Are you searching for online content writing jobs to work from home? This article will give an idea of work from home writing jobs for beginners in 2022.

Content writing is the most popular way for beginners to earn a passive income. Most students and freelancers choose content marketing for their careers as it is the best job to do from home and part-time.

Content writing is the backbone of the internet. There are many marketing services and internet services that urge content writers.  In many platforms, like blogging, content is king.

If you are able to write good content that will satisfy the marketer, you will be able to get a pleasant income. Every search you make on the internet will provide you with content.

Content plays a significant role in web pages, blogs, landing pages, and marketing pages.

content writing jobs for beginners

These days, every business requires a content writer to write the content for the blocked websites and also their advertising platforms.

If you are good at English and you can organize the content as per the needs of the website builders, site owners, or advertisers, you can have a career as a content writer.

In the following post, I am going to discuss the best ways to find content writing jobs and also the tips you need to follow while writing content.

Before knowing anything about writing content, let us see how one can approach people who hire you to write content for them.

There are two different ways of approaching the people you write content for.

What is the future of a content writer?

Content writing is an art. Most industries need content writers to write great content to promote their businesses. So the future of content writers is very good.

If you are good at English and have writing skills, then you can opt for this career with freelance content writing jobs. This is the perfect choice for a better career.

The main job of the content writer is to show their work and play with words by satisfying their customers, visitors, and readers.

Here, Word is the main pillar for the content writers and it counts their experience.

Here are the types of content writing jobs. The roles are

  • Analytical Writer
  • Website Content Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Content curator
  • Content developer
  • Content editor
  • Content Strategist

Working with creative people changes the content writer’s career as a creative writer.

If the content writer works with the media, they are media writers and journalists.

What are the ways to Approach for Online Content Writing Jobs?

1. Cold pitching

In the cold pitching process, you will directly deal with the clients you are writing content for. This is the best way to approach your client and deal with the content you write.

In this process, you will directly meet entrepreneurs, bloggers, companies, startups, and businessmen.

They will be aware that you are available to write content and will contact you directly based on your bio-data and previous projects.

In the cold pitching process, you can show your complete skills to the client and have a worthy ransom.

2. Warm pitching

In the warm pitching process, you will not directly meet the client who wants content. The clients will approach the online services that provide content for them.

With these online services, content writers can write content for clients, with or without their knowledge.

Content writers can approach these online services for different content writing jobs.

The advantage of using this warm pitching is that the good thing I don’t eat of using this one kitchen is that you can go with your specific skill set in writing content.

This is being used by several content writers. You will gain confidence in writing content and earn money using this process.

How to find content writing jobs?

How to get Freelance Writing Jobs?  Where to Find Writing Jobs?

This is simple.

Writing content is one part and finding the best client to write content for is another part that you should consider most.

while doing freelance content writing jobs your bond with the client should be good that you get continuous content writing requests from the same client.

1. Content writing gigs in Reddit

Reddit is a social media platform where you find writing gigs that you can HookUp to earn good amounts. Most content writers think Reddit is not useful for them, even though it was once the best site for content writers. There are still potential clients that rely on Reddit to find the best content writers to write for them.

2. Making use of content writing directories

There are some content writing directories where you can simply register and search for different clients so that they allot you content writing tasks for a fee. You can make use of these directories so that not only do you get a good job, but also your presence as a content writer is seen by many. This helps clients find you.

3. Rely on a content agency

It is not that depending on content agencies every time is good for you. But as a beginner, it is best for you to choose a small agency to contact with clients that offer you good content writing jobs.

4. Linkedin jobs

LinkedIn jobs are not only meant for content writers; LinkedIn also provides jobs for content writing. The best thing about LinkedIn is that along with the jobs as content writers, you also get a good network with other content writers and clients.

5. Sites that pay for guest posts

Publications, magazines, and other content-writing websites are always better, but there is also one more thing that you need to consider: is guest posting sites. Always search for those sites that pay you for writing guest posts for their blogs.

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Best Tips to Make Your Career as a Content Writer

Today hundreds of article writing jobs are available on the internet.

There are some tips that should be followed to make your career awesome as a content writer.

1. Impress your clients

Impressing your clients means giving them content that makes them earn more money.

If they earn more money with the content you write, it is likely that you will also earn a good amount for the content you write.

2. Show your presence in social media

It is very necessary for you to show your presence on social media as a content writer.

You can post brief summaries of your work on social media so that other clients can see your work and hire you as a content writer.

3. Join in groups in social media

There will always be groups that only target content writers on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other social media sites.

So, join as many of these groups as possible and show your presence and skills there so that the clients may see you and hire you.

4. Network with other freelance writers

The best thing in content marketing jobs is making good relationships with other freelance writers.

Doing this will not only improve your abilities and skills, but also help you to get in contact with other clients that deal with other freelancers.

5. Build a website for yourself

Build a website for yourself as a content writer. You can put some demo posts on your website and show them to your clients when they ask for your skills to be shown.

Types of Freelance Content Writing Jobs

To learn to swim, you must first get into the water. In that way, you should start writing daily. Every day, 1000 words of writing gives great results in web content writing jobs from home. These are the basic jobs for Content Writers

  • Blogs Posts writing jobs
  • Copywriting jobs
  • Newsletters writing jobs
  • Article Writing Jobs
  • Sales Copy writings
  • Guest Blogging
  • Technical Writing jobs
  • Press Releases
  • White Papers
  • Web Content writing jobs

What are the skills required for a content writer?

Content writers are the basic pillars of digital marketing. It needs some of the basic skills to become a good article writer. They are

  • hold on language
  • Soft Time management skills
  • Determination and dedication
  • Self-Analysis in a particular area
  • Proof-reading skills and you should the content once after complete the writing
  • check out the mistakes in your writings
  • They should have Good Keyword Research skills (If you are a writer for blogs)
  • They should know the Reader or visitor psychology before starting writing

What are the Best Content Writing Platforms?

Here is the list of content writing platforms where you can register and write content and make a lot of money.

1. iWriter

iwriter services

iWriter is the most popular site for content writers where you can earn a passive income for the content you write. In iWriter, the clients will rate your performance, and you can also rate the clients for their liability towards you. The more ratings you get as a content writer, the greater your chances of earning on iWriter.

2. Textbroker


In Textbroker, you can submit a sample of your writing,, and once the sample is submitted, you will get assignments from which you can select to write. If you choose higher-quality assignments and write for them, you will get more money once approved by the client.

3. Freelancer

jobs in freelancer

Freelancer is a site that offers you various jobs to earn money online. There are also content writing jobs available on Freelancer. You can search for a client that offers you content writing opportunities, and you can start working with the client through Freelancer.

4. Upwork

upwork services

Upwork is also a site that provides you with various types of jobs, along with content writing, coding problems, and many other jobs. There are also clients on Upwork that ask for content writing and hire the best content writers for their projects.

5. Constant Content


The constant content is another great website for freelancers and content writers to work on. You can simply join in and add your content skillset to your profile. Once the clients see your profile, they will choose you as their content writer. You will get an e-mail from the constant content website once you are selected for a job.

6. Online Writing Jobs

online writing jobs

Online Writing Jobs is another best website for content writers where the writers will be paid a wonderful income for a single article. You will be paid based on your topic expertise and the length of the article and complexity. You will get $15 to $50 for each article you write for online writing jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I get a job in content writing?

    To get content writing jobs, the candidate should have knowledge of keyword research to determine the perfect keywords. The below key skills are needed for better performance. Strong writing skills, proofreading skills, and editing skills are enough. Web programming, HTML, and SEO skills are also good to have for a smooth journey. 

  2. What is the work of a content writer?

    The basic work of a content writer is to produce content by using keyword research strategies for many different types of websites, including e-commerce sites, news aggregators, and social-network updates, including blogs.

  3. What is the salary of a content writer?

    Most companies are paying a good amount in salaries for content writers. According to Payscale statistics, content writers are earning more than 30k to 60k every month. This payment depends on the location.

  4. Is content writing a good career?

    The career in content writing has great opportunities and challenges. This field is always a demanding field. Having a master’s degree in English literature is always an additional asset for this career. In fact, you can become a content writer in any language. If you are good at the Telugu language, you can write content in Telugu. If you know more than one language, you can start a translator career in this career.

  5. What is SEO content writing?

    SEO content means content created with the goal of organic traffic. To write this type of content, the writer should have good knowledge of keyword research, keyword optimization, content organization, and content promotion. If you are familiar with these concepts, you can become an SEO content writer.


Content writing is emerging as the greatest profession in this era. If you are new to content writing and you have good communication skills in English, you can simply learn content writing skills from other freelance writers and clients and become a professional content writer within no time.

best freelance content writing jobs

As a beginner, it is better for you to start with warm pitching than cold pitching. This is because when you go with warm pitching, you will know what the real-time problems are for content writing and the skills developed will be useful when you directly deal with the clients to write content. There are hundreds of work from home content writing jobs now. So start writing content for the above sites using the tips shown in this article.

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