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WP Rich Snippets Plugin is one of the WordPress plugins that helps you increase better CTR from search engines. Grab this plugin on this Black Friday deal in 2024.

Are you looking for a better Rich Snippet plugin for better CTR from Search Engines? Here is the WPRichSnippets Black Friday Deal 2024 is started. You can check the plugin’s details pick the right plan and get a 50% discount.

It would be best if you wondered how you could let Google show rich snippets for your page in Google’s search results.

Google recognizes many website’s data and displays the web pages’ rich snippets in the results when people search for the content. 

These rich snippets will aid users in clicking the links by seeing the value of the content inside the page. 

Now the main thing is you should know how Google fetches this data to be displayed. Even you can make Google look at your data display rich snippets and make users attentive to your website.

Whatever you need to do is install a simple plugin in your WordPress dashboard, and the rest will be taken care of by the plugin.

What is Rich Snippet and how you can implement it?

The rich snippet, or in other words, called Google Structured data, is a unique display parameter that is visible when your website appears on the Google search results. Google Structured data testing tool will generate the preview of the sample snippet in the search engine.

Lets you generate a sample view of a result from your data.

It can be possible by adding schema markup provided by websites like schema.org in your HTML. 


WPRichSnippets Black Friday Deals

  • Start Date: 24th November
  • End Date: 2nd December
  • Personal Plan: $34.50 /Month instead of $69/Month
  • Plus Plan: $49.50/Month instead of $99/Month
  • Black Friday Deal: 50% OFF

This schema markup, which you added to your page HTML, will be recognized by the Google bots and display the microdata in the search results markup. 

Some of the rich snippet examples are Product reviews and product lists.

What is a Snippet in SEO?

The rich snippet is not a ranking factor in Google or other search engines. The snippets are useful only after your pages are indexed on the first pages of Google. 

Therefore the snippets do not play any role in SEO. But the fact is that your pages are in the first pages, and there are more chances of visitors clicking on your link than any other search results. You can read more details on Rich snippets.

What is WPRichSnippets?

The WP Rich Snippets is the plugin that we can use to create Schema markup for put pages. Generally, this schema markup is added to the HTML of our page directly. 

However, it is a little challenging to create the code and implement it in HTML, mostly if you are not a coder. 


Hence the WP Rich Snippets will aid you in all the ways to create these Scheme markups and place them on your web pages for Google bots to recognize. 

In the Post you are creating you can define the type of schema you want to add to that particular page for rich snippets using this WP Rich Snippets plugin. 

What is the Functionality of the WPRichSnippets plugin?

The functionality of the Rich Snippet plugin is to create your rich snippets for the page. Below are more details on its functionality.

1. Add semantic/structural markup

As discussed above the WP Rich Snippets plugin will give you full access to adding semantic/structural markup to your posts. Once the structured markup is added to your page the rich snippets for your page will be appeared in the search engine results.

2. Enhanced search experience

By the snippets created by this plugin, your user will experience an enhanced search experience. These snippets will give detailed information to the users. You can also provide specific queries in these snippets. 

3. Gain more web traffic

Even when your web pages are optimized in the first pages, traffic is not expected as the user intent may vary. With the rich snippets of WP Rich Snippets, you can encourage users to click on your website by showing interest in snippets.

Features of the WPRichSnippets plugin

The WP Rich Snippets plugin offers the below-shown best features for its customers.

  1. Easy setup: You need not worry about installing and configuring the plugin. With a single click, you can have the best experience with this plugin.
  2. Documentation: Setting up and using the WP Rich Snippets plugin is very easy. Even though you are stuck at any point, there is detailed documentation available to guide you.
  3. Support: You will get high-class support if in case you are unable to cope at any point. Their team of the best folks is always ready to help you.
  4. Extension Add-ons: There is a collection of best add-ons that give more functionalities and integrations to your website.
  5. Schema Types: You will get the best support for different markup types of schema.org.

Supported data types:

  • Articles
  • Recipes
  • Reviews
  • Products
  • Organizations
  • Restaurants
  • Software Application

Yes, It is because it gives attractiveness to the search results page. And the main reason is even newbies can easily adapt to it. Better CTR is obtained on your pages with this WP Rich Snippet plugin

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Black Friday sale of WPRichSnippets

There are 4 different plans in this plugin which are personal, plus, professional, and ultimate plans. You can choose any one of these plans from this based on your necessity.


For this Black Friday, the WP Rich Snippets offers you a 50% discount on all the plans, and on the Ultimate plan, you will get a discount of 30%. 

Name of PlanRegular PriceWpRich Snippets
Black Friday Deal 2024
Personal Plan$69.00/month$34.50/monthGet the Deal
Plus Plan$99.00/month$49.50/monthGet the Deal
Professional Plan$199.00/month$99.50/monthGet the Deal
Ultimate Plan$399.00/month$199.50/monthGet the Deal

How to Grab WPRichSnippets Black Friday deal?

Grab this deal before the dates expire for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The process of purchasing this deal is given below. Follow it to avail of the maximum discount.

Step 1: To grab the WPRichSnippets Black Friday deal, First Click the link provided above in this post. You will be landed on the plans page, where you can see the different plans provided. Choose any one of the plans based on your requirements and click on the Purchase button. 

Step 2: You will be taken to the checkout page, where you need to enter all the credit card info, billing details, and personal and payment details. Here enter the coupon code shown above and click on the purchase button.

Step 3: Now pay for the plan and the login information will be sent to your email. 

Final Words

Using the WP Rich Snippets plugin will give the best CTR than normal. Simply it improves organic traffic.

If you are writing reviews, Wocommerce Reviews, Software specifications, and product ratings, this plugin is highly recommended for better results.

So grab this plugin on this WPRichSnippets Black Friday Deal 2024 and move your site to the next level.

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