Are you looking for the best name generator tool to choose the best names for your domains, businesses, and general usernames? Here is a list of a few free online tools.

Well, creative business names are the top priority for any company to create a brand impression with its audience. Now the biggest question is, how can we find the best name for our new business?

Before starting a business or a company, we should find a suitable name. The business name that you have chosen for your company or business is one that creates uniqueness and represents the motto of your company.

People should be able to define what your business is by name. Likewise, every blogger has to choose a name for his website that goes with the niche.

Best Name Generators list
Best Name Generators list

When you have a good idea of what your business will be about before you start one, there will be a lot of different ways to choose the best business names. One of the best ways is to hire a naming consultant or naming company, which will suggest the best suitable name for your business.

To choose the best name for your blog or company, use the best name generator. The name generator will give you the best ideas for choose a perfect name for your business or blog.  

What is a Name Generator?

Name generators are tools that are helpful for generating a bunch of names. These names are generated as per your choice of where to use them, either in a domain, as a business name, or as a username. You can choose the perfect name from the generated list that makes an impact, is memorable, and makes it easy to establish your brand online. Most of the tools allow you to check for name availability to secure a registration.

Why use a name generator?

The best thing about online business name generators is that they are easy, quick, and cheap to use. And you will get a lot of ideas by using these tools. And it’s a good thing to select both the business name and domain name at the same time since they’re related to each other.

Here is the list of the top name-generator for different purposes you can find on the internet for free

What are the best domain name generators?

Domain name generators are specially designed so that they will suggest the best names for your domain. And the major feature of these domain name generators is that they will also check whether the domain is available for you.

1. Domains Finder

Domains-Finder is one of the best and updated name generators to find the best domain name for your online business. This is developed with a powerful PHP-based script. It consists of many great domains & IP tools.


You can search for the domain names instantly. It comes with 6 different excellent options –

  • Domain Search: Check whether a domain name is available for registration or not via this tool.
  • Domain generator tool: It helps you to suggest a list of keyword variations.
  • Whois Information: You can find out a domain’s owner, location, IP, and other information.
  • Reverse IP Lookup: It performs a reverse IP lookup to find all “A-records” associated with an IP address. The results can pinpoint virtual hosts being served from a web server. 
  • Domain Location: It helps you to know the server location and more.
  • DNS lookup: It helps you to know the domain DNS records like A, AAAA, Nameservers, MX, SOA, and TXT records of your entered domain.

You can try this tool now, and you can register your favorite keyword as a domain name if it is available in the TLD. There is no need to pay more money every time you reach the renewal period.

2. Lean Domain Search

leandomainsearch homepage
LeanDomainSearch tool to find the relevant domain name

The Lean Domain search is the first recommendation for any blogger. This is a very popular tool and is also available for free. What you need to do is just search for the main keyword in the search area of the website, and it will show up all the domain names.

You may also narrow your search by the length and alphabet of the name, as well as any prefixes or suffixes of your search word. Lastly, this tool lets you use your search keyword to see if a domain name is already taken.

Lean Domain Search tutorial guide (in Telugu)

Features of Lean Domain Search

  • It is a free tool, and it gives over 2000 ideas within one second
  • You can even directly register the chosen name as your domain name directly
  • Checking for Twitter usernames is also available

3. Name Boy

Nameboy - Free Domain Name Generator (Get Instant Ideas)
Nameboy – Free Domain Name Generator (Get Instant Ideas)

NameBoy is not only a simple name generator tool but also an all-in-one website builder that will help you find a domain name, build a website, and also get a free domain name.

With this tool, you can simply search for the best domain names, register for a free domain, and build a WordPress website. To get the best results, enter the primary and secondary keywords, and the tool will suggest the best business names.

Features of Name Boy

  • You can check the availability of the domains in Godaddy and other Domain name providers
  • It Uses even two keywords combined into a good name

4. Name Mesh

NameMesh - Domain Name Generator For Perfectionists
NameMesh – Domain Name Generator For Perfectionists

The Name Mesh is another best domain name search tool like the lean domain search. With this tool, you can create your domain name easily based on different categories, including short and new.

The name mesh is a useful tool if you would like to include two or more keywords in the domain name. The only thing you need to do is provide the two keywords. The only thing you need to do is provide the two keywords, and it will spruce them up with an available domain name.

Features of Name Mesh

  • The tool will include multiple keywords in a single name
  • You can break down your search based on the different categories available

5. Name Stall

Domain Name Generator & Web 2 Website Name Creator
Domain Name Generator and Web 2 Website Name Creator

Name Stall is another domain name generator with unique features like the rhyme generator and three-word generator. It offers the best options to improvise your name search.

The best feature of NameStall is that you can choose whether the keyword should be available at the beginning or end of the domain.

You can use its different options to filter the results.

Features of Name Stall

  • Customize the keywords easily in the domain
  • Check various domain extensions.
  • Great filters for search

6. Name Station

namestation domain name generator
NameStation – domain name generator

Name Station is a powerful tool for creating unique web addresses. With this tool, it’s easy to generate your own website address or get free domain names. You can create an unlimited number of domains, subdomains, email addresses, and more!

You can enter the specific keywords simply in the NameStation search bar and the tool will suggest to you many domain name combinations using synonyms and similar words.

You can save the best among them and generate similar names for your blog. NameStation also comes with a community platform where you can take the suggestions of other proficient bloggers for ideas.

Features of Name Station

  • Community available where you can get suggestions
  • Easy filters available
  • Generate Unlimited Domains
  • Create Unrestricted Subdomains
  • Free Domain Names
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Customize Your Website URL
  • Download Now For Free

7. Bust A Name

bust a name services
bust a name services

Bust a Name will help you choose the best name for your domain. With its best features, you can filter all the domains to get the perfect name for your domain.

With this tool, you can check the availability of Along with that, you can also check the availability of other TLDs.

The tool directly comes with two options on the home screen, one to combine the words and the other to verify and complete the name. You can give the best keywords, and it will suggest a combination that applies to your niche.

Features of Bust a Name:

  • Search for various TLDs
  • Can also execute a random search without the main keyword
  • Save your favorite domain name to purchase later

8. Domain Puzzler

domainpzzler services
domainpzzler services

Domain Puzzler is a simple domain name generator that is packed with powerful features.

Search for the different domains’ names using its options like Easy, advanced, and Magic. Which can help you determine the best name based on the searches?

Features of Domain Puzzlers:

  • Three different modes are available.
  • We can enter several keywords to get the best suggestions
  • Has a Page Rank function to check the search engine rankings

9. Domains Bot

domainsbot - ideas into names
domainsbot – ideas into names

DomainsBot helps in searching for domain names. It is a simple domain name search tool that also helps in picking synonyms to match the seed keyword.

You can get multiple suggestions with a single primary keyword.

Features of Domains Bot

  • Change synonyms along with seed keyword
  • Change extensions
  • Register your domain name right away from the tool

10. Shopify Business Name Generator

shopify business name generator
shopify business name generator

This tool is developed by Shopify to generate the best names that go well with your niche. This tool is for business name ideas, but this can also be used for getting domain name ideas. It is also called the Shopify Business name generator.

Simply enter the main keyword and you will find a long list of matching domain name suggestions. It gives the complete details of your search keyword and its domain availability.

Shopify is also offering Free Shopify domain name generator free tools to find good domain name ideas.

Features of Shopify Business Name Generator

  • Creative domain name search tool
  • Can register a domain from the tool itself

11. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search tool
Instant Domain Search tool

This is a one-stop tool to search for domain names, domain extensions, and even domains for sale at the same time, and that too, instantly.

This tool also helps in searching for business name ideas. Simply enter the required keywords, and then this tool will show the best matching domain names and business name ideas.

Features of Instant Domain Search

  • Free domain name lookup
  • the free Business name generator
  • Various TLD search

12. Domain Wheel

the best domain name generator
Domain Wheel – the best domain name generator

The Domain wheel is another domain name search tool that you can use to find domain names for your blog.

In the search bar of the Domain wheel, you can simply enter the major keyword and the tool suggests the domain names available for you.

Features of Domain Wheel

  • It even suggests the premium domains available
  • Suggests the creative words rhyming word also

13.  I Want My Name

i wantmyname - favorite domain name generator
i want my name, My favorite domain name generator

I want My Name is a free search tool to find the availability of domain names. This is one of the best tools to find your specific domain name available in various TLDs.

All you need to do is just give the term in the search bar and the tool will give you a list of all the domain TLDs with that name.

Features of I want my name

  • Gives a list of all available TLDs
  • Shows the status of the domain and the price if available
  • You can hide unavailable domain names

Best Business Name Generator for your online business

Are looking for the best name for your business online and the best company name ideas? If yes, these lists will help you to pick the best company names in the world. Yes, you heard right. These free tools will give you the best name for a new company online to make your brand more popular.

Business name generators are those that help you choose the best business name. Here is a list of such free tools to make your name search easier. You can check these name generators for business. You can choose a good business name by using these generator tools.

14. Brand Name Generator

brand name generator
brand name generator

The brand name generator tool is a suite of three tools that help you create outstanding business names. It helps you identify the best names for your blog, business, and even products. If you are really planning for a startup with more ideas, this tool will help you generate names for your business, blog, or product. Use this tool to generate the best business name list in 2024 .

This tool narrows your search to TLD domain names, their availability and placement, and many more.

Features of Brand Name Generator

  • Great Filters to narrow your search
  • Arrange the keyword as you wish

15. Brandings

brandings tool
brandings tool

The brandings include a lot of filtering options and also include a lot of industries and catchy business names to compare with. 

You can either search by industry or search by interest or topic. You can find a brandable business name with these tools.

Features of Brandings

  • Easy breakdown of categories
  • Shows reasons to select a name

16. BrandBucket

brandbucket to search business names
brandbucket to search business names

BrandBucket is a premium tool that charges you around $1000. You get catchy and attractive names by choosing BrandBucket. You can simply search for a business idea and claim it. 

Features of BrandBucket

  • Get logos for your business
  • You can have your logos edited for free

17. Brandroot

brandroot tool

Brandroot is yet another excellent name generator for your company, allowing you to select the best and most memorable name from a variety of categories.

This can also help you search for business names by price. 

Features of BrandRoot

  • Use different filters for fresh ideas
  • Paying will give you more choices to choose from

18. Names4Brands

names4brands tool

To find the perfect name for your business, Names4Brands is the best option for you. It is the best tool to add multiple keywords to the name. 

There are also various filters included in the tool

Features of Names4Brands

  • Choices up to 18 languages
  • You can include multipleplepleple keywords 
  • Can decide the position of keywords????

19. FreshBooks

Freshbooks helps small businesses get more clients, automate their invoicing processes, and grow their business. Using our free service, you can create professional-looking domain names for your new website or blog.

The choice of a business name is yours rather than the system’s. Then this tool, which helps you choose your customization, is the best option for you. 

Features of FreshBooks

  • You can choose the categories
  • You will get multiple suggestions from the results
  • Use this fresh book business name generator to find unique “.com domains” for your brand.
  • Generate an unlimited number of domain names for your website or blog.

20. Mithril and Mages

Mithril and Mages are domain name generator tools that allow you to generate names based on your keywords or niche. The tool will generate 10 random words for you to choose from.

Choosing Mithril and Mages for your brand’s’s’s’s business names is the best option for generating fancy names. 

You can just enter the major keyword and answer some questions, and your results are ready. 

Features of Mithril and Mages

  • Generate unique domain names for any website or blog.
  • Generate up to 20 different variations of domain names.
  • Premium modern business name creator tool.
  • Generates names using your keywords.
  • Generates business name ideas.
  • Choose from 10 different word lists.
  • Generate 10 different names.
  • Generate domain-name suggestions.
  • Generate new domains every day.
  • Generate a premium-looking domain name.
  • Generate multiple variations of your domain name.

21. Panabee

Panabee has been helping people find their perfect name for over 10 years! Now we’ve brought our industry-leading name generator to your desktop. The new Panabee is powered by artificial intelligence and will generate unique, creative ideas without you having to type anything yourself. You can now search thousands of domains, apps, websites, or businesses right on your computer screen.

Just type in any keyword, and Panabee will give you a long list of options right away. If you’re looking for something specific, just filter through the results using the handy search bar at the top.

Every idea gets ranked based on its relevance and uniqueness, so it’s easy to find what you want. Best of all, Panabee’s generated names are completely free. Try it out today!

The Panabee is for generating random names that are well-used and memorable. You can enter the relevant keywords,,,, and the tool generates random but common business names well used in communications. 

Features of Panabee

  • Generate any kind of name: Domains, Apps, Websites, or Business Names
  • Use as many keywords as you like
  • Search for any combination of words
  • Filter the results using the powerful search bar at the top
  • No registration required
  • Free forever

22. Namelix

namelix business name generator

Neelix is another excellent online name generator tool that allows you to generate brand names of any length. You can choose whether your names should be long or short. It comes with a simple artificial intelligence feature to process your name selection.

Neelix helps businesses generate unique names for their products and services using artificial intelligence. They are an AI-powered platform that generates short, catchy, brandable business names based on your keywords and phrases. The service offers a free trial, paid plans starting at $29 per month, and an unlimited number of names per month.

Features of Namelix

  • Choose the length of the name
  • You can choose the name style 
  • Generate up to 100 unique names that can be used as domain names or subdomains.
  • Create names for websites, apps, social media profiles, blogs, email addresses, Twitter handles, Facebook pages, etc.
  • Start generating right now! No registration is required.
  • Choose between two pricing options
  • Free Trial or Paid Plans.
  • Use our own-generated names or choose from a list of popular brands.

23. Software Name Generator

software name generator
software name generator

Software name Generator is another favorable tool for software developers who are developing software and helps you create new software name ideas. This tool has three different name creations for your company name, website name, and app name. After entering the name in this search tool, you will get a bunch of name ideas.

Pick the best names as per your requirementsssss and keep a few points in mind before choosing. The name should be fresh, searchable, and memorable.

The best username generators 

The usernames are another important norm of the online presence, as you will be visible to your audience by your username. Hence,,,,, choosing a good username is an important thing. Here are the top tools that can generate amazing usernames for your online profiles. According to the cybersecurity hacks, most of the hackers are targeting usernames and email addresses. So choosing the right username is a priority to protect your data online.

24. Name Generator 2

The name Generator 2 gives the best usernames. It gives you random usernames from which you can choose the best name. All you need to do is give the suffixes and prefixes to the search bar,,,,, and it will generate valid usernames for you. 

Generate random usernames or handles for any social platform. You can generate usernames for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and more. Don’t be fooled by similar tools like these; they are just simple generators that produce only 5-character-long names.

This tool generates 10 characters per second,,,,, and it has the option to specify how many letters, numbers, and special symbols you want in your generated username (e.g.,,,,, 3 letters per number). It will show you the best results after 5 minutes of generation.

Features of Name Generator 2

  • Tool available for a YouTube name generator
  • The Twitter name generator is available 

25. Jimpix username generator

The Jimpix username generator lets you create unique usernames for your social media accounts. 

You can just enter your name and choose a category, then the tool will generate the best username for you using that category. 

Features of Jimpix Username Generator

  • A long list of categories
  • The bells and whistles option has different font and styling options

26. SpinXO

SIinXO generates outstanding usernames based on hobbies and nicknames or things you like. Just answer the random questions asked by the tool and hit the next. It will create your username just in seconds. 

Features SpinXO

  • Profile matching usernames
  • Can also include numbers and symbols in the username

27. LastPass username generator

Millions of people use LastPass, the most reputable password manager in the world, to securely manage their online passwords. Now it’s available as an extension for your browser – no download required!

With LastPass, you can generate secure usernames & passwords, store them safely in your browser and access them instantly when needed. You can create unique usernames and passwords for each account, or reuse common ones across multiple accounts. And since they are stored locally in your browser, they are never sent over the network, making you more secure than ever before.

Lastpass Username generator along with password remembering also helps in suggesting the best usernames. With this tool, you can customize every option. 

This lets you easily generate usernames that match your profile. 

Features of LastPass Username Generator

  • Customizable length
  • Filters to customize font and characters

28. Username generator – Make Cool, Funny, and Good Usernames

The Username generator easily generates the best keywords for your social media accounts. All you need to do is enter a single name. And it displays all the best usernames.

The tool will also suggest if the username is available on websites like Facebook, Twitter, or any social media.

Features of Username Generator

  • Check the availability of the username
  • Customizable usernames

29. Best Randoms Username Generator

Best Random Username Generator will generate a random username for your website or forum! This is an easy way to make sure everyone has a unique name that they can be proud of. Just enter a keyword and click “Start Generating.”

To create memorizable usernames for your social media, then using the BestRandoms for generating Usernames is the best option for you. You can just enter a keyword and the tool will just best usernames.

Features of Best Randoms

  • Generate a random username from a list of words
  • Can change the length of the username
  • It has different categories included 

30. Hostinger

Hostinger is a leading web hosting provider that has been in business for over 20 years. They are known for their reliable and affordable hosting services, which are suitable for both personal and business websites.

With over 2 million websites hosted, Hostinger is one of the most popular hosting providers in the market today. Hostinger offers a free domain name for the first year. It is available with all plans of the Hostinger web hosting. It comes with a fantastic domain name searching tool to find your favorite name.

choose a free domain name


Hostinger offers a wide range of features that make it an ideal choice for hosting your website. Some of the most notable features include:

  • Unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth
  • A free domain for the first year
  • Easy integration with popular content management systems like WordPress
  • User-friendly control panel for managing your account
  • Various tools and resources to help optimize your site for search engines
  • 24/7 customer support

Hostinger plans and pricing

choose the bluehost plan

Hostinger offers a range of different plans and pricing options to suit the needs of any website. The plans vary based on the storage, number of domains, bandwidth, and other features provided. Prices start at just $2.99 per month.

Why Hostinger?

Hostinger is a great choice for hosting your website for several reasons. One of the main reasons is their excellent customer support, which is available 24/7 to help with any issues or concerns. Additionally, Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Furthermore, the company’s uptime is one of the best in the industry, with an average uptime of 99.99%. This means your site will be online and accessible to visitors almost all the time. With all these features and benefits, Hostinger is an ideal choice for hosting your website.

The plans include Basic, Plus and Choice Plus, and Pro. Each plan has different features and pricing, you can select the one that fits your needs. All plans offer one free domain name for one year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do bloggers need a name generator?

Name generators help bloggers brainstorm creative, unique, and memorable names for their blog, products, services, newsletter, etc. This saves time versus manually coming up with ideas.

What types of names can a generator provide?

Name generators can provide different types like single word names, compound names, alliterative names, rhyming names, descriptive names, and more based on your criteria.

How do name generators work?

Name generators work by having thousands of pre-populated name segments, combinations, and suggestions in their database. You enter keywords related to your business, and it provides relevant name ideas.

Can I find name generators specific to my blog niche?

Yes, some name generators are customized for certain niches like fashion, tech, pets etc. Niche-specific generators provide names tailored to those industries.

Should I pay for a premium name generator?

It’s not necessary. Many excellent free name generators exist for bloggers with large databases. Premium generators provide a few more advanced filters but aren’t required.

Final verdicts on Finding your perfect name

These are the amazing business name generators you would look to use for your new business. Most of the tools provided here are free for use and do not charge any extra, yet they are very handy tools you can use. 

Choosing a perfect domain name or blog name or business name is very hard at the beginning. Every newbie will think more about this point and finally get annoyed. Of course, this is the toughest situation. So you have to select the name by representing your brand in the long run.

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to come up with very good online tools. Here I have listed wonderful name-generator tools from my personal SEO tools list. From the list, a few are the best name generators online. These tools will help you, as per your requirements, choose the perfect name as the domain name, business name, or username.

Why are you waiting? Try these best name generators and come up with suitable names. Is there a tool not on this list? Do not worry. Share the tool name with feedback below.

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