
  • GeneratePress is a more lightweight theme than Neve, which means it will load faster and be easier on your server resources. 
  • GeneratePress offers more support than Neve, so if you run into any issues, you’re more likely to get help from the GeneratePress team.

5. Generatepress vs Divi

There are a few key differences between GeneratePress and Divi. 

  • GeneratePress is a lightweight theme designed to be fast and efficient, while Divi is a bit heavier and can be slower as a result.
  • GeneratePress is a more simplified theme with fewer customization options, while Divi offers many customization options. 
  • GeneratePress offers a lifetime license for a one-time fee, while Divi charges a yearly subscription.

6. Generatepress vs Elementor

There are a few key differences between GeneratePress and Elementor.

  • GeneratePress is a lightweight WordPress theme designed to be fast and easy to use. Elementor is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create custom pages and posts with drag and drop.
  • GeneratePress is an excellent choice if you are looking for a fast and lightweight WordPress theme. Elementor is a good choice if you are looking for a WordPress plugin that allows you to create custom pages and posts.

GeneratePress Video Guides

Site Library

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress is a WordPress theme that is designed to be lightweight and fast. It is a responsive theme that can be used on any device, and it is easily customizable. GeneratePress is a great choice for any WordPress site, and it is especially well-suited for sites that are focused on speed and performance.

Is GeneratePress a free theme?

GeneratePress is a popular WordPress theme that is available for free. While there is a paid version of the theme available, the free version is still very powerful and includes all the features most users need. GeneratePress is a great choice for those looking for a free WordPress theme that is fast, lightweight, and customizable.

How do I install a generate press?

There are a few different ways to install a Generate Press theme. The easiest way is to use the WordPress theme installer. Simply login to your WordPress admin panel, go to the “Appearance” section, and click “Themes.” Then, click the “Add New” button and search for “Generate Press.” Once you find the theme, click “Install” and then “Activate.” Another way to install the theme is by downloading the Generate Press ZIP file from and uploading it to your WordPress site.
To do this, login to your WordPress admin panel, go to the “Appearance” section, and click “Themes.” Then, click the “Add New” button and click the “Upload Theme” button. Choose the Generate Press ZIP file from your computer and click “Install Now.” Once the theme is installed, click “Activate.”
The last way to install the theme is by manually uploading the Generate Press files to your server. To do this, you will need to login to your server via FTP and navigate to the “/wp-content/themes/” directory. Then, upload the Generate Press folder to that directory. Once the theme is uploaded, you can activate it by going to the “Appearance” section of your WordPress admin panel and clicking “Themes.” Find the Generate Press theme in the list of themes and click “Activate.”

What is the Elementor theme?

The Elementor theme is a powerful WordPress theme that provides a fast, easy way to create beautiful websites. With Elementor, you can create custom pages and posts with drag-and-drop simplicity, and no coding required. The Elementor theme is also fully responsive, so your website will look great on any device.

Is GeneratePress the fastest theme?

No matter how fast your hosting is, your WordPress site’s speed is always going to be limited by the theme you’re using. A slow theme can drag down even the fastest hosting, and that’s why it’s important to choose a theme that’s built for speed. GeneratePress is one of the fastest themes on the market, and it’s been designed specifically with speed in mind. Every aspect of the theme has been optimized to ensure that it loads quickly and efficiently. From the code to the design, everything has been optimized to make GeneratePress one of the fastest themes available. If you’re looking for a fast theme that will help your WordPress site load quickly, GeneratePress is a great option.

What is the best WordPress theme for SEO?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best WordPress theme for SEO will vary depending on the specific needs of your website. However, there are a few general tips to keep in mind when selecting a WordPress theme for SEO:
a. Choose a theme that is lightweight and fast-loading, as this will help improve your website’s speed and performance.
b. Select a theme that is responsive and mobile-friendly, as this is essential for ensuring your website is accessible to all users.
c. Look for a theme that includes built-in SEO features and options, as this will make it easier to optimize your website for search engines.

Final Words on GeneratePress Review

GeneratePress is a wonderful theme, packed with just the right functionalities you’d expect from a free theme, but still maintaining a light size. The premium version of GeneratePress adds a lot of features to this minimalistic interface, which makes it a great combo to create wonderful sites.

There are plenty of the best free WordPress themes for blogs that will fulfill your blog needs. GeneratePress is the best blog theme. This beautiful, highly-converting theme is the most affordable way to give your blog a dramatic boost in terms of both traffic and sales.

Generatepress review- The fast-loading WordPress Theme 2022
Generatepress review- The fast-loading WordPress Theme 2022

I personally use GeneratePress for this blog and enjoy the features it offers. I became a big fan of this theme because of its fast loading features, clean code, and schema features. 

Because everything in the theme is simple to understand and customize, many users prefer it to any other WordPress theme.

For my clients and bloggers, I personally recommend the GeneratePress Premium theme. Start using the GeneratePress theme if you haven’t already to take your blog to the next level.

I think this Generatepress WordPress theme review helps you choose the best theme for your website and your client’s site.

GeneratePress Review 2022

Satish Ithamsetty

GeneratePress is one of the best WordPress themes for WordPress and it is freemium, lightweight, SEO-friendly and compatible with page builders. For better WordPress performance, take action with your designing projects.
Ease of Use


This GeneratePress Premium Review and setup, in my opinion, is beneficial. So start spreading the word about this article on social media. Your love and support are appreciated.


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