11 Best High Paying Adsense Alternatives For Your Blog Monetization

Are you searching for the high paying best Google AdSense Alternatives in 2020 to monetize your blog?

In this post let us see what are the best alternatives to google ads and how they are useful to us.

best Google adsense alternatives 2020

Before knowing about the best Google Adsense alternatives to monetize, let us hear what Google Adsense is and how it is helpful to bloggers.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising platform where you can advertise your own ads, or even you can create a platform to show up the ads given by others.

Google AdSense actually originated from an evolution of the Google AdWords tool, the Google ad platform. When this sponsored link tool was launched, AdWords, the ads were only displayed on the response pages of searches conducted on Google or partner sites.

All you need to do is just apply for the Adsense on its official website. Before applying for Adsense approval, you need to know a few things about Adsense policies.

Then after getting access to Adsense, just add the code given by the Google Adsense to your site. That’s it.

Google will start showing ads in a particular place. You will see the Google AdSense earnings in the Adsense account.

Why go for Adsense alternatives?

There are so many reasons why most of the bloggers are searching for the best alternatives to Adsense to monetize their blogs. Some of the common reasons…

1. Google Adsense application rejection

  • If the applicant site is not having enough content and
  • if applicant site does not meet the advertisers requirement

Most of the applications are rejecting daily. Google adsense approval is not an easy nowadays than before.

2. Google Account Banned

This is very toughest part of the Adsense user. We can not digest this message – Your Adsense account was disabled.

3. Low Adsense CPC

Most of the blog owners are changing their monetization methods from Adsense to other alternatives. Low CPC is another biggest disappointment.

4. Try Other monetization with Adsense

If you are planning to get double income with single traffic by using other networks along with Google Adsense.

5. Unresponsive traffic to your Niche

If your niche is failed, the traffic is useless. This is a rare condition. If this happens to you, better to choose best alternatives to adsense network.

If you are facing the same issues like mentioned above, do not disappoint. There are huge Adnetworks are running to monetize your blog. We listed few of the working best Google adsense alternatives in 2020.

You can choose any one of the network, start monetization with good ROI than Adsense.

The main problem is that Google Adsense doesn’t accept every application. There are many terms and conditions to be followed to get approval for the Google Adsense.

In that case, if a small thing is ignored the adsense will be lost, and that blog is not allowed again for Adsense. So there are some alternative to Adsense that will give you some bucks to you.

Suitable Websites for Adsense

You can place the adsense ads in any type of websites. But it has some limitations. But the suitable ads will be displaying according the content relavency.

Let use see few types of site which are suitable and best for adsense

  • Blogs: Blogs are the very good place to use adsense. If you are a regular blogger and publishing high quality content regularly, this is the perfect choice to monetize your content.
  • Online Forums: Forums is the biggest community sites, where like minded people are sharing their experiences on the particular areas. This is the best place to use the adsense for more money.

These two types of sites are giving very good results. If you are searching for the better traffic methods for your adsense enabled sites? Here is the working methods for better traffic and revenue.

Using social media, Email marketing will gives very good traffic.

So here are some of the better Adsense alternatives to monetize your blogs. All you have to do is select one of the ad network and apply for the ads.

Once you get approval, your ads are displayed on your WebPages.

Ok, let us move to Best alternative to Google adsense to monetize your blog for more revenue.

S.No.Name of AlternativeType of ad systemPayout
1Media.netContextual & Display ads$100 (Paypal/Wire)
2BidvertiserBanner ads, Text ads$10 (PayPal/Payza)
3InfoLinksIn text, In tag$50 (PayPal, Wire, eCheck, WU)
4VigLinkIn text AdsLinks with another affiliate network
5BuySellAdsBanner ads$20 (PayPal), $50 (Check), $500 (Wire Transfer)
6Propeller AdsBanner ads$50 (PayPal), $100 (Payoneer), $500 (Wire Transfer)
7Revenue HitsDisplay & Pop up ad$50
8AdversalPop-under and CPM ad$50
9SkimLinksLinks$10 (via Paypal)
10Amazon Display adNative Ads$100

Top Google Adsense Alternatives for your blog

The list of adsense alternatives for small websites is as explained below.

1. Media.net

Media Net

Media.net is one of the biggest and best paying Adsense alternatives for publishers by Yahoo and Bing network. This is a contextual and display ad network. The media.net has more than 500 employees working for it all the time.

The media.net brings you attractive ads to you and makes your blog much more interesting ads. After the Google Adsense, the media.net is the globally recognized AdSense service that provides you money very equivalent to the Google AdSense.

This is one of the monetization networks on biggest portals like Forbes and Cosmopolitan. Based on your blog traffic sources, it is providing contextual ads. For this also you need to apply the same as of the Google Adsense.

  • Ads Type: Contextual & display ads
  • Payout: $100 (PayPal/Wire)

2. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser - Webmaster make money program

Bidvertiser is one of the simple alternatives to Google Adsense in the PPC category. It pays for every single lead conversion along with ad click revenue.

If you are trying to search for a better Adsense alternative, this is good. You can try it once. This ad network is providing great banner formats…

  • 728×90 leader board,
  • 468×60 Banner,
  • 234×60 Half Banner,
  • 120×240 Vertical Banner,
  • 160×600 Skyscraper,
  • 120×600 Skyscraper,
  • 300×600 Half page,
  • 300×250 Rectangle,
  • 336×280 Large rectangle,
  • 180×150 Rectangle,
  • 240×400 Vertical rectangle and
  • 125×125 Buttons

Just place the above format at the best visible places in your blog for better revenue. This is the best ad network for low traffic sites. This network work on mainly their bidding system. It is the highest paying alternative.

After reaching minimum payout, the money will transfer to your Paypal account directly.

  • Ad types: Banner ads, Text ads
  • Payout: $10 (PayPal/Payza)

3. Infolinks


Infolinks is a “Pay Per Click”(PPC) network. There is no CPM, so you are paid at the click. It is a suitable ad network for high traffic websites. It shows ads as per your content relevance. If you are having a text-based site or blog, Infolinks is the best option to generate good revenue.

This network works with the biggest networks like Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and Microsoft, etc. But the good news is that everything is automated and intelligently produced. Infolinks converts a few keywords into advertising links from your content.

Infolinks offers 4 types of offers: InFold, InText, InTag, and InFrame and all are intended to pass the Adblock. Their system works on English, French, Spanish and German content. They offer a very good CPM rate from $7 to $17.

It is one of the best alternative.

  • Ad Types: In text, In tag
  • Payout: $50 (PayPal, Wire, eCheck, WU)

4. Sovrn//Commerce

Sovrn//commerce formely VigLink program

Sovrn//Commerce is a good ad network for bloggers and Internet marketers. it is formerly called VigLink. If you are doing affiliate marketing on your site, this ad network helps you.

It converts every outbound link into affiliate links. You will get a commission when the user completes the purchase through those links.

This is suitable for low traffic sites and for small websites. It delivers revenue to publishers through content-driven-commerce with leverage, insight, and automation.

  • Ad Types: In-text Ads
  • Payout: There is no particular payout option for this as it links up with other affiliate networks.

5. BuySell ads

Buysellads program

BuySellAds network is one of the good Adsense Alternative. This is the biggest marketplace to sell and buy ad spaces on websites and blogs. It is a simple AdSense alternative and suitable for high traffic sites. The ad network does not accept low traffic sites.

The BuySellAds is giving 75% of total earnings to their publishers. You can transfer your money to PayPal two times every month. It can also be crucial multi-purpose networks as a result of it, it allows a range of customization possibilities about the kind of area and format that advertisers can select.

  • Ad Types: Banner ads
  • Payout: $20 (PayPal), $50 (Check), $500 (Wire Transfer)

6. Propeller Ads

propeller ads

PropellerAds is quite interesting and one of the fast-growing CPM advertising networks. They started in 2011 and developed a powerful network with attractive CPMs (up to $ 10). They are specialized in the following topics: movies, video games, dating, finance, software, and online gambling.

The Propellerads media serves different ad models like CPA, CPC, CPM, and CPL. If you have a site in this thematic, then you will definitely gain more than with AdSense. The ads propeller ads network is approving high-quality ads from advertisers.

The network provides detailed real-time reporting, personal account manager, and on-time payouts details. You can look up to 100% traffic monetization. Last thing fascinating, this board also offers video ads: pre-roll, post-roll, and overlay or even “in-banner video.”

  • Ad Types: Banner ads
  • Payout: $50 (PayPal), $100 (Payoneer), $500 (Wire Transfer)

7. Revenue hits

Revenuehits program

Revenue hits are the CPA (Cost Per Action). It’s owned by Intego. After complete your registration, you can able to create ads in different formats. Revenue Hits is a performance-based advertising network.

You are paid according to your CPA results, but they also have CPM and CPC offers. Simply, you can convert your digital assets into an income property. It comes with an Advance technology tool for AdBlock monetization.

Revenue Hits does not work with adult sites.

  • Ad types: Display & Pop up ad
  • Payout: $50

8. Adversal

Adversal program - alternative to google adsense

Adversal is a Native advertising platform. It is the most effective alternative to Google Adsense. They are providing simple Native, video, and display ad services with default robust tag management systems. They use advanced ad serving UX (User interface) to secure highly relevant ads.

To eligible this network, you have its own domain name with 50,000 page views per month. They did not approve Illegal content sites and malware associated sites. The adversal ads are compatible with Adsense unless publishers follow the Google terms and conditions. The reporting system and customer support are very good. They are paying money on impressions basis.

To accept your application, your blog should have 50K page views per month. There is a very similar CTR and display ads like AdSense. Once you enter, you will find more tools in several languages.

  • Ads types:  but also Pop-under and CPM ads.
  • Payout: $50

9. SkimLinks

skimlinks program

Skimlinks is the hub of Affiliate programs. It aggregates access to more than 50 affiliate networks and thousands of affiliate programs. The functioning of this ad network is similar to Viglink.

When you place the skimlinks code in your blog, it converts all the outbound links and major keywords into affiliate links. This is the perfect choice for eCommerce based sites. It works very well for bloggers who write about products.

  • Ad types: Links
  • Payment methods: $10 (via Paypal)

10. Amazon Display ads

Amazon Display ads are the part of Amazon associates program. This is one of the most popular choices for many bloggers for better site monetization. It shows relevant ads based on the page content. Just like AdSense, you have to place the Ad code within your blog.

It scans your content and place the native ads at the right places within your content and displays product ads based on the keywords within your article. This is the perfect choice for those who are getting good traffic from the United States and EU traffic. Of course, the amazon native ads are considering as best affiliate marketing steroid program. This network is giving different ads.

They are Recommendation ads, Custom ads, and Search-based ads. They are completely responsive according to your theme design and visitor device.

  • Ad type: Contextual ads
  • Payout: $100

11. Monumetric

Monumetric is one of the full- service ad revenue partners. It allows to place their ads on your website without disturbing the user interface and gives the best-earning possibilities. This is the old program, formerly run as The Blogger Network.

It works on CPM (Cost per mile). They will get paid for your blog impressions. The payment rates are depending on their campaign rates. In fact, they pay very good revenue than AdSense. So, this is one of the best AdSense alternatives. To work with this network, your blog should have more than 10k monthly views.

The above best ad networks for small publishers list are working good.

Last words

There are more Ad networks are running on the web. Here I listed the few alternatives.

Update: Apart from AdSense alternatives, you should also check out some native ad networks, mobile ad networks, CPM based ad networks, and affiliate ad networks to explore alternate monetization options.

You can try those networks on your sites. But do not try all networks at the same time on your blog. You can use any 2 networks at a time by using A-B testing. These are the best Google Adsense alternatives for publishers, bloggers, and internet marketers.

Media.net, Infolinks, and Revenue hits are the best ad networks for new bloggers. Stop worrying about Google Adsense. Now start your earning with these Adsense alternatives to monetize to your blog.

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