Are you looking for forum posting sites for better SEO for your blog? Here is the forum posting sites list with a verified list.

The domain authority (DA) is a metric that shows how important and trustworthy a website is. The higher the DA of the site, the more likely it will rank higher in the SERP. As such, it’s crucial for SEO purposes to post on high-DA forums and social media to improve your link-building efforts.

In the early days of internet forums, the posting was done on a single bulletin board system (BBS). This was called USENET. USENET was hugely popular in the early days, with newsgroups that were full of discussion and community-building. As time went on, people got better at posting messages, and internet speeds increased. This article looks at the history of online communities, from their roots to how they are now.

Forum posting sites list 2020

A discussion forum is an interactive community in which participants can contribute to a common topic by writing posts, sharing links, and generally engaging with the community.

In this article, we have compiled a list of high DA forum posting sites that you can use for your link-building efforts.

The discussion takes place on the website itself. Discussion forums are one of the most effective ways to communicate with others who have similar interests or problems, but they require a dedicated website to host them.

What is Forum Posting?

Forums are online discussion sites. The forum posting is part of off-page SEO. Here you can ask questions (or) queries and get solutions instantly from experts. This is an important part of increasing direct and targeted traffic to your website. Participating in the discussion forums is a very good approach in the digital marketing and blogging fields for the official digital presence.

Forum Posting in Laymen’s terms means replying to threads or posting new threads to obtain quality inbound links to a website.

You can add a forum to the website for free by using the simple plugin BBPress and BuddyBoss Plugin for the WordPress sites.

What are the benefits of Forum Posting?

There are more benefits to forum posting. Here are a few…

  • This is a wonderful technique to build high-quality backlinks to your blog/website.
  • To build inbound links
  • You can share your knowledge in areas like digital marketing, blogging, and affiliate marketing.
  • The best place to advertise your business.
  • You can interact with relevant people.
  • To get targeted traffic to your website,
  • The Forum submission and posting support deep linking. It helps you to good search engine ranking for your blog.
  • A simple source of referral traffic

What are the Disadvantages of forum posting?

One of the disadvantages of forum posting is that it can be difficult to manage, especially if you are new to online marketing.

If you have a lot of content to post, then you will need an editorial calendar and post plan to organize your posts, so they don’t seem too scattered. This can also be done with keyword research and market research as well.

The other disadvantage is that people may unsubscribe from your email list because they don’t find value in what you’re offering them. If this happens, then there should be a strategy for making people subscribe again, so they can continue receiving updates on your company’s latest developments or offers.

The replies can get lengthy, and it is easy to miss important information, such as the thread’s subject line or post author.

Some people may find it difficult to keep up with conversations due to the lack of an index or archive system. There is also no search function, so finding posts by keyword can be difficult.

Does forum posting help in improving the website DA?

Yes, forum posting can help in improving the website DA.

In order to answer this question, we need to understand what is DA and why it is important for websites.

The Domain Authority of a website is an indicator of how well-known a website is. It indicates how trustworthy the site’s content is and whether or not it has been cited by other websites that are reputable.

It also indicates how many links point to the domain from other domains in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search, etc.

Forum posting has been proven to increase traffic and also build trust with your audience.

However, there are some risks involved in forum posting as well, such as:

• It is a time-consuming task and requires consistent effort.
• It may not be profitable for everyone.
• You may have to invest money into your blog or website, which you might not be able to afford.

How can I do forum posting?

Before joining the forum, read the terms and conditions of the forum site. Every forum has its own guidelines, which you need to adhere to. By doing this, you’ll also gain a good name and respect from the forum members, which will get you more serious and focused readers, increasing the visibility and popularity of your site. These are the best places for sharing your digital experiences as well.

To use the authority forum posting sites, You have to check and follow the given steps.

Follow these steps:

  • Choose one forum that is relevant to your niche.
  • Click on the Signup (or) Register (or) Join button on the homepage.
  • Enter your details in the given form and submit it.
  • Confirm your email ID by clicking on the confirmation link from the registered email.
  • Login into the form and check and fill in the additional details in the “Profile” section.
  • Add your blog or website URL in the website/URL section in the Profile section and save it.
  • If the forum accepts your URL in the signature box, add it in the signature box if the forum accepts it. The enabling of the signature box depends on the forum rules and regulations.
  • Signature boxes are helpful to place your links. So use this wonderful feature to promote articles to rank in the search engine.
  • Most of the links are do-follow backlinks.

Top Digital  Marketing Forum posting sites 2023

  • Warrior Forum – This is a top-rated digital marketing forum posting site. You can get updates related to digital marketing by registering your details in this forum.
  • DigitalPoint Forum: This is one of the most popular online forums and a great place to ask your queries to experts directly. You will get answers quickly.
  • WickedFire: It is an Affiliate Marketing Forum and Internet Marketing Webmaster SEO Forum. This is another good one. You can ask any question related to affiliate marketing and webmaster SEO and get solutions.
  • WebMaster World Forum: This is the forum for SEO beginners and SEO newbies.
  • BlackHat World: Biggest Forum platform to hire good SEO services. It is the best place to get Google updates in detail. Most of the SEO experts buy the services from this forum site.

What are some do-follow forum posting sites?

Here is the list of online forum posting sites list 2023. To use these forums you need to register your details. The main advantage of forum discussion sites is that you can get comments to follow.

  • You can get high-authority backlinks on these forum posting sites. Most of the discussion sites allow you to create a backlink, like, and, by posting questions and answers.
  • While other discussion sites in the forum allow the posting of articles to create links. So now it’s clear. You can get high-ranking links to your site by posting questions and answers or by posting articles.

Posting your topic on relevant forums magically improves keyword rankings on your websites. This will help you generate direct traffic and drive to your website as well as your industry.

How to do forum participation for SEO?

Forum participation is one of the most overlooked SEO techniques. Search engines can’t crawl forums, but forum users can link to other sites outside of the forum and use this content within their posts.

Linking to outside sites within a forum post is also a way for forum users to increase their domain authority and rank high in search engines. Domain authority and rankings are measures of backlinks that show a website’s trustworthiness to other websites, search engines, and users.

150+ Forum Posting Sites List for better SEO

Here is the list of internet forums and the best forum websites. We added the new forum posting sites also.

S.No.Site NameDomain AuthorityPage AuthorityAlexa Rank
7www.accessifyforum.com4449No Global Rank
28forum.wordreference.com8963No Global Rank
29www.ubcbotanicalgarden.org5048No Global Rank
30roundcubeforum.net4241No Global Rank
78www.askaboutmoney.com4448No Global Rank
81forum.websitebaker2.org4742No Global Rank
84www.wrensoft.com5450No Global Rank
97forum.redlers.com3738No Global Rank
100forum.bitdefender.com82557333 Global Rank
113forum.featurecam.com3737No Global Rank
116forum.artcam.com4542No Global Rank
119www.v7n.com5953No Global Rank
122duc.digidesign.com6149No Global Rank

Which are the top SEO forum sites in the USA?

There are thousands of forum sites are running online to interact with relevant people. A number of SEO forums have emerged over the years, with some becoming more popular than others.

A quick Google search can provide you with a list of sites and their respective ranks. Some of the most popular forums include WebmasterWorld, DigitalPoint Forums, and Black Hat World. These are the top-rated USA forum site list. You can take help from FindAForum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is a forum on a website?

    A forum is a message board that allows users to post messages and share their thoughts on a particular topic. Many benefits of forums are like:
    a. It increases brand awareness.
    b. It helps people engage with your company in a constructive manner.
    c. Furthermore, it can help you grow your customer base by letting them interact with each other and provide reviews or feedback on your products or services.

  2. What is a forum for discussion?

    A forum of discussion is a place where people discuss topics and share their views on them. There are many benefits of forums such as:
    a. It provides an opportunity for individuals to communicate with each other.
    b. It creates a sense of community among the members who regularly participate in the discussions.
    c. It allows participants to build relationships with each other by participating in conversations and sharing personal experiences.

  3. How do forums work?

    Forums are online communities where people come together to discuss various topics. They allow for free-flowing discussions between individuals and groups. To create a forum, you need to first decide on the type of community that you want your forum to be. There are two types of forums:
    1) Community Forum: A community forum is a place where members can share information and get help with certain problems or issues they might have. It is often used by companies as a way of communicating with their customers about new products and services that they offer.
    2) Message Board: A message board is a place where people can share messages such as “Hi” or “Welcome” among other things, usually on one topic but not necessarily confined to it either.

  4. What is a forum posting?

    A forum posting is a type of blog post where you publish your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on an online discussion board. This can be done in the following ways:
    a. On social media websites like Facebook or Twitter, you can create a blog posting by clicking on “post” button and writing your thoughts down in the comment box.
    b. You can also write a blog posting on your website’s homepage under the blog section.

  5. What is the biggest forum on the Internet?

    The biggest forum on the Internet is Reddit. Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members. Posts that receive more than 3,000 points in a 24-hour period are considered top-level posts and will appear on the front page of the site for some time. The site’s categories include video games, movies/TV shows, music, sports as well as AskReddit (what is it?), world news, politics, advice to animals from around the world, and more!

  6. How do I find a forum posting site?

    You can find a forum posting site by searching for “forum posting sites” on Google. You will get many results, and you should choose the one that has the best reputation, which is likely to be a high-quality forum.

  7. How can I improve my post quality on forums?

    One of the best ways to improve your post quality on forums is by making sure that you are engaging with your audience. You can do this by using proper grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure in your posts. Also, make sure that you have a title and an image to engage with them on an emotional level.

  8. How do I create a signature for myself on forums?

    To create a signature for yourself on forums, you need to sign up for an account and then go to the signature settings page. Once you are there, type in your username, select the text that will be displayed as your signature and add any images or videos that will accompany it.

  9. What are the best forum posting sites?

    A forum is a type of website where users can post messages, share ideas, ask questions and offer feedback on topics that interest them.
    There are many benefits of using forums for your business or blog:
    a. It provides a sense of community to your audience.
    b. It gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience by responding to their comments and posts.
    c. It allows you to provide real-time updates on the go without having to update it manually every time.
    d. You get more people visiting your site because they can find it through search engines such as Google or Bing.

  10. What are the different types of forum posting services, and which one is better than the others?

    There are different types of forum posting services that you can use. The most common ones are:
    Guest Posting: This is when someone else’s blog posts your content on their website.
    a. Submit to a Forum: This is when you post your content on the forum and then wait for people to come back and comment on it.
    b. Submit to Blogs: This is when you submit your article or blog post directly to a blog without having to wait for comments from readers first, like about guest posting or submitting to forums.

  11. Where can I find Forum submissions in SEO?

    The SEO forum is a forum where SEOs and digital marketers discuss the latest in search engine optimization. This can be a good place to find submissions on how you can improve your website’s rankings with search engines.

  12. What is the best free forum software?

    There are many free forum software options available. One of the most popular ones is phpBB, which has been around for over a decade and is now available in over 50 languages. The benefits of using this platform are:
    a. It is easy to install and use.
    b. It offers a wide range of customization options.
    c. There are numerous templates that can be used to customize your website’s look and feel.
    d. The system supports many third-party plugins, including several security plugins like anti-spam, captcha, etc.

  13. How do I submit a forum?

    There are many ways to submit a forum, such as:
    a. Posting on the website’s homepage.
    b. Sending an email to the moderator of the forum and asking them to create a new thread for you.
    c. Creating a new thread yourself with some text explaining what your post is about, and then waiting for someone else to reply with their text that supports your idea.

  14. What are the best forum sites?

    The best forum sites are the ones that have a wide variety of topics and discussions. Some examples of such forums are Reddit, Quora, and Medium. You can also find forums on specialized topics like SEO, design, marketing, etc. Reddit is one of the best forum sites. It has been around for a long time and is used by millions of people every day. Other popular forums are Quora, The front page of the internet, and Stack Exchange. There are many forum sites on the internet and some of them are Reddit, Quora, Medium, and Stack Exchange. Some benefits of using these forums include:
    a. It is a way to reach out to a huge number of people in one go.
    b. You can easily find answers to your questions or engage with other members who have the same interests as you.
    c. You can also find valuable insights from other members through their experiences.

  15. How do I create a forum for free?

    Forums are good for posting ideas, thoughts, and feedback. There are many forums out there that you can create thanks to a script like phpBB or vBulletin. To start a forum on your website, first, decide what type of forum you want to create. Do you want to have general discussions about anything? Or do you want to have discussion forums on topics related to your business? Once you have decided what type of forum you want, it is time to install the necessary scripts on your website and then customize them according to your needs.
    Once everything is ready, choose a domain name and point it towards the hosting server where the files are located, so people can find them easily.

Final Words

Forums are a great way to find information and interact with others. If you want to expand your skills, find a mentor, or learn new things, forums are the place to do it. There are thousands of online forums out there, so choose the right one for you. It’s also important to pick a forum that has the type of content you’re looking for.

Use active forum posting sites to talk online and improve your search engine ranking. You can bookmark this page for further reference.

One of the best places to get answers to your questions is in the forum. If you’re looking for a place to start, join a forum and ask your questions there. So join as many forums as possible. This list of forum posting sites, in my opinion, is a good place to start.

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