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A2 Hosting gives away its services with maximum discounts on Black Friday deals. For this year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024, A2 Hosting has come up with massive discounts.

Are you looking for the best A2 Hosting Black Friday 2024 deal? If yes, here are the details of the A2 Hosting Black Friday sales that are running. You could save up to 85%. You can read this post entirely, find a perfect plan, and buy it at a maximum discount.

A2 Hosting is offering up to an 85% discount on all of its shared hosting plans for Black Friday. A2 Hosting also offers a 50% discount to VPS customers.

For the reseller hosting account, you will receive a discount of 40%. To grab this deal, simply click on the “Activate Deal” button to get the A2 Hosting Offers immediately.

A2 Hosting is the most well-known, dependable, and affordable web hosting provider.

The company is offering its A2 hosting Black Friday deals for 2024 in the coming month.  

Bloggers, Internet marketers, and business owners are most interested in the A2 Hosting Black Friday deals.

Are you looking forward to A2 hosting Black Friday 2024? If yes, this is for you. Most of the web hosting companies are offering discounts.

Like this, A2 Hosting is offering massive discounts on this Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale for better WordPress hosting. Another piece of good news is that they are offering an 85% discount on their web hosting plans this year.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will start on November 29 and end on December 2. If you are interested in grabbing this amazing discount, you have to purchase their hosting plan within this time period.

What is A2 hosting?

A2 Hosting was started in 2001. Did it have a great reputation since then? In the beginning, it was known as Iniquinet, but later, in 2003, they renamed it A2 Hosting.

Even though the name has changed, their services and features have not. A2 Hosting remains best at providing wonderful speed, good uptime, and great customer service.

They own their own web servers with high-speed capabilities. It has data centers at 3 different locations: Michigan, Amsterdam, and Singapore. Their primary data center is the Michigan data center.

Most of the bloggers have been using A2 Hosting and are satisfied with the host’s performance. So, it is time for you to choose any one of the plans shown above under the A2 Hosting Black Friday deal.

Every plan from A2 Hosting is excellent. They are providing wonderful features and easy optimization. A2 Hosting follows their flexible, impressive performance with helpful, US-based, and friendly support.

They are available 24/7/365 through chat, email, and phone to solve your technical queries. You can read the A2 hosting Review for more information about their fastest servers.

A2Hosting web hosting deal

A2 Hosting Black Friday Discount 2024

A2Hosting Black Friday Deals

Discount: 85% OFF

Note: The discount link is available between the above-mentioned dates for all Plans

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal 2024

A2 Hosting is one of the most popular web hosting providers. They have high-quality servers with the fastest possible speeds, and they are available at reasonable prices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024.

So do not waste your time, grab the A2 Hosting Black Friday 2024 sale before the end of the sale period.

The A2 will host Black Friday sales this year, which will begin on November 29. The deal will run through Cyber Monday and end on December 2, 2024.

If you are searching for blazing-speed hosting for your blog, A2 Hosting is a perfect choice.

They are providing awesome hosting services at cheap and budget-friendly prices.

So this is the perfect time for bloggers and webmasters to grab this deal to save huge money.

A2 Hosting is equipped with cutting-edge technology and mechanisms. The following are features of A2 Hosting:

  • 20X faster Turbo servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Free SSD and SSL
  • Different hosting plans
  • Future Serve Green hosting
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew support
  • anytime money-back guarantee
  • Best Developer Tools
Hosting PlanOffer Price & DiscountAction
Shared Hosting$1.99/Mon (83% OFF)Activate the Deal
Managed WordPress$9.99/Mon(58% OFF)Activate the Deal
VPS hostingFrom $4.99/Mon (44% OFF)Activate the Deal
Reseller HostingFrom $15.99/Mon (54% OFF)Activate the Deal
Dedicated ServerFrom $79.99/mo (60% OFF)Activate the Deal

Grab The A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals – Exclusive Offers


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90 Days Money Back Guarantee

What are the features of A2 Hosting?

I think by now you must be clear on all the plans and features of A2 Hosting’s Black Friday offers. Select the plan you like most to buy it now. If you are still in doubt, check out the best features of A2 Hosting and know why you must buy A2 Hosting in this Black Friday deal.

  • Great discounts: Even though it is a Black Friday sale and the prices are considerably low, the A2 hosting always gives its customers great discounts.
  • Good Speed: The speeds of the servers are comparatively very good and you can completely rely on these servers and you can choose them to buy.
  • Free SSD servers: An SSD server is much faster than that of a normal hard disk. In A2 hosting all the plans include free SSD servers. These will increase the load time of your websites and traffic can be withstood.
  • Free SSL certificates: SSL is very important for a website these days. The A2 hosting provides free SSL certificates included in all the plans in it.
  • Amazing customer support: The customer support of the A2 hosting is awesome. They respond to your problems at any time and quickly clear your problems.

How to Grab the A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal 2024?

Redeeming A2 Hosting’s Black Friday discount is very easy. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: To grab this, first, you have to visit the A2 Hosting Black Friday offer page. to activate the official offer page’s 85% discount Here, coupon codes are added to the link.

a2hosting black friday page

The click will take you to the offer page. Just scroll down. You will see the reduced price of every web hosting plan. Now choose one hosting plan from the pricing table.

a2hosting black friday pricing
A2 Hosting Black Friday 2024 Sale

Once, go over the details on the configure page. Then Review your order and uncheck the additional services like DNS management, email forwarding, IP protection, etc. Now click the next button.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Sale 2024

On the final page, Review & Checkout click on the Continue button 

Enter personal information, billing information, additional options, and account security details here.

Enter the payment details, like the card number, date, and CVV number. You can use your debit/credit cards and net banking facility to complete your payment. Simply click the “Complete Order” button after entering your payment information and reviewing the terms and conditions agreement. 

After successful payment, you will receive the payment invoice, activation email, and credential details.

You can choose from all supported UPI payment systems, like GPay, Phone Pay, and PayTM.

The A2 Hosting Black Friday 2024 Offer and Cyber Monday Offer are now running, and A2 Hosting offers you up to 85% off.

Do not worry about this web hosting company. A2 Hosting is the best service provider. You can choose blindly, without other thoughts.

What is the best A2 hosting plan to buy for this black Friday?

In A2 hosting, you will find different plans by which you will be confused? So here is a quick guide on which plan you can select from this deal. They are offering their plans on different hosting packages

Note: Screenshots are added below at regular prices. We will update the images once the offer is started.

1. Shared hosting

A2 Hosting Black Friday Promo 2024

As the name suggests, shared hosting will share the server’s resources with more websites.

Due to resource constraints, you will only receive a few servers if you choose this hosting.

This is just for knowledge. If your site is getting huge traffic, using more resources, and crossing server resource limits, it’s better to upgrade your plan.

But this is the best plan for new blogs, which are suitable for low- to medium-traffic blogs.

Even though they offer unlimited website hosting, this is the best deal for one or two sites.

A2 Hosting is offering three different shared hosting plans. You may choose as per your basic requirements.

There are three shared hosting plans available: lite, swift, and turbo.

2. Managed WordPress

A2 Hosting Black Friday Coupon 2024

Managed WordPress hosting is a very good, optimized web hosting service. A2Hosting is providing three WordPress hosting plans. they are

  • 1-Site: This plan comes with a 59% great discount. the black friday deal price is $9.99/month. You can host a single site with 10GB of space.
  • 3-Sites: This plan comes with a 61% discount. The black friday deal plan is $14.99/month. You can host up to three sites in their provided 25 GB space.
  • Unlimited: This plan comes with a 60% great discount. The black Friday plan is $29.99/month. You can host unlimited sites on their provided 25 GB space.

3. VPS Hosting

A2 Hosting Cyber Monday Deal 2024

If your blog/website has thousands of pages with millions of visitors per month, VPS hosting is one of the best solutions for this kind of large website.

It is a completely worry-free Host Guard management strategy. Including all other A2 Hosting features, these VPS plans have three options. The dynamic VPS is good.

If you use the A2 Hosting Black Friday deals, you will get a 49% to 56% discount on every plan.

  • On a Virtual Private Server or VPS, you can host multiple accounts on the same server, the same as shared hosting.
  • Each account is allotted its own Virtual resources. They are not shared with other accounts, as in shared hosting.
  • There are three major types of plans in VPS hosting, namely Unmanaged VPS, Managed VPS, and Core VPS.
  • An unmanaged VPS comes with 4 4-core CPU and 20 GB storage, 512 MB RAM, and 2 TB transfer, and it best suits an experienced developer.
  • For more support and more power, you can choose a managed VPS which comes with 75 GB of storage, 2 TB Transfer, 4 GB RAM, and 4 CORE CPUs.
  • For managed VPS with core access and some other features as of managed VPS, you can select a CORE VPS which comes at the same price.

4. Reseller Hosting

A2 Hosting Cyber Monday Sale 2024

When you open a web hosting company on your own, the reseller hosting plan is perfect.

A2 Hosting is providing 20x faster reseller hosting plans with awesome, affordable prices.

You can offer your customers hosting services that are very reliable and come with a turbo server that is 20 times faster.

If you use the A2 Hosting Black Friday offer option, you will get a 40% discount on every plan.

  • Reseller hosting is a type of hosting that allows users to resell their hosting servers under their brand name.
  • You can fix the cost and size of the server to sell in this account. The Reseller account is best suited for agencies and developers, who sell the hosting to individuals along with the websites or services.
  • There are basically four different plans in the A2 hosting’s reseller hosting. They are namely bronze, silver, gold, and Platinum. These plans of storage are 60 GB to 170 GB respectively. You can select your plan for this A2 hosting Black Friday sale accordingly.

Pros and Cons of a2 Hosting web hosting


  • Best uptime over the last few months
  • Fastest Hosting
  • Good technical support
  • Free HackScan tool for security
  • Free site migrations
  • 20X Turbo Speed feature


  • Some restrictions over Cheaper prices
  • Some free tools are available on only turbo plan

Why do I recommend A2 Hosting for Your Hosting Needs?

Why Choose A2 Hosting for Your Hosting Needs.

A2 Hosting was known for several features that made it a popular choice for hosting needs. Keep in mind that the hosting landscape can change, so it’s a good idea to check for the latest reviews and features before making a decision. Here are some reasons why people may choose A2 Hosting:

  1. Speed and Performance: A2 Hosting is often praised for its emphasis on speed. They use solid-state drives (SSDs) and offer features like Turbo Servers, which are optimized for faster page loading times.
  2. SwiftServer Platform: A2 Hosting uses its SwiftServer platform, which includes technologies like HTTP/2, LiteSpeed Cache, and more to enhance website performance.
  3. 99.9% Uptime Commitment: A2 Hosting has a strong commitment to providing reliable hosting services with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This is crucial for ensuring your website is accessible to visitors at all times.
  4. Developer-Friendly Environment: A2 Hosting supports a range of programming languages and technologies, making it suitable for developers. It offers support for PHP, Python, Ruby, and more. It also provides SSH access and Git integration.
  5. Free Website Migration: A2 Hosting often provides free migration services, helping users move their existing websites from other hosting providers seamlessly.
  6. 24/7/365 Customer Support: They offer customer support around the clock, with various support channels such as live chat, phone, and ticket-based support.
  7. Choice of Data Center Locations: A2 Hosting allows you to choose from multiple data center locations, which can be beneficial for optimizing website performance based on your target audience’s location.
  8. Environmentally Friendly: A2 Hosting is committed to being environmentally friendly. They claim to offset carbon emissions from their server operations.
  9. Money-Back Guarantee: A2 Hosting typically offers a money-back guarantee, allowing users to try out their services risk-free for a certain period.
  10. Security Features: A2 Hosting implements security measures such as free SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and server-side firewalls to enhance the security of hosted websites.

It’s essential to note that individual experiences with hosting providers can vary, and what works well for one person or business may not be the best fit for another. Before choosing a hosting provider, it’s advisable to consider your specific needs, budget, and any recent developments in the hosting industry. Reading recent reviews and checking for updated information is always good practice.

So these are the basic reasons to choose A2 Hosting as a good choice to land or start a new blog on these servers. Do not waste your time. Just grab this awesome deal before it closes. Get your A2 Hosting Cyber Monday 2024 Deals now for the best discounts. This is the perfect place to host your website.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals 2024

Satish Ithamsetty

A2 hosting gives away its services with maximum discounts on A2 hosting Black Friday deals. For this year Black Friday 2024 and Cyber Monday 2024, A2 hosting has come up with huge discounts.


A2 hosting gives away its services with maximum discounts on A2 hosting Black Friday deals. For this year Black Friday 2024 and Cyber Monday 2024, A2 hosting has come up with huge discounts.


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