Why create Backlinks for better SEO? This is the most frequent question are receiving from my clients. Creating backlinks for your site is a very important task in the Off-Page SEO. You are very interested to see your blog on google first and top places.

This is the most frequent circus of the bloggers and marketers to optimize their blog with particular keywords. In this game, Creating Backlinks is the primary task. Choosing high authority sites and good ranking sites are another thing.

So I wrote this complete guide on “How to create Backlinks for your blog for better SEO”.

where to create and how to create backlinks

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, links to a website/Blog. Today backlinks creation is a very significant role in SEO. Simply, more backlinks indicate the popularity of the blog/site and it also influences good PR in search engines.

How to Create Backlinks for better SEO of your Blog?

Here I am giving the list of the source to create backlinks free at these sources.

1. Social media sites

  • Social media is one of the greatest places to get high quality
  • A free (and effective) method of generating exposure and driving in non-stop traffic to your squeeze page is creating a Facebook Business page.
  • A page is similar to creating a new Facebook profile, where you can add notes, messages, download links and images to your fan page while managing your Facebook page all directly from within your main Facebook account.
  • One of the greatest things about Facebook business Page is that you can start building a listing directory on Facebook while also marketing your other squeeze pages! Just like this Google plus Communities and Groups are the best places to get high-quality
  • Examples are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, YouTube, and Myspace

2. Article Directories

There are thousands of Article directories are available. Among that, few are very popular means most of the webmasters are trying to create backlinks by submitting new articles to directories with the site/blog URL.

Follow the points to write an article for Article directory submissions:

  • Write your articles around hot topics, current events, product reviews, and how-to guides (condensed into 400 words or less) that solve problems.
  • Target specific keywords with 2 to 3 % Keyword Density
  • Be informative and provide value. The key to successful article making is that they have to be informative and provide exceptional value.
  • Write your own! Use a simple structure that helps you fill in the gaps quickly including.
  • Write in a conversational tone so that people feel as though you are speaking directly to them. Depending on your market, there may be times where you need to write in a more technical or formal style, but generally, you want to keep your article content friendly, warm, and inviting. Keep your words simple and easy to read. You do not want to use terminology that an average reader may misunderstand.

3. Web 2.0 sites

Web 2 technology sites are providing some pages without charges any fee. These are called “Blogging Platforms”. These are highly effective for backlink creation strategies. Here Guest posting is the major criteria to get high-quality backlinks. Check my Guest posting guidelines for better understanding.

  • Choose one platform
  • Register your details
  • Choose the domain name as your wish
  • Submit the unique content with your blog URL.
  • The article will be publish

Eg: Hubpages, Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and etc.

4. Blog commenting

Blog commenting is one of the effective ways to create free backlinks and brand reputation. This is one of the best and easiest ways of link building. You just have to find some good blogs related to your topic, read the article written by them, and leave a comment with your website link there. You can search for blogs related to your topic or any topic by using DropMyLink Service.

Search and open high ranked Blog, open one article. Read the article and the comments already done by the others. Then create one feedback or comment by using below comment system. Before submitting the SEND button, you must fill the Name, Email, and Comment. This is a very effective way to get huge traffic and brand reputation.

Search similar to the Blog search option, then comment with your URL. Here is the list of CommentLuv blogs list.

S.No.CommentLuv Blog URLDAPA

5. Social Bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking involves saving bookmarks (Blog URLs) to public websites such as Digg or Google Bookmarks. So you can use these bookmarks from any computer connected to the web. Your favorite bookmarks are also available for others to view and follow as well, hence the social aspect.

  • Create a free account at social bookmarking sites and bookmark all your pages on these websites.
  • Other people can see your bookmarks and they can also bookmark the same.

This way, it can go viral provided the links are very useful so that people can bookmark and share the same.

Some of the popular bookmarking sites are provided below.

Social bookmarking site listDomain Authority (DA)Alexa RankJoin Now
1. Digg.com933972SignUp
2. Mix.com8212490Signup
3. Delicious8945396Signup
4. Folkd6123245Signup
5. Reddit9118Signup
6. Bizsugar5522929Signup
7. Scoop.it924286Signup
8. Fark737746Signup
9. Indiblogger.in4828088Signup
10. Indibloghub2832067Signup

To create an account and bookmark all the pages of all your sites/blogs. Remember do not spam these sites otherwise, they can delete your account.

6. Discussion Forum

One of the easiest ways to generate targeted traffic through your blog links and affiliate links is through popular community forums.

  • The first thing you need to do is locate forums that cater to the market you are promoting and secondly that they allow affiliate links or blog links to be included in forum signature files.
  • This has contributed to the success of many bloggers and marketers because it’s not only free but easy to do, you could easily begin to generate traffic within a few hours from now.
  • Simply Forums are a place where you can learn about subjects everyone is discussing and share your knowledge. You can ask the questions and reply to the member’s question.
  • For example, there is a forum on Affiliate Marketing tips. Here different people will share their views like how much and how they are making money from Affiliate Marketing. Some people get the problem in using some settings can ask in the forum and someone already knows, can reply to his question.
  • However, many people think it’s a place where someone can just drop links to their sites and leave. Rather than helping you, this will give you a bad reputation.

Here are the few lists

S.No.Site NameDomain AuthorityPage AuthorityAlexa Rank
7www.accessifyforum.com4449No Global Rank

Here is the list of free Forum sites to participate more discussions to engage like minded people.

How to gain blog links in Forums?

Gaining links from forums are possible. However, there is a proper way of participating in forums to get this reward. Here are some tips before you take the link from the forum.

  • Read and obey the rules of the forum
  • Introduce yourself
  • Share your knowledge with others and give the reply
  • Visit as often as possible
  • Ask questions

The first step is to create a resource list of relevant forums in your market, and depending on the size and scope of your niche, you may have only a few forums to choose from, or you may have a massive amount forums to work with.

It doesn’t matter either way, because you only really need and want to focus on the top 3-4 forums that have the most activity and established as a source of “authority”, meaning that the search engines pull content from these forums and crawl the boards on a regular basis.

How to add blog links in Forums?

The idea is to set up a complete profile so that your blog link is located both in your forum signature and on your forum’s Profile. Most people overlook the backlink juice that forums give out just by featuring your URL on your profile page.

There are thousands of Forums to discuss your topics and get the solution with free of cost. But are paid forums. To get quality backlinks just signup and participate in the recent topics category or your main topic with your URL.

7. Answers sites

Question and Answers sites are high PR sites. Add your blog post URL in this Answer sites, you will get very high-quality backlinks.

A very powerful way to generate traffic and a high-quality backlink is via Yahoo answers.

How to get backlinks from Answer Sites?

Yahoo answer is an online question and Answers community, where you can answer open questions, or ask your own.

To begin, Click the “Advanced Search” tab and enter in your keywords. In my example, since I am promoting a product on Cake Decorating, I begin by entering “Cake Decorating”.

Then choose “Open questions only”. There’s no point in searching for questions that have already been answered or resolved, so make sure to check “open questions” when conducting your search.

When answering questions, try to discuss the person asking the question by name so it’s more personalized (and likely to yield a response), and then type in a quick answer or solution to the question being asked.

End the answer with your website or blog URL or blog post link, along with your name.

Here I am taking an example of Yahoo Answers site. This is a top rated and high Page Rank Site.

  • Open Yahoo Answers Page
  • Create an account with Yahoo mail
  • Search the topic and you will get so many questions
  • Choose one question; drop the answer with your blog or blog post URL. That’s it.

There are a number of Answers sites

  • Yahoo answers
  • Blurt it
  • Answers
  • FunAdvice
  • Ask Me Help Desk
  • Answer Bank
  • AskDeb
  • Mahalo Answers
  • Microsoft Community

8. Free Classified Sites

Another great way to get traffic to your blog is through classified advertising. While you could pay for the classified ad in a local paper, or online ezine, they tend to run quite high in price, so instead, consider adding classified ads on FREE networks and directory sites.

  • The idea is to search the classifieds for people who have a problem with the market you are promoting and then provide help via your article content that contains your blog link.
  • Free classified sites are effective for business blogs, but not effective for personal blogs. Some of the sites are providing a free backlink from the profile page.
  • Craigslist is the most famous and largest classified site. You can get one free backlink from the free account.
  • This is broken down into the category, so search through each section looking for people who have a problem that you can solve with one of the products you are promoting.

9. Press Releases

Press releases are very powerful vehicles for delivering your marketing messages and building incredible backlinks for your blog.

  • Since press releases are published by multiple distribution channels and websites, your article could end up on thousands of websites, all from a single release!
  • But that’s not the only reason why press released are so valuable to online business owners. With every press release, you are positioning yourself for intense media exposure. If you catch the attention of even one mainstream media outlet, your press release could go viral very quickly.
  • Similar to an offline newspaper, there are thousands of online news sites where you can submit your press release. Press release submission can be used when launching a new website, a product, or services if there is any news in your company and many more events.
  • If done effectively, it can do a lot for your marketing campaign. Hundreds of best press releases sites (PR sites) available online where can submit your press release.

Most of the PR sites are free to submit your Press release. While creating a press release, just check the 5 important elements that you have to prepare for the press release.

  • Title
  • Body
  • Summary
  • About the Company
  • Press Contact

10. Image and Video sharing sites

Image hosting and video hosting sites are the best places to get high-quality backlinks. Upload your images to image hosting sites then keep the blog post link at the Description.

Ex: Flickr is the most popular Image hosting site

A recent study found that YouTube currently accounts for more than 29% of all searches on Google. Additionally, more searches are performed through YouTube.com thank through Yahoo! And according to eMarketer.com, over 50% of all traffic comes from Video marketing channel. So try to create one backlink from here.

Eg: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion are the top rated video hosting sites.

Slideshare is another source of Presentation and PDF sharing site. Use this source to get high-quality backlinks.

11. Education and Government Sites (.Edu and .Gov)

Government sites and Educational sites are considered high authority sites because they belong to Govt. and educational institutions. Visitors trust these sites a lot.

Getting links from these sites are really difficult. Sites with domain extension like.Gov, Gov.in, Gov.uk, etc are govt sites and sites with domain extension like .edu, .edu.in, .edu.ca, etc are educational sites.

Believe it or not, there are some government sites that have a regularly updated blog that allows comments. This will take some time to research but it is definitely worth it if you can find some. Most of the blogs you will find are “no-follow” however there are also some “do-follow” blogs dotted around too. But you need to find broken links within your site and fix it to make your site technically free. Either way, the link is definitely worth it, so make sure you post relevant comments!

Final Words

Backlink creation is a major aspect of SEO. The above-listed sites are considered as Permanent links and it will index easily in search engines. The above-given sources are good sources to create backlinks manually.

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