15 Best YouTube Alternatives to share & Watch Videos

Are you searching for the YouTube alternatives? In recent years, YouTube has grown into a huge company.

It was the best video streaming site into which you can directly upload a video.

YouTube features all kinds of videos in it controlling every movement of its uses and checking out every malicious activity done. Till now it has done its best to maintain it in a healthy way.

To say in one-word YouTube is the best in all the video streaming sites on the internet. Here are best alternative video hosting sites like YouTube in 2021.

Youtube alternatives - sites like youtube
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YouTube Alternatives 2021

And the big question now is why would one go for the alternatives of YouTube?

This may be for different reasons.

Some people who are looking for the alternatives of YouTube may be trying to sneak out something different or maybe they are trying to explore something new which YouTube doesn’t have in it.

Before starting the YouTube channel the starter should know the community guidelines.

There are many video streaming sites apart from YouTube that gives much more than YouTube.

There are also some people whose accounts might be blocked.

In some cases, YouTube blocks users who do activities like accessing unwanted features.

But in many cases, there are users whose accounts have been banned for no reason and once the YouTube account is banned.

it will be hell difficult to bring it to life.

In such cases, one would definitely look for alternatives to YouTube.

There will also be some cases where YouTube does not provide what the user exactly wants it might be because of the copyright issues or something else.

If any you’re a content creator and searching for best alternative to hosts high quality content video sharing platform, here is the great alternative to youtube.

Anyway, if you are one of those searching for the alternatives of YouTube, here I bring some of the best YouTube competitors that provide video content for you to stream on.

List of Best YouTube Alternatives

Hundreds of sites like YouTube are running on the internet. But most of the services are shutting down in a short time. 

Here we are providing a few lists similar to YouTube. Check these list of best alternatives.

1. DailyMotion

Dailymotion is as good as YouTube. It is the best YouTube substitute. We cannot say Dailymotion does give additional information than YouTube.

But it would be best if you are thinking of watching ad-free YouTube content.

In addition to the ad-free content on Dailymotion, there would also be the best video quality and audio quality.

In Dailymotion, you can upload your videos up to 4 GB in size and 60 minutes of length. Dailymotion is the highest viewed video content site after YouTube.

It has 112 million visitors per month. This would be the best website if you would like to share your video content. Simply it is the best YouTube alternative.


  • It has fewer rules and regulations than YouTube. We can upload all type of content
  • Gives professional-quality videos for the viewer end
  • Providing the same list of video categories to make it easier


  • The HD upload feature is available for premium users not for normal users
  • This is more popular in Europe. Very less popular in the US
  • The maximum video resolution is 1080p only.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is another best video streaming site that is an alternative to YouTube. Mostly the followers on YouTube gradually decrease because of a single reason that is the nonsense that is uploaded every minute.

It is very difficult to differentiate good content with useless content on YouTube.

Vimeo has another app like YouTube, which is available for both android users and Apple users.

Mostly everyone with a YouTube account can upload and post. Mostly YouTube SEO has become so easy and many videos even though having low quality come in your queue.

Vimeo takes you out of it. You will not see silly fights of kids and funny animal videos on Vimeo.

All you will find on Vimeo is classic content on Vimeo. 

This is another video search engine other than youtube.

You will only find the best content like short films, festivals documentations and well-constructed and useful videos. 


  • It focuses on streaming on the viewer side and less distracting elements in the background
  • It is a great place for Creative content creators to show their creative work to others
  • It is giving good encouragement for high-quality filmmakers to provide their supportive magic
  • The homepage of Vimeo is having great look for eyes


  • Upload limitation is 500MB per week only
  • If you need to increase the limitation, you become a premium user with a little monthly fee. But the limitation becomes capped to 5GB.

3. MetaCafe

Metacafe is another site like YouTube. The Metacafe was in the stream even before YouTube came into existence. The Metacafe was created in 2003 at that time it was popular with short video clips framing up to 90 seconds.

Its subscribers could see small quick videos on Metacafe.  Right now, Metacafe has 40 million viewers monthly.

After the Dailymotion, it is the best video viewing platform for most professional videos and educational topics.

This is one of the great alternatives.

The video published by Metacafe itself will have the best titles and best thumbnails.

If you are looking for humorous content by regular users then the Metacafe would be the best place for you.


  • A better platform for community-based content video upload
  • It attracts nearly 40 million viewers. No place for garbage content uploads


  • Small length videos are not providing to their viewers
  • Less viewership than YouTube


Vevo is the best YouTube alternative for music videos with fast, hard and swiftly streaming features. Vevo is always a great place to supply unlimited music videos. You can submerge lyrics, vocals, and sound.

Vevo always says, music is therapeutic and gives a great boost if you are down and out. It doesn’t provide diversified content like YouTube. So, most of the first visit might be disappointing. After a few minutes of browsing, it feels great.


  • Best place for Music video lovers
  • High Definition quality promising service
  • It is ‘Simple to use’ web interface


  • You cannot upload your own music videos. So it might be other alternatives to fewer people

5. Veoh

YouTube won’t allow you to view long content videos like movies and serials because of some corporate problems.

The best alternatives to YouTube for this situation is Veoh in Veoh. You can watch many serials and movies for free and you can also upload your own videos with any length.


  • It has a clean interface with more social features to interact with your friends in groups and forums
  • You can upload the videos with any length with easily shareable feature


  • Less search capability

6. Twitch TV

If you are a gamer, I am 100% sure that you won’t find all the necessary videos about games on YouTube.

Twitch TV is the best alternative for YouTube for Gamers who were searching for gaming videos.

In twitch TV you can find any kind of gaming videos you want.

In twitch, you will mostly find live streaming of young Gamers about games they played and playing.

You can upload as many videos as you can, related to gaming in the twitch TV.


  • It attracting gamers and content uploaders
  • Providing game-based content
  • Great place for Gaming videos


  • The payout is very less than YouTube
  • No rewind options
  • Low streaming performance than other video hosting sites

7. Blip TV

Blip TV is another best YouTube alternative if you are wishing to watch web series. The episodes in the web series are organized into categories so that users can browse through videos with ease.

The Blip TV used to allow users to share their own videos into it, but for now, it doesn’t allow new registrations and to upload videos.

Even though you cannot upload new videos you can browse all the videos in it for free.

Blip (formerly blip.tv) was an American media platform for web series content and also offered a dashboard for producers of original web series to distribute and monetize their productions. Blip was acquired by Maker Studios in 2013 and shut down by them on August 20, 2015. It is in the process of bringing many of its former content producers to a new website, maker.tv.


  • You can browse different web series on Blip TV for free videos.
  • The videos are well categorized as animation, comedy, drama, movies, entertainment to tech, how-to, news, sports, etc


  • New user registrations are not allowed for now, and cannot upload new videos.

8. Flickr

Flickr is one of the established platforms and it allows you to upload video content with limited capacity. It comes with a special room with editing features. To use this platform, you have to create a free account but this account permits 90 seconds videos only.

If you are interested in uploading small length videos, this great platform becomes your favorite.


  • It has a very clean and simple user interface
  • Smooth video searching for first-time users.
  • We can upload the videos without any problem


  • It permits only two videos with 90 seconds each for free members.

9. PhotoBucket

Photobucket is one of the best alternatives to Flickr. It comes with more features and varied from content to content.

Most of the videos are user-generated content with limited videos. It needs some time to expand its repository to provide a higher collection of video content.


  • It is giving very decent browsing experience for their users
  • Permits to upload high-quality content


  • It does not allow high-level viewership with limited content

10. DTube

DTube is a completely decentralized platform which is an excellent alternative for YouTube. The platform is based on the blockchain (Cryptocurrency) system.

Users can check the videos from Hot, Trending and watch video options directly. The interface of this DTube site is similar to YouTube.

The best part of this platform is that DTube is a completely Ads Free platform. To use this site, the users do not need to pay anything.

If you upload any video, you will be rewarded with stream cryptocurrency for seven days. Comments in your video section will also have some positive impact.

We can not expect more videos from this site. Because this video repository platform is growing now. Definitely, the Dtube becomes one of the best YouTube alternatives.


  • 100% Ad-Free platform
  • Working based on the Blockchain system
  • The user will be rewarded with Cryptocurrency for their uploaded videos and remarks
  • Similar interface platforms like YouTube


  • Very fewer videos in the repository
  • It not a competitor and not an alternative to YouTube

11. IGTV – Instagram TV

IGTV is a newly launched free app. IGTV means Instagram TV. It is not a video sharing website. It helps you to share long-form videos.

Instagram, allows only 60 seconds of videos but in IGTV app, it permits the space for the publication of videos of up to one hour in length. 

The main aim of this IGTV is to connect with a new mobile audience for the user’s business development.

This is the perfect video sharing website for content creators. If you are a content creator, this is really impressive and effective. 

The usage of video search is very simple as you can search the video you want to watch and you can watch without disturbances.


  • Easy to create new videos with an app on the smartphone
  • To watch videos, this is a readily available app for Instagram users


  • You can not upload any video from this app
  • Vertical aspect ratio is different

12.  The Open Video Project – Development Site

The Open Project is something similar to a video streaming platform. This project was launched in 1998. Now it has 195 video segments and it works as a Digital library. It contains educational, historical and Documentary type videos.

The user can be searched by using their specialized filters like time, sound, and format. On this platform, most of the videos are uploaded by US government agencies.

This is not better than the YouTube platform. Both are popular video hosting platforms and serving the videos based on the user bases.

Definitely, this is one of the youtube alternatives for school education videos.


  • It is Free to use and watch videos
  • Huge education videos in the repository


  • Something different from the old interface

13. Facebook Video hosting

Facebook is the biggest social networking site. It has more than 2.45 billion users. This network has a video hosting feature. 

Every day thousands of videos are uploaded into Facebook pages and groups like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

The major advantage of this video sharing site is that you can upload videos up to 240 minutes in each. There is no weekly upload limit. Users can embed the uploaded content into their site and any other supportive media.


  • You can upload content in video, text and image format
  • Great platform to make branding
  • Most of the features are similar to other than YouTube


  • The lifespan of the Facebook video is shorter than YouTube
  • It is not indexable like YouTube videos
  • Upload new videos and watch should have an account in the FB.

14. PeerTube

PeerTube is a centralized free software alternative to video platforms. It is developed by FramsSoft. It is a Peer-to-Peer video streaming and sharing platform. 

Anyone can start uploading the videos from the neat interface of the peerTube. It is one of the websites similar to YouTube.

The biggest advantage of this YouTube-like site is that you can upload any type of content without any restrictions like censored or banned content.

Simply PeerTube is the sites like youtube without censorship

Already it has more than 100000 hosted videos.


  • Censored free platform
  • Free to use
  • You can watch the videos without ads


  • Need more improvements

15. MySpace

MySpace was started in 2003 in America. MySPace is one of the most popular online video websites. It has grown as a big platform for video hosting sites like YouTube.

You will get the most popular celebrity interview content, sports, and musical art content. This is a completely Free platform.


  • Comes with great entertainment options
  • Simple and attractive UI
  • Easy to use
  • More features for your creativity
  • You can find music also


  • Lower security than other websites like YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who is the first Youtuber?

    Jawed Karim is the first Youtuber and founder of YouTube. He posted 18 seconds length first video, entitled Me at the Zoo. The video shooted at the SanDiego Zoo standing in front of a bunch of elephants.

  2. Who is the richest Youtuber?

    The richest youtuber are changing time to time. In 2019, Dude Perfect is the richest youtuber, he earned more than $20 million and second one is Anastasia Radzinskaya ($18 million) and third one is Rhett and Link ($17.5 million).

  3. Is Vimeo better than Youtube?

    Yes. Vimeo is better than YouTube because the Vimeo have more privacy options than Youtube. The Youtube allows their users in three settings – Public, Private and Unlisted with user sharing features. But Vimeo have the great option to control on the users watching period and sharing features.

  4. What will replace Youtube in Future?

    Vimeo is the biggest replacement of YouTube because of their awesome privacy and security features.

  5. Who is YouTube’s biggest competitor?

    Vimeo and Daily motion sites are the biggest YouTube competitors. It gathered more than 150 million creators worldwide and gained 1.24 million subscribers. It has the very good features which are not available in another Video hosting competitors of YouTube.

  6. Who is the first YouTuber to hit 1 million?

    Fred Figglehorn, the first person – the screechy, chipmunk-voiced internet star break the 1 million subscribers first time.

Final Words

What is your favorite YouTube Alternative? Even though YouTube has billions of viewers and hundreds of videos uploaded every second it does not differentiate videos under separate categories.

Those algorithms of YouTube which keep YouTube alive are so advanced that they show related videos while watching videos.

But due to different SEO techniques, many videos even though having less quality content may rank first on YouTube.

This makes the visitor confused and irritated by seeing annoying videos. hence it is common that visitors switch on to other video streaming websites.

In the above-mentioned YouTube alternative sites, you can find your videos categorized for you.

No doubt, these are the best and most popular YouTube alternatives to host your Videos securely.

If you are using one of these alternatives or if you know any other site like Youtube.com that is best to stream videos online, please mention in the comment section below.

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