Liquid Web is the best web hosting company and provides huge hosting plans as per the customer needs. During the Liquid Web Black Friday Deals, they are providing great discounts of up to 85% OFF on their plans. So this is the perfect time to grab this deal.

Are you looking for the liquid web black Friday deal 2024? If yes, you are on the right page to know the best deals on Liquid Web hosting plans on this BLACK Friday and Cyber Monday deal 2024.

The Liquid Web provides great hosting plans like VPS, Dedicated, Managed WooCommerce, and Managed WordPress hosting plans.

During the 2024 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale, you will get great discounts from the Liquid Web up to 66%. So grab the deal before they expire. 

What is LiquidWeb hosting?

LiquidWeb started in 1997, it is the most reputed web hosting provider in Michigan (USA). It hosted more than 30,000 websites from all over 150 countries. Most popular sites like Red Bull, Geographic, Porsche, Motorola, ESPN, and United Way sites are also hosted on these servers. It is one of the best Web hosting companies. 

Liquid Web provides many hosting services, including WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, email hosting, and more. In addition to high-quality fast hosting, the Liquid Web character support team is also top-rated. Most users agree that Liquid Web has the quickest response time, and the support team is knowledgeable.

It is believed that the reason Liquid Web focuses mainly on commercial websites is that they do not provide shared hosting, which is often used by small websites. Hosting companies focus on meeting the needs of high-traffic websites that require access to cloud hosting, managed WordPress hosting, or VPS hosting.

Liquidweb Black Friday Deal AND Cyber Monday 2024

Liquid Web is an expensive hosting service provider than other hosting providers in the market. Because of their excellent support and services for the high-traffic sites, their pricing is not objectionable. If you check their plans and their features, you will agree with their prices. 

The Liquid Web provides the fastest loading time, great hosting add-ons, a heroic customer-supportive team, and expanded services under a single roof. Your hosting quality is essential when you are running a business website. 

Your visitors feel secure and safe when they visit your site. Liquid Web gives an excellent user experience for your readers.

If you plan to pick the best plan, that is suitable for your needs, this is the best time to take the hosting plan. Here is the Liquid Web Black Friday, and Cyber Monday Sales 2024 will start on the given dates to save more money from their regular plans and prices. On this Black Friday Deals, they provided discounts of up to 85% with a bonus of 3 months and additional features on both Managed VPS and dedicated hosting.

The details of Liquid Web Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales 2024. Here is the discount code to be applied for all the plans. 

What are the Key Features of Liquid Web hosting?

Liquid Web offers excellent web hosting plans and solutions every time. Its package comes with great hardware, complete monitoring, and outstanding network infrastructure with excellent DDoS attack protection from attackers with excellent 24/7 customer service.

Key Features of Liquid Web hosting:

  • One-Click Staging: It helps you make customization changes to your site before making the site live. This feature is available in Reputed hosting providers only.
  • Data centers: The Liquid Web has multiple data centers. You can choose the nearest data center as per your needs. All data centers are self-owned, which helps you to monitor the servers in a better way.
  • Unlimited pageviews for all plans: It handles high traffic spikes without fear by balancing your server resources and maintaining speed and security for a better customer experience. There are no limitations to the number of page views and visitors to your site. It can handle massive traffic without losing user experience. 
  • No extra hidden charges: 
  • In-built image compression feature: No additional plugins are necessary to compress your images. Your images will be compressed once you upload new photos. 
  • Themes and Plugins auto updation feature: The auto-update feature is a perfect move to secure and save your site data from attackers.
  • iThemes Security Pro: The pro-security feature will add to your account for your site database security and protect your brand reputation.

What will you get with Liquid web hosting plans?

  • Great discounts: If you compare the Managed VPS services prices with other VPS server providers, the prices of Liquidweb are generally cheap. On this Liquid Web Black Friday offer, you will get an additional discount from the company on all the plans.
  • Fully managed Server Hosting: After getting the VP servers or Dedicated servers, the liquid Web took responsibility for the server configuration, server security, and CMS software updates. So you can host your site without a second thought.
  • SSD Storage: All the Liquid web hosting plans come with SSD storage servers. These servers are very fast when compared with traditional STA hard disks. 
  • Choose Control Panel: The choice of control panel installation is your choice. You can choose cPanel and Plesk Onyx as your choice. The tool will get regular updates from the developers for better customer safety.
  • 100% Great Uptime: The Liquid Web servers uptime is confident with a 100% uptime guarantee because of their excellent Service Level Agreement (SLA). 
  • Unlimited Email accounts: You can create complete professional email addresses without any restrictions.
  • Free SSL certificate: They provide a better SSL certificate than regular hosting providers to show the green lock pad to your users.
  • Intuitive auto-scaling for traffic spikes
  • Free migrations: The supportive team will migrate your site data from other hosting at free of cost. The process will be completed within 1 to 2 hours.
  • 24/7 support from industry experts: The response from the liquid Web hosting team is excellent. They provide 24/7 heroic support and solve your technical issues in a short time.

Liquid Web pricing and plans with Black Friday discounts

Liquid Web specializes in premium hosting and does not offer any shared plans. They provide different hosting plans as per the hosting services.

1. Managed WordPress Hosting

Nexcess is the sister company of Liquid Web Hosting. They maintain Managed application hosting like WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento.

Here are the NexCess hosting features:

  • Insane Speed: a. With 10 PHP Workers per site, Nexcess, b. doesn’t rely on outdating caching to give you, c. crazy-fast speed.
  • Automatic Updates: We update your plugins in our sandbox BEFORE we update them on your site. This prevents any plugins from breaking your website.
  • Scalability: Auto-scaling is enabled through the automatic adjustment of resources for peak traffic. We won’t punish your website when you get more hits.
  • 24/7/365 Always On Support
  • Free Migrations
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Instant Backups
  • Free Email Hosting

They offer 85% off their regular prices.

If you plan or run a WordPress site, the Managed WordPress hosting by Liquid web hosting is a perfect choice. The hosting service provides six different plans as per the user’s beneficial system, which are SPARK, MAKER, DESIGNER, BUILDER, PRODUCER, EXECUTIVE, and ENTERPRISE plans. The details are given below in a detailed way.

Name of the PlanPrice / MonthBlack Friday Offer (75% OFF)Action
SPARK$19$9.50/Month (50% OFF)Choose Plan
MAKER$79$19.75/Month (75% OFF)Choose Plan
DESIGNER$109$27.25/Month (75% OFF)Choose Plan
BUILDER$149$74.50/Month (50% OFF)Choose Plan
PRODUCER$299$149.50/Month (50% OFF)Choose Plan
EXECUTIVE$549$149.50/Month (50% OFF)Choose Plan
ENTERPRISE$999$499.50/Month (50% OFF)Choose Plan

Managed WooCommerce

Name of the PlanPrice / MonthBlack Friday Offer (50%- 75% OFF)Action
STARTER$19$9.50/Month (50% OFF)Choose Plan
CREATOR$79$19.75/Month (75% off)Choose Plan
MERCHANT$149$37.25/Month (75% off)Choose Plan
STANDARD$299$149.50/Month (50% OFF)Choose Plan
GROWTH$549$149.50/Month (50% OFF)Choose Plan
ENTERPRISE$999$499.50/Month (50% OFF)Choose Plan

Woocommerce hosting is the perfect choice for online shopping sites. The plans are similar to the Managed WordPress Hosting,

2. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting from the Liquid web is beneficial with predictable pricing and pre-configured solutions. These are very simple and ready for configuration. In the liquid web, there are three different cloud hosting plans. They have Managed Cloud servers, Dedicated hosting servers, and VMware Private Cloud. 

I. Managed Cloud Servers

The basic features of managed cloud hosting servers are given below.

  • It is fast to launch
  • Scale up feature to add additional resources as you grow
  • It works with cPanel
  • Providing high speed
  • You can reach the support team any time around the clock via phone, help desk ticket, or Email.
  • Great Data encryption

The Liquid web cloud hosting provides three different Managed Cloud servers. 

managed cloud hosting plans - liquidweb black friday

ii. Dedicated hosting servers 

The basic features are provided with these servers. 

  • DDoS Attack protection with real-time monitoring of the traffic from sudden attacks
  • Cloudflare CDN integration for offset performance worldwide for the best security
  • Optimized with ServerSecure protection feature
  • Excellent unlimited site control with InterWorx
  • Choice of Control panel script – cPanel or Plesk for system-level control
  • Dedicated IP address

Here are the three plans to go

Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4
4 cores4 cores16 cores
5TB Bandwidth5TB Bandwidth5TB Bandwidth
InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, or cPanel Plus AvailableInterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, or cPanel Plus AvailableInterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, or cPanel Plus Available

iii. VMware Private Cloud

VMWare and NetApp power the private cloud hosting. It is fully managed with 24/7 on-site support. It is a little bit costly. But excellent performance-wise for the biggest sites that are getting massive traffic. Free standard DDoS protection enables high protection from attackers with dedicated infrastructure.

The Pricing of VMWare Private Cloud is given below.

Two NodesThree NodesFive Nodes
64 Cores 256 GB RAM2.5 TB SAN Storage96 Cores 576 GB RAM5 TB SAN Storage160 Cores 960 GB RAM10 TB SAN Storage
Starting at$1,599/monthStarting at$2,999/monthStarting at$5,299/month
Grab the PlanGrab the PlanGrab the Plan

3. Managed VPS Hosting

If you face traffic issues, speed is your primary motto; the Managed VPS hosting is the best choice for you. The plans are available from 2GB RAM to 16 GB RAM. It includes Cloudflare CDN, enhanced security, DDoS attack protection, and a regular backup facility. Along with the standard features, it has an integrated firewall and dedicated IP address for unlimited sites. Save up to 60% with special Black Friday/Cyber Monday VPS Bundles! The plans and pricing of Managed VPS hosting are given below. 

4. Managed Dedicated Hosting

The managed dedicated hosting is one of the best plans to monitor real-time status. It is a fully customizable dedicated server hosting with a 100% uptime guarantee. It offers performance-based locked-down security for all types of websites. Doorbuster savings on Black Friday/Cyber Monday Dedicated Specials!

5. Free Addons

Along with every Liquid web hosting plan, they provide great addons for their customers such as Storage and backup, Security and compliance, Performance, Software, Database, and Email. For more details, you can check these add-ons.

How to activate Liquid Web Hosting Black Friday Deal?

To activate the Liquid Web Black Friday deal, you have to click the link to redirect the Black Friday sales page. Here are the simple steps to perform the deal activation process. I will guide you through the stages, so you do not need to worry.

Step 1: First, you need to click on the link to get the Black Friday Deal.

Step 2: You will get the Deals page with a wide range of choices to host your site as per your needs. Pick the suitable plan you want by clicking on the “Get Started” button.


Step 3: Now, you will be redirected to the Managed WordPress hosting page of Liquid Web’s branding site Nexcess hosting. Here are the four significant steps to complete the procedure. They are Create Profile, Plan details, Billing, and Payment.

liquid web purchase process - create profile
  1. Create Profile: Here, You need to add your name, email, and password (Create a new one – as you wish) to create a new account on the Nexcxess payment page. Then click on the Next button and verifies the captcha.
  2. Plan Details: In this section, You need to enter the Domain name of your choice, choose a data center location, and the plan’s nickname.
  3. Billing: Here, you have to add the credit card details like card number, Cardholder name, and CVV
  4. Payment: Confirm the payment system to complete the purchase.

By following the above steps, you need to complete the process to grab the Liquid Web Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2024. But the above-given snapshots are regular prices. The table shows the liquid web black Friday offer after an 85% discount on managed for easy reference.

Hosting PlansRegular CostBlack Friday OfferAction
SPARK$190/ yr$114/ yrGet Started
MAKER$790/ yr$237 / yrGet Started
DESIGNER$1090/ yr$327 / yrGet Started
BUILDER$1490/ yr$894 / yrGet Started
PRODUCER$2990/ yr$1794/ yrGet Started
EXECUTIVE$5490/ yr$1794/ yrGet Started
ENTERPRISE$9990/ YR$5994/ yrGet Started

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Liquid Web?

Liquid Web has been a managed web hosting provider for 23 years with an award-winning customer support hosting service. It is the leader in Managed Hosting solutions for mission-critical sites & apps.

How good is Liquid Web to host my eCommerce site?

Liquid Web is the best option for hosting e-commerce-based sites./ They provide excellent features like multiple payment gateways, Gift certification support, and Coupons.

What is Liquid Web Hosting Black Friday Offer?

Liquid Web hosting provider runs the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals with great discount sales of 85% OFF on all plans. So this is the perfect time to use and grab the contract to host your sites.

Does Liquid Web offer Linux hosting?

Yes. The Liquid Web is providing Linux hosting on their dedicated servers and VPS hosting plans with efficient plans.

What type of OS does Liquid Web support?

Liquid Web supports all 64-bit Operating systems. On the Dedicated hosting plans, you have the choice to install any custom OS.

Testimonials from the WordPress Professionals

Best Web hosting

“Liquid Web is one of the most reliable web hosting companies on the web. They’re known for their heroic support, and their new WordPress offering is top-notch.”
Syed Bhalki

Perfect web hosting for fast-loading

“Let’s be honest…not all Managed WordPress hosts are created equal. Liquid Web offers stellar customer service, security, and the fastest speeds we’ve seen. But what really sets Liquid Web apart is its commitment to serving online business owners who run mission-critical sites. They’re innovating and solving problems other hosts simply aren’t willing to tackle. That’s why we trust Liquid Web to host WP101. And if you rely on your website to earn money, you owe it to yourself to consider them as well. You’ll be glad you did.”
Shawn Hesketh

Final Words on Liquid Web Black Friday Deal 2024

Liquid Web is the only hosting to provide the best web hosting as Managed VPS and dedicated Servers. It comes with a 100% excellent uptime guarantee with an SLA system. After the 85% off, the price is reasonable compared to other Web hosting Black Friday Deals 2024.

I hope this deal is suitable for your needs. So this deal comes yearly once. So choose one plan and grab the deal before it expires.

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