Social bookmarking sites are sites with higher page ranks that show up on the first pages in the search engines. When it comes to SEO, backlinking is a very important part of off-page SEO. This improves the rankings of your websites. For backlinking for better SEO, you can use social bookmarking sites for backlinks. 

top and best social bookmarking sites list

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a strategy where you can create, add, edit, and share bookmarks. Many social sites have been launched since 1996 and have made social bookmarking popular. This is one of the best off-page SEO strategies for creating quality backlinks. 

What are social bookmarking sites?

On the other hand, social bookmarking sites are pages where users mostly search for content. Creating social profiles on the social bookmarking sites increases traffic to your sites along with generating backlinks. 

How to use social bookmarking sites for SEO?

All the social bookmarking sites will allow you to create links in your accounts to generate high-quality backlinks. 

  • Make a list of high page rank social bookmarking sites. (To make the work easier, we did that for you. (We listed the best high-quality bookmarking sites for you below.)
  • Open the sites one by one and register on each site.
  • Fill up the profile and other info. 
  • You will find forms with blocks to fill in with website addresses and descriptions. Fill out the forms with your links and submit the forms. 

In this way, you can create high-quality backlinks on all social bookmarking sites. All the sites will have their own set of rules. You can observe them by visiting the sites and submitting bookmarks. There are plenty of free social bookmarking sites with no registration available right now to get high-quality backlinks for better SEO.

How to find the Dofollow & High DA bookmarking sites?

Since 1996, there have been many sites introduced as social bookmarking sites. Many sites are running well, and there are many being penalized and shut down due to technical issues. So there is no constant list of these social bookmarking sites. There will be new bookmarking sites added every month to this list. 

I have done in-depth research on searching these sites. I visited many forums and groups where SEO professionals and bloggers talk about these sites. And I sorted out this great list of social bookmarking sites with high domain authority for my blogging journey. 

Social bookmarking site list Domain Authority (DA) Alexa Rank Join Now
1. 93 3972 SignUp
2. 82 12490 Signup
3. Delicious 89 45396 Signup
4. Folkd 61 23245 Signup
5. Reddit 91 18 Signup
6. Bizsugar 55 22929 Signup
7. 92 4286 Signup
8. Fark 73 7746 Signup
9. 48 28088 Signup
10. Indibloghub 28 32067 Signup

List of Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

At the time of writing this article, the following are the working social bookmarking sites that you can use for creating backlinks for your blogs and improving brand awareness. 


Digg is a social bookmarking site with high domain authority. This website is started in 2012 and has become the highest domain authority site to create social bookmarks.


Another popular social bookmarking site with the highest domain authority has been added to the mix. In 2018, the website StumbleUpon was renamed Mix.Com.

3. Delicious

Delicious is a popular pinboard blog used by many and has a good domain authority of 96. You can use this to pin your posts on the site, which will drive good traffic to your site. 

4. Folkd

Folkd is another popular bookmarking site with a high ranking. This is a site that provides your website with high-quality links and traffic.

5. Reddit

The most popular social bookmarking website is Reddit. Even though most Reddit users used to talk about gaming, there are now a variety of other topics you can post on Reddit for good backlinks.

6. BizSugar

Bizsugar is one of the dofollow sites where you can also get good traffic from. If yours is a business blog, this will best suit you.


Even though this site is not intended for social bookmarking, it serves this purpose well. You can link to your social media pages and drive good traffic to your blogs.

8. Fark

The Fark is a popular bookmarking site where you can make your own bookmarks. This is also a good place to get good traffic to your website from.

9. IndiBlogger

IndiBlogger is a community-driven website where bloggers can sign up and introduce themselves to other bloggers. Only Indian bloggers can register on this website, which is country-specific.

10. IndiBlogHub

Indibloghub, like IndiBlogger, is a bloggers’ community website where anyone can sign up and share their content with other bloggers.

How to submit URLs to Social Bookmarking properly?

Before you start submitting bookmarks, you need to find sites with high domain authority (DA) and high page rank (PR). The 10 sites listed above are the most popular sites for social bookmarking for SEO. You can use the free social bookmarking tools listed below the article. It helps you with quick submission. Let us know how to submit it.

  1. Open one social bookmarking site in a new window.
  2. Register or signup with your details
  3. Login to your account and choose the Submit button
  4. In the URL submission form, fill all the details like URL, Title, Description, Category, and others.
  5. Then submit the form for bookmarking the URL.
  6. Share the bookmarked URL within the groups. The group is user-created communities available on a few sites. You can take advantage of those groups.

Free automated Social bookmarking tools

There are some tools that help you create bookmarks on social bookmarking sites with ease. With these automated tools, you can submit your meta content and post links to a list of sites with a single click. Here are some of the best online social bookmarking tools that you can use. 

1. Onlywire

OnlyWire is a free online social bookmarking tool and social media management platform that allows you to share content and posts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

2. Social Marker

The Social Marker is another social bookmarking tool that lets you list your content on multiple social media sites at once. This tool allows you to share your content with up to two dozen sites with just one click.

3. SocialAdr

Another tool that makes social bookmarking simple is SocialAdr. This is a simple tool that aids in the creation of links on social bookmarking sites. It will make it simple for you to promote your websites and drive traffic to them.

Is social bookmarking worthwhile?

Is it worthwhile as per SEO 2024? Most SEOs and bloggers are discussing this social bookmarking site’s usage. Using social bookmarking sites is a very important factor in better SEO in 2024.

Fresh and updated content is given priority by search engines like Google and Yahoo. For these few searches, bots will use social bookmarking sites’ help for ranking purposes.

social bookmarking importance

Submitting the URLs to these sites helps you increase your traffic, brand, and ranking in search engines, and it goes viral online. So do not believe words like “Social bookmarking is dead” or “stop social bookmarking for better SEO.” These are 100% fake statements.

Social bookmarking sites effectively improve your backlink profile, search ranking, and organic reach. If you want good results for your site or your client’s site, this is one of the best ways to get a ranking boost.

Properly do this. Bookmark your links regularly – 5 to 10 sites per day give good results. If you do this more than once a day, it becomes spam.

Pros and Cons of Social Bookmarking sites


There are numerous SEO advantages to using social bookmarking sites. Here are some of the advantages of using social bookmarking sites.

  • Content Curation: Social bookmarking sites allow users to curate and organize their favorite web pages, articles, videos, and other online content in a personalized manner. It enables users to easily find and revisit their saved content, creating a personalized library of resources.
  • Easy Access from Anywhere: Since social bookmarking sites are web-based, users can access their bookmarks from any device with an internet connection. It makes it convenient for users to retrieve their saved content on different devices, whether it’s a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Discovering New Content: Social bookmarking sites often have a social element where users can explore and discover content saved by others. It can lead to discovering interesting and relevant content that users may not have encountered otherwise, expanding their knowledge and interests.
  • Collaborative Sharing: Many social bookmarking sites allow users to share their bookmarks with others, creating collaboration and knowledge-sharing opportunities. It can be particularly useful in professional or academic settings, where colleagues or classmates can exchange relevant resources.
  • Tagging and Organization: Social bookmarking sites typically offer tagging systems that allow users to categorize their bookmarks with relevant keywords. It helps organize and retrieve content efficiently, as users can search for specific tags or browse through their bookmarks based on topics of interest.


There are no major drawbacks to using social bookmarking sites, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Information Overload: With the abundance of content available on social bookmarking sites, navigating through the vast amount of information can be overwhelming. Users may find it challenging to filter out irrelevant or low-quality content, requiring careful selection and management of bookmarks.
  • Dependency on Internet Connection: Social bookmarking sites heavily rely on an Internet connection. Accessing and managing bookmarks may become difficult if the connection is slow, unstable, or unavailable. Offline access to bookmarks is generally unavailable, requiring a constant internet connection to utilize the platform effectively.
  • Privacy and Security Concerns: Social bookmarking sites often require users to create accounts and provide personal information. It can raise privacy concerns, especially if the platform’s security measures are insufficient. Users should be cautious about the data they share and consider the platform’s privacy settings.
  • Potential for Spam and Low-Quality Content: Since social bookmarking sites allow users to submit and share content, there is a risk of encountering spam or low-quality submissions. It can impact the overall user experience and make it challenging to find reliable and valuable content amidst the noise.
  • Dependency on Platform’s Longevity: Social bookmarking sites are subject to changes in ownership, policies, or even shutdowns. Users relying heavily on a particular platform for bookmarking and organizing their content may face challenges if the platform undergoes significant changes or discontinuation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Facebook a social bookmarking site?

Social bookmarking is the process of saving favorite websites to visit later. Most of the social bookmarking sites are different in their importance such as Tumblr, Digg, and Mix. But Facebook is completely different and it is a social networking site.

Is Twitter a social bookmarking site?

Technically Twitter is an excellent tool to use in two different ways. First, you can be posting links, images, and content with your account. those links are technically bookmarked automatically.

How do you do social bookmarking?

Using socila bookmarking is very easy. first you need to register and confirm the account. then you can start the process of social bookmarking. First, add the link or upload the link for the page from your account. in the second step, the site will suggest the popular keywords tag your links. Choose the relavent keyword to organize the bookmarks for the popular search at the moment.

How Social Bookmarking helps SEO?

The social bookmarks tell search engine algorithms that your content is valuable. They increase your authority and credibility. That improves your ranking on keywords related to your business.

What are the advantages of using a bookmark?

Bookmarking sites have a positive impact on the ranking of the bookmarked sites. They eventually improve the PageRank and SERPs of the sites. Since Google is planning to make SEO social, Social Bookmarking is a convenient way to improve search engine ranking.

Why Social Bookmarking is important?

Social bookmarking sites invite people to visit often because they can create and share links to popular websites. By sharing content, they create a welcoming presence for their company as well as drive traffic to their website.

Final Words

Social bookmarking sites offer a range of benefits and drawbacks for users seeking to organize and share online content. On the positive side, these platforms enable content curation, easy access from any device, discovery of new content, collaborative sharing, and efficient organization through tagging systems.

However, challenges such as information overload, dependency on internet connectivity, privacy and security concerns, potential for spam and low-quality content, and reliance on the platform’s longevity should also be considered.

When considering social bookmarking sites, evaluating individual needs, preferences, and the trade-offs associated with these platforms is essential. By doing so, users can decide whether social bookmarking sites align with their goals and enhance their online content management experience.

It would help if you used extreme caution while bookmarking your blogs on these sites because each site has its own set of terms and conditions. Before submitting your site, make sure you have read and agreed to these conditions.

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