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Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin designed to streamline the process of internal linking within a website. Developed by a company called “BuddyBoss,” the plugin aims to assist users in creating a more organized and SEO-friendly site structure. Unlock unbeatable savings and supercharge your website’s SEO with Link Whisper this Black Friday – seize the link-building advantage now!

Are you looking to improve your site’s internal linking structure and page authority? Want to boost rankings and traffic from Google without over-optimizing? The Link Whisper WordPress plugin is a game-changer for on-page SEO and analytics. This is the right time to grab this awesome plugin on this link whisper black friday sales 2023.

And for a limited time during Black Friday and Cyber Monday week, you can grab Link Whisper at $30 off with no coupon code required! In this in-depth guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this powerful plugin and the killer BF deal. 👇

Link Whisper Black Friday Deals 2023 Overview

Plugin NameLink Whisper discount and dates
Discount$30 off
Deal Start DateNovember 24, 2023
Deal End DateNovember 28, 2023

How to grab Link Whisper Black Friday deal 2023?

Internal linking is one of the most important factors for effective on-page SEO. Link Whisper provides the best-linking strategy by suggesting relevant anchor text to link to older posts, which passes link juice to those posts. Now I will tell you how to grab this plugin on this special black Friday sales 2023.

Let us follow

Step 1: To get the plugin, click on the link. It will redirect you to the Link Whisper Black Friday deal page. Then, click on the “Get Link Whisper Now” button to go to the pricing section.

linkwhisper black friday homepage

Step 2: You have now reached the Link Whisper pricing page. Then choose the plan by hitting the “Get Started” button.

link whisper black friday pricing

Step 3: To continue, review the item details. The regular price will be reduced by $30 for Black Friday.

step 1 checkout

To complete your purchase, enter your personal information (name, email address), and payment information (credit card or PayPal).

link whisper card details

Then, finish the payment process to receive your account login information.

Step 4: After completing the payment process, activate your account by clicking on the activation link in the email you received. Then, download the plugin, upload it to your WordPress blog, and configure it to meet your blog’s requirements.

What is Link Whisper and its Features?

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin made by the developers at The SEO Framework that helps you optimize internal links, page authority flow, and site analytics.

Key benefits of Link Whisper include:

  • Automated internal linking suggestions to pages and posts
  • Page authority flow reporting to identify optimization opportunities
  • Link intersection to analyze site siloing issues
  • Indexability warnings for thin content pages
  • SEO issue overview section
  • Google Search Console integration
  • XML sitemap support
  • Works seamlessly with popular SEO plugins

Link Whisper uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) and latent semantic indexing (LSI) to study your content and recommend relevant contextual internal links you may have missed.

This saves time manually finding related posts and pages to interlink, while also strengthening your site’s topical relevance signals in Google’s eyes.

Internal Linking Importance for SEO in 2023

Before diving into Link Whisper’s features, it’s helpful to understand why internal linking is so critical for on-page SEO today:

  • Google relies heavily on links to determine page relevance and authority. Pages linked together tend to focus on related topics. So internal links help Google understand your overall site structure.
  • Interlinking allows authority to flow throughout your site. High authority pages pass value to lower authority pages they link to, helping rankings site-wide.
  • Internal links improve discoverability and navigation. Linking related content together helps visitors easily find what they need in your site’s “information architecture”.
  • Over-optimized structures can get sites penalized. Too many exact match anchor text links or artificial cross-linking patterns may trigger a Google penalty.

Based on recent Google updates, focusing on topical relevance and natural linking patterns is key. This allows authority to flow more organically based on the content itself.

Link Whisper specializes in exactly this with its automated contextual linking analysis.

Link Whisper’s Killer Black Friday Deal

For Black Friday 2023, Link Whisper is available at a steep 30% discount, dropping the prices to:

PlanBlack Friday / Cyber Monday PriceRegular Price
Single Site$47$77
3 Sites$87$117
10 Sites$137$167

The coupon is applied automatically to your cart during checkout. So no need to worry about missing discount codes or last-minute scrambles!

This BF deal for Link Whisper starts on November 24 and lasts through November 28. So you have 5 full days to take advantage of the $30 off pricing.

After that, the prices go back to normal so don’t miss out on these Black Friday savings! ⏰

Link Whisper’s Core On-Page SEO Benefits

Now that you understand the importance of internal linking and why Link Whisper’s deal is so enticing, let’s explore the core features and SEO benefits this plugin delivers:

1. Automated Linking Suggestions

Link Whisper scans your content to find relevant internal pages and posts that could be linked to your newly published content.

The suggestions include contextual text for the anchor tag as well so you don’t have to manually create those either. Huge time saver!

2. Page Authority Flow

The Page Authority Flow overview shows you top-level metrics for your home page’s authority as well as which pages are passing the most authority across your site.

This allows you to identify optimization opportunities to further strengthen authority channels.

3. Link Intersection Audits

Link Whisper can also generate link intersection reports to reveal siloing issues where groups of pages are linking extensively to each other but not receiving outside links.

Fixing link intersection problems helps Authority flow more freely across all site topics and structures.

4. XML Sitemaps

You can easily generate a full XML sitemap showing search engine crawlers on all pages on your site. XML sitemaps enable faster indexing.

5. Thin Content Warnings

Link Whisper scans your site and flags any pages with “thin content” that may struggle to rank in Google. This helps you identify and beef up weak pages that need more topic expansion.

6. SEO Issue Overviews

Consolidated dashboard summaries show various on-page SEO issues like broken links, unlinked mentions, and orphaned pages across your site.

Fixing these provides a better visit experience and stronger relevance signals.

Link Whisper Works Great with Other Plugins

A common question that arises is whether Link Whisper conflicts with other popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or The SEO Framework.

The answer is Link Whisper is designed to complement these plugins perfectly in a fully integrated way.

For example, any custom title/meta you set in Yoast will be reflected properly in Link Whisper’s content analysis and suggestions.

So you can utilize Link Whisper for laser-targeted internal linking while still benefitting from Yoast’s title tags, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions on Link Whisper Black Friday Deal

Now that you have a comprehensive overview of Link Whisper’s features, let’s run through some common questions site owners have about this Black Friday deal:

Do I need a coupon code to get $30 off Link Whisper?

Nope! The Black Friday 30% discount is automatically applied in your checkout cart during the sale dates (Nov 24 – 28, 2023), so no coupon hassle.

What is the cheapest Black Friday price for Link Whisper?

The Single Site license drops to just $47 for Black Friday, a $30 discount off the regular $77 price. If you only need Link Whisper on one site, this is the most affordable option.

Does the discount work on multi-site Link Whisper licenses?

Yes, you save 30% no matter whether you purchase the single-site, 3-site, or 10-site Link Whisper license option for Black Friday.

What happens if I wait until after Black Friday to buy?

The $30 off deal is only valid from November 24 – 28, 2023. Once Cyber Week ends, Link Whisper’s pricing will go back to regular rates.

Will there be other Link Whisper sales in 2023?

Possibly, but this will likely be the steepest discount of the year. The SEO Framework team rarely puts sales on Link Whisper, and definitely not $30 off across the board.

So if you want to maximize savings, Black Friday 2023 is definitely the best chance coming up. We recommend moving fast to lock in this deal!

Final Thoughts on Link Whisper Black Friday Discount 2023

Link Whisper delivers immense value helping you optimize internal linking patterns, authority flow, and other critical on-page ranking factors in Google’s algorithms.

The plugin perfectly complements other popular SEO solutions like Yoast or The SEO Framework, providing deep contextual interlinking analysis they lack.

And with $30 off for all Black Friday shoppers from November 24-28, it’s an incredible chance to purchase Link Whisper at the deepest discount available all year.

Whether you run one site or ten sites, the BF deals translate to serious savings:

PlanBlack Friday PriceRegular Price
Single Site$47$77
3 Sites$87$117
10 Sites$137$167

Don’t sleep through this Black Friday offer if you are serious about skyrocketing your site’s ability to rank in Google today.

The clock is ticking so grab Link Whisper with $30 off while you still can!

Link Whisper Black Friday Deal 2023

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Maximize your website’s potential this Black Friday with the exclusive Link Whisper Deal for 2023! Supercharge your SEO efforts and effortlessly enhance your site’s structure. Don’t miss out on the savings – click now to boost your online presence and elevate your website’s performance!


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