The craze for micro job sites is increasing day by day in today’s youth. Everybody wants to become their boss and want to live a free life without stress from their Bosses. Technology has evolved so much that there are so many online jobs in the latest years where students, homemakers, and employers can do their jobs online.

Best micro job sites list

The term freelancing has become more of a job in recent years. People started searching for freelance jobs like editing, marketing, graphics creation, content writing, and marketing online and offline

Most people make blogging their career to build themselves. Even though you are a blogger and still want to make money online, freelancing is one of the best places to make money online.

What is Online Micro Job?

micro job is a temporary, task-type job of all types, often booked through the Internet. It may include work online or in-person jobs, such as writing blogs, virtual assistant, handyman, nanny, website design, dog boarding or errands, etc. The income varies depending on the job and the fee charged by the micro-jobs website.

Most people choose to freelance as their career due to some reason. There reasons as follows

  • Choosing to the freelance will help you improve your interests, talents, and skills
  • It is easy to choose a platform for you based on your knowledge 
  • Stressfree work and boss free atmosphere

Best Places to get better Paying Micro Job Sites

Below are the best paying micro job sites available for you to make money online with your skills. These sites offer you the best jobs to do based on the category you choose to work on.

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

amazon mechanical turk works

Amazon Mechanical Turk, otherwise called a Mturk, is the best site that offers jobs for freelancers. It has billions of customers from around 190 countries. It is in the market since 2005.

In Mturk, there will be two different categories: Requester and the other one is the Worker

  • The requester posts HITs that are a human intelligence task. The Requester will check the requests for the task provided and approve the request. 
  • The Worker needs to review the questions given by the Requester and need to answer them as the Requester’s choice. If the work done by the Worker is good, the Requester will approve the work, and the Worker will be paid. 

Earning money in Mturk is very easy, and many questions will be very easy and require no skill at all. You will receive the money by Amazon payment account or direct deposit to the bank account.

2. Fiverr

fiverr service

Fivver is another best site for doing freelance work. Fiverr is a completely free website that you can join in and sell your services to customers. 

  • On Fiverr, you will sell your service at $5, and anyone who wants your service will buy this with an amount of $5. 
  • The process of selling your service in Fiverr is called a GIG. For every GIG you call out in Fiverr, you will be requesting 5$, in which $1 will be taken as Commission by Fiverr. 
  • Fiverr is mostly for freelancers who work on social media, video animation, writing, building backlinks, blog commenting, advertising, graphic design, logo design, business cards, SEO copywriting, and many more. 

You can start offering your services in Fiverr by just Creating your profile and naming your service. You will be rated by the service you provide to the customer, and It will improve your profile rating.

3. SEOClerks

SEOClerks jobs and services

In SEOClerks, you will find jobs related to SEO and SMO like social media marketing, blog commenting, article proofreading, designing logos, article writing, and link building. 

  • In SEOClerks, you will find the best and cool jobs in boosting businesses of Enterprises and bloggers.
  • SEOClerks is the same as Fiverr, and the commission rate is 20% on every service you provide for your customers. 
  • You can create your profile, and you can start offering your service to your customers by providing your service details in your profile. 

Unlike in Fiverr, you can earn more in SEOClerks. In Fiverr, you can only demand $ 5, but in SEOClerks, you can demand as much as you can, based on the service you provide.

4. Spare5

spare5 micro job sites

The Spare5 is another best micro job site best suitable for those who wanted to earn easy online money. The Spare5 is new to the industry of micro job sites, but a very few times, it has reached a very high position in giving freelance jobs to many students. 

  • Spare5 is a Mighty AI-based company, and it focuses mostly on providing solutions to artificial intelligence. 
  • All the tasks in Spare5 will be related to AI technology, and there will be a limited category like a quality check, annotation, internet Research, and drawing bounding boxes. Even though the work may not be familiar, the tasks will be easy and fun to complete. 
  • After applying for the spare5 freelance post, you will get free tasks to be completed, and once they were approved, you will get the tasks, and you can earn money from the tasks. 
  • The minimum amount to withdraw for spare5 is $1, and you can withdraw it through PayPal.

5. Envato Studio

envantostudiop jobs

Envato is the best service for freelancers that work on video editing and theme designing. 

  • Along with these services, Envato offers many other services, like audio experts and SEO experts
  • Envato is a full-time site for many expertise his that work on team building and video editing services
  • You can earn a passive income from Envato by sitting at home. 
  • The Envato is the best site for micro-jobs than any other micro job site.

6. Truelancer

truelancer jobs

Truelancer is another best service where you can offer your services to the customers. 

  • The Truelancer is an Indian platform with various online services. 
  • In Truelancer, you can offer logo services, web design, web developing, SEO consultant, iOS designer, Android app development, UI development, and many more.

Final Words

The list provided above is the best site for online and offline freelancing works. These micro job sites will offer you the best services to offer your skills to the customers and earn passive income from it.

Many other sites offer you money for doing small tasks on their websites. One should be careful in choosing micro job sites. One should give importance to the sites where you will utilize your skills to earn money.

 You can choose one of these micro job sites and start freelancing. Works By simply creating profiles and providing your services with your customers and by that, you can earn passive money.

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