50+ DoFollow Commentluv Enabled blogs List

The CommentLuv blogs are the websites that are useful in creating high-quality backlinks for your websites.

CommentLuv blogging is one of the oldest techniques still being used by many bloggers. There are lots of people who follow CommentLuv blogging in the early days but kept its side due to technical updates on Google.

CommentLuv Blogs List
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Even though many people lost their trust in CommentLuv blogs there are still more people that are following this system to create high-quality backlinks and improve the domain authority. Still to this day meaning bloggers search for PR websites backlinks but the PR data is no more released by Google.

You can search for high-quality domain authority blogs that allow the CommentLuv commenting system to generate backlinks. here I have written a quick article on how to find CommentLuv blogs and a list of some CommentLuv blogs.

Before knowing anything about CommentLuv enabled blogs, let us discuss something about the backlinking strategy.

What is backlinking?

Backlinking is a strategy of creating high-quality links between websites that are well indexed in Google. Let me explain the backlinking strategy with an example.  

  • Assume ‘A’ be your website, and your website has a domain authority of only 2. And let X Y and Z be the high domain authority websites already indexed in Google with domain authority is of 50 60 and 70 respectively.
  • Being already having a domain authority if X, Y, and Z have links to website ’A’ in their websites, then website A is said to have backlinks with websites X Y and Z. now the domain authority of website will gradually increase. This process of creating backlinks is called a backlinking strategy.
  • The backlinks may be created through direct links in articles or links in comments. The backlinks that are generated through the commenting system is called comment backlinking.

Before going to the list of Dofollow Blog list, here is the video, explaining the details of Backlinks by Matt Cutt.

What is CommentLuv and How does it work?

CommentLuv is a simple WordPress plugin. This plugin will simply accept do-follow links to post within the comment on the comment name. This plugin will enable some good features for your blog commenting system.


The Commentluv is a simple plugin that enables the visitors to leave a link to their recent post. Whoever the Visitor is, he can simply come in and write a comment and leave a link on that post to his latest web post.

CommentLuv plugin is most loved by bloggers because of only one feature. Do-follow backlinks are very essential to rank any website. These days do-follow backlinks nearly not accepted by any blogger.

But some of the CommentLuv blogs still provide the do-follow links. This is the main reason why bloggers still have much affection for CommentLuv blogs.

How to enable CommentLuv plugin?

The CommentLuv plugin is found in the WordPress plugin directory.

You can install the CommentLuv plugin from WordPress plugin directory and you can activate it in your blog.

commentluv plugin from wordpress directory
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After activating the plugin you can select the options like accepting the no-follow or follow links from the user.

Is it necessary to install the CommentLuv plugin?

This is completely up to you. There are some pros for using the Commentluv plugin that will help your website rank. But there are a couple of cons that you need to remember before installing the CommentLuv plugin on your website.

  • By installing comment plugin on your website you will get more comments on your blog as many bloggers search for CommentLuv blogs.
  • There are many posts about showing the list of websites that allow CommentLuv comments and there are chances of getting backlinks from that kind of posts, thus your blog may rank.
  • Coming to speaking of cons, due to more searches for CommentLuv blogs there may be chances of making your site spam if there is no complete observation on the comments you get
  • There is no recent update for the plugin for a long time.  Due to this your site speed may fall down

Considering all these pros and cons you can decide to install comment no plugin on your website.

List of Commentluv Blogs

Here is the list of Few CommentLuv Blogs List

S.No.CommentLuv Blog URLDAPA

How to Find CommentLuv Enabled blogs?

This is so simple. To find the CommentLuv enabled blogs, you have to follow these methods.

Method 1: Spy on your Competitor’s site

This is the most popular way to get not only for commenting, but you can also find other types of link building methods by spying on your competitor backlinks.

To do this you use any type of backlink monitor tool. Here are few free tools to check backlinks

  1. SmallSEOTools
  2. SEMrush backlink checker
  3. LinkMiner
  4. OpenLinkProfiler

Step 1: Open any of the tools and signup a new account. Just place the competitor link in any one of the above tools and

openlinkprofiler page - commentluv blogs
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Step 2: Export the list of backlinks. Check the backlinks data manually, you will get all the backlinks data including CommentLuv Enabled blogs.

openlink profiler results
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Step 3: Just go through the link, check the blog post, which is enabled or not. If the link is commentLuv enabled, Write the comment on the comment section of the recent post then submit.

Method 2: By Using Google FootPrints

Most of the site is having a specific word on their blog posts, it indicates a type of link building opportunity.  By using this technique, just search with those words/terms in the search engine to find blogs with those opportunities.

CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

  • Keyword +” CommentLuv is Enabled”
  • Keyword +”KeywordLuv is Enabled”
  • “Long Tail Keyword” + ”CommentLuv is Enabled”
  • “This blog uses premium CommentLuv”

For example, here I am searching for comentLuv enabled blogs by using the term “This blog uses premium CommentLuv”

This blog uses premium CommentLuv google results
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  • If you want to find the commentLuv enabled blogs in your niche, just use the above any of the methods (Keyword + “This blog uses premium CommentLuv”).
  • Then you will get the hundreds of blogs to leave a comment and to get a high-quality backlink.
  • Here you will get all types of blogs such as .Edu blogs, .gov blogs, those blogs offering DoFollow links, and more.

Method 3: Using DropMyLink service

DropMylink is an excellent site, it allows you to find CommentLuv enabled blogs without much effort.

Step 1: To use this service, you need to Sign up for a free account in DropmyLink

Step 2: Then enter your keyword, choose the category as “Comment backlinks” and “CommentLuv Premium” in the Footprint section then click the Search button

dropmylink service
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Step 3: After hit the Search button, it would automatically perform the search process to find your desired blogs along with your keyword.

dropmylink result page
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The process is very simple without more effort.

How can I utilize this CommentLuv blog’s list?

The above given at the list of the do-follow CommentLuv sites created by professional bloggers. Delhi star updated from time to time with the latest indexed blogs in Google.

You can select blogs that are best related to your niche from the above sites and you can start commenting on those sites with your links to the latest posts on your website.

It is always advisable to comment on only sites that are well related to your niche. This is because link juice is well calculated only when the keywords with backlinks match with the root content.

You can start commenting on the above list of blogs and get high-quality backlinks for your website.

Simple Tips to write better comments on CommentLuv Blogs

  • Write simple sentences which is relevant to the blog post
  • Add meaningful words in the comment
  • Avoid 1 to 2 line comments
  • Read the entire post and existed comment before writing a comment
  • Do 4 to 5 Blog comments Daily. Do not write more comments.

Final Words

Even though CommentLuv’s backlinking strategy has lost its fame as in the olden days, it is giving good results even today for many bloggers.

If you have never started CommentLuv backlinking strategy, it is now the right time to start and rank your website in Google.

It is not necessary for you to install a CommentLuv plugin on your website. You can simply start searching for CommentLuv blogs and start commenting on the blogs leaving backlinks.

Once your comment is approved on the website by the admin, your backlink will be generated for your website.

You also need to follow some quick tips like maintaining a keyframe structure as of your post and writing the content related to the post. This will help your comment to get approved by the admin fastly.

It is necessary not to hesitate for a no-follow backlink given in CommentLuv blogs, because you will at least you get referral traffic from that link.

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